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Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Indoors

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Previously house trained dog.

Your dog could be reacting to changes in the household or possibly have a health problem. This guide is about previously house trained dog peeing indoors.



Here are questions related to Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Indoors.

Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

My Lulu, a Japanese Spritz is potty trained and recently has been pooping and peeing sometimes at home. We bought her 3 weeks ago and she recently started sneezing and peeing inside. What should I do?

By Diana from Ghazieh, Lebanon


Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]02/18/2015

Potty training is not complete until a dog is about a year old. Keep working with her and I am sure she will improve. Take her to the Vet to check out the sneezing. Make sure she has had her vaccinations.

Best Answers

By Abigail A. [9]02/17/2015

I have some questions here. You say she is certainly potty trained, yet you only bought her three weeks ago. What is your guarantee she is potty trained?
Was the dog in a kennel, a store or in a person's home when you bought her?
I would suggest you act as if her house training was incomplete and continue her training just like you would a puppy.

Question: 4 Year Old Lab Started Peeing in the House

We (Tessa and I) have recently moved to Florida with my sister-in-law and their Beagle-Lab mix dog. My 4 year old Lab is peeing a significant amount of urine in the dining area lately, even when we are in the house! She has plenty of opportunity to go outside, has no issues with the other dog, no issues with potty training, and goes on daily walks. Any suggestions?

By Jennifer


Best Answer

By Mintexas01/04/2012

Have you taken her to the vet? Usually when they do things they know you don't like, it's because they can't help it. How does she act when you find it or see her at it? Does she look ashamed? When my lab was doing this, she had an infection. Before doing anything else, I would have her checked out there.

As a side note, labs are known to be spirited and (I called mine psycho) spiteful. She might be jealous of the new dog and angry that now she's sharing attention with another dog. She chewed up my stuff when she thought I was slighting her. In that case, it's best to continue to reinforce that it is bad behavior so she knows you're unhappy with her when she does it. Eventually, she'll pick you over that.

Question: Dog Peeing Inside

My dog, Yogi, is 3 yrs old. He has been with me since he was 1 and a half. Although we bring him outdoors 3 times a day he is still peeing in the house randomly. Please help with some possible solutions, as I fear my hubby is getting fed up with his actions and I'm afraid he wants to give him up for adoption. I would hate to see this happen.

By Alicia

Best Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/03/2015

There can be many reasons why Yogi has trouble keeping his urination needs to your schedule. Would your husband put a child or relative up for adoption because they do not pee according to his schedule?

Yogi may have a medical problem that results in his inability to hold his urine. Take your dog to your vet to rule out any medical issues. You vet can also help you with suggestions to help you help Yogi. If possible, you might consider a "doggie door" to allow Yogi to go outside when he needs to pee.

Question: Previously House Trained Dogs Making Messes

My fiance and I have three dogs; a Boxer, and two Yorkies from different parents. Our oldest Yorkie's name is Lexi. The younger is Chloe. We got both of them when they were close to six weeks, Lexi is 1 1/2 years old and Chloe is almost 1. When we first got Lexi we house trained her, and then when we got Chloe we house trained her. Lexi was already trained when we got Chloe. Recently they have been making messes in the house at night when we are asleep. Is there a way to train them to wake me up at night if they need to go out?

Now they have been relieving themselves at other times of day when we are home. During the day when we are at work, they all stay outside. We are getting so frustrated and don't know what to do anymore. We discipline them by putting their nose by the spot and tapping them on the nose and saying "NO". Are we doing something wrong with this? Is there another way to discipline them that would be better?

By Brittany

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/16/2014

The nose in the puddle training method has been pretty much debunked. If you do not catch a dog within 10 seconds and correct it, it does not have any idea what you are getting at. Check this website for ideas. It is a common problem. Good luck.

Question: House Trained Dog Has Starting Peeing Inside at Night

I have a 4yr old Border Terrier who has started peeing in the house at night. I put her back in her crate last night and she peed in there also.

By Pat W.

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/26/2014

Sounds like a possible bladder infection or kidney problem. A Vet will be able to tell you.

Question: Dog Peeing All Over the House

My dog has suddenly started peeing all over the house. Could this be due to the cat being in heat? He is not marking; it's a lot of pee. I had him checked by a vet; it is not medical.

By P L

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/24/2014

I don't think it would be the cat. I think you need a 2nd opinion. Unless your dog is quite old I think this is a medical problem. Could be a bladder infection, and it could be diabetes (which is not hard to treat). Find a new Vet.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

I have a 4 year old track rescued Greyhound. She has been a challenge since we got her (her sister is fine). For about 8 months she did really well, then recently started peeing in the house on occasion again. We have a neighbor coming in to let both dogs out midday, and we limit the water intake, yet 3 times this month she peed. It is in the same spot all the time even though we use Nature's Miracle to clean it up. It is not a medical issue, and seems to happen if we are home after 6pm. Is she afraid of the dark? We are getting frustrated trying to figure out what she is thinking. Any thoughts?

By Sally from Allentown, PA

Most Recent Answer


Our 5 year old labrador started peeing in the kitchen floor 6 weeks after we moved house. She does it in one particular spot and only if the kitchen door is left opened over night. Her bed is in the kitchen.

It is annoying and it feels as she is doing it out of spite. I understand, many people would say "just keep kitchen doors closed", but it is stupid if kitchen gets puddle every night if the door wasn't closed!

After reading all the posts above I still cannot come up with a solution and feel our dear lovely doggy is trying to make a point that we can't understand...(( Please help!

Question: Dogs Started Peeing in the House

I have a 3 year old lab and and 1 year old Catahoula. Both are fully housebroken and have been for quite some time. Every day when I get home from work I immediately let them both out to use the bathroom and then run around and play together a while. When I was training them I would take them out on a leash and make them pee and poop before I would let them off to play so they know the order of how things need to work. Yesterday, about 30 minutes after I let them back in my Lab starting peeing on the floor. I stopped him and made him go outside to finish. He came back in and 30 minutes later did it again.

Tonight my husband and I were on one side of the house and both of our dogs were in the dining room laying on their beds. My husband walks into the room and again my Lab was peeing all over the floor. We get that cleaned and our Catahoula follows us to the bedroom jumps on the bed and pees all over it. It's large amounts of pee. They haven't been drinking more water than usual and I let them out to go out the same number of times as usual. What could be wrong?

By Jess B

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]03/31/2013

My female greyhound age 12 started peeing on the dog beds in my house. Later I found out she had a cancer tumor growing in her abdomen. The poor thing was trying to let me know how she felt. Take the dog to the vet for a professional opinion.

Question: Male Puppy Suddenly Peeing Inside at Night

My 8 month old Cocker Spaniel has been house trained for months and has a dog flap so he has constant access to the garden. I have not had any problems for months, except the very occasional accident at the back door when it has been raining a lot. Little wimp ;)
However, all of a sudden he has now started to wee in the front hall way at night. He has free run of the house at bedtime and sleeps in my room on his bed, the area that he is weeing on is the only carpeted area downstairs. I can't help but think that he is wimpy and because he knows I am in bed he is just being lazy going at the bottom of the stairs rather than to the back door.
Any ideas?

By Georgea

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]04/15/2013

With no disrespect has it occurred to you that your Dog may have a Bladder infection? Talk to your veterinarian.

Question: Dog Pees in House When Certain Neighbor Visits

I have a spayed 3 1/2 year old GSD who has never peed or pooped in the house. Recently, a female neighbor, who also has dogs and is a pet-sitter, has started coming over to the house. Twice now my GSD has folded her ears back and peed the floor in front of my neighbor. She doesn't do that with anyone else. What's going on?

By Richard F.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/12/2013

Robyn is right, this sounds like submissive behaviour. I had a GSD mix in the 70s-90s who did the same thing when certain friends called in.

This particular type of submissive behaviour is unfortunately usually fear-triggered.

In our situation, we finally figured out it was a body type that was causing the reaction. She'd been a seven month old rescue puppy and when we adopted her we were told she'd been very badly abused but no real details were given.

Apparently her abusers were primarily large men with facial hair-every time any man with facial hair and a muscular build came into the house she would crouch and urinate, then try to hide. The connection finally dawned on us and so my then husband tested it by growing a beard whilst out to sea for an extended time (we were active duty USCG at the time), and holy moly, the minute he got home and she caught sight of him she piddled and then ran.

The trigger can be anything, I've learned over the years. It needn't be gender or appearance, the trigger can be cologne, cooking smells, even tobacco smells.

You need to figure out if there is a chance your fur-baby was abused before coming to be your fur-ever-baby; the alternative is either she has been somehow made afraid of this new person, or that this new person is bringing in the scent of something that your dog finds deeply upsetting.

Since it is her home and not your newest visitor's, the best thing would be to not let this person into the house until you find out why your GSD is reacting this way. I certainly wouldn't try to force her to accept this person's presence.

If the visitor refuses to understand why you are meeting her on the front porch, that's another 'point against' in my opinion-if a dog reacted to my presence in that way I would backtrack out of there apologising for upsetting the dog in her 'safe place', to be honest. That this person who is supposed to be pet-friendly doesn't get it is a little worrisome, I would NEVER leave my fur-baby in her care if this is the reaction she provokes.

Question: Dog Peeing on Deceased Owner's Things

Closeup of Tyson.I have a very smart, moody dog, named Tyson. My boyfriend and he had a a very strong bond. We had just moved in to a new house when my boyfriend of 3 years died. This was Tyson's longest lasting home. I got him when he was 1. It was his 3rd home and I want this to stay his forever home, he adds a part to our family that nothing can replace. Since my BF's death Tyson began peeing and pooping on my BF's stuff and only his stuff. I know that my baby is hurting, but I don't know what to do. Anyone else ever had this problem?

By Lacy D.

Most Recent Answer

By xintexas [28]11/10/2013

I don't have an answer but I understand it. I think it is so sweet and sad. Give him pass on this for a while. Put your bf things up were he can't get to it. You don't what this to become a learned behavior.

Question: Dog Pees Inside When Lying Down

Side by side photos of Lola.My lovely 2 year old dog Lola has begun to pee inside every time she is lying down or resting. We took her to the vet's immediately to rule out more serious problems. She had very dilute urine so he could not see a UTI and he took blood which came back fine. She was put on antibiotics to clear up a UTI that he might have missed, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

The thing is, we sit outside at cafes and go to other peoples houses, etc. and she can control her bladder in those situations, but as soon as we are in at home she just leaks everywhere! She was very well house trained and I am making sure to let her out every hour or so, but she doesn't really bother peeing when I do. I'm not really sure why a dog would purposely wet herself? It's very strange.

By Emma

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]09/05/2013

Until you find out if your baby has any medical issues with her bladder you can always purchase doggie diapers or get creative and make her a female wrap. Hope this helps both you and her.

Question: House Trained Rescue Dog Starting to Have Accidents

I adopted a rescue dog last weekend. Her foster mom said that she didn't have any accidents while she had her, about 4 months. From what we can tell, she has had multiple litters of puppies. She had been the perfect dog up until yesterday when she started to pee in the house, even when we would bring her out often. She has also become a bit destructive while we are gone. We still love her, but are not sure why her behavior has changed so fast.

By Sue C.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/16/2013

It is not surprising your dog has some anxiety issues. Read up on anxiety in dogs. Be sure she gets lots of exercise and if her behavior does not improve there are lots of techniques for dealing with anxiety. Good luck to you.

Question: 5 Year Old Dog Piddling When Lying Down

My five year old Pit Bull Boxer mix female dog has started randomly "piddling" in the house. She is a very well disciplined dog and is well trained to go outside. She is normally able to easily hold it for 8+ hours at a time if need be. Her urination is only a tiny bit and it is when she is laying down. I have not scolded her, but only cleaned up the messes and gave her the chance to go outside because I know it isn't purposeful. She is fixed and has been for years. Could it be a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection? Please help me help my dog. Thank you.

By Jamie

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/09/2013

Has she had a litter (or more than one)? I don't know much about Pits but I raised AKC Boxers for over 40 years in the US and saw this happen a lot with females who'd whelped at least one litter, even if later spayed.

Since this condition (prolapse) is increasingly uncomfortable for the dog, and is often accompanied by a UTI, the best thing you can do for your girl is have her into the vet ASAP. The vet will test her for the infection and examine her for the prolapse, then advise you on how to avoid a recurrence. She may need surgery if the prolapse is severe; the surgery is highly effective and at 5 years old she should tolerate the anesthesia well with a rapid recovery from the surgery.

Poor baby, and good on you for not punishing her for the accidents. You're right that she cannot control it.

Question: House Trained Dog Occasionally Peeing in House

We adopted a 2 year old female hound/Pointer mix from a shelter 4 months ago. She has adjusted to our home beautifully except for chasing the cat (!) and about once every month, she pees in the house - a different place each time, but "always" on a carpet.

The frustrating part is that we work at home and so can take her out almost anytime she "asks" which ends up being about every 2-3 hours during the day. We always put her on a leash for a walk since our yard is not fenced. The fact that it isn't a constant problem makes me think it isn't a medical issue. I have tried to analyze the situations to figure out what's the common thread. In each case it seems to be situations when it may have been slightly over that 2 or 3 hour timeframe since her last walk.

Given her age (2 years, not a puppy) and the fact that clearly she can "hold it" for 10-12 hours at night, or for 5-6 hours when we are out of the house and she is in her crate - this has been frustrating! It almost seems as though it is spiteful, "if you can't take me out on my preferred schedule you will pay!"

Have we "spoiled" her by walking her on such a frequent schedule? - and if so, how do we get her to hold it for longer periods of time? My carpets/rugs can't take much more of this - and neither can my husband!

By E. A. H.

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]03/26/2013

Dog's are not "spiteful" please consult your veterinarian and discuss this problem in detail with them. There could be possibility of uninary track infection. Good luck.

Question: House Trained Puppy Pees and Poops When Owner Gone

Our German shepherd puppy is 10 months old and has been house trained for about 6 months! When we are at home at night in bed she is left in the hallway and kitchen and does not make any mess some times up to 8 hours at night. But if we leave her for an hour in the day on her own, we come back to wee and poo every where. When we first started to leave her she never made a mess. Any suggestions?

By Chyvonne j from Hailsham

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/27/2013

It sounds like your girl has developed some separation anxiety. It is very common and there are many ways to deal with it. Have a look at the many websites that deal with it. I like Ceasar Milans site. Good luck.

Question: Puppy Started Peeing and Pooping in the House

I have a 7 month old Lab/German Shepherd mix, she went 4 months with no accidents in the house. Then a month ago she started pooping in the house, first in the living room, then every night for 4 nights in her bed, not on the puppy pads I put down. I washed the carpet and washed the floor with vinegar water. Yesterday she started peeing in the den, then last night she pooped and peed again. I get up and take her out at 2, 4, and 6 am. I am at my wits end. She has also chewed her harness off, four of them. My husband wants to get rid of her or make her an outside dog. Any advise for this?

By dreamer from El Paso, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [31]05/29/2012

Take the dog to the vet right away! It could be a serious medical problem!

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

Child holding a dog.I have a 2 year old Boston/Yorkie. She is house broken, she goes outside and uses a pad in the house. We got new sheets, they are animal print, and she peed on them the first night we got them. We cleaned it up and she did it again, so we took the sheets off and put our old ones on. She didn't pee on them.

Then we put the animal print sheets back on and she peed on them again. And this is the first time since she was like 2 months old that she peed on our bed and that is where she sleeps every night. And when we took those sheets off and put the other sheets on again she didn't pee.

Also, I noticed today that there was a wet spot on our couch and she has never peed on the couch before. I am not sure if she threw up and tried to clean it up herself or peed. It wasn't a big spot, but wasn't small either. She is drinking fine, eating fine, and playing and acting herself. She doesn't seem to have a fever. What could be causing this and is this normal?

By Debbie M.

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]09/10/2013

The person you should be asking this question is your Veterinarian.

Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

Dogs looking up at camera.We recently adopted a 3 year old neutered Bichon mixed female and she is now peeing and pooping in the house. We have had her for over a month and she did not do this in the beginning. We also have an 8 year old Jack Russell male who never goes in the house. He is also fixed. How can we stop this?

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By pearson777 [1]08/26/2013

It seems as tho your little Bichon doesn't want to go outside due to the Jack Russell ... he is probably bothering her when she eliminates. Jack Russells can be very problematic.

Question: Year Old Dog Peeing in the House

Small brown dog.I have a 1 year old Pom and she has been peeing in the house. So my mom wants to keep her in her cage so she won't pee. But I see a difference, she is peeing less. We have puppy pads we put her on. After she uses the puppy pad I would reward her, but my mom says"ut her in her cage". I try to explain that telling her to go to her cage is confusing her so now she won't want to use the puppy pads. Please help.

By Asia S.

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]03/29/2013

Yes! She is confused. Please tell your mother that she can not be in that cage all the time. She needs family time. Can you walk her? Being in that cage is almost punishment for her when she pees on the pad and then you put her back in.

Question: Dog Pees and Poops Inside When Owner Gone

We adopted a Lab almost a year ago. She's doing really good. She was abused with a crate so she is deadly afraid of them will do anything to get out while we are gone. So we started leaving her out while we were gone.

She at first did great, but now is going to the bathroom at least once every day. She is house trained and holds it all night. We've concurred many issues with her, but don't know what to do now. Every time I come home I take her to the pee tell her she's naughty then take her outside to go potty. Is this just going to take time to learn? Or should she not be doing this anymore? I know it's not an infection cause she doesn't do it when we're home or at night. It doesn't matter how long we are gone for either.

By Ashley from Waterboro, ME

Question: Can Meds Cause Dog to Pee More Often?

Black Lab on couch.Can steroids and antibiotics cause my dog to pee more often? My sweet girl Athena is a Lab mix, she just got back from the vet, she had an ear infection. Well since then she has been less active, constantly eating, and always wanting to go outside and pee. And I used to be able to leave her for 4-6hrs (working) by herself in my house. Now she can't hold it; is it because of the steroids and antibiotics that are messing with her? Or is it a more serious problem?

By Leonor J.

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]03/04/2013

Certain antibiotics, diuretics and steroid medications will produce large amounts of urine.

Read more: Dog Urinary Tract Infection & Excessive Thirst | ... -excessive-thirst.html#ixzz2MYd1o3Le

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

Closeup of Cocker Spaniel lying down, head visible.I need some helpful tips and ideas on what to do with my dog! He's very attached to me and follows me everywhere. When I'm gone at work or just leave the house, he gets mad and pees on the corners of beds, couches, and on the floors. I live with my parents and sisters; this dog gets more attention and love than any other dog I have met.

When I'm not working I'm home and we go for car rides. I take him to Petsmart and play outside. Nothing I do is good enough for this dog and the peeing is getting worse, no matter how many times I let him out to use the bathroom. My family is sick of it and I don't wanna get rid of him. He's my baby, but if something doesn't change we're both going to be kicked out.

By Leslie

Most Recent Answer

By Judy = Oklahoma [58]12/13/2011

Interesting that my Cesar Milan (dog whisperer) newsletter this week deals with separation anxiety. Here is the link to part 1 of his video on the subject, then you'll find a link to the part 2 video here also. Hope it helps your poor confused baby. ... m=email&utm_campaign=SepAnxiety2

Question: 2 Year Old Dog Has Started Peeing in the House

Weimaraner type dog sitting in driver's seat in car.I have a 2 year old male dog that has started peeing in the house. I've talked very straight to him; he hides when I yell at him. I don't know what do. Please help.

By Janie S.

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]07/15/2011

Any sudden changes in a dog's behavior should be checked out by a vet immediately. My little Pomeranian started urinating everywhere. Took her to the vet and I found out she was full of kidney stones, over 21 in her bladder. Scolding your dog will make the situation worse by adding stress which your dog doesn't need if he is sick. It is worth every penny to have your dog checked out.

Question: Dog Leaks When She Needs to Pee

Our Beagle is a year and a half old. For most of her life, we've had problems with her not being able to hold her bladder very long and leaking in the house a lot when she acts like she wants to go out. She's trained with underground fencing in our yard so almost all the time she just wants to go outside and run around, but other times when she wants to go outside to pee, she usually just gets really quiet and acts really anxious/stressed out and starts pacing near a door and before we have a chance to let her out, she leaks. There are a lot of other times where we will just come across a puddle or drips by a door or steps or even just a random spot on the carpet. We had her on incontinence pills for a while which seemed to help, but eventually those stopped working, we've had her checked for urinary tract infections. She's never shown any signs of pain or discomfort with peeing so we don't suspect any stones. She has never had an accident in her crate and has held it for over 12 hours sleeping. Has anyone had any type of problem like this, is this a behavior problem, can it be fixed?

By David F.

Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]12/21/2014

If your dog is spayed, she may be having this problem from having been spayed. Sometimes the vet who has done the surgery can accidentally nick areas that should not be and you end up with this type of problem. There is nothing the poor dog can do to control it. If this happens to be the problem, maybe there is some corrective surgery that can be done to elimate the problem. If not, you might consider doggy diapers. However, they do need to be checked and changed regularly because the dog can develop diaper rash just like babies can.

Question: Older Dog Peeing Inside

I don't know what to do with my 9 year old female Rat Terrier dog. She is having problems urinating all inside and on my rugs. What should I do?

By Marie

Most Recent Answer

By Kelly M. F.11/15/2014

Talk to your vet this is not uncommon in older dogs, they also sell diapers for your best friend at any pet store. Don't forget hygiene is also your job now too. I am sure your baby is worth the extra help now that he/she is needing your extra time & help . God bless you both

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Pooping in House

My Romanian Rottie is neutered and has been fully housebroken for years. He just turned five the other day. He had an abusive past, but has never shown any signs of it altering his great personality. However, the past couple weeks he has been pooping on my bedroom floor every night after I fall asleep. And tonight I brought him back inside (I put him out during the day to play and get some sunshine) and when I went to pet him before I opened the door he shook my hand off his head. Then I called him into the bedroom and went to rub him and he snapped at me. I tried again and he growled and snapped at my hand. I don't know what's going on.

I know his hips are hurting because of the cold weather. He is now inside his kennel whining without end. But I'm not letting him out of it tonight for fear of him making a mess on my floor again and in light if his unusual anger towards me a little bit ago what is going on with my dog.

By Kat B. from Salisbury, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/28/2014

It is hard to sort out what is physical and what is behavior. You need to have him checked out by a Vet to eliminate physical problems. Then you can concentrate on behavior. Are there new dogs in the neighborhood that could be bothering him? Is he neutered? Good luck.

Question: Dog Pees and Poops When We Go To Work

We got our 2 year old Chiweenie last year from a high kill shelter that didn't know what he had previously been through. He's proven to be very attached to my mother and I, but scared of my stepfather and younger brother.

When we first got him, he was trained to bark when he had to go, and to go on a pad, when we we're not home or at night when we're asleep and can't let him out. The last month or so, after getting a job with my mother and working at the same time always, we've been coming home to pee and poop on the floor and him hiding under the couch because he knows it was bad.

Generally, we put his nose close to the pee and put him on his leash outside for a while to show that he's done wrong. He does this every night, and we have no idea how to solve this problem. My mother and stepfather get very upset when he does it. I believe it is either a medical problem or that he is hiding under the couch from being afraid of my stepfather and brother. and when he comes out he can't hold it and just goes, even if there is a puppy pad out, which there always is. Even if he isn't hiding, he won't let my stepfather or brother close enough to get him to let him out and he most definitely won't go to the door so they can let him out.

He's hardly ever left alone, but he only does it when my mother and I are not here. Is there any way we can solve this problem without having to change our schedules? I really can't afford changing my schedule considering we really need the money right now. They're talking about getting rid of him because they're sick of him doing it. I really love this dog and I don't want to have to get rid of him. What can I do?

By Briana B.

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl [3]08/06/2013

The dog needs to be crated when you aren't home to watch him. Then take him outside, and run around the yard with him. Praise when he relieves himself. Don't punish for accidents in the house, if you do this after the fact, the poor dog has no idea why he is getting punished. Have the men in your home praise the dog, pet him, give him some (otherwise) forbidden treats. Good luck

Question: Dog in Heat Peeing in House

My Shih Tzu is 8 months old and is in heat. She has always used a pee pad until the last few days where we find her peeing wherever she wants. We do not startle her while she is doing this, but firmly say "No" and take her to her pad. What is odd is she still poos on the pad. I don't know if this is related to her being in heat or what. She will be fixed after her cycle.
Please help.

By tina

Most Recent Answer

By deyton02/04/2013

My mini Dixie just turned one year old. She is spayed and is doing the same thing. We are so puzzled also.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

My 20 month old puppy keeps peeing in the house all of a sudden when we are gone; what can I do? He has been doing really well, we have been leaving him out with the other 2 dogs for the last 6 months while we are gone with no problem. Now all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago, he began peeing in the house - twice on the toilet seat once in the living room, and now today in the kitchen. What can I do? The hubby is talking about getting rid of him, but I don't want that, please help.

By Karen G

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By Sherri [6]08/05/2011

Hello, Your Pet might have crystals in his urine. Please take him to the Vet for a urinalysis. You Vet can advise you on how to take care of him. He might need some antibiotics for now and you might have to change his food. Please take him and get it looked at, it is not fair to him to give him away if he is in pain....

Question: Grown Up Dog Peeing In the House

I have a 3 year male dog and two females They are all house dogs. They are trained to go outside. The male is neutered, but he pees on everything in the house when we are not looking. He has ruined so much furniture. Please help me. I am tired of cleaning up his pee.

By JB from Cincinnati, OH

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By Candy Killion [9]02/18/2010

If he was trained to go outside and this is something new for him--off to the vet. Could be a bladder infection or something else going on with him.

Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have two dogs. The older one is Nate and we got him from the humane society. He was already house broken and is the best dog, but when my husband and I got married my grandparents gave us another dog and we named him Bear. He got house trained pretty quickly since he was a puppy and could follow Nate's lead. Now the problem is my husband and I are expecting our first child and we noticed Bear has started peeing on all the baby stuff. So we got him fixed since he hadn't been fixed yet, hoping that would help, but now he's peeing and pooping at night by the bedroom door. We have tried letting him out longer at night and early in the morning, but it's still happening and I'm almost at the end of my rope. Any suggestions would be great.

By Ambyr C

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By Abigail A. [9]04/20/2015

You say Nate is the best dog, and mention that Bear was given to you. You obviously consider Nate "your" dog and consider Bear the "other" dog.
Bear knows you are having your own child and is worried about what his place in the family will be. He's already feeling insecure about his place in your home. Nate isn't worried because you favor him, and he doesn't see why the baby would change this.

If you honestly only wanted one dog in the first place, I suggest you re-home Bear to a loving home. You will have even less time for him with the baby and his problems will continue. Another family may see him as that dog they've always wanted instead of the dog they were given but didn't choose.
If you really want Bear, however, stop favoring Nate. Bear needs to feel secure. An insecure dog should not be allowed around a baby.

Question: Older Dog Peeing Inside

My 12 year old Pit Bull has been house trained for 12 years. She's been peeing in the house for 2 months. What can I do?

By Brandy from Henderson, KY

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By Abigail A. [9]04/11/2015

I agree that it sounds like she has developed a medical problem. A vet visit is in order.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Indoors

I have a 4.5 year old Puggle, Pug/Beagle cross. For the past month and a half she has been peeing and pooping indoors. She is ashamed when it is found. I do not believe she has a medical issue because it is both poop and pee and she will go outside as well as inside. She is potty trained and I have never had issues until recently. We give her tons of opportunites to go outside and when she does go to the bathroom outside we throw a party for her, the same things I did when I first potty trained her years ago. What do you do when nothing has changed in the environment, they know what they are doing is wrong, and they have recently been to the vet and have no medical issues?

By Nicole

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By Lizzyanny [9]04/10/2015

When you say nothing has changed have you considered things that may be causing anxiety in your dog. A dog will not disappoint its' owner just for fun. It is not in their nature. It is a painful situation for them. So please be open to looking at other reasons for this behavior. Has she been vet checked for this specific problem, or just been into the vet for a checkup or some other reason. Think about your environment. Are there new dogs in the neighborhood that may scare her. Kids or people walking that may scare her. Are you gone more than usual? Is there new tension in the house? Any of these things could be affecting her and need to be checked out and considered. Good luck.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

I have a 2 year old Shih-Tzu, who until about 2 weeks ago was fully house trained and could hold in pee for hours at night and whilst I'm at work during the day. Lately he will pee in the house within a 1/2 hour of coming back from a walk. This is an ongoing problem. Any advice?

By Nc from NI

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By Abigail A. [9]03/04/2015

I'm irritated by posters who often seem to want to fix their dog's current problem so they can continue the lifestyle they are comfortable with, which often apparently includes neglecting their dog until there's some sort of emergency. I can't be sure that's true of the poster in this case, though, so I shouldn't have said that.

Dogs are mammals and mammals will have to pee several times per day. The best thing to do to accommodate a small dog is often to train them to use pee-pee pads. That way they can "go" when they need to, not when your schedule allows, which may not be when they actually have to go.

Question: House Trained Dog Started Peeing In House

I have a six year old German Shepherd who started peeing in my house and when I take him to my daughter's and mother-in-law's. Mack has been to these houses often and never went to the bathroom. I am wondering should I take him to the vet?

By Shirley j

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By Lizzyanny [9]07/12/2014

Yes you should. And be thinking about changes in his environment that may be causing his to behave differently. But I suspect this will be a physical problem. Good luck.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing on Its Bed

My 9 yr old house trained Dachshund has started peeing on her bed, but only the one in family room, not her night time bed or on the couch pillow she likes to lay on. She's been to vet, had tests and X-rays, but nothing major showed up so they put her on incontinence meds. Still she only does this on her daytime bed. I've washed it many times and the last washing was with vinegar, but the same day she peed in it again. I took up the bed for about a week and no accidents anywhere. I bought a new bed, of course with no pee scent, and within 24 hrs she peed on it.

This doesn't seem to be a problem of holding her bladder because she doesn't go anywhere else and she can hold it all night! I just can't figure out what it is about that one place regardless of the bed apparently, new or not. In January we moved her from sleeping on a chair, to prevent her from jumping due to a disc problem common to Dachshunds, to sleeping in the dog bed on the floor. The peeing in the bed started the first week of March though; I just didn't know if it could have anything to do with that!

By Diane

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By Gloria Z [7]04/19/2014

My 12 year old Greyhound started doing that and then developed a large tumor on her side. It was cancer and I think by peeing on her bed it was her way of trying to tell me something was wrong with her. Take your dog to the Vet and get it checked out.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Inside Occasionally

Our 5 year old Springer Spaniel is peeing on our bed on occasion. I have had her tested for kidney or urinary infections and she is fine. Sometimes she pees when she is sound asleep and is now being treated for incontinence. She has been on this medication for about 3 weeks.

We now do not allow her on the bed at all and keep our bedroom door closed when we are not watching. We now have her sleep in her crate, along with our Beagle. She does not pee in the crate.

Is there something in our bed that is a trigger or what? Frankly, I am tired of washing all bedding, mattress pad, including a new quilt. Could this be a behavior thing or what?

The only other thing she has peed on was when I bought a brand new dog bed. The first thing she did was pee in it and she was "not" asleep. It was a very soft and cushy dog bed.
Please. I need some suggestions.

By Kathy L

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By Lizzyanny [9]12/10/2013

This is a bit of a conundrum. I think in time you may figure out what is going on here. I am glad you found a way to handle it on a day to day basis. My cat has several neurological problems and when he sleeps deeply he has mini seizures and urinates. But he has epilepsy and is treated for it and the urination is just an occasional happening. It only happens when he gets really warm (in the sun, on a hot pad) I believe he sleeps more deeply at that time. I keep incontinence pads wherever he is likely to toast himself. Good luck with this.

Question: Dog Suddenly Started Weeing in House

Beagle puppy.My 4 and a half month dog, Buddy, was house trained and hasn't weed in the house for about a month, but recently he has been weeing everywhere, even when the door is open. He doesn't poo in the house just wee. Also he would come in from outside and wee in front of us, but he knows he has done something wrong every time, because he gos into the corner and hides. In the past day or so it has been raining so I don't know if it has been the rain where he doesn't like going out in it.

By Alice

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By yomama1971 [3]10/17/2013

It most definitely could be the rain. We had an Italian greyhound who'd do that without fail...rain or snow. Our current pups have been taught to use the shower as their potty...prevents this and wee hour (pun intended) trips to the backyard.

If the peeing inside persists though get your pup checked out; especially if there's more drinking too. One of my pups in the past did so and had kidney disease. Catching that early means the difference between a very normal life with treatment and heartbreak.

Question: Dog Occasionally Pees in House

My 11 month old dog occasionally pees inside when he as been for a long walk and when I take him to my parents. I have rubbed his nose in it, smacked him, told him off, and put him outside, but when he has done it he knows and runs off. It's starting to get me down now as I don't know what else to do with him as this is very frustrating as I have given him treats when he as gone outside.

By Karen

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By Lizzyanny [9]09/12/2013

He runs off because he is afraid of being hurt. His brain is in no place to hear what you want from him in this state. Learn some training methods that are not abusive, and you may be able to get the behavior you want. If you are not willing to invest that time, and continue to rely on abusive and worthless corrections I recommend you find a new home for this dog before he has permanent behavioral problems. I am sure you do not want that on your concience

Question: Dog Peeing Inside

I have a 7 year old Yorkie that has been peeing on the floor, chairs, couch, if something is set down on the floor, he will pee on it. He has been doing this for awhile now. We even put up a child's gate to keep him from the family room. We think he knows better, because we don't see him do it anymore, but my house is starting to stink badly! The other day I went to recline my chair and I felt this kinda wet, sticky substance on the chair, so he is lifting his leg sometime that we aren't seeing him do. Why would he be doing this and what can I do about it, and also how do I get that smell out of my house? My husband said he's gonna have to go if we can't get this figured out. He's my baby, I can't do that! I really need help and quick before my husband does! PS he has not been neutered.

By Colleen

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By Lizzyanny [9]09/12/2013

You do have a challenge there. A 7 year old dog that has not been neutered may be harder to change than a younger dog. But you do need to start with neutering. Look at some of the training methods on this site for a little retraining. As far as getting rid of the smell, the enzyme soaks from the pet store or online do very well. I also like Fizzion. I have a small pet size carpet cleaner that I use. I still use it a few times a month, but at least we no longer have a smell problem. Good luck.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

Poodle near water and food dishes.I have an 11 year old miniature Poodle, sometime last month, or the month before last the dog started peeing in front of the front door and in the formal living room. The front foyer is stone, the formal living room is wood. She has a doggie door which she has used for more than a year without fail.

We have since gotten rid of the rug that was in the formal living room due to the fact it was soaked in urine and had been defecated on so many times. After the rug was removed, the defecating stopped, however the frequent urinating is still going on in those two places. My father is not a fan of animals. He put up with her because she was housebroken. He is now livid, seething, furious, and has contemplated throwing her over our back fence to the coyotes. I need help. I don't know what to do. She I has been on the same food for forever. I love my dog, but I don't know why she is doing this to stop her. Anybody help?

By Dani

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By ilovesophie [20]06/21/2012

Sounds like the same symptoms that my sister's poodle had and she found out the dog has diabetes; please take her to a vet.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have a three year old Shih Tzu, who is potty trained with full access to the backyard all day. It has been over a couple of months since she started to pee and poo around the house. At first the accidents would happen when we would leave her door closed or when it would be raining, and she would do only on the carpet. This week, she began going on the tile, that she has never done before. I don't know what is going on with her, sometimes I think she needs to be reminded of who is the boss. Another thing is that I am pregnant, and I wonder if she senses that and somehow is reacting to the soon to be here new member of the pack.
Please help. I'm thinking about going back to square one of the training with her, leaving her crated while at work, giving some tough love, etc. Am I on the right path?

By Roberta from Austin, TX

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By Manfred Friedrich06/16/2013

My 13 week old aussie mix was doing very well potty training and would sit by the door to go out. Now it walk in it's cage and pee and as I was cleaning that up he walk to another room and poo on my couch. Any help on this?

RE: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

Question: Two Year Old Dog Pees in the House

My 2 year old Lab Cocker Spaniel mix will be let out when I come home from work and then he will come in running be OK for 2 minutes, then pee right in front of us. He's healthy, it's behavioral, what do I do?

By Lauren from NY

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By TheFrugalTownie [1]05/10/2012

Go outside with him when you let him out, and stay out there until he pees. Then give him a treat and tell him he's a good dog. At first this will be a little annoying having to stand around in the yard until he goes, but this process worked on my dog and after a while you won't have to do it anymore, he will learn it.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

I need some suggestions of what I can do to help my Shih Tzu, Maggie. I have had her for 13 years and she has always been a good girl. She would never mess on the floor or chew on anything and she was never aggressive. All she ever seemed to want was an occasional game or more than likely a cuddle.

July of last year I got married and my daughter and I moved with my husband to Kansas. A few months later we found out I was pregnant. I know this probably has something to do with her behavior now. If I am in the room and able to watch her 24/7 then she won't mess on the floor, but will sleep all day and not even ask to go out if I don't have her go out. However, we have had to keep her in the basement at nights because we are renting a house and cannot have her upstairs. I don't like this, but I can't allow her upstairs if she is going to be messing on the floor at night while we sleep and even keeping her in the basement she will mess on the floor. Every morning we have to clean up pee and poo off the floor. I have let her out between 11pm and 12am at night and go down to let her out at 7am in the morning and she has messed.

It is very frustrating because I know it isn't medical and I do not like having her down there even though I do let her upstairs for awhile during the day when I can sit there and watch her, but I can't leave her upstairs because as soon as we go to bed she messes on the floor.

Also, my 4 yr old daughter loves her and enjoys trying to cover her up with a blanket or holding her. She hasn't done anything to hurt Maggie, but Maggie refuses to have anything to do with her. She is always trying to hide and get away from my daughter and at one point snapped at her (she did not leave any marks though). And last of all Maggie has now stopped listening to any commands like come or quiet anymore. I have tried to go back over those commands like if she was just being trained, but she seems highly uninterested. It was thought maybe she is going deaf and having physical problems, but recently she spent the night with some neighbours and did just fine with them. She didn't even mess on their floor. When we tell her to come you can see her ears pointed back to us, but she just continues on with what she is doing. I have always liked to teach my dogs at least basic obedience and enjoy training dogs, but have never experienced this. I know what I shouldn't be doing, but am running short on ideas to stop this behavior. I want my dog back. Any ideas?

By Dessy M.

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By Caseye [28]05/09/2012

"Frugalsunnie's" sentiments seem right on the mark. You and your family may be dealing with all recent changes just fine, but your faithful companion might not be able to process them as easily, especially since she "knows" she's disappointing you and feels your frustration.

Please give her some slack as well as a whole lotta loving to get things back on track - she needs to know she's still an important part of your life, and that she means the world to you. Good luck!

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

My 3 year old mini Schnauzer suddenly started peeing on everything in the house. What can I do to stop him from doing this?

By Jacque

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By DEBY [18]02/15/2012

Very good answer, have the vet check him for problems. Also, have you gotten another animal recently?

Question: House Trained Dog Sometimes Urinates on Furniture

My dog has been trained to go out side to do his business. The problem is he sometimes urinates inside. Most of the time he does really well, then he starts peeing on everything. He knows better and does go outside. I don't know how to help him. I've done everything I can think of to discourage him. Please help; I am desperate. Thanks.

By Sharon H.

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By vicki hood [4]09/01/2011

Spray called No Go.

Question: House Trained Puppy Peeing Inside

I have a 9 month old Bearded Collie pup. We have been very lucky in that he has hardly ever messed in the house and if he did it was on puppy pads. However over the last four days he has started to pee on the living room rug at night when we are in bed. Last night I put a pad back down at the back door where it always went yet he still peed on the carpet.

There are a couple of things that I think could be driving this. The first is that I had not been at work for the first 7 months that I have had him. Last week I went back to work and I am away from him for 12 hours a day, although my husband is still at home with him. I am concerned it might be a reaction to me not being there. However this didn't start until I had been back at work for four days. The other thought going through my head is that he had his first coat cut last week. It is very short. Anyway, as a treat we gave him a natural raw hide type chew that he has never had before. To be honest it was fairly large and probably to big for him. He ate it in one go. Since then he has been drinking more. And it was that night that the peeing started. So I am not sure whether it is connected to that. He has access to be garden all day. He goes on walks twice a day. And he always has a pee before we go to bed. Nothing has changed in his routine in that respect. Any thoughts would be appreciated and also ideas on how I can get him out of it. Thanks.

    By kirstypuplett [1]

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    By Abigail A. [9]07/13/2015

    He may be having difficulty passing the chew. I would avoid rawhide. It isn't the safest treat for dogs.

    Question: Dog Pees Inside During Thunder Storm

    I have a 13 year house trained Dalmatian/Lab mix. I have had him since he was 4 months old and have never had an issue with him using the bathroom in the house.

    Last week we had a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. At the first big clap of thunder he went to the foot of the bed and peed on the carpet. He did this again earlier this week. The scenario was exactly the same.

    Yesterday I came home from work and he had peed on the floor in the hallway. There was a thunderstorm while we were gone. Today we went to the store and it began raining while we were gone. I'm not certain it thundered, but he peed again in the hallway.

    I am not sure why this is happening? Is he scared? I know he is old. Maybe he is losing control of his bladder?

    Any insight would be appreciated.


      By Liza Mac [1]

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      By Abigail A. [9]06/30/2015

      Try getting a Thundershirt. ... p;hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_7e91sac9fi_e

      Question: My Dog Is Peeing in the House

      Shih Tzu in blanketsMy 11 yr old Shih-Tzu used to pee in the house to mark his territory after we brought another dog into the house a year and a half ago, then he stopped. But now, he continues to pee in the house. What should I do?

      By Devin S.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]04/10/2015

      Look for things that might be causing him to feel territorial again. Dogs and cats he can see out the window. New visitors. Things at home that may make him feel anxious. Good luck.

      Question: Dog Started Peeing Inside

      Our little dog, a 5 year old Pomeranian, has always gone outside to pee and poop; or will use the pee pad during the night if he has to go. Yesterday he went in the guest bedroom and peed after being outside; and tonight he went to bed with my husband and stayed 30 minutes, got up, drank some water, and never came to me to let me know he had to go out. He went in the guest bedroom again and peed and went back to bed.I don't understand this at all!

      By R. Carter

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      By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/19/2015

      Perhaps your dog has a medical problem related to his behavior change. Please take him to your vet to check on possible problems and ideas to help you help your dog.

      Question: House Trained Dog Peed on Couch

      large tan dogMy Lulu, a German Shepherd mix, has not peed in the house in 8 months. Yesterday I put a quilt on the couch and she got up there and made a nest and peed in it. I was shocked. Does anyone know why she would do that?

      By Louise S.

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      By Abigail A. [9]03/17/2015

      Please post whether or not the dog is spayed. This affects peeing behavior.

      Question: Dog Strated Peeing the the House

      I have a mini Doxie that's 5 years old. I recently found out I am pregnant, 3 months, and sometimes the dog would have little oops here and there. Lately it has been so bad, that she's peed on our couch, bed, and inside my car! I'm wondering if she's stressed out due to the long snowy winter or my pregnancy?

      By Krystle from Ny, NY

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/13/2015

      She is having trouble of some type and seems to be worsening. Please take her to your vet to rule out any medical problems and discuss possible solutions to her problem.

      Question: Dog Pees and Poops Inside at Night

      We have had our dog, a 1.5 year old Patterdale/Jack Russell, for nearly a year now and he was properly house trained when we first took him from a family friend. For about 4 months now he will only mess in the house at night. He is absolutely fine if we leave him for a few hours, but only at night when we are in bed will he mess.

      We started off having his bed upstairs on the landing (with our door open), but soon after he started to mess on the landing. We moved him downstairs to the hallway where he has access to both the kitchen and hallway.

      During the day he will let us know when he needs to go outside, so no problem there. Any tips/help would be really appreciated as I don't think I can cope much longer with the smell each morning.

      By Zoe

      Most Recent Answer

      By heather inwood [11]01/30/2015

      Try feeding him his dinner earlier - late in the afternoon if possible.Take him to the toilet before you go to bed - as late as possible. I feed my dogs about 3 - 4pm in the afternoons - but I'm blessed that I'm home from work by then. Maybe if possible walk him after dinner.

      I built a pen in the garage 1 metre square with walls high enough that the dogs can't climb out. A door on hinges with hooks top & bottom to keep it shut - I put newspaper down so that if the dogs do poop then at least it is in the pen & easy to clean up. Good luck.

      PS. pre. made play pens are available from the pet shops. Made of strong grilled wire. Well worth a look.

      Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

      brown dog with dark muzzle and large earsMy partner and I have an inside dog (Chihuahua cross Pomeranian - sleeps inside) and she is about 9 months old. We've had her since she was 7 weeks old. We used puppy training mats indoors and gradually moved them toward the back door to eventually get her to start peeing outside. I probably took a little longer than I should have (used 3 packets as opposed to 1 due to being uneducated in this area), but it worked fine. For months she has been going outside to pee (we leave the back door open for her).
      But lately once in a fortnight she's been peeing inside on the carpet (always in the same spot) and this week she has done it 4 consecutive nights. We properly discipline her whenever this happens. Every morning we wake up to her excited to see us jumping around as per usual, but whenever she has pissed inside, I find her outside hiding with her tail between her legs and ears back cause she know she's going to get a smack and will be ignored for the entire day…. If she knows she is doing something wrong, why is she doing it? Has this happened to anyone else? If someone could please me it would be much appreciated.

      By Khadeja

      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. [9]01/07/2015

      First of all, you should not "smack" the dog, nor should you "ignore her for the entire day." If nervousness or anxiety is the problem, this will only make it worse. This is certainly not disciplining her properly.

      The proper thing to do when your dog has an occasional accident is to clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner that completely removes the smell. Use a blacklight to make sure you've gotten everything. Act like nothing happened. DON'T hit or deliberately ignore your dog.

      If you leave the back door open, there could be something coming around scaring her, like another bigger dog. It's simply dangerous to leave the door open. Even if you have a fence, the dog will think that something can get in if she can see it and smell it. This could be scaring her into peeing, or making her feel she needs to mark her territory. Yes, she knows you won't like it, but at that that time the dog is scared and you're not there to protect her.

      Respect the fact that you have a small dog that needs to feel secure, not like any old thing can walk in and scare her. Put in a dog door, or just shut the door.

      Question: Previously Trained Adult Dog Peeing Indoors

      We have two Pomeranian dogs (males). The older one, 3 years old, has been previously trained and hasn't peed in the house since he was a puppy. But recently he has been peeing in the corridor near the doors whenever we go out. Now, whenever we go out I put him in the cage, with food and water. It's been going on for a month now, but when we don't put him in the cage he still goes to the doors and pees. And the pads on the floor in the cage are full of puddles of pee. Downstairs, near the door, it can be more than one puddle. We suspect several causes.
      One of them is that the dog is mad that we left the house for a week and left the dogs with my sister's family, and he missed us.
      Another is that when we were away the dogs hadn't been out for a single walk.
      And also we think that it may be something to do with the female dogs in the area, because he has started 'humping' our other dog (male). That one does not pee.

      We are very frustrated and we can't find anything we can do to stop this. We have read on some websites that you should not punish the dog, but if I don't put him in the cage he will definately pee and if we don't let him near the doors he will pee somewhere else!
      Please could someone tell us what we can do to stop him?

      By Marzena from Torquay, Devon

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/17/2014

      Your dog may have a medical problem. Please take him to your vet and explain the dog's behavior clearly. He or she will examine and test to clarify any possible medical problem. If the testing reveals a medical problem, the vet will prescribe appropriate treatment and medication. If the behavior is not from a physical cause, the vet can help you find ways to address the behavior that are positive and helpful. Please don't wait! Your dog may already feel your frustration but may not be able to change his behavior without help.

      Question: Pup Peeing on My Bed

      I have a 7 month old Springer Spaniel. She is house trained and sleeps on my bed. For the past month she has started peeing on my bed about twice a week. This is after she has been out last thing at night and I've seen her have a pee. Any ideas why?

      By Tracy

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]12/05/2014

      Has your dog been spayed. You might want to consider that before too long. Have her checked for a bladder infection. It is a common cause for not completely emptying the bladder.

      Question: House Trained Dogs Peeing Inside

      I have a 5 year old spayed Siberian Husky and a 10 year old spayed Chihuahua. They both are house broken and have been since they were both puppies. For the past few months I have been taking them with me on the weekends to my boyfriend's house trying to get them used to his house for when we move in together. I have brought some of their toys and blankets over. I take both girls out in the morning when we wake up, before we go anywhere, when we get back from anywhere, about 2 hours after they eat, and before bed.

      Now we are coming home to pee on the carpet. We have told them "no" and cleaned it with the Nature's Miracle. The Husky is also taking stuff off the counter, which is a huge problem. Like I said she has toys to play with. I don't know what else to do and I can't take cleaning pee up almost every time we leave for a few hours. This only happens when we are all at my boyfriend's house. We play with them and spend a lot of time with them. Any ideas why one or both dogs are doing this and how can I stop this?

      By E.W.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. [9]12/01/2014

      This is territory marking behavior. Try taking them on long walks around your boyfriend's neighborhood and let them mark the territory several blocks around the house. It should help.

      Also, you shouldn't yet be leaving them alone there for a "few hours." No doubt they think he's taken you away from them. Check in every hour. Short visits are best until all their stuff (and therefore their familiar smell) is also in the house.
      Good luck.

      Question: House Trained Dog Started Peeing on Carpet

      I have a 4lb 8 yr old Yorkie that has always been potty pad trained. Just recently he started peeing on the carpet. And I can't figure out why. He poops on the pad and at night when he's in the bedroom and can't get out he will pee on the pad also. But during the day he just pees where ever he wants. And I don't know why. How can I get him back to being potty pad trained.

      By Carol

      Most Recent Answer

      By jennmi01/06/2015

      Hello I also have a Yorkie. He turned eight Nov 2014. He began peeing on one section of my couch. It's leather so I always have a cover on it so he does not puncture it. Thank goodness it's not seeping through the leather but spoils any cover or blanket. This has been since Sept.

      After many urine, blood test nothing has been found. He only does it when we leave the house. He can go for eight to ten hours at night with no problem as he has been doing when we have left for the past eight years of having him. I am on my second type of medication as the vet seems to think he developed separation anxiety.

      Sometimes if I run to the store and back within 45 minutes he goes. I'm lost and don't know what to do. How are you making out and what have you come up with.

      Question: Dog in Heat Peeing Inside

      My dog has been house trained for a while. She came into her first heat about two weeks ago; she just started peeing in the house and outside. She is peeing a lot, everywhere.

      By Kayla from Englehart

      Most Recent Answer

      By Myrna [15]10/27/2014

      Have your dog see a vet maybe it has urinary tract infection. In the meantime, put a doggie pantie on it and pad it extra thick to hold urine. Change it throughout the day. You can buy a bag of cheap baby diapers and cut a hole to fit tail and that works too unless the dog wants to fight about it and pulls it off. It's worth a try and it's a cheap problem solution to a temporary situation.

      Question: Potty Trained Dog Started Peeing Indoors

      I have a 12 year old German Shepherd mix. I have had her the whole 12 years. Every time she has to go to the bathroom she will go to the back door and let us know. 2 days ago my 3 year old Yorkie went off to doggy boot camp and since then my German Shepherd started peeing randomly through out our house. At first i thought this could be a medical problem, but I'm starting to wonder if she is doing this out of a huge change with not having the Yorkie around? She has done this once before when we moved across country and got to our new house she would pee in the bedroom. I just thought she was smelling another dog's scent, but it seems to be a pattern with big changes she starts peeing inside. What are your thoughts?

      By Kim

      Most Recent Answer

      By Marty Dick [155]10/16/2014

      I have heard that dogs do this to "stake a claim". Maybe the dog thinks the yorkie friend won't be coming back she needs to reclaim the territory.

      Question: Labrador Peeing On Bed

      black Lab puppyI have a 1 year old black Labrador. He is a very intelligent dog and since we brought him we never needed to train him. Earlier he used the pads or sheets we put and then began going outside whenever he had to pee or poop. Recently a friend left a female Golden Retriever at our place for few days and since then our dog has started peeing at a particular spot on our bed. He would go there when no one is looking and pee on the same spot everyday. Can somebody tell why is he doing this and how can I help him?

      By Amber

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]10/14/2014

      Sounds like he picked up a new behavior because of the female dog. Before it becomes a habit, I would keep him busy for awhile. Lots of long walks, time at the dog park, some agility training. Just so his mind is busy with something else for awhile. Good luck!

      Question: Middle Aged Cocker Having Accidents

      My middle aged cocker is having more defecting accidents in the house. He also pees in my house every morning after my dad goes to work, or immediately after he thinks someone has left the house. When I find it he knows he's done wrong, and runs outside for a few minutes.

      He also doesn't go outside when it rains. I don't exactly know what to do.

      By Dan

      Most Recent Answer

      By delamom47 [1]10/02/2014

      My first thought is an infection, and it would most likely need antibiotics. Otherwise, the ingredients in his dog food might not be agreeing with him. Try a different brand and see if it clears up.

      Question: Dog Started Peeing in the House

      My husband and I rescued Buffy from the pound about 3 yrs ago. She is the most well potty trained, politest, and sweetest dog we've ever owned in our life. When we adopted her we lived in a house, but in February of 2014 we had to move into an apt. She adjusted just fine. We go on walks more and play more. She always lets me know when she's ready to go outside for the bathroom. But last night I let her sleep in my hospital bed with my heated blanket like normal, but I awakened somehow to see that she had peed in my bed. Yes I was angry, but didn't scold her. I did send her out on our couch for the rest of the night so I could wash my bed linen. I also took her out for more potty time. My bed linens were done and so I made my bed and told her to sleep on the couch only to get up to find she urinated on the couch, at both ends of the couch. I noticed her special spot is poking out and seems to be leaking a little. So I don't know whether to be concerned or start get frustrated with her. What should I do, take her to the vet or just buy baby diapers or is there a more serious health issue I should be concerned with?

      By Christy F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Linda L. [34]04/28/2014

      When in doubt go to a vet. She may have a UTI. Special spot?

      Question: House Trained Dog Pees at Friend's House

      My female Boxer/Beagle seems to pee in my friends' homes when I take her with me as a guest, but never in my home. Even if I leave her for really long times, she never goes in the house, but it seems like she almost always goes within an hour when she's elsewhere. It's this normal? Correctable?

      By Dave M

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]03/31/2014

      Could she be marking because she feels insecure in a different house?

      Question: House Trained Dog Started Peeing Inside

      We have had a Chihuahua for 4 years and he is the most well behaved dog ever, caught on to potty training quickly and has never had an accident in all of the last 4 years. Recently he has been peeing in the house and just simply has not gone in the potty in days. Nothing that we know of has changed and it just happened out of the blue. We don't know why or how to even retrain him, any suggestions on why this may be happening and what we can do it fix it? A dog that never peed anywhere but the potty for 4 years and is now having multiple accidents and just refusing the potty all together is baffling to us!

      By KB

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]03/27/2014

      Could there be other dogs outside that are intimidating your dog. It does seem strange. My dogs would avoid going out in the rain.

      Question: Dog Peeing in House

      Out 10 month old Portugese Water Dog peed in the house. He has been house trained since he was a puppy and he had just come back inside.
      Is he ill?

      By Linda

      Most Recent Answer

      By NEWFIEGIRL [8]03/21/2014

      The person you need to consult is your Dog's best friend called a veterinarian. Please don't just assume there is nothing internal wrong with him.

      Question: Dog Started to Pee in the House

      I left my German Shepherd, who is 3 years old, and my Cocker Spaniel, 9 years old, with a "friend" to watch them over our weekend getaway. It was the first time we left them with some one.

      Normally we take them with us for our summer vacations to the beach. Anyways, we returned and now all of a sudden the German Shepherd is peeing all over the house right in front of us. The person who took care of them swears she walked them and they did good, but she also says that he peed inside the house right in front of her the first night that we were gone.

      Is this separation anxiety or negligence on her part?

      By Rebeca H.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Michelle Jadaa01/18/2014

      When theres no medical reason for such behaviour in formaly housetrained pets, cats or dogs. I'd say they are expressing their anger or frustration at something.

      Question: House Trained Dog Started Peeing on Owner's Pillow

      Yorkie, closeup.My baby, Maycen, is my best friend, we very rarely have to get on to him. He is 1.5 years old. I've recently become lost on what to do because he's done great telling us he needs to go out and he loves how excited we get after he's went outside. I think that's one of his favorite things about going potty outside is how proud he feels when we go back inside and he prances around like "he's the man."

      He sleeps in my bed and follows me if I get up for any reason, he's always by my side. About 2 weeks ago I got up in the middle of the night to go get a drink and came back to my room and he's urinated all over my pillow at the head of my bed. He's never done this to my husband's pillow just mine! Its happened about 10 times in 2 weeks and it's happening more frequently. I want to stop it before it becomes a habit, but don't know what to do. I don't believe in hitting or spanking him. When he does this, as soon as I start walking back to my room, he see's me and takes off running, then I know he's done something before I even know what it is, he always tells on himself :)

      I've started making sure he's with me when I get up in the middle of the night and making him go outside to see if he needs to go, but he's now been going on my pillow any chance he can sneak away from me and I don't know what it is? Help!

      I've bought new pillows, but I don't think it will help because then I feel he will want to put his scent on them and I don't want to keep buying pillows to get ruined before I learn what the problem is. Also he is my baby and I have no children, he is my one and only. I will not do the crate training because he will not make it being away from me that long. He gets nervous a lot and with that he's a big fan of routine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!

      By Ashley

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]01/16/2014

      Well...clearly this adorable dog loves you....and he wants the world to know you belong to him. I would consider getting a nice bed for your dog and having him sleep in it near your bed. There may be a few nights when you need to put him back into his own bed a few times to break his habit of sleeping with you. What a little monkey! You must love him to pieces. Good luck!

      Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Indoors After Meals

      Black and white dog.We have a 10 year old rescue dog. He has been neutered. We have had him over a year. He has suddenly started peeing in the same place indoors after meals. His urine sample at the vets was clear. Any ideas?

      By Mary

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]01/25/2014

      A 10 year old large breed dog may be having some age issues. Maybe adjust when she is fed and watered and a new schedule for going outside. Sometimes arthritis will make dogs reluctant to go out and take care of business. Good luck.

      Question: Puppy Peeing in House

      Any reason why my puppy would pee beside the kitchen table as we sat down to eat? He hasn't ever done this before and he doesn't have accidents.

      By Kat

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]12/28/2013

      I would guess being a puppy, He just forgot. But if he continues to do it have him checked out by a Vet for a UTI.

      Question: 5 Year Old Dog Started to Pee Inside

      I have a five year old female Bichon Frise. She has started peeing all over the house. Every time she does a pee I put her outside for ten minutes to do the toilet and she peed five times which isn't normal. She has been toilet trained, when she was a puppy. She had a urinary infection a while ago, but it has cleared up. She also had a lump on her back which lead to cancer. She had an operation for that and has also beat it. There doesn't look like there is anything wrong with her. She is her usual self, runs about like mad and loves to play with her toys. We pay 100 percent attention to her. She loves to sit on our knees and get petted. Any solutions for what is wrong with her?

      By Aimee

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]12/07/2013

      Urinary tract infections are notorious for coming back. Have her checked again for this.

      Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

      I have had my dog 4 years now. He is house trained, but the last few weeks he has been peeing in the house nearly every night and pooing sometimes too. He has also been doing it during the day when I'm not there. He knows he's doing wrong. He does it in the same place every time and when I walk in and walk over there to check he puts his head down and crawls under the table.

      I have had his bed in the conservatory room since I've had him and the last few weeks he refuses to get into it. He sleeps under the table in the kitchen. Sometimes I do pick him up to put him in his bed and he will just stand there looking terrified and when I go to walk out he runs out and goes under the table. He refuses to go into that room. When I get up in the mornings he's standing at the door waiting for me. What is wrong?

      By Danielle from Ireland

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]11/29/2013

      That is strange behavior. It sounds like something is frightening him and may be continuing to frighten him. Any new dogs in the neighborhood? Are there windows in the room where he is fearful? Is he reluctant to go outside now? I think I would start with a check up at the Vet. to rule out physical problems. then I would pay close attention to what happens when he goes outside. If neither of those things tell you anything I would move his bed to a place he feels comfortable, and spend more time with him, make sure he gets plenty of exercise, and extra affection. Good luck to you.

      Question: House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

      My 3year old Pit mix has started peeing in the hallway. She is also deaf. How do I get her to stop doing it in the house?

      By Katrina D.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donald B.11/22/2013

      Has his blood work and exam at the vet checked out okay?

      Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing on Carpet

      We have a 3 year old dog. I am a stay at home mom so she doesn't go without attention by any means. She has always done her business outside and has a fenced in yard to hang out in. She never had one accident in the house until we moved about a month ago. The house we moved from was only tile floors. The new house has carpet in two of the bedrooms. She still has the fenced in yard and does go outside and use the bathroom. I always let her out before I leave to go anywhere and before we go to bed. And of course throughout the day.

      When she pees in the house, it is only on the carpet and only when I am not at home or if we are in the bed. Before we moved here she would not pee all night and would wait until we got up to go outside, but now it's like she thinks she can just go as she pleases as long as the bedroom doors are open and there is some carpet. I have rugs in the bathrooms and by the doors and always have, she has never peed on those. If I forget to close the door to the bedrooms, when I get back there is almost always a spot on the carpet. But never on the tile.

      I don't know what to do.

      By K.N.N. from Satellite Beach, FL

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]11/05/2013

      It is very likely that the rugs in the new house have scent on them from a previous cat. Your cat is trying to replace that scent with her own. I would try cleaning the areas with an enzyme cleaner. I saturate the area and then step on the spot with towels to remove the excess. I use Natures Miracle from Petco. Do that a couple times and then allow a couple days to dry. If all else fails put a piece of furniture on the spot or a piece of aluminum foil. But only after it is completely dry. Use enough liquid to reach the flooring under the rug because the urine will have gone that far no doubt. Too bad cat pee doesn't smell like gardenias. :)

      Question: Dog Started Peeing in the House After Being Skunked

      About 2 months ago, our 5 yr old potty trained dog was skunked in the middle of the night when we let her out to pee. Since that event she's been peeing on the rug and going in the house. She won't use the yard to alleviate herself anymore. She's afraid to even walk toward the area she used to use even if I am with her.

      We have secured the perimeter to keep critters out and had all the medical tests done and she's perfectly healthy. She seems traumatized. We are back to crating her at night, but she started doing it during the day when she has access to the outdoors. We don't know how to break her of this, any ideas?

      By Megan

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]08/27/2013

      Gosh what a sad story. I can certainly understand where your dog is coming from. If this were my situation I might try taking the dog to the front yard instead of the backyard (if the backyard was where the deed was done) I would take her directly from the crate out the door on a leash. And I would take her for a good long walk to relax her. I also might try some agility training, or obedience training. These are all confidence builders. I have a feeling that it may take time to get back to where you were. In the meantime, perhaps using potty pads could make the situation better for you. I admire the patience you are showing with your girl. Good luck

      Question: Puppy Wetting Indoors

      My Tibetan Terrier puppy is 18 wks old. We got her at 8wks old, she was clean very quickly within 2wks. During the past 3wks I have looked after two other dogs. The day before the last one went my puppy started peeing at night in her pen, then today on the kitchen floor while the back door was open, and I had gone in the other room. She isn't peeing anymore than normal and isn't distressed when she goes so I don't think she has an infection. Any help would be appreciated.

      By Debbie

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]08/15/2013

      You will need to rule out an infection. Dogs are very good at hiding their discomfort. Hopefully she will improve as things get back to normal. Perhaps an extra walk or play time with you would help her relax.

      Question: Toilet-trained Dog Doing Toilet Inside House

      Brown dog with large stand up ears.I have a 22-month old Jack Russel X Yorkshire terrier. He is not neutered yet and it took a lot of time toilet training him when he was a puppy. However he has now been fully toilet trained since and once in a blue moon has done the toilet indoors. It happened very seldom so we dealt with it at the time and passed it off as an accident. Now though, he has done the toilet indoors for the past 3 days - whilst we are home. He knows its wrong because as soon as he has done it he runs away and hides. He gets plenty walks, the door is open more often than not and he always comes out back with us so it's not as if he doesn't know where to go. It's almost as if he's doing it out of spite.

      Nothing has changed at home, no new people or change of feeding/walking times. The day-to-day routines are the same. He even does it when he's just been out or when the door is open for him to go. When he has done the toilet inside (pee or poo) he has immediately been taken outside and offered the time to do his business outdoors, and indoors has been cleaned and disinfected. Other than these recent days he is usually well toilet-trained.

      By AmF

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]08/14/2013

      I would have this dog checked for a bladder infection. You should also consider if he is feeling challenged by a new dog in the neighborhood. Sounds like he may be marking his territory because he is feeling challenged or insecure.

      Question: 15 Year Old Dog Peeing in the House

      Why does our 15 year dog decide to cock his leg anywhere in the house? He really is not fussy.

      By sarah

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]06/09/2013

      Interesting question. Why would an aged dog "decide" to do that. In my opinion he probably didn't "decide" to do anything. At his age he is likely to have a medical problem that would cause a behavioral change. He may have diabetes that causes him to need to urinate more frequently. He may have a bladder infection and the pain that goes with it. He probably feels the need to urinate more often to relieve the pain. A bladder infection is easily cured and diabetes is easily managed. It could be a number of other things that only a Vet can figure out. Please see a Vet. A companion of 15 years deserves at least that.

      Question: Puppy Started Weeing Indoors Again

      Jack was castrated a month ago and apart from healing slower than expected due to suture rejection, has recovered very well. During the same time, we looked after our friends' Beagle for two weeks while they were away on holiday. All has been fine, last check at vet's (a week ago) was good. Beagle went home to friend. But in the last few days Jack has started weeing indoors. He has always sprinkled when excited or a little nervous, but this is puddles - for no apparent reason. As today, the door has been left open most of the afternoon, he has been playing in the garden with our daughter and then outside with my husband. 15 minutes later we find a puddle in the hallway! Does this mean we need to start from scratch with hourly visits to the garden until Jack is retrained?

      By Sandi

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]06/01/2013

      Sounds to me like you may need a retraining session or 2. Surgery plus hormonal changes plus a visiting dog would be enough to get any dog off his good habits. I would have his urine checked also to rule out a bladder infection or an irritation. What an adorable dog! Good luck.

      Question: Yellow Lab Peeing and Pooping in House and Snapping

      I have a 6 year old female yellow Lab. She keeps peeing downstairs in the house. Nothing has changed and she keeps doing it. She peed and pooped 3 times last night while we were asleep. Today she snapped at my husband; she has never done this before. I'm worried because I have a little girl and I don't want the dog to bite her. What should I do? I know that she has a dominance problem with the puppy from next door. Any suggestions?

      By Abby

      Most Recent Answer

      By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/31/2013

      If this is a new dog to your home, you may be looking at the reason the dog was up for rehoming.

      But if this is a dog you've had for years and these behaviours are 'new and sudden', the behaviour you're describing is usually the result of illness from injury or infection, usually something to do with bowels and urinary tract. The snapping indicates some pretty serious pain as a result (which means the illness has progressed considerably).

      The dog needs to be seen by the vet. Now.

      Please update and let us know how the dog is doing.

      Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

      How do I "house-retrain" an 8 year old English Bull dog that has started peeing in the house? About once a day and in the same place, he pees. He was trained till we got a rescue, but she's long gone. He just does it on occasion and has a pet door that he uses. We've replaced the wood once and have to do it again! He's not been fixed as he's AKC and ready for possible breeding.

      Thank you so much!

      By Trish from Tallahassee, FL

      Most Recent Answer

      By Bailey R.05/09/2013

      My advice is to clean it once more. Then you can try and block him off from that area because he has gotten used to peeing right there and doesn't intend to top. And don't use bleach to clean the area in any place because that is one of the chemicals mixed in a dogs pee.

      Question: Dog Keeps Pooping on Beds

      My dog is 4 this year and is well trained. She is very needy and spoiled, but can also handle discipline. The past couple of days she's been left for literally an hour maybe a little longer and she has managing to pull the stair gate open and deciding to poo on beds. Which is strange as I know she peed on my bed when we 1st moved, but I have a new bed duvet and mattress since. Next day, I make sure my door is shut and the gate is closed and my parents come home to see she has done the same to my brother's bed.

      She spends most of her day outside as well as being taken for a walk every evening so she had plenty of time to do her nasties. I didn't mind when she was a puppy, but she's almost 4 so it's very odd.

      I know my dog doesn't like change because she will only do something this outrageous when shes trying to get our attention. We bought some chickens a few weeks ago, but she's use to them now and will happily leave them be. The past few days she has had to be left, but as I said only for an hour to two hours. We've done this in several homes before, so I am a little confused as go why she would do this 2 days in a row especially after she was told off by myself and summoned to her bed for the rest of the evening.

      Is she ill or just in desperate need for attention?
      I'm very frustrated with her, but also concerned as even if she has been locked in the house she knows how to open the back door. And surely a dog that knows it's not allowed upstairs would just do the obvious thing if it was desperate and just do somewhere down stairs or do it on the floor instead of a bed.


      By H

      Most Recent Answer

      By Janus [8]03/24/2013

      She may be trying to bring your attention to the fact that something is wrong with her. I would take her to the vet for a good check up.

      Question: Medicine Caused Puppy to Pee A Lot

      My Pug is 70 days old and has been peeing frequently since taking medicine 3days ago due to cold effects. Any health problems that could explain this?

      By bharath

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]02/28/2013

      It sounds like your puppy may have a bladder infection. It is quite painful and needs to be treated by a Veterinarian with antibiotics. I know of no side effects for cold medicine that would cause him to pee a lot. See your Vet and make sure he has his vaccinations.

      Question: Pet Peeing All Over the House

      My dog is super smart, he is 7yrs old. For awhile I would notice that he would potty on the kitchen floor and he would just have come from outside. It has really gotten out of hand lately, I mean he is going everywhere and places are saturated with urine. I'm concerned there might be a medical reason for this?

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn [369]02/13/2013

      There might be any number of reasons for this, I would have his urine tested for a kidney disorder or a urinary infection, bless his heart! PUt a potty pad down in the meantime so if he can't make it outside he will have one spot to go. Clean the other places with a urine remover so he wont want to go on those spots again. It sounds like he can't help going. See what shows up on a urine test at the vets.

      Question: Dog Peeing Indoors

      My dog is pining and has started to pee indoors. What should I do?

      By Mandy

      Most Recent Answer

      By Christine P.12/03/2012

      Your dog most likely has bladder or kidney infection. Time to see the vet.

      Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

      I have a 2 yr old American Staffy. For the past couple of weeks he has been peeing inside, but not in the same places. He is toilet trained. Also a few weeks ago my brother moved back in with me and my father
      Could this change have anything to do with him peeing inside?

      By Carla

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dena Roberts [31]05/29/2012

      My cat started doing this after my son's girlfriend moved in. Turns out that the stress of having a strange person living here gave him an ulcer, for which he is on meds, and the problem has stopped. Take your dog to the vet, please...easy problem to fix, and the meds are cheap.

      Question: Previously House Broken Dogs Peeing in the House

      I have a Llapso Poo and a Tibetan Terrier both of whom I have had for four years. About 6 months ago both dogs started peeing in the house when we aren't home. It doesn't happen all the time, but has become quite annoying. Note: they have a doggie door that they use some of the time.

      After reading some answers to a similar problem it looks like I should take them to the vet and I will, but it seems highly unlikely that they would both have a problem at the same time.

      We do occasionally have other dogs in the house, but all the dogs get along. I add a little people food (like chicken or egg in very small amounts) because they had both become finicky eaters, probably because I spoil them.

      I'm really confused because they have been such good dogs and have access to a doggie door. Plus I am home most of the time since retiring two years ago. When I worked they never peed in the house. Their favorite spots for peeing seem to be dining room on or near a rug, near my chair in the living room and kitchen and in front of the couch by a rug. Although they love my husband I am their main care giver. Any thoughts?

      By Marilynn M.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn Fed [388]05/25/2012

      Have they been neutered or spayed? I am wondering if they are marking.

      If they don't have a bladder infection I would probably restart potty training or confine them to a room with a pee wee pad, until they get over this habit.

      Also are you using an enzymatic cleaner to remove the stain and scent of the urine?

      Blessings, Robyn

      Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

      I have what they think is a Terrier and German mix. I have had him for 5 to 6 years now. In the past year I have had so many issues with him peeing in the house. I am not sure what to do anymore. I see him pee outside. He has a lot of time outside, however, will still pee in the house. There are two specific spots where he is peeing, that I know of, and can smell. I have had him to vet and there are no health issues. If anyone can give advice I would greatly appreciate it!

      By EG

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn Fed [388]04/19/2012

      Well before I start asking questions, I would like to be sure your dog doesn't have some sort of physical problem. Once you know your dog is ok from taking him to the vet, then here is what my resources and advice would be:

      First, I would ask if you are cleaning the spot in front of him.

      This is a no no. Never clean up a spot while a dog is watching.
      It will be likely he or she will do it again if you do it where the dog can see you.

      Second, I would ask which cleaner you are using. Only the enzymatic cleaners can get up the scent left behind that only the dog can smell.

      Third I would ask if your dog is neutered. It is one of the kindest acts you can do for an animal to have them spayed or neutered. Their brains can never relax when they are intact.

      After the surgery, the spay or the neuter, it will take a little bit of time, for the behavior to stop. The remaining chemicals that are still in their body have to get out of the body and they have to heal and relax, and realize their life is so much better.

      If you would like to look at or order a drfostersmith catalog here is their address. They not only sell great products, even though you can find the enzymatic cleaners at Walmart, but along with their catalog products they a have educational articles, and the pictures are adorable.

      Here is the link:

      Also check out my favorite dog training site at:

      Here is their house training index of articles:

      Your dog seems to be marking, although I could be wrong. I would suggest you get a wire crate and start over from the beginning on letting him have time in the house. I would check out the article on crate training...,it is really a great thing, and also rewarding a dog's behavior with markers:

      Here is a list of's free podcasts:

      Here are some more informational question and answers articles on crate training:

      Don't forget, that if all else fails, get a little wee wee pad. They can be found i the dollar section of the grocery stores or you can make them with newspaper. I like the pads better since they are so soft.

      Some dogs get arthritis and don't always like to go out in wet weather or ever move at all.

      Blessings, Robyn

      Question: Previously House Trained Puppy Backsliding

      Our 7 month-old, female Lab/Beagle mix is potty trained. However, we've had problems over the past week. It rained once and she refused to go outside and eliminate. When she did go out, she'd go potty on the concrete pad, versus on the grassy area like normal. It's been days since it rained, but she still won't leave the concrete pad and she's started peeing and pooping in the house now.

      Please help.

      By Jessica

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn Fed [388]03/26/2012

      Have you considered putting a potty pad on the patio for times when it rains, or somewhere where the dog doesn't have to step in the wet grass? You could make a four square stepping stone area close to the door where he can go when it is raining, where he doesn't have to get his feet wet.

      Some dogs do not like their feet getting wet. Hope some of these links help!


      Question: Previously Housetrained Dog Peeing in the House

      As of last week, my dog refuses to go outside to potty and has started peeing in my bed. Please help us.

      By Rickie

      Most Recent Answer

      By RickJ09/27/2011

      Rickie, I have had dogs my whole life and a couple of them did this exact thing. My vet's remedy is humane and works: start confining pooch to smaller quarters. The dog doesn't want to be around it (urine or poo) any more than you do. If you have to leave, make sure pooch is safe, but in a smaller area (that's not the bedroom).

      Dog will get the message after a day or two, but you might have to repeat it for a few times. Something else to watch for is if pooch is bored.Their life is quite short compared to ours, so minutes are like hours and hours like days to them. Dogs can pee just to get your attention. Good luck!

      Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

      Siberian lying down with fence in background.My 4 year old male, neutered Siberian Husky is peeing after being house trained. We lost his companion in 2008, and he and I suffered terribly. However, it didn't start then. Two years ago, my husband rescued a female Lab/Pit mix. We had her spayed immediately and they got along splendidly, no problems.

      Last summer, my husband rescued another dog needing a forever home. This dog is a male, Mastiff/Rot mix and is approximately two years old now. The three of them get along, but then we did have a couple fights, and believe it or not, they were started by the little princess. The Siberian Husky feels like he needs to defend her, although she is nipping at the puppy (Mastiff Rot, yes he's big, but he's a puppy!). There was still no urinating in the house.

      Then in December, I cleaned my carpet (not the 1st time) and the peeing began - on the carpet, the corners of my bed, all the plants in the house, and all along the wood trim throughout the house. He will even pee on my vacuum cleaner if it is setting out! As for the theory they won't pee where they sleep, well, he did! He has peed right in front of us and looks at us like "oh well." He has been to the vet and had everything checked. No problems.

      Some people have said it's because I cleaned all of his scent up. Well, now the other male is following in his footsteps. You pee, I pee. I am ready to have a nervous breakdown! I put diapers on them, and they will take them off and pee on them. They all get the same amount of love and attention; they have everything a dog could possibly want and more.

      Anyone have any new ideas? If so, I'm all ears. I have bought all the cleaning products on the market and invested in a new super Hoover steam cleaner. Other than this pee problem, he's an excellent dog. I can't leave them outside, because the weather has been in the 100s all summer!

      My vet's wife gave me the name of someone who can, "talk to dogs". She said, I should write down a list of questions, and she will ask him and give me his answers, and this only costs $250.00.

      By KC O.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Debbie Stewart [5]08/11/2011

      Good luck with that problem. Sounds like you have your hands full. I don't know what to do to fix that one. Except that I would not pay $250 for someone to "talk to my dog."

      Question: Dog Peeing in the House When Husband Leaves the Room

      My 3 year old Malamute has started peeing in the house. We have lived in this house for over a year, our schedules have not changed, and there has not been a change in jobs or family members. But the last 2 weeks when my husband goes into another room and our dog feels that he can not get to him right away, he immediately goes to the kitchen to pee. He has full access to a doggie door at all times. Any suggestions?

      By Ducky7

      Most Recent Answer

      By Myrna [15]05/11/2011

      This is just an idea, but maybe your husband could take the dog with him a few times, so the dog understands he's not really leaving him. Sounds like separation anxiety to me.

      Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

      I have an 8 year old Pom which I have had since she was 8 weeks old. She has had no accidents in the house until recently. I have checked with the vets and we have ruled out the possibility of a medical issue. We have decided it is a behavioral issue. Within the last 3 years, I have moved 3 times, brought a new person into our lives, and brought a new dog into our lives. All these changes are obviously the reason for her to act out, but the problem is, how do I fix it? What do I do to stop her from acting out?

        By Gracie Lee S. [3]

        Question: Male Dog Peeing in House

        I have a 5 year old male dog. He is crossed with German Shepherd and Beagle. All day long while we are at work he doesn't do any business in the house, we come home and let him outside for x amount of time and before we go to bed. Yet every morning and when I go in the porch there is huge amount of pee, always in the same spot? Any suggestions on how we can stop this because if it keeps up I'm just going to get rid of him because I can't take much more. This has been going on for 3 months now.

        By Christina

        Question: Rescued Dog Peeing Inside

        closeup of Shiba InuLast year, we adopted a 6 year old pure bread Shiba Inu who had been re-homed 4 times. She is skittish and even after a year, will hardly go near my husband or any other visitor. We have a doggie door which she uses on a regular basis, but for some time now, I have been finding pee spots in my bedroom where she sleeps. Last night while watching TV, she when went right in front of the TV and squatted and peed. I'm sure anxiety comes into play from being rehomed so many times, but how do we stop this with out making her more skittish? She has been given healthy checkups so I don't think it's her bladder.

        By Tammy W.

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

        I just got a dog from a very nice couple. They said he was house broken and I have taken him out and walked him, but he comes in and within the hour he pees in the house. Is this because he is not used to the house and his new surroundings or should I be worried. This is his first day at our house so I am thinking he just needs to get adjusted.

        By Morris H.

        Question: 8 Month Old Dog Started Peeing Inside

        I have 2, 8 month old Danes they are sisters. The eldest out of the litter just started peeing on the rug even if she was just out. Both have been potty trained since they were 3 months old.

        By Stacey C

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

        My previously house trained young dog used puppy pads and went outside. Then he decided he was a big boy and now cocks his leg to pee and is peeing on everything in every room. What can I do?

        By Mary from Leeds 23

        Question: Chihuahua Peeing in the House

        My dog that is about 4 years old (I have had him about two). Recently he started urinating on my stuff in the house. One day, he even crawled on my bed (he is not allowed on our bed) and urinated on my side of the bed. We also have another Chihuahua who does not pee in the house. ( I don't think.) I am pretty sure that it is mine (the other is the boyfriends). We have had them together since I got mine, they are best friends. I am not sure what to do. I am so frustrated. I do not know when he goes all over the house. We let them out often and reward them when they come in. Please help.

        By Jenny

        Question: Dogs Peeing in the House

        How do I get two male dogs to stop peeing in the house? They pee on the stairway, the bathroom, and the corner of everything when we leave home. We even leave the back door open for them.

        My mom has two dogs, a Lab Rot mix an a mini Dachshund "wiennie dog". The Lab is about 12years old and the wiennie is 6 years old. The little dog likes to pee in my mom's room on and around her bed and in the bathroom, and well anywhere the he wants to mostly when we are asleep. The door for him to go out is open. What do I do?

        By Courtney mac

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

        Four months ago we rescued a darling three year old male Bichpoo who, after a few accidents, had no accidents for two or three months. We had to board him for a week and now he is peeing in the house regularly. I understand emotional issues in being boarded; however, that was a week ago and I am tired of cleaning up pee spots.

        By Julia O.

        Question: Housebroken Dog Peeing in the House

        My 3 year old Shepherd/hound mix is housebroken. I also have a 14 year old Pug. During rain, both dogs have been peeing and pooping in the house. Now when it does not rain, they still do. They have access to the outside through a petdoor. The Pug has recently been going out on regular basis after spraying with urine odorizer. My Shepherd has been peeing during the night. Is she stubborn? Because she does go outside. We have ripped up the carpet because of all the smell. There is just concrete. They go outside on the concrete as well.

        By Kelly M.

        Question: Using Piddle Pads With a House Trained Dog

        My toy poodle is 7 1/2 years old. I got her when she was 4 1/2 (she was a breeder dog). She was house trained when I got her and an accident in the house was extremely rare until this past summer. My father in law passed away in April and my mother in law in the ensuing months needed a lot of attention. It was necessary for me to be gone for extended hours.

        When I am not at home, I keep her in my sunroom which is 16' x 16' with her crate and lots of comfy furniture to lay on. I started putting down a wee wee pad by the door to the outside and I was thrilled when she used it. I thought it was a good thing. In the last several weeks she has occasionally done her business in the house when I am home (my oriental rug in my dining room and my bedroom behind a couch are her spots)! Since things have settled down, I am home more now and I take her out every hour or so, but she still has gone in the house more in the last 3 weeks than the entire 3 years since I adopted her. Am I ruining her house training by using the wee wee pad?

        By Lynda C from NJ

        Question: Female Dog in Heat Urinating in the House

        I have a female 10 month old Lab/Beagle mix. She has been house trained since she was 4 months old, with no accidents. She went into her first heat about a week and a half ago, and the last 4 or 5 nights she has been peeing on the bedroom floor while we sleep. She never tries to wake us up to go outside, just does her business on the floor and we find it in the morning. Is this a normal behavior for a dog in heat? (I plan to get her spayed after she is out of heat and her body goes back to normal)

        By Amanda

        Question: Dog Peeing Inside

        We have 5 dogs that go in and out as they please. Somene is peeing inside. How can we tell who is the bad guy? Is there a urine test kit for home use?

        By Billy

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing Inside

        dog outsideMy 1 year old Frenchie was house trained fairly easily. (I work from home and live in California, so doors are always open for him to go out whenever he needs, but for the last month or so he's suddenly peeing all over the house, on the couch, on the bed, right in front of open doors to the outside and sometimes several times a day right in front of my husband and I. We had him checked at the vet for kidney issues, but they came back negative. Could it be a bladder infection? I'm taking him in to the vet again, but I'm freaking out. What's happening?

        By Elizabeth

        Question: Dog Peeing in the House at Night

        Pug and larger dog on stack of building suppliesMy two year old Pug, Chunky is weeing up stuff at night, only in my living room. I have had enough now and want this to stop or I may have to give him up as much as I love him; I will have to. Please I need advice, I can't cope any more.

        By Paula

        Question: Dog Has Started to Pee in the House

        brown and white dogI have a 16 month old Staffy male dog and I've had him for about 5 month now. He is a great dog and behaved, but he has all of a sudden started peeing in the house. He never had done it before, but now he's peed on my bed, against doors, on floors, rugs etc.

        I will take him out to do the toilet, but he then will come in and still pee in the house. My mum has her dog in the house, as well, who is a bitch. My dog has never peed in her bed, but just started to pee in his own! Needing answers please.

        By rabsmith

        Question: House Trained Puppy Peeing in House

        My 16 month old puppy, Baxter, is house trained, he goes for a walk twice a day, every day, then comes home and cocks his leg up in the house and has a pee? I do not understand why, he does not pee during the night or when we go out. He only does it when we are in, bearing in mind the door is open for him to pee in the garden. Can anyone help please?

        By Karen

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing in the House

        Black and white Staffordshire Terrier.My 1yr old Staffy is house trained. He went out the doggie door every time he had the urge to go, he use to squat when he went to the toilet, but he's just learned from my 6yr old Golden Retriever how to cock his leg. Now he walks past the lounge or the wall and wees on it. How can I stop it? It's very frustrating.

        By Kellie

        Question: House Trained Dog Weeing Inside

        Baby and dog.Our 17month old Maltese Shit Zhu is toilet trained, she can hold all night and she usually barks at the door to go out. Sometimes while we are out she wees on the carpet, now it has become almost every time we are out. It seems to be an attention thing because tonight we were gone and she had weed twice. What can we do to stop her?

        She knows it's wrong and we know she can hold on. We have a 4 month old baby and I'm wondering if it's a jealousy thing, she is still getting lots of attention and cuddles, but unfortunately less walks as hubby works long hours and I'm busy with the baby. Could this be her problem? Help!

        By Kylie L.

        Question: Dog Started Peeing in the House

        My 2yr old GSD/Collie cross has over the last 4 weeks peed in my kitchen 4 times. It seems to be in between the washing machine and a rug and when we are in the house. He has constant access to outside (as he can open the door himself). It is on the opposite side to his bed, back door and water. I got him as an 8 week old puppy and he was house trained within a couple of weeks so I can't understand why he is doing it.

        By Kelly

        Question: Male Dog Urinating in the House

        My 7 year old Yorkie has recently started urinating in the house at night. About 6 months ago a number of changes took place in he house - we got 2 kittens and new furniture. He has only started doing this about 3 months ago though. There is access to the outside during the night - a hole in the door. He does go out, but when I get up in the morning I often find a piddle under the coffee table and more recently under the couch. What can I do as my house is starting to get a smell now. I wash the piddle off as soon as I see it with pet odor remover. Dog siting near couch.

        By Toni R

        Question: Dog Peeing Inside at Night

        My male dog who is 2 years old, for the last few months, has started peeing near my cooker every night. He is left alone through the day and never does this. I let him out every night before bed, I know when he's done it in the morning because he is in his bed. Is this a behavioural problem?

        By Tk

        Question: Training an Older Dog to Use Pee Pads

        I have a 4 year old Shih Tzu, not fixed. I thought he needed a companion so I adopted a 7.5 year old Shih Tzu who is fixed and potty trained and have had him for 2 weeks. He's had quite a few accidents!

        I take him out every 6 - 8 hrs. My other dog is potty pad trained. Now the adopted dog will not take to using the pad. Please help. I am lost! How can I get him to stop using my rug as his pee pad.

        By May

        Question: Dog Started Peeing in House After a Move

        Dog sleeping.My dog peeing inside in the carpet although I walk her 3 times still in this new place. She prefers carpet. She didn't use to do that in old place, but she does it in this place.

        By zodpics from NV

        Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

        Two dogs in a carrier.We have 5 and 2 yr old Chihuahuas. The 5 yr old has been potty trained since he was a pup, same as the 2 yr old. We have had both since they were pups. About a month ago the 5yr old has been pooping and peeing in the kitchen at night.

        We take them out all the time and they also have a doggie door. We also have a box inside that has real grass in it for when we are gone during the day. They both have used the inside box as well as the doggie door. Why would he start this now?


        By Sherrie S from Placerville, CA

        Question: House Trained Dog Started Peeing Inside

        Our 1 year old Schnauzer who has been potty trained since we received him has started peeing in a new house we purchased right before Christmas. We have tried to get control of the situation, but he is almost worse when we are at home with him than when we are away at work.

        The previous owners did have a female dog, and we do not know if this is a behavioral problem or what. We are looking for answers. Last night was the final straw when he actually peed on the bed he shares with us. We need some help. Thank you. I am at the end of my rope.

        By Tyson

        Question: Puppy Pees and Poops Inside When Left Alone

        My 14 month old Rottie pees and poos in our flat every time we leave him to pop out. It's not like we are out for long. He does about 3 wee's and 3 poo's can someone please help.

        By Chris

        Question: I Year Old House Trained Dog Weeing in the House

        My one year old dog has recently started to wee in the house. He's never done it before and has been toilet trained since he was very young. I've had him since he was old enough to leave his mum.

        By Lainey

        Question: Older Dog Started Peeing Inside

        I have a Border Collie cross and she is about 13 years old, so rather old. In the past few days whenever she eats her dinner she pees straight after and in the house. She has never peed in the house before. I just wondered if I could have any advice on the problem?

        Thanks very much.

        By Jessica

        Question: Diabetic Min Pin Afraid to Go Outside

        My Min Pin is 5yrs old. She recently was diagnosed with diabetes and she is on insulin. I have a doggy door she is very well trained to use. She never pottied in the house before. Now she is peeing and pooping in house and she has developed a fear of going outside. What is going on? Is she loosing her mind? I am lost at what to do.

        By Janis T

        Question: House Trained Puppy Peeing and Pooping Inside

        My 5 month old Rottweiler puppy was successfully house trained. She would sit by the door or jumps at the door knob when she wants to go out and potty. This has been a great system but in the past week, she hasn't been sitting by the door, and just has been peeing and pooping in the house. Nothing about our house environment has changed, so I don't know what is causing it.

        By Rachel

        Question: House Trained Puppy Started Peeing Inside

        Our 7 1/2 month old male Aussie Shepherd has been potty trained without any accidents for the last 3 months! The past couple of nights, he's made no indication that he's had to pee, but just come into the living room and peed on the carpet in front of the couch where I sit.

        Both times, our other dog (5 yr old Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever, female and spayed) was sitting on the couch with me. I take him out as soon as he starts peeing, but he is quite hesitant to go outside. But, as soon as we hit the grass, he pees and then we find his poop spot.

        We did have him neutered at the 6th month mark and had no issues until now. Why would he all of a sudden, without warning, just pee. Help! (and thank you)

        By Lindsay

        Question: Puppy Pad Trained Dog Peeing in the House

        I have an 18 month dog and can't stop him from peeing in the house. He was pad trained and did really well. Do I go back to basics with him? I need help pls :-)

        By Tammy

        Question: Dog Peeing in House at Night

        My 6 year old Boston Terrier is very well trained and has been since she was a puppy. We are gone for 8 hours at work most days and she has never had an issue. She is bell trained, but really prefers to just come to us when she needs to go out.

        For the last month, she has been needing to pee 1-3 times overnight, 2-3 times a week. She rarely barks for anything, so her "cue" to us to wake up is to walk from the bedroom to the front door. Unfortunately this is pretty quiet, and if we don't hear her, she has been peeing on the living room floor.

        My first thought was diabetes or a UTI, but she has no other symptoms (like drinking more, etc.) and it is consistently only at night, never during the day, which does not make sense for a UTI. I have also noticed that she seems to have more issues on Monday and Tuesday nights. We have recently started hosting a group at our house on Sunday evenings; she is "very" friendly and plays with everyone there then crashes at bedtime. Is it possible this is some kind of response to her excitement, or something else? Any ideas for what I could try/do?

        By Rachel P.

        Question: Dog Peeing on His Own Bed and Elsewhere

        Black dog.I have a five year old male Labchow mix (neutered) who has, over the last couple months, been repeatedly peeing on his bed and on towels that are by the back door, (used to wipe his feet when it rains). We thought this was a recent thing, but we had to throw out our large area rug because we found a bunch of pee stains which were making the room smell. This means he has been peeing on the carpet for longer than the past few months. But now, he has continuously, almost daily, been peeing on his bed and on rugs or carpets even though he is let out twice in the morning.

        We pay someone to come to our house everyday at 1 to let him and our other dog outside, and he is let out multiple times at night when my parents get home from work. There have also been times where every day he was also pooping on the floor.

        He is trained to go outside to use the bathroom since he was a puppy. We just don't know why he is being so problematic recently. In the past we have tried taking his water away at a certain time at night, taking his bed away, throwing the rug away, etc. Any ideas? Thank you!

        By Sara

        Question: Adult Dog Has Started to Pee Inside at Night

        My 8 Year old Bichon Frise has suddenly started to wee in the house at night.This only happens randomly and not every night. He is walked every night and every morning and has a dog flap that he is able to go out of when he wants to night and day. He eats well and drinks water too so this is a bit of a mystery. I have made an appointment with the vet, but I was curious to see if anyone had any ideas?

        By Debbie E from Tamworth, England

        Question: House Trained Puppy Peeing and Pooping Inside

        My six month Lab was trained and reliable during the day although not always at night. She had to go to the vet for a general anesthetic to have a benign lump removed from her leg. When she recovered we took her away for a few days with friends who have an older dog and she had no accidents day or night. Now we are home again and she is peeing and pooping on the paper in the room where she sleeps whenever she is left alone even if only for 15 mins. Not sure what to do now!

        By PPP

        Question: Dog Started Peeing in House

        Recently my Chow is peeing in the house because of other dog's in heat. What could I do to stop this from going on?

        By skayewade

        Question: Previously Housetrained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

        I have a female Morky, a dog door, in a two story house where my bedroom and masterbath are upstairs. In the past she had peed or pooped occasionally in the house. She is peeing and pooping very often in the house now. She mostly does it in my master bath. Now she will go upstairs and pee or poop even during the day! It can't be that she is too lazy to go out as she is much closer to the dog door downstairs. It is as though she is trying to annoy me or tell me something. She usually sleeps with me on the bed. But if she pees or poops in the bathroom, she will sleep under the bed as if she knows she is being bad.

        She used to whine at night when she had to go out. She liked to be escorted to the dog door. I would give her a treat after she comes in thinking she would do better if encouraged with treats. Then she started asking very often to go out so she could get a treat. So sometimes I would just praise her and pet and love on her rather than give a treat. Next time she might go pee or poop in the bathroom. I think I have created a monster with the treats.
        What to do?

        By PSG

        Question: House Trained Dog Keeps Randomly Weeing

        My 14 month old Yorkie Poo is toilet trained. But the other day, after he sat by the open door all day, I carried him to the next room and he did a wee down me. We thought maybe he hadn't gone out because it was rainy and I had pressed on his bladder. But then 2 days later, after he had been out and about all day he was sat on my bed next to the open door and he peed all over my pillow. It was sprayed everywhere like he cocked his leg. Nothing has changed lately and his brother hasn't had any problems.

        By Amy

        Question: House Trained Dog Refusing to Go Outside to Pee

        I have a 4 year old mixed breed dog who is trained to go outside. Recently he has started refusing to go outside and now pees in the house. Sometimes he will go outside, but more often than not he won't. He refuses to go outside first thing in the morning; he just pees on the floor. I don't know how to get him to go outside. This has just recently become a problem.

        By Michele R

        Question: Dog Peeing in the House at Night

        My dog was diagnosed with diabetes in December 2012. She's on insulin, 2 x a day. At night she pees in the house. I take her out around 10, and sometime she holds it and other times she doesn't. It's getting so frustrating. I know she can hold it, I've seen her. Other times she just goes, even when she was just out 3 hours earlier. I'm not sure if she's just getting lazy or what! The vet just increased her insulin up to 5. Someone help me.

        By Mary P

        Question: Dog Started Peeing in Her Bed

        My daughter has been visiting for a week with her 2 cats. They stay in the basement due to our being allergic. Our 5 year old Pug suddenly peed in her dog bed today. She has not done this in 4 years! Do you think she's upset about the cats?

        By Deb

        Question: Previously House Trained Pooping and Peeing in House

        I have a 1.5 year old Schnauzer who was perfectly house trained; I trained him myself. When we adopted another 9 month old female Schnauzer who I still cannot train, he also began to pee everywhere. I have tried positive reinforcement with treats.

        They go out in the morning, afternoon, and at night after eating. I place newspaper and the female poops and pees there every night and she goes outside as well. When we leave even if it is for an hour she will pee 2 or 3 times inside. I cannot get her to only go outside and so my male Schnauzer who was already trained is getting the bad habit. I do not know how else to train them.

        By Farrah

        Question: Surrendering a Dog That You Can't Keep

        I am looking for the best place to give away my one year old Miniature Schnauzer in Houston, Texas. This dog was given to me at 2 months and I cannot control her. It is so bad now she jumps on my back and back legs and tries to bite me. I just cannot control her at all. I have had at least 15 dogs over my lifetime, and never had a problem with training, ever. I've had Shar Peis and German Shepherds and lots of non breed dogs over the years.

        I am disabled, but that's not my problem with "Baby". Everyone thinks maybe she's crazy. All she wants is to go outside with other dogs.

        I live alone and feel in this area I need a dog, but this dog has hurt me for the last time. She does this thing with my hands by jumping straight up in the air and landing on my hand and biting it as hard as she can! I put her in the other room as punishment - away from me.

        It's not one little problem, it's the whole dog. Just had enough - give me an old pup that can be a guard dog.

        By Eve

        Question: Housetrained Yorkie Has Started Peeing in the House

        I'm a little worried that we offer my 6 month Yorkie too many potty breaks, which has trained him to need to relieve himself every hour or so.

        We work from home and were doing a great job (zero or one accident a week) by his 2nd month with us. Then we went out of town and left him with a friend who works 8 hours a day. The pup did fine with her, she has two other dogs and a backyard routine, but now that he is back with us he has had accident after accident, even just one hour after he peed.

        When he is in my office and he scratches the door I take him out immediately. Sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn't. He generally doesn't pee inside just after I bring him in, but rather an hour or so later. I crate him after he is taken outside and doesn't go, and he has peed in the crate now.

        I just feel like there are so many mixed signals. Sometimes he whimpers in the crate and I think he wants to play, (so I ignore him), but today it seemed that he was whimpering to go out. I'm worried I've let him down and there is no return.

        Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

        By DT

        Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

        I have a 2 year old Italian Greyhound/Pug mix (pugit) His name is Charlie. Charlie is a rescue dog. He was received by a family that could not handle him and then passed to us. (myself and two kids)

        He had limited training as a young pup due to his living condition. When we received him in October of 2010 he had been crate and potty trained well. He whimpered at the door to go out a reasonable amount of times a day. He is with me during the day and rarely left at home alone for long.

        My issue is: over the last couple of months (late October) he began to defecate in my kids' room. We thought perhaps he tried to go out and we didn't notice. No biggie. I told him no, showed him, sent him to bed and then made a mental note to pay closer attention in case we are leaving his request to go out unnoticed. Done or so we thought.

        He has been increasing the times he goes potty (both now) in the room. He doesn't even try to go out and aims only for the kids' room and only when we aren't home. He gets taken out often and usually will urinate, but that is it. It almost seems as though he holds it until we leave, then goes in the kids' room. We have to shut the door when we leave.

        He doesn't go anywhere else. It seems like a behavior issue, like he is trying to make a point, but I'm lost. We have increased his potty times, we have made a schedule that is generally followed and continue time outs when he goes in the room, but all with no luck or change. He is at the point now, that if he has gone in the room and I head that way, he already heads to bed before I can even say anything. He already knows. It seems like purposeful defiance. Any suggestions?

        By Gina

        Solutions: Previously House Trained Dog Peeing Indoors

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        Archive: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        My house trained dog has recently started peeing in the house, whether we are home or not. What can we do to stop him?


        Archive: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I got my Schipperkee about 4 months ago from the SPCA. I was able to get him to go pee outside. Lately he will poop outside but pee in the house when I am at work. Is there anything that I can spray all over my carpets to deter him from going in the house?

        Terralei from Sacramento, CA

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        If the dog hasn't yet been neutered; do it asap! It sounds like he's marking his territory but you can fix this. It is a common problem, so don't worry. There may have been some scent you weren't aware of on the old rugs and the new scents being so foreign, have caused him to start marking.

        The problem may stop on it's own after neutering. You may have to do a little work on firming up the potty training, long walks am and pm, plenty of water, but not right before bedtime or leaving the house, etc. All the things you did to help house train him in the first place, may need to be redone. If necessary, restrict him to one or two rooms until you get him neutered and under control.

        Keep an eye that you don't reinforce the bad behavior. Only scold when you catch him in the act. Never after the fact, because he really doesn't associate your anger with the act of peeing if any time has passed since he peed. Give him lots of positive attention and reinforcement at the appropriate times. You don't want to make having the dog a horror for both of you when it can easily be fun again. Also, clean the affected areas in the house thoroughly with an enzyme based cleaner to get rid of all possible scent.

        You don't mention how old the dog is either. If he's a real senior citizen, but already neutered, you should get him to vet for a checkup anyway. The peeing might then be unrelated to the new rugs throughout. Best of luck to you and kudos for not just "rehoming" (dumping) your dog at the local shelter at the first sign of a problem. (08/15/2008)

        By frugal tipster

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I have a 5 year old Shih-Tzu that has been house broken since she was very young. Lately she has been having accidents in the house even after I have just taken her outside. I've noticed she has been wanting out 3-4 times/night to use the bathroom. I took her to the vet today and she was found to have a UTI and bladder stones which may need to be surgically removed. It is definitely NOT normal for a house trained dog to start peeing in the house. If this is happening, take you dog to the vet immediately for an x-ray and urinalysis. Just FYI. (11/14/2008)

        By Holley D.

        Archive: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I have 3 year old Shih Tzu that for the last year has been peeing on everything in the house. I need help.

        Cindy from Bay City, MI

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        Get him or her to the vet. (03/21/2009)

        By Maryeileen

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        Go to Free to join. Very informative. (03/22/2009)

        By maggie3956

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        Something has changed, here's three things to look at:
        1. Medical problem, bladder infection, blindness, diabetes
        2. Nervous condition brought on by some environment change (a new pet, taunting by house guest, noise, etc.)
        3. The area the dog usually pees is dirty, very wet or perceptually unsafe to the dog, so he/she pees inside instead of wanting to go out. (03/22/2009)

        By Big Head

        Archive: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        My 11 month old Maltese who has been toilet trained for months now has just started peeing inside in the evening. He is also doing it when he gets excited to see people. Does anyone know why this is and how to stop it?

        By Jazzmyn from Timaru, New Zealand

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        Just like you said, its an excitement thing! Dogs can't tell they're bladders they're happy! We pee when we laugh! Okay, when you come in the house, ignore him. Give him a minute or two to calm down and realize you're home.

        Dogs have no conception of time! When you walk in the door, don't look at him. Say hi, in a calm voice, and walk away with your arms crossed. When he just looks at you after the minute or so, then and only then do you pet him and say hello in a normal calm fashion! Don't ever make a huge deal that you home! It worked with my Chihuahua. Good luck. (04/16/2009)

        By ivorylov

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I have a 6 yr old Dachshund who has started the same thing after no problems for the past 5 years. I have brought out my old cage that I used to originally housebreak him in, and am putting him in it when I leave the house or go to bed. He's getting the idea again that I won't put up with it!

        The most important thing though is to find out why. With mine, I had adopted a cat, but she (for many reasons) didn't work out. The cat had become a great friend to my dog (his best friend is my other dachshund), and now he's upset that he can't find the cat anywhere in the house anymore. I feel sure that it won't take but a couple of weeks and he'll be straightened back out again. Good luck with yours! (04/22/2009)

        By Cricketnc

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        RE: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I forgot to add before, both my dogs are trained that the minute I come in the door, the first thing I do is put my stuff down, then it's straight to the back door to let them out. They've gotten to where they say a quick hi to me, (not the other way around), then they take off to the back door. They wait till they come back in to greet me properly! (04/22/2009)

        By Cricketnc

        Archive: Previously House Trained Dog Has Started Peeing in House

        I have a 3 year old Yorkie. Lately when we go out we have been coming home to accidents. It has been more frequent each time we go out.