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Homemade Cat Repellents

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Homemade Cat Repellents

There are many areas of the home and garden that you may want to keep the cats out of. This guide is about homemade cat repellents.


Solutions: Homemade Cat Repellents

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Tip: Citrus Does Not Repel Cats

I have 8 (yes 8) citrus trees in my back yard and the miserable cats lounge in the shade under them, right beside the lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes that are near the ground. I have even seen them climbing in the citrus trees after the humming birds, woodpeckers and other birds.

    By ray_tomlinson [1]

    Tip: Cat Repellents

    Tips and advice about cat repellents. Post your ideas below.

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    Here are questions related to Homemade Cat Repellents.

    Question: Keeping Cats Out of My Yard

    I need a deterrent to keep cats out of my yard. They are male strays that come over and fight at night and during the days they chase my dogs.

    Hardiness Zone: 8a

    By Ethel from Boyd, TX


    Best Answers

    By Melanie Jackson [1]01/08/2011

    Pet shops, and possibly hardware stores, have different kinds of repellents to keep animals away from areas of your yard. I used to sprinkle hot, peppery types of spices around, but then someone on this forum told me it could hurt the animals' noses. So I guess it's smarter just to get something made for the job.

    Best Answers

    By Grandma J [46]08/30/2010

    Moth balls are toxic to humans and animals. DON'T use them.

    I found keeping my water hoses connected, a blast in the face was a reminder. I now have a dog and don't have issues either. Being consist will send the signal of which yards to stay away from.

    For creating noise factor, bang a foil pie pan with cooking spoon, and run after them. I work too hard to have others cats or animals destroy my yard. Mine do not leave the property (leashed) nor do the kids damage or destroy anyone else's. So I expect my neighbors with pets to contain or control theirs. No excuse accepted.

    Best Answers

    By Sheila A.06/10/2009

    There are hose and lawn sprinklers that come with motion detectors on them. When movement is detected, they turn on and drench the offending invader. This would work for cats, possums, and other night creatures. Just GOOGLE it and I am sure you can find a source. It was first invented for deer, but will work for all critters. If the spray doesn't hit them, the sudden noise will cause them to find other quieter places to prowl.

    Question: Cat Repellent Spray

    I know there is a spray that you spray around your house where you don't want dogs to go. Is there also a spray to keep cats away? There are tons of cats around my house and you can smell cats when you leave the house.

    Jamish from Tribune, KS


    Best Answers

    By Louise B. [5]03/15/2009

    Cats don't like a citrus smell, and so spreading orange or lemon peels will help. What I used when I had a stray cat spraying the front of my house was lemon scented Mr. Clean. I doused the sprayed spot with this, and this seemed to discourage the stray cat.

    I have used pellets to spread on the ground that I got from a hardware store, but they had an odd smell that I found disturbing. The cats didn't like it either, but I prefer the Mr. Clean idea. The pellets had to be reapplied after every rain.

    NOTE: One thing not to use is moth balls. They keep the cats away all right, but they smell much worse than the cat smell. Besides, they are toxic to many other things, including people.

    Best Answers

    By Rob [1]03/13/2009

    My friend had a big problem with cats peeing and pooing in his garden. His solution? He got a spray bottle and mixed water, Tabasco sauce, and pee. Yes, he used his own pee, not a lot. The mix was mostly water, so people could not smell it, even in hot summer. He hardly saw a cat, or cat mess in his garden after that.

    Question: Homemade Cat Repellent For House Plants

    I need to know how to make a homemade cat repellent for house plants.

    Joe from Tecumseh, NE

    Best Answer

    By LEONA LABINE [40]09/08/2008

    What I do is use the mesh bags that onions come in and spread them on the top of the soil in your plants. The cats don't like it because the mesh gets caught in their claws.

    Question: Cat Deterrent

    What household products can I use to keep cats off my property?

    By Ray D

    Best Answer

    By Cindy Strouse05/17/2011

    There is a product called Indoor No. It's a spray and can probably be found in pet stores. Also, I've read that citrus works well.

    Question: Homemade Natural Cat Repellent

    We are looking for an inexpensive homemade natural repellent to keep stray cats out of our garden.

    By Linda

    Best Answer

    By Ripple05/14/2011

    Orange and lemon peels are a natural repellent. After they are very dry, their effectiveness may be reduced. I use them indoors to keep the cat off countertops. I've read that it works in the garden too.

    Question: Homemade Cat Repellent

    How can I make homemade cat repellent for flowerbeds?

    By Coy from Edmond, OK

    Best Answer

    By Stev (Guest Post)09/03/2007

    Try a half hardy plant called Coleus Canina, also known as Scardy Cat. It will grow in any kind of soil, has grey/green foliage, tiny blue flowers, and when crushed emits a foul odor. But cats cannot bear this plant at all. Plants need full sun or partial shade and require protection from frost during winter.


    Question: Cat Pooping on Floor Next to Pig's Litterbox

    I have several cats, all but 1 use the litter boxes. I also have a pot belly pig. My cat with the issue I feel thinks she's a pig. She goes on the floor next to my pig's litter box to poop, she uses one of the cat boxes to pee. I can't use orange or lemon peel as it's toxic to pigs. I tried putting an extra cat box next to the pig's, that was a big mistake, then all the cats decided to use it. I'm at my whits end and ready to get rid of her. Any suggestions?

    By Leona V.R. from Abingdon, MD

    Most Recent Answer

    By Amalia S01/11/2014

    My sympathies on your situation with the cat. I am allergic but a lovely Siamese stray decided to have her litter on my back porch. I love animals in general so I am now the owner of 5 rambunctious kittens, 4 males and 1 female. I purchased Kittens for Dummies to make sure I was doing right by them and it gave me some very helpful information.

    One of the male kittens is spraying my love-seat, and I have tried several different store bought products. None of been completely successful. I concluded that one particular remedy will not work on all of them. The kitty I suspect doesn't shy away from citrus scents so I had to find something else.

    I used this site to create these homemade remedies, I figured if one didn't work I could try the other or maybe need to use all 3 which is the case. I checked before I decided to reply, Method 1, Cinnamon, Lavender, and Rosemary are not toxic to Pigs, but the combination of them should be enough to deter your cat from the pigs space. Good Luck

    Question: Keeping Cats from Using Yard as Litterbox

    How do you deter cats from using the edge around the house to do their business? It's keeping the grass from growing, and stinking up the place.

    By A Mccourt

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dena Roberts [31]05/02/2013

    If they are spraying your house, you can also put some cheap mouthwash in to a spray bottle and spray it on your house to keep them away and get rid of the odour. DON'T USE cayenne pepper as it burns their eyes and they can actually scratch their eyes out to stop the pain. Burns the squirrels and rabbits eyes, too.

    Question: Cats Urinating on My Lawn

    There are about 5 stray cats on my street. The neighbor next door feeds them and then they come to my lawn to pee, poop, and throw up. What homemade remedy can I use?

    By Susan

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]02/28/2015

    I agree with the poster who said to skip mothballs. They are terribly poisonous to everything, including people, and the stench from them is as bad as or worse than the cat urine. I have purchased a cat repellant from Walmart that worked quite well. It also had a smell, but not obnoxious, and it had to be replaced every time it rained, but it worked. It kept my own cats from pooping on the front lawn. You might also try citrus peels, as those are not too unsightly and won't be a horrible smell. I kept stray cats from spraying the front of my house by splashing lemon scented Mr. Clean over the urine spots. This would work on fence posts, or tree trunks.

    Question: Keeping Cats From Pooping in the Yard

    What will keep cats from messing in my yard? I have tried the repellents, I have tried home remedies such as, chili pepper, moth balls, and so many things I can't recall). What else can I do?

    By Sylvia

    Most Recent Answer

    By Anush H.06/15/2015

    Cats hate lavender and rosemary. Try planting these around your garden or simply spray rosemary and water around the area the cats come or are a problem for you.

    Question: Cat Keeps Pooping at Front Door

    I have a cat that keeps coming to our front door and poops. What can I use to keep her away so she stops doing this?

    By EF

    Most Recent Answer

    By Babette [35]01/09/2015

    Cats really dislike citrus peels try putting several in onion bags and set them in the areas that it's been doing its business if it's in the dirt around your front porch you can just put the peelings on the ground and they smell good.

    Question: Repelling Outdoor Cats from My Yard

    I have 2 indoor cats. Can I use their poop and pee to ward off the many outdoor cats from my yard? I would scatter their waste on the boundary of my property; I have a good supply:)

    By BC

    Most Recent Answer

    By Grandma J [46]04/04/2013

    Check with your city ordinance. This may be on their list of don'ts. People can't leave dog poop on their yards, health hazard according to public health. And a dog kennel filled will also get you a police visit AND a humane society visit due to the poop standing.
    I was with the humane society for several years and with intake, many calls about the poop. Esp if in yards where children could be walking or playing.

    Question: Keeping Cats Out of the Yard

    I'm really scared of cats. Someone told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper around to keep them out of my yard. Is this a good idea? I just wanna keep them away with no harm.

    By Vanessa

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [436]01/28/2015

    Louise is right. Dry some lemon peel and sprinkle it in your flower beds or the perimeter of your lawn. It makes a nice smell and it does keep them away. Good luck!

    Question: Outside Cat Repellent

    Is ammonia good for keeping stray cats from pooping in the dirt beside my front porch?

    By ct

    Most Recent Answer

    By Robyn [369]03/23/2014

    Scatter pinecones or rock around so they cannot dig easily.

    Question: Citrus Scented Hanging Car Fresheners to Repel Cats

    We have stray cats hanging around the perimeter of our house and the scent is driving our dog crazy, he is climbing behind the bushes, running and smelling all over. It is winter and cold in Wisconsin. I wonder if the "sprays" or fresh citrus would work in this type of weather. Has anyone tried staging citrus scented car fresheners; the ones that hang from the rearview mirrors?

    By CLHT

    Most Recent Answer

    By cathy [2]01/06/2014

    You can sprinkle your used coffee grounds around the perimeter of your house and this will repel the cats as they do not like the coffee smell. It will also get rid of the pee smell. Then you will smell coffee but that's not a bad smell. Be generous.
    Cathy from MA

    Question: Keeping Cats Off the Furniture

    I am looking for an indoor cat repellent. How can I keep my cat off the chairs and keep him from scratching them?

    By Evonne

    Most Recent Answer

    By kellic909/05/2014

    Get a "scat mat" which is easily found online. Put it on the cats/pets favorite area for a couple weeks. Keep it on the low setting. Then buy the clear drawer/shelf liner which is found in just about any store. I get more for less at Ikea. Remove the "scat mat" and replace with the clear liner. Cats can't tell its not a scat mat and they steer clear of the liner. We just pick up the liner and store in closet when guests arrive. It looks much better than foil or tape all over the house. We put the scat mat back out on furniture every couple of months to remind them that the plastic is still not a desirable place to be.

    Question: Keeping Cats Away from the Pool

    If I spay lemon juice on the outside of my pool will that keep the cats from going near it? I just bought it and one has already put a hole in it. By falling in the water they destroyed my pool last year. Please help!

    By Dottie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Janette [87]05/27/2013

    Cats hate the smell of citrus. Try putting any citrus peelings around the pool. I use this method to keep the cats out of my flower beds. Worked like a charm.

    Question: Homemade Cat Repellent

    I need to keep cats away from my bird's nest.

    By Nilda from Westley, CA

    Question: Keeping Cats Out of the Yard

    I have two dogs that recently got fleas. I have been a pet owner for 25 plus years and never had fleas. Only thing I can think of is we recently moved. There are a couple stray cats one of which had her kittens on my deck. I am sure they are the source of my flea problem. And my dogs go nuts every morning because the cats have been in the yard overnight. What can I use to deter them from coming into my yard?

    By Dlp

    Question: Cat Deterrent Spray

    We recently got a new cat and four kittens. I have no problem with the kittens, they are adorable. We won't be keeping the cat for long, just until her kittens are old enough to live without her. What homemade spray can I use to keep her from pooing and weeing on my lounge and furniture? She is an outside cat. Will she and her kittens be okay in their cage? It has an opening on it just outside my back door.

    By Jemma C

    Question: Cats Urinating on New Sod

    I put new sod in. The feral cats urinate on my grass and kill patches of my sod.

    By D Boston from El Cajon, CA

    Question: Keeping Stray Cats Away from Vehicles

    We have stray cats hanging around our apartment complex because we have cat loving residents who feed them. These cats have destroyed the paint on our van. We now have a Suburban and the problem is not any better! Now we are even getting the males spraying on our windshield. We have service dogs and the cat problem is getting really bad. The animal control here will only pick up a cat if we trap it and then there is no telling when they will get around to collecting the animal.

    By Pam D


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Homemade Cat Repellent

    Is there a homemade cat repellent, to sprinkle on cement, wood etc. so the wild cats won't poop all over and stink up the place? I like the cats, but the poop really stinks.

    Mary from Atascadero, CA

    RE: Homemade Cat Repellent

    My dh uses cayenne pepper, just sprinkles it on.

    RE: Homemade Cat Repellent

    Believe it or not citrus works really well, we use cut up lemons, oranges or whatever surplus citrus we have. It works, we put in gardens to stop our cats using the gardens as toilets, also works on the wild strays that come around.

    By nimwe

    Archive: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    Every day when I wake up, my backyard is filled with fresh cat poop. It's a nightmare. My daughter is highly allergic to cats, there are flies everywhere and the yard smells unbearable. They lay on my flower beds and smash the flowers. I'm out picking up poop everyday (and I don't have a pet for that reason). I have to cover up my garden every night before sunset or they'll destroy that too. I'm at my wits end.

    By KBennett from Chandler, AZ

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    You can use mothballs or sprinkle cayenne pepper around. You will have to reapply it periodically and after a rain. (05/04/2009)

    By Anonymous

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    Are you sure it's cat poop? Cat's don't usually leave their feces uncovered. That's why they like sand boxes, because it's easy to cover their poop with the sand. Cat's do like to "mark their territory" by spraying urine on doors, etc, but I've never known a cat to leave it's feces uncovered. You could try spraying ammonia or vinegar around your yard. I've read somewhere that cats hate those odors. (05/04/2009)

    By Patty Lynn

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    I got rid of skunks and cats. I sprinkled Citronella oil around my fence and flower beds. They will not cross over it. (05/07/2009)

    By ladybug1512

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    Cats don't like the smell of citronella. What I did was buy a large bag of citronella tea lights. They last for a long time and worked great for me especially in the garden below my window where the cat odour was. (05/07/2009)

    By ylvasteve

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    Mothballs are toxic to cats. They will cause liver damage that kills the pet. If someone finds out, they can take you to small claims court for animal cruelty, and yes, you will end up with a record. It is a felony in most states. Think before using this one.

    Several abandoned cats live next to us now, and I have two of my own. Cats always cover their feces, possums don't. I have a few possums that come around at night, scrounge for food, and leave their feces everywhere, all uncovered. They are quiet, come and go quickly, and can make a mess. It took me a while to realize the problem. (05/08/2009)

    By susanmajp

    RE: Keeping Cats Out of Yard

    I agree that it doesn't really sound like cats, unless they are really disturbed. I did have a farm cat that didn't cover. I believe that she was not properly taught by her own mother or perhaps had some sort of psychological issues, as we had multiple cats at the time, several of whom were her kittens. She was the only one who left piles on the lawn. You are sure it is cats? I have had over 20 cats on my farm, and other than this one with the bathroom problem, they didn't bother anything veggies, flowers, gardens, nothing was damaged in any way. I had many rock gardens and flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. The only thing my present cats have harmed was the catnip I planted for them; they loved it to oblivion. But they don't hurt anything else.

    You can buy cat repellents at pet and hardware stores. I had some that was some sort of green granules that you sprinkled on the lawn. I had to reapply after a rain. I have tried mothballs in the past, and the smell of those is worse than the cat smell. Since it is so toxic, I wouldn't use it at all. The smell is truly horrible, and of course is not healthy for people either.

    I have my own cats now and so they keep other cats out of the yard. Perhaps you should get a dog? I did have stray cats that sprayed the front of the house, and I had very good results by splashing lemon scented Mr. Clean around on the front. It covered up and washed away the urine stains, and seemed to keep the stray cats away as well. (05/18/2009)

    By louel53

    Archive: Homemade Cat Repellent

    I have two cats, but there are a lot of stray cats in our neighborhood. This is a problem because a stray tom cat has been sneaking into our basement window and spraying. What can I use as a cat repellent that won't bother my own cats? Is there anything that I can use to take the tom cat's spray smell out?


    RE: Homemade Cat Repellent

    Wow, there's lots of controversy about cayenne pepper. I'd stay away from it just in case. And mothballs can cause liver damage to cats, both yours and the stray, so I'm sure you don't want to take a chance on harming your pets. It might just be easiest to close the window or at least screen it. Stores sell lots of enzyme cleaners to clean such smells, but I've never had to buy them so I'm not sure of their names. I'm sure if you Googled it, you'd find the brand names. Best of luck. (03/07/2009)

    By susanmajp

    RE: Homemade Cat Repellent

    For the smell that the male cat has left in your house, use OUT!. It is by far the best product I have ever used. You can get it at Walmart or Kmart (I buy it a Kmart, 11.99 for a gallon vs. 8.99 for 1/2 gallon at Walmart). I raise boxers so I often have puppies in my house.

    My friend had a male cat that was marking in all the corners of her house before she got him fixed. You would walk in her house and the odor would hit you like a wall. I took a spray bottle filled with OUT! over, sprayed it in all the corners and the next day the smell was gone.

    This product is not just a cover-up, it actually neutralizes the urine smell. It smells nice too which is just an added bonus. It has to be tested for color-fastness, but can be used on hardwood floors, concrete, carpets, furniture and even put in your washing machine for your laundry. It will even get dried poop stains out. I even put it in my steam cleaner every time I shampoo my carpets. (03/07/2009)

    By boxergirl76

    Archive: Keeping Cats Out of My Yard

    We have a couple stray cats around here that holler, moan, and cry all night long. How can I keep them out of my driveway and yard?