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House Training an Adult Dog

House Training an Adult Dog

When adult dogs are adopted, rescued, or moved into the house they often need to be house trained. This is a guide about house training an adult dog.



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Question: Crate Training a One Year Old Dog

I got a Shepherd/Husky mix from a breeder at 7 months of age. They told me she was crate trained, but in reality I came to find out she was "pen" trained. I have attempted to crate train as I did with my other dog before her, but it is not working. She has accidents every day when she is not crated. Should I re-crate train her as if she was a small puppy meaning keeping her in the crate 24/7 except when it is time to eat and take her out? I know she can hold it because I crate her all night while we sleep and I also know she knows it is wrong to poop and pee in the house. I've tried everything, the bell on the door, the doors closed, her attached to me, but to no avail, she will be great all day and then when not attached to me and not crated she eventually goes somewhere in my house and I'm so done! I really love her, but do not know what to do. Please help!

By Maggie


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By Robyn [369]06/19/2013

Try changing her food and go back to crate training to house train as you would with a puppy. Here is a link from that may be of help to you.

Questions and answers:


Hope these help you in your dog training.

Blessings, Robyn from Tennessee

Question: House Training a One Year Old Dog

Dog rolling in the grass.We are having trouble house training a 12 month old St. Bernard. When I first got her, at 5 weeks, my wife told me she was not "weaned" by her mother. She rolled in her own urine and feces, and it took me 8 months to finally get her to stop. When I leave her alone, or leave the house, she jumps on the couches and goes number 2. We haven't had an accident for months. Last night I took her out before I went to bed and not even an hour later I heard her urinating in her cage. I took her out immediately and cleaned her cage. She has done it 5 times since then and also goes outside. My question is, could it be medical or her in need of intense training?

By Jarrod A.


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By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/07/2013

Talk to your Veterinarian.

Question: House Training a 2 Year Old Dog

Jack Russel lying on the bed.My Jack Russel was crate trained from 8 weeks until one year, then I moved and she has a porch with a basket/bed and a door constantly open to the garden so she can do her business whenever. She mainly does do it outside, but sometimes for example when it rains she poos inside and she knows she's done wrong, but still continues to do it! What can I do?

By Amelie

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By Sherri [10]10/03/2013

Dogs are very sensitive to Rain. The sound is multiplied by almost 100. Sometimes the sound is very annoying and hurts their ears, yes, this is true, you can look it up. Also, make sure there is not a medical problem causing your fur baby to do this in the house. Good luck

Question: Dog Peeing in the Living Room

I have a 3 year old Maltlipoo dog and she was never really trained to go out. I thought I had her trained and then I found she was peeing on my carpet in the living room. What can I do?

By Dee from Farmington Hill, MI

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By Robyn [369]06/13/2013

I like Leerburgs answer and explanation on potty training issues.

Here is the link for that:

The short answer is I would backtrack to not giving the dog the run of the house until he is better at not going on the carpet. Enzymatic cleaners will take the smell out and I would take up the water a couple or hours before bedtime or only offer a small amount.

Do you have a crate at all? Clicker training to go into a crate is fun:

Here is another link:

Sometimes I think the smaller dogs are having problems because their bladders are too small. Also a kidney infection could be causing this behavior. Cheap food and food with too many by products and such can cause this also besides other causes. Peeing can also be a way to dump toxins as in food with wheat, corn or soy. Try one of the foods on the market like Rachel Rays foods or the ones from Diamond that have no corn wheat or soy.

Be sure to take the dog to the vet to rule out an infection and then you can backtrack to the last successful step the dog did. This might involve changing the food to a better quality food, and taking up the water at night and trying to make going out a happy event with clicker training or rewards of treats.

Also the more jobs you give your little dog, such as sitting up for a treat, not from the store but a piece of ot dog each day, the better they will be at learning other things.

Hand targeting is a wonderful trick to learn. ... les/teaching-your-dog-to-hand-target

Blessings and look at this as a way to start spending more happy times together rather than just training times.



Question: House Training a 2 Year Old Dog

I have a dog that is almost 2 years old and is still not fully house trained. I'm open to any suggestions. Can anyone help?

Tammi from Swanzey, NH

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By Kat (Guest Post)03/08/2008

I know what you mean I have two min pins - one is 6 yrs old she is no prob, but the male I inherited from my son who is in college, he is 4 yrs old. I just can't seem to get through to him. I have tried the crate it worked a few nites and then he started going in it. I feel like I need eyes in the back of my head- I have never caught him in the act. I am wondering if it is to late now, because he thinks doing his business in the house is normal I guess. I am really getting frustated. Any advice please holler bsck. White_Diamonds7(at)grnco(dot)net GOOG LUCK ALL! :)

RE: House Training a 2 Year Old Dog

Question: Dogs Peeing and Pooping Since Moving

Yorkie.I hope that my questions can be answered. Recently I moved into a new place and my 2 dogs have been acting up when it comes to potty training. My Yorkie (3 years old) has recently started to wee against my couches, something he has never done, and my Toy Pom (1.5 years) leaves me a surprise every morning with out a doubt.

Someone told me they eat too late, so I started taking their food away at about 17:30 and water also, then first thing in the morning, at about 06:00 I give them a bowl full again. But still I get the surprises in the morning. Today I have started walking with them when I came home, as someone told me this would help, but I am not too sure.

Can someone please give some advise, I don't want to lose them and also don't want to let them stay outside, but my new place is going to turn into a smelly one.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance. Little toy Pom.

By Carli B from South Africa

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By amel [1]03/22/2013

Hi there! When animals are put into a new situation and place they have to mark their territories and establish boundaries. That is why they are going all over the place most likely. I have an 8 month old puppy who loved to go in the house. I had to crate train her.

At night and when we are not home she goes in her crate. We hated the idea at first, but it has seriously been the best decision we ever had. We tell her "Chewi, bedtime" and she runs into her crate and plops down.

The first thing we do in the morning is take her for a walk around the block and every time we get home we do the same. It is like a treat for her because she loves going on walks so much and it shows her she did a good job. She hated it for the first week but now we catch her sleeping in it even when we are home and she doesn't have to be in it. I know how much it sucks to have to clean up surprises in the morning and how smelly it can be. It's just an option but crate training worked really well for us! Hope it helps!! Good luck!

Question: House Training an Adult Dog

We adopted my three year old Lab over a year and a half ago. She has always peed in the house. We gave it time, took her to the vet to make sure that there isn't something medically wrong with her, and even tried calm me down meds. It isn't when we leave for work or anything, it's any time we pet her or touch her and it's through out our entire house. I really don't want to take her back to the shelter, but that's what it is coming to if I can't figure out what to do to make her stop. Even if we just let her outside and watch her go to the bathroom then pet her when she comes inside she still pees. We just put all new flooring throughout our house and my husband and I are both simply fed up. Can anyone help us?

    By Emile S. [1]

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    By Dinah Ackerson [4]05/04/2015

    There might be a dog training person or facility in your area who may be able to offer help. You can discuss your problem and what you want to achieve. The dog trainer may be able to help with behavior modification training or may be able to suggest an alternative solution.

    Question: Dog Stopped Using Puppy Pads Since Move

    My 7 year old Doxie has used puppy pads since a pup, but will not use them in our new home.

    By Kathy H

    Most Recent Answer

    By yorhelen02/12/2015

    Hi, I am having the same issue and would love to find out if you ever found a solution. I have a 4 yr old shihtzu. We lived in New Jersey since we had her. She grew up using the pee pads majority of the time since she was home a lot while we worked it was out. Though, she also knew how to potty outside whenever we get a chance to let them out.

    Recently, I moved with her to California. Since we moved here, she would not potty inside on the pads anymore. To be fair, the first 2 wks while I waited for my apartment to be set up, we stayed with family and space was tight. Do I took her out to the yard or for a walk to potty.

    The first day in out new place, she went twice on the pad, then not anymore. It's been storming out, and still she doesn't go on the pad. We just have to wait until storm isn't as heavy of rain and then I take her out. She does her business instantly and we go back in before the winds takes her away. Since this is only an apt., I don't have the luxury of letting her into a yard either.

    She is currently staring at me while standing on the pad. Not u set standing me that she has to potty on it. What do I do??!

    Question: Adult Dog Going Poop Multiple Times at Night

    I have a 4 year old Pit Bull/Mastiff mix who wakes me up at least 4 to 5 times a night. He is a big dog and I let him out regularly throughout the day. So why so much at night? Help! I need sleep. Am I over feeding and over watering him?

    By Amber

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]08/31/2015

    It's hard to tell if you are overfeeding him if you don't say how much you are feeding him. Are you measuring his food? How much does he weigh?

    The cheaper the food you use, the more he will have to "go" as a general rule. So the better quality food is what you will want to feed him because you can feed less.

    Excess peeing is a different story, since it can indicate kidney problems. If the frequent outdoor visits are to pee, take him to the vet right away.

    Question: House Training an Adult Dog

    Can I train my 3 year old dog without a clicker?

    By Aichan from Caloocan, Phillipines

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ruby's Mum01/20/2014

    HI, I foster adult dogs so I get to house train a few of them. All I do is in the first few days they come, I take them outside say every hour. If they have a drink I wait 20 mins and go outside. If they eat, wait half hour and go outside. When they do pee or poop outside I make a HUGE fuss of them. I tell them they are awesome, I might even give them a small treat (right at the second they are finishing that pee) if they have been a bit harder to train. I never reprimand them inside unless I actually catch them doing it. Then all they need is a "Noooooo" in a low voice. The longest it has taken is three days.

    A few tips, use "Urineoff" or similar to get rid of any pee pheremones inside as some will want to use that spot once its marked. Also, get a vet check and ensure there is nothing wrong with the bladder. In older dogs, spondylosis (mild arthritis) in the spine which is completely normal, can affect the muscles around the pelvic area, so even though they dont want to pee inside, they cant help it. Good luck!

    Question: 3 Year Old Dachshund Poops and Pees Inside When Alone

    Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely adore my two dogs. Hendrix (who this post is about) is my little soulmate. We are really close, I give him lots of attention and love, but I don't spoil him. I ignore him when he's being naughty and he responds well. He's gotten a lot better over the past year, but Ive reached a wall in house-training him. I hope you guys can help!

    Here's the story:

    I've had my miniature Dachshund Hendrix since he was around 6 months old. He's now 3 years old.
    When we first got him he was really nervous, and would run in insane circles (sometimes while peeing if we weren't home) all the time. We lived in a house with a garden when we got him, and he was outside with our other dog (fully house trained) when we were at work. Eventually we got a doggie door so they could go in and out. He got used to it and didn't really have accidents inside, although he was a pretty bad submissive pee-er for quite a while.

    We moved to an apartment with a small garden, and started to walk them to go pee and poop as often as possible, but he refused for the better part of a year. It was hugely frustrating because we'd spend ages outside, then he'd go as soon as we got inside (in the garden). Once our other dog escaped from the garden (we got her back right away though thankfully!) and we decided to keep them inside when we weren't home. He started doing his business on the rug/floor - never waiting for us to get home even though we'd let him out in the morning and as soon as we got home and again in the evening.

    Eventually he started peeing and pooping on walks, which was great, but he still did it at home when we weren't there, and sometimes if we didn't let him out fast enough.

    We just moved again - this time to an apartment without a garden. Our schedule has changed so we leave around 7:15am and get back home around 3:30 or 4pm most days. We feed and walk the dogs in the morning, then go for walks as soon as we get home. We feed them their second meal in the evening and go for one or two more walks before bed.

    Evey day when we get home in the afternoon he has peed a bunch of times (sometimes up to 6-8 times - I count the puddles) and pooped at least once or twice, but quite a lot each time. We leave wee pads and he does his business there (although of course he moves the pads around and it's still a bit of a mess), but he sometimes poops once there then again in the hall. He doesn't pee anywhere else though, which is good.

    I know he's made a lot of progress, but it's driving me nuts because we have to clean pee and poop every single day. It's the same thing if we go out for an hour or two. If no one is home, he just has to pee and poop. I know for a fact that he can hold it because when I'm at home all day he can hold it from morning til afternoon - even later than the time we usually take him (sometimes he holds it from around 8am til 6 or 7pm). He also lets me know when he has to go out. The only issue is him doing it inside when we're not home. He and my other dog have a limited space, not the whole house, they have a Kong each, chews, their beds, and toys - and each other - so I don't know if he's just bored or has separation anxiety, but I really need to sort this problem out.

    We have people house/dog sit for us when we go on vacation. The same couple has done it now twice - they love the dogs and the dogs love them, but the accidents drive everyone a bit nuts. We're traveling again in December so I'd love to have him properly house-trained by then if possible so we don't wear out our lovely friends. It's hard to find people who get on with the dogs so well and that we can trust when we're out of town!

    Any help/advice would be great.

    Additional info:
    I haven't crate trained him. I know everyone says it's the best thing to do, but I don't think it'll work on him. If there aren't any pads put out for him he pees in his bed. I'm not completely against the idea, but probably as a last resort. I know he will bark all day, and crates are pretty hard to find for a decent price where I live :/
    We've tried restricting their space, or giving them extra space - it doesn't make a difference.

    When he poops/pees at home he does a lot more than when we walk him. He'll poop in the morning then twice when we're not home and again in the evening a bit. When we are home all day he only poops twice a day, maybe 3 times, but all in all the quantity is less. I don't get it. He also seems to pee wayyy more when we're not home compared to when we are home all day and take him out.

    By ZS

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    By syng 08/07/2015

    My dog lived in a kennel for two years with no housetraining and can easily run in circles in her own deposits every day. She seems to be fine relieving herself outside on our walks when we're together and i praise her outside when she does her business but when I leave her alone in the home, 100% of the time, she will soil her area. I'm not seeing any progress at 3 months... It sounds like we have similar issues. If you've had any success with your dog - pleeeaaasee share it with me :) I'm at a loss..

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    Question: Crate Training a 2 Year Old Dog

    I just adopted a two year Pit Bull who is very loving and affectionate. We bought a crate for him and left for twenty minutes the first day, he screamed the whole time, day 2, we left him in the crate for two hours, we came home and he broke out tipped over garbage and scratched at door, what do we do?

    By Alena

    Most Recent Answer

    By beckydurfee07/28/2013

    Try giving him a KONG filled treat toy or a huge bone when he goes in. Use an irresistible treat for him that he only gets when he's in the crate. This worked when I rescued an 8 year old non-housetrained husky. He learned to love his crate.

    Question: House Training a Two Year Old Dog

    I just adopted a 2 year old Min Pin from the animal shelter. They say that she is house broken, but she wants to use the bathroom in our house. How do we stop that?

    By Tara

    Most Recent Answer

    By Ivette5212/08/2011

    Try using pee pads for dogs. Place them in a spot near a door, preferably an outside door if possible. That might help and praise him/her when they use it.

    Question: House Training a Two Year Old Dog

    How do I house train a 2 year old Brittany Spaniel that hunts and is crate trained? He is a good hunter and well disciplined otherwise.

    By skip

    Most Recent Answer

    By Linda07/01/2011

    I would train him the same. Watch him like a hawk and figure out his sign that shows you he needs to go. Let him out frequently until you and he figure it out.

    Question: Potty Training an Adult Dog

    My husband and I have noticed that every day his dog has made a very large accident on the kitchen area rug. The dog is a Lhasa and has been doing this every day at different times. He said that Jumba (the dog) has been doing this for months now even before we were together. We just got married and the kids and I moved in over a month ago and he has a lot of attention, but still does it. He doesn't learn from his accident and only cowers if you try to punish him for it. We are frustrated and he is stinking up the house. What do we do? The vet says he is fine physically.

    By javamom77 from Yorkton, Sk, Canada

    Most Recent Answer

    By Debi A. [1]03/23/2011

    You have to have patience with a dog when his life gets changed so drastically! You and your kids moving in was a big change for the little dog! You need to try to understand and help the little dog adjust to the changes, in a positive way. I suggest you do some research on training dogs before you go any further! You don't punish a dog for something after the fact because he doesn't realize what he is in trouble for. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of this little guy cowering in a corner, with no clue why this stranger wants to punish him.

    I would hate to hear how you "punish" the dog. It sounds like you're simply either not a dog person or just don't like this little dog. The dog was there first and deserves you to be nice to him! He wouldn't be cowering in a corner if he was being treated as he should! If you plan on living with the dog I also suggest you do research on positive training, when "punishing" a dog isn't part of the training!! Maybe try to find out exactly whats causing the problem and go from there. But have a heart and try to have some understanding for the poor little dog and STOP punishing him!! Take up the rug if it that important to you. I'll be praying for the little dog.

    Question: Housebreaking a 2 Year Old Beagle

    How can I housebreak a 2 year old beagle? I tried a crate but he soils in there.

    Katie from Alexandria, VA

    Most Recent Answer

    By doglvr (Guest Post)12/18/2008

    How long are you leaving the dog in the kennel? Sounds like he/she is being left in the kennel too long. If it's longer than 3-4 hrs., it's too long.

    Question: Re-house Training an Adult Dog

    My dog is 4 years old and has always used a newspaper lined litter inside the house. Now that we have a garden, we tried to retrain her to go outside. We even put the newspaper outside. She practically stopped eating and almost refuses to go outside when invited. Her behavior, otherwise, is normal. Any advice please.

      By Sami S. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. [10]06/30/2015

      Your dog thinks you have lost your marbles. You spent all that time teaching her where you want her to go and now you've changed your mind.

      The good news is that your dog is well trained. You're more fortunate than you think. The shelters are full of untrained dogs.

      I suggest you put the newspaper in the least offensive place in the house and be thankful your dog will use it. It's a lot easier than trying to teach an adult dog new tricks.

      Question: Adopted Dog Peeing Inside at Night

      tan and brown dog

      I adopted a dog about 3.5 weeks ago. They said he's only a year, but other body features are showing he may be much older, maybe closer to 5. I only know that he came in as a stray when I rescued him. For the first week to two weeks of having him, he did great! No accidents in the house.

      Then I brought a friend over a few nights ago, they stayed the night as well. And the next day I started smelling something peeish. I thought it was my hamsters, but it turns out he peed in one area of my room. And he must have kept going there because I didn't realize it until it was too late. I have tan carpet that you can't tell if he peed or not, have to go by smell. I never did anything, told him no, because it was too late to do so.

      Well the other morning I apparently wasn't fast enough to take him out (he is the first thing I take care of in the morning as I know how I get!), and he peed in the corner. I corrected that one because I saw. But now I'm afraid he is continuously going at night and it's in the back of my mind to the point I don't sleep well anymore. Any suggestions? He is fine when I am around him.

        By Katie Dot [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By iggy71906/16/2015

        This is kind of a tricky one. I would try crating.

        Question: Potty Training an Adult Dog

        I'm trying to train my 1.5 year old Maltese, Echo, to not pee on the floor. Idk what is going on. I rescued her and I think she may have been abused. If she is really excited she'll pee on the floor. If you put out your hand too quickly or try to put the leash on, she pees right there. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not. My husband is becoming quickly annoyed and I don't want to have to get rid of her as I'm attached. Please help!

          By mrsherbst [1]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Lizzyanny [9]05/08/2015

          This is a common problem and is called submission urination. It usually happens with puppies and they usually grow out of it. It may help for you (and your husband)to be very calm when dealing with your dog. The less stress she feels the less she will dribble. It may just be part of adjusting to a new home. Trainers and your Vet may have other options for you to try. Good luck.

          Question: 7 Year Old Adopted Dog Peeing Inside

          two dogs and a kitten at the sliding doorI have the most lovable Bulldog. I rescued him when he was 7 years old, I've had him for just over a year. I also have a hound mix; I've had her since she was 12 weeks old and she's now 5. The problem is my Bulldog will mark up my living room. He pees on the couch, on the entertainment center, and on the book shelf. It is like a constant circle in the living room. I'm so frustrated and not sure what to do. He will be great for a few days, then "bam", he marks it up again!

          By Evelyn

          Most Recent Answer

          By heather inwood [13]04/10/2015

          I have heard that de-sexing helps - but not sure. Speak to the vet.

          Question: House Training a 1 Year Old Dog

          We have had our Central Asian Shepherd, Ruby, since she was 8 weeks old. She is a great dog, except she will pee and poop in my house. As soon as we got her, we began housebreaking her and she was good for a few months and then "boom" she just won't go to the bathroom outside anymore.

          Occasionally I can get her to pee outside, but she will not poop. If I crate her, she has no problem pooping and peeing in it and the laying in it! It's a mess. I've tried long walks, and I've tried using my yard for her to do her business, but neither works. I've tried treats when she goes outside, but it doesn't work. I don't know what to do anymore. Nothing changed that would upset her, she gets attention and love. I have another dog she loves and gets along with, she just won't go potty outside. And she doesn't even try hiding it when she goes in the house. She will just go whenever or wherever. Help please!

          By Jjon

          Most Recent Answer

          By melinda [1]01/05/2014

          How much do you crate her? Also how long in the day is she by herself? There has to be a reason on why it started to work and now it isn't working. I know recently we went to Petco and they had a sign for a free seminar on potty training which is this month, not sure if you have a Petco where you live and they are offering the same.

          You can also look online to see if there are any products similar to preventing cats from peeing etc in areas of the home they might have for dogs. If you started crating her more due to not wanting her to pee or poop around the house then she will be stressed and showing her stress will be once she out doing it in the house. You have to keep training and laying wee wee pads out just in case. If she goes outside right after give a treat, good girl. If you put the pads in the house and she does it on the pad then reward her again so she knows if she has to go it is on the pad only. The start bringing the used pads outside for the scent, keep doing this until she knows outside only, it takes time, patience and caring for this.

          Question: Training an Adult Dog to Use a Pee Pad

          My dog is 5 years old. She is actually an outside dog because my sister is allergic. However, recently because of my management office I have to put her inside the house. My dog has no experience in pooping and peeing on a pee pad. I tried putting a bit of pee to attract her, but its not working. I put her in a small room with her pee pad and bed, but she refuses to go and only goes in the house when I let her to play with. How do I get her to poo and pee on the pee pad?

          By Kim

          Most Recent Answer

          By Cheryl [3]12/26/2013

          Pee pads are a terrible idea. The better solution is to potty train the dog, and take her outside to relieve herself. Keep her in a confined area, and take her out every 45 min to 1 hour. As she becomes more reliable, you can extend the time between outings. This is healthier for her and you.

          Question: House Training an Adult Dog

          Dogs on couch.I adopted a 2 year old female Chihuahua. I had her fixed. She would rather potty in the house than outside. I take her out and give her treats when she goes, but she would rather go on my carpet. She doesn't like to be cold. I can take her out and walk her around the yard, bring her back inside and she will go potty then. I am very frustrated and am considering taking her to the humane society. I can't stand the thought of potty pads. Is there anything I can do to break her from going on my carpet?

          By Sandi M. from Klamath Falls, OR

          Most Recent Answer

          By Dena R. [3]11/12/2013

          A friend of mine has a small dog and the same problem. She got a lid from an "under the bed storage container", which is large and shallow, and got the kitty litter made from newspaper pellets. Her little dog uses this.

          Question: Adult Dog Goes Potty Inside When Left Alone

          We recently adopted a very sweet, loving 2 year old dog. When we are home, she uses her doggie door to go potty. However, on occasion she is going inside our home when we have to leave. My husband is getting very upset. Please help!

          By Polly from San Diego, CA

          Most Recent Answer

          By jacie3911/09/2013

          It isn't easy training a adult dog but there are ways that worked for me. He was crated when we adopted him at 5 years old and I left the door open to the crate when we went out. I put a adult size pee pad in the kitchen and trained him to use that in the house when it was too cold outside or we couldn't take him with us, he was really spoiled but he should spoil your house if and when he uses it make a big deal and praise him like crazy (takes patience but he will catch on:)

          Question: Eight Year Old Dog Still Uses House-breaking Pads

          I have lived with my boyfriend in his condo for about a year now. He's had his dog since puppy-hood. He got the dog to use puppy pads, but stopped there. I think he felt guilty because he works long hours, I don't know. But now I'm there and walk him frequently. No change. He'll pee on it 10 minutes after we're back inside or right in front of you, no problem. We have no yard so I can't move the pad outside. I'm clueless about where to start and tired of looking at dog pee.

          By Lia

          Most Recent Answer

          By Janus [8]01/21/2013

          Many dogs use the pee pads all their lives. Its better than using the carpet! And if you have no yard, I really don't see the problem.

          Question: House Training an Adult Dog

          I have a 3 year old Staffy who keeps wetting in my house. I can't get her to stop.

          By Kelly

          Most Recent Answer

          By Andrea Tucker [3]01/30/2012

          There are many questions that would need to be answered before a solution to try could be provided. How long have you had this furbaby, has she always exhibited that behavior, have there been any changes in the home environment that preceeded the pottying behavior?

          The short answer without knowing the above information would be to take her out to potty at regular intervals during the day and before you go to bed at night. Praise her when she/he goes potty outside and hand her a treat so she knows that she has exhibited behavior that pleases you. Repetition is the key to enforcing good behavior. They truly want to please you but they have to understand what it is that you are asking them to do. If you ignore requests to go out and potty they will eventually think it does not matter.

          Question: House Training an Adult Dog

          I have a 2 year old Pomapoo dog. For a few months he does really good, and does not potty in the house at all. Then he starts acting up and potties. We have a doggy door in our home, and he is fixed. We rarely catch him peeing in the house, but we know it's him. He shrivels down whenever we walk by where he had pottied before we even know he had went. Obviously he knows it's wrong. Once we find where he went, and get him in trouble he tries to be sneaky and hide where he pees and starts going somewhere else. He even pees on our bed! Why is he doing this? And what can we do to help him stop doing it?

            By kianawaheneka [1]

            Question: House Training an Adult Dog

            terriers lying on dog bed

            Six month ago we adopted an 8 year old border terrier called Brock. We already have an 11 year old Border Terrier called Tarka and two cats. Brock settled in very well except for the fact he will urinate everywhere in the house. He does this up my bin, kitchen cupboards, and my couch. This morning my daughter put her school bag on the floor to put her coat in and he urinated all over it.

            I always have the back door open to allow both dogs access to the garden when needed. Brock will walk in from the garden and urinate in the house. I'm at my wits end now. We love Brock, but can't take the smell that it's now causing. Brock has been vet checked and he is a healthy dog. Can anyone please help?

              By Kellie B. [1]

              Question: House Training an Adult Rescue Dog

              We recently adopted a 10 year old Yorkie that may have been abused or neglected. We have no idea how long he was a stray. We are crate training him and let him outside a lot and also take him for walks. The problem is that even when we take him for a walk and he poops and pees he will pee when he comes back in the house within 5 minutes so it's not a bathroom problem. Is he trying to mark his territory? He's only been here less than 2 weeks. What can we do to stop him? We already love him and he is so sweet.

                By Dawn M [1]

                Question: House Training a Dog

                How Do you train a 2yr old Japanese Chin to pee and poop outside? He is my neighbor's dog.

                By rb from RI

                Question: Dog Peeing In House

                My 2 yr old male Pug pees in the house. He does not have certain spots, he just does it anywhere. He has not been neutered. We have a doggy door so he has access to the outside and he goes out a lot and pees outside, but he still does it inside. I love him and don't want to get rid of him, but I cannot keep letting him pee everywhere.

                By Sherry B. from Ninety Six, SC

                Question: Dog Has Occasional Potty Issues

                I have a 2.5 year old Pompoo named Lola. She has an issue with going potty in the house. It's not all the time. She sometimes sleeps with us. Sometimes she'll lick my face to wake me up to go potty, other times she hops down and does it on the floor.

                She can be in her crate for 10 hours and not have an accident, however I can let her out every 2 hours during the day, and she'll pee or poo in the house in between times. Not always though.

                When I first let her out in the morning, she runs out and pees, but wants in right away because she's so excited. I then let her out 5 mins later and stand there till she poos. That works well. However, 15 mins later, I'll find a pile in the living room. She knows what to do, but is so sneaky. I'm at my wits end, and don't want to give her up, but I'm getting so frustrated. Do I need to go back to just the crate again?

                By Julie

                Question: House Trained Dog Poops and Pees Inside

                ChihuahuaWe adopted our furry son, Jacob Blue, when he was 9 months old, he is now 5 years old, he is a pure bred not neutered (want to breed). It took him a long time for him to finally tell me when he needs to go out, he is very subtle in doing so, usually by just standing by me looking at me, then I will ask, "do you have to go potty?", and he will dance and follow me to the door. He will not do this for anyone else in our house.

                He is almost always with us when we leave the house, but when we cannot take him he will cry, and when we return he left a pee spot in his usual place. I do have a crate for him, however his past owner used it as a place of punishment along with leaving him in it for extended hours throughout the day, I got him used to the crate, but won't shut the door because of his past prison days.

                During the night he sleeps with us, but on occasion I will wake to a pee spot in his usual place. Our home also has inside access to a concrete floor basement which he also uses as a toilet, I have papers on the floor, he will use the papers for poop, and occasionally to pee, but mostly he will pee any where in the basement. How do I get him completely broken with no more pee issues?

                Right now the house we live in does not have carpet, so clean up is not too bad, however, this house is going to be sold, and we need to move, the house that we found within our budget is fully carpeted and I fear the dreaded pee spots on carpet, another problem is the new house has no inside access to the basement. How do I prevent that from happening, and not alienate my furry son by having him caged up when we cannot be with him and or when we are asleep?

                By Mommy of a Whawha

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                Man sitting on couch petting a red Pit Bull.We took in our Pit over a year ago when she was 2/3 years old. She has had accidents and we started the crate training. We are even putting her in our room, however she cries and grunts all night long which is annoying with a toddler next door who is a big time light sleeper. We put her back downstairs and she was fine for a few weeks.

                Now she has peed in our son's bed while he was sleeping. Every month or two she tends to pee/poop on our new flooring and everywhere else in the house when unattended.

                We take her out a lot, and she usually goes, but at times she will come in on her own and do her business in the house. It happens when anyone is away from her for more then 10 min.

                We recently found out that she has been pooping and peeing in the basement. Since we don't go down there a lot I don't know how long it has been there. To top it all off she has a tendency to poop then roll in it.

                Yesterday we took her outside, and she did her business and came back in. I found out that she didn't wipe her butt at all and smeared it all over our fabric couch which she usually lays on a lot. This is the first time this has happened.

                I'm 4 months pregnant and this is getting too stressful for me. I'm at the end of my rope and I don't know what to do. Please any advice for this will help. I don't want to give her away, but it's getting to that point. I'm worried that when our baby is born she will be worse.

                By Cheryl B.

                Question: Dog Pees on the Rug in the Middle of the Night

                My 3 year old English Bulldog has been with us since she was 8 weeks old. She wakes up in the middle of the night and "tip toes" out from under our bed and will find any carpet or rug to go urinate on. I can't keep any rugs on the floor! She has a doggie door, but I think she might be afraid of the dark, really no other explanation for why she potties in the house. Please help.

                By Jen B

                Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside at Night

                I just got a new dog he is a toy Poodle. He is 3 years old and I have had him for about 4 weeks now. He hadn't been peeing or pooping in the house for the first 3 weeks and now every morning I wake up there is at least one spot where he has peed or pooped.

                He goes at night when I am asleep. I take him out for a pee in the morning as soon as I get up, a really long walk after dinner, and out in the front yard before bed. I have been rewarding him treats every time he does his business outside. Am I doing something wrong?

                By Maddy. S

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                We have adopted a Basset Hound and a cross Basset Spaniel. Both were not given any TLC at their previous homes and were also left outside day and night. They were going to be put to sleep, if we didn't adopt them. We also have 3 other Bassets and a Boston Terrier. Our dogs are house dogs and they are house trained.

                The other two are very happy and love their new surroundings and attention. We are just struggling with the Basset we adopted. As soon as we get ready for bed, they all go outside for a wee, as soon as she gets inside again she pees on the floor. We do not know how to get her to stop. We do not want to get angry with her because she was abused in her previous home, but we need to do something to teach her to not pee in the house. Any suggestions will be great.

                By Jani

                Question: Dog Peeing in the House

                My 1 year old Cockapoo is peeing on the couch and the rescue I got her from said she was house trained. She is spayed and we don't think she's sick. She goes potty outside and we take her out every 2 hours and we watch her while she's going. What should I do to make her stop?

                By cockapoolover138

                Question: House Training a One Year Old Dog

                I have a one year old hound and she refuses to potty train. She goes outside, but would rather go inside. She is an indoor/outdoor dog. I have recently moved and she continues to pee in the same spot in the hall and living room. I also have a 8 week old mini Blue Heeler/Border Collie that does not want to potty train. I take him out after meals and he'll just sniff around then whine to come in. Once he's inside he'll pee or poo on the floor. I don't know what to do to help my dogs get potty trained.

                By Michaelia S.

                Question: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                I adopted a Bichon-Poo a year ago. She was 1 1/2 then. They said she was potty trained. She has been going to the bathroom in my house ever since. She does not like the be alone ever. I've tried the puppy pads. She won't use them. I've tried the crate and she pees in the bed in the crate. It's starting to ruin my wood floors. I feel my only choice is to find another family for her. I'm a single mother of soon to be two. I work full time. I can't take her outside very two hours. Any suggestions?

                By Stephanie

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                A Lab was dumped at my house. He was taken to the vet to be neutered and get necessary shots. We named him Buck. The vet estimated him to be approximately 2 years old. He is so lovable, but he poops and pees in the kitchen (where he is confined to at night). I tried leaving him outside at night in the garage with a heat light and chips in the dog house, but he howled and barked and tore part of the insulation off ,as well as as, the door. Help!

                By Carol S.

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                I have a 2 year old Rottweiler. I got him about 6 month ago and have been trying to house train him since I got him. When we are at work through the day he is cut off in a room at the back of the house with full access to the garden all day, but he still poos and pees in the room. We also have another dog that stays with him.
                Please help.

                By Gaby from England

                Question: House Training a 4 Year Old Dog

                We just got a dog, he is about 4 years old. He uses the bathroom outside most the time, but he has been peeing on our sofa, etc. What can I do?

                By Stephanie

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                I have a year old Shepherd mix that I rescued from a shelter when he was about 5 months. From the beginning he has been more difficult to potty train than any other dog I have owned. He is fine when I am home (rings a bell at the door to go outside) and has never gone inside while I was home, but if I am gone, even for thirty minutes or more, there is always at least one puddle and sometimes poop. I have tried kennel training him. He loves his kennel when I am there, but if left in it when I leave I come back to a kennel full of poop smeared everywhere. I have run out of ideas. All suggestions are welcome.

                By Kari D

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                Our 5 year old, soon to be six, Boxer Beagle mix has been peeing in the house every single night. She occasionally poops. We think she pees in the house even when we are there. She did this even with her previous owners. She is a sweet dog, but my family is fed up with her. Is there anyway to train her at home and that is low cost?

                By Saria R.

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                How do you potty train a 4 yr. old Yorkie/Terrier mix? We have had her for about a yr. now and have tried everything. Help! She is the most stubborn dog I have ever had in my entire life, but I love her like my child.

                By Jackie

                Question: Keeping Pets from Urinating on Furniture Legs

                What can I spray on my furniture legs that will keep my dogs from urinating on them? What scent will they not go near?

                By Sandy

                Question: House Training an Adult Dog

                I am getting my male fixed, he's 4. I put in a doggie door and he still goes in the house. I don't know what to do. I tried the belly wrap. Any suggestions?

                By Alice from Green, OH

                Question: Dog is Peeing Next to Pee Pad

                Why is my chihuahua peeing on floor beside the pee pad? She was doing so well. She is now 1 year old and I know she knows better.

                By Judy from FL

                Solutions: House Training an Adult Dog

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                Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

                Archive: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                How do I train an adult Maltese to not urinate on the carpets?


                RE: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                There are sprays to discourage a dog from peeing. Make sure he is not sick with a bladder condition. When the dog pees in an inappropriate place, pick him up right then and say "let's go potty" and take him outside. Sound as if it is very urgent and you excited and happy to go out; make it like you are going to a fire. When and if he does it, say "good, you went to the potty".

                I like clicker training. Start a good attitude toward training by using a clicker or your mouth to make a clicking sound when the dog does something he is supposed to. One of my dogs comes to me on a clicking sound I make with my mouth, because he gets rewarded. Now he just gets petted and told he's a good boy, the minute he responds to the noise.

                Ignore all mistakes (the only way to do this in potty training is to keep him crated and take him out every so often, maybe every thirty minutes or so until you know his schedule. Dogs usually will not go in their crates. Praise, and more praise.)

                When the dog goes to potty outside, just as he is through doing his business, click and reward with a treat he likes. This can't be boring old dog biscuits. Make it hot dog pieces or bacon like treats torn up into little bits.

                Teach him to sit and come this way. Hold up a treat by the top of his nose. When he looks at it pull it backwards over his head so he will have to look more upward. This usually causes his butt to sit. Then click and reward, and say "sit". Learning to learn is a good first step in getting a dog to learn something more complicated like house training. Let me know how it goes.
                Robyn (02/05/2009)

                By Robyn Fed

                RE: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                Step one. Keep him off the carpets unless he is on the leash with you in the room. Completely clean any area with cleaner from the pet store that will get rid of the smell where he has gone. Buy some baby gates and keep him in an area of the house where there is no carpet when you cannot supervise him. Make sure that you take him out every 3 hours or so. Try to take him out within 20 minutes of him getting a big drink.

                Did this problem just start? If so, take him to the vet immediately. My dear dog started urinating where she had not before because she was very ill. Reward him every time he goes outside for at least 1 month with great praise and a small dog treat. My new dog loves just 1 Cheerio as a treat. Best of luck to you. (02/05/2009)

                By Jazzylazzy

                RE: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                We crate trained our dog as a puppy, but don't see why it wouldn't work with a adult dog. We got a cage that we could put her food and water in with toys and a small bed. She will not go in her a crate. Take her out about every 3 hours to the same place and tell her to go potty. Let her out of the crate for a while after going to the potty. After a while it will learn only to go outside to potty. Our dog will now bark and go to the door when she wants to potty. It is good to walk them when they are in the crate for a long time. (02/05/2009)

                By Pat437

                RE: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                It doesn't make a difference what age or size the dog is. Housebreaking is housebreaking.

                First, if the dog isn't spayed or neutered; do it now. Unfixed animals are 100 times more likely to mark their territory and pee in small spots all around your home.

                Second, it requires a very regular feeding schedule. I do a smaller am meal and slightly larger pm meal followed by long 30-45 minute minimum brisk walks/jogs.

                You must walk the dog and not just let them out in your yard or stand with them in one small area. The walk is about the physical movement and the sights, sounds, and smells. If you walk the dog adequately they will mark enough outside so they have no need or have no urine to mark inside. Make certain you provide adequate shorter "quick pee walks" at least 3-4 times a day. As often as you use the restroom plus once or twice extra is how many times your dog should expect to be able to relieve their self. If you really follow a good ample schedule; it's hard not to housebreak a dog.

                Third, thoroughly clean your entire carpets throughout with an enzyme based cleaner to rid your home of the scent. If the dog has been urinating in your home for a long time I recommend replacing the carpet altogether, because the urine has already saturated through the padding underneath and possibly deeper.

                Do NOT scold the dog for urinating inside. Simply give upbeat praise whenever they do their business outside. They do not know what they did wrong.

                Finally, since you say it's a Maltese, we can take it there's a 95% probability that the dog was puppy-milled within one generation. Even backyard home breeders will continue to breed genetic defects, but puppy-milling is obviously worse. Thus you should make certain the dog is relatively free of genetic defects, inbred allergies, etc. If the dog needs to be spayed or neutered; you should be getting an exam for the dog anyway and make sure the shots are up to date as well. (02/05/2009)

                By Shelter Worker

                RE: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                I also have a Maltese and even though all dogs are created equal, Maltese have a different character to them and are known to be very smart, but very stubborn so I feel your pain. I also had a similar problem except he would only do it on carpet and only if we left the bedroom door open, otherwise, he never messed in the house. I can get him to pee and even poop on command outside which amazes everyone. Not sure where your dog is doing its business, but if it is in a specific room or in my case on carpet, then my tip might just work. It worked for me in one night.

                Place newspaper everywhere you don't want the dog to pee. Make sure you crinkle up the paper in places especially at the entrances in the rooms and the dog is watching (if your dog is like mine, he follows me everywhere). Then you give the dog the command, "Stay out", whatever. It's important that it doesn't walk on the papers or go in the room after the paper is down. Then in the morning, in my case, I would pick up the papers before he was allowed to go in that room. Immediately I would let him outside and praise him. He would be so pleased he would get a special treat.

                Be warned he will expect a treat every time he goes, but that is okay until he does it automatically then decrease the treats. Tip: I use Kibble and Bits dog food for training treats; it's just the right size, really cheap and you'll find it takes a long time to go through a bag.

                The idea is the dog doesn't like the noise of the paper when it walks on it, therefore in my case he won't do his business. I know it's crazy, my husband thought so, but it worked. I did continue to lay down the papers for a week. But the problem is solved. I hope this works for you. Good luck. (06/26/2009)

                By oharamytara

                Archive: Potty Training an Adult Dog

                I'm buying a new house and I'm terrified that my 7 year old dog Tiger will pee inside the house. He has already peed on 2 of my couches which I've had to throw away.