Homemade Cat Repellents

There are many areas of the home and garden that you may want to keep the cats out of. This guide is about homemade cat repellents.


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There are 2 cats in particular. They urinate on my front and back doors. I have a big enclosure connected to my house as I am a responsible pet owner and don't wish to annoy neighbours.

I've read a few suggestions, one I was keen on was a cayenne pepper and water spray? I can't see a recipe. Any ideas would be great, also if anyone has tried lavender or other oils, I would love feedback.

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The actual cat spray is made with fresh Jalapenos, not Cayenne. If you bought fresh Cayennes you might get great results. Here's why. The dry Red Cayenne Powder lacks the essential oils, which is the main deterrent in the spray. So cutting thin slices of whole Jalapenos or Cayennes, seeds and ribs included, allows for the Capsicum Oil to be released into the water. The oil is the deterrent, the water is just a way to turn the oils into a spray to cover the entire area. By the way, you might contact your local animal shelter and ask if they participate in a TNR Program, which is Trap, Neuter, and Return. Those cats peeing on your doors are spraying, to mark their turf and to introduce themselves to a female cat. If there is a TNR policy in your area, it also puts the costs into the hands of the cat owners - if they want to get their cat back. They'll pay the shelter's fees and it'll give them some incentive ti either keep their cats indoors, or to just not own a cat anymore, and in my opinion, anyone who allows a virile cat to wander freely outdoors has no business "owning" a cat.

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I have 8 (yes 8) citrus trees in my back yard and the miserable cats lounge in the shade under them, right beside the lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes that are near the ground. I have even seen them climbing in the citrus trees after the humming birds, woodpeckers and other birds.

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You are right my cat loves to eat oranges and grapefruit. My cat is a house cat and has never been outside.

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I need a deterrent to keep cats out of my yard. They are male strays that come over and fight at night and during the days they chase my dogs.


Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Ethel from Boyd, TX

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Moth balls are toxic to humans and animals. DON'T use them.

I found keeping my water hoses connected, a blast in the face was a reminder. I now have a dog and don't have issues either. Being consist will send the signal of which yards to stay away from.

For creating noise factor, bang a foil pie pan with cooking spoon, and run after them. I work too hard to have others cats or animals destroy my yard. Mine do not leave the property (leashed) nor do the kids damage or destroy anyone else's. So I expect my neighbors with pets to contain or control theirs. No excuse accepted.

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I need to know how to make a homemade cat repellent for house plants.

Joe from Tecumseh, NE

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What I do is use the mesh bags that onions come in and spread them on the top of the soil in your plants. The cats don't like it because the mesh gets caught in their claws.

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I know there is a spray that you spray around your house where you don't want dogs to go. Is there also a spray to keep cats away? There are tons of cats around my house and you can smell cats when you leave the house.


Jamish from Tribune, KS

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My friend had a big problem with cats peeing and pooing in his garden. His solution? He got a spray bottle and mixed water, Tabasco sauce, and pee. Yes, he used his own pee, not a lot. The mix was mostly water, so people could not smell it, even in hot summer. He hardly saw a cat, or cat mess in his garden after that.

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I have a cat that keeps coming to our front door and poops. What can I use to keep her away so she stops doing this?


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no I can't adopt them. they belong to a lady down the street who is a "crazy cat lady". the lady is nice but has too many cats and they come to my house to poop on my porch.

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There are about 5 stray cats on my street. The neighbor next door feeds them and then they come to my lawn to pee, poop, and throw up. What homemade remedy can I use?

By Susan

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I agree with the poster who said to skip mothballs. They are terribly poisonous to everything, including people, and the stench from them is as bad as or worse than the cat urine. I have purchased a cat repellant from Walmart that worked quite well. It also had a smell, but not obnoxious, and it had to be replaced every time it rained, but it worked. It kept my own cats from pooping on the front lawn. You might also try citrus peels, as those are not too unsightly and won't be a horrible smell. I kept stray cats from spraying the front of my house by splashing lemon scented Mr. Clean over the urine spots. This would work on fence posts, or tree trunks.

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What household products can I use to keep cats off my property?

By Ray D

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There is a product called Indoor No. It's a spray and can probably be found in pet stores. Also, I've read that citrus works well.

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I'm really scared of cats. Someone told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper around to keep them out of my yard. Is this a good idea? I just wanna keep them away with no harm.

By Vanessa

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I have been but still coming around!! Freaking annoying!!

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What will keep cats from messing in my yard? I have tried the repellents, I have tried home remedies such as, chili pepper, moth balls, and so many things I can't recall). What else can I do?

By Sylvia

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Unfortunately the person who shared the water bottle idea, and went so far as to claim "100%" is absolutely incorrect. It is a popular one, but is still a myth. It is actually the LEAST effective of any of the repellents listed on this forum. Take a zero off that 100% and it will still be higher than reality.

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I have several cats, all but 1 use the litter boxes. I also have a pot belly pig. My cat with the issue I feel thinks she's a pig. She goes on the floor next to my pig's litter box to poop, she uses one of the cat boxes to pee. I can't use orange or lemon peel as it's toxic to pigs. I tried putting an extra cat box next to the pig's, that was a big mistake, then all the cats decided to use it. I'm at my whits end and ready to get rid of her. Any suggestions?

By Leona V.R. from Abingdon, MD

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I think you need to get more litter boxes because your cat obviously doesn't like sharing the poop box. Also, it wouldn't hurt to put it in a more private place if it isn't private already. Lastly, keep the boxes clean. I know my cats poop beside the box when its not cleaned to their standards. Honestly, when my cat poops beside the box, I know she's trying to prove a point. AKA, when I introduced a new kitten... her way of saying "I'm not sharing".

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