Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

When the temperatures rise, there are a number of ways to stay comfortable. This guide is about keeping cool in hot weather.

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Cool off with these 30 Fun and Easy Tips:

  1. Run through the sprinkler with your kids, get out the slip and slide, the super soaker or the kiddie pool (add ice cubes).

  2. Have a water balloon fight.

  3. Plug in the fans, add streamers. Mind your fingers! Put a bowl of ice in front of the fan for added cooling power.

  4. Place a wet sheet in the open window. As the breeze passes through, you'll cool the room a bit. Frugal wind chill!

  5. Go swimming. You don't sweat underwater!

  6. Take a cold shower.

  7. Freeze your shower gel before using.

  8. Have your spouse or your kids run an ice cube up and down your back.

  9. Stand in front of the freezer case at your local grocery.

  10. Re-visit your basement (clean it out while you are down there cooling off).

  11. Go ice skating.

  12. Visit an air conditioned mall, library, or museum.

  13. Head to a local cave where it is always about 54 degrees F.

  14. Buy lemonade from the kids in your neighborhood.

  15. Make your own sun tea, popsicles, or fruit smoothies.

  16. Drink your coffee iced.

  17. Think cool - tell yourself you are comfortable. Mind over matter really works!

  18. Visit your local ice-cream parlor.

  19. Wear linen, a straw hat, light colored clothing.

  20. Watch "Cool" Movies: Happy Feet, Cool Hand Luke, Ice Age.

  21. Listen to "Cool" Tunes: Ice-T, Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube.

  22. Read a "Cool" Book: Scott of the Antarctic by David Crane, Into Think Ari by Jon Krakauer.

  23. Put the top down ANYWAY!

  24. Eat a salad dinner, picnic style.

  25. Wash your car - Water hose fight!

  26. Stay hydrated.

  27. Sleep.

  28. Exercise in the very early morning.

  29. Close the damper on your fireplace to keep out hot air

  30. Adopt a Cooling yoga position-seated forward bends, roll your tongue into a tube, and breathe in and out through it; pressing your chin to your chest as you breathe in. Check and search for cooling breath for a video.

By skibum1910 from Prospect, KY

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The photo is simply delightful to look at!

I never thought about a fan facing outwards, that is a good idea!

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The dog days of summer are soon upon us and that air conditioner looks mighty tempting, but keep these ideas in mind:

Get a case of half or full liters of water and store a bunch in the freezer until they are frozen solid. While sitting around the house watching TV, reading, etc., place bottles on the the back of your neck, the small of your back, and your lap. You may not even want the fan on since you'll feel so much cooler! And at bedtime or when leaving the house, just pop them back in the freezer for next time.

When you really have to use the A/C, make sure you have a standing fan as well. Fans cost less to use than A/C, but don't quite do the job on the hottest nights. You can run the A/C at a lower cheaper strength and add the fan. It creates an artificial windchill so it FEELS cooler without the higher A/C bill.

By Don from Staten Island, NY

Editor's Note: Do you have any tips for keeping cool during the hot summer? Post them here!

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We can't have A/C due to hubby's health. I tried reusable ice packs that you fill with water, but they sprang leaks. I've used a wet washcloth put in the freezer for a couple of hours and wrapped around the back of my neck. That worked to a point, but I may have found a better idea for this year: I bought a reusable hot/cold gelpack. This is about 6" x 3" or 4", so it's just the right size.

When I'm sitting at my desk on a sweltering day, I can either wrap it around the back of my neck or balance it on top of my head. In a pinch, I can even tuck it into my waistband or tuck it down the back of my shirt. (Don't laugh, it works for me.) A gelpack should be more efficient than the ice packs and cool longer and better than the washcloth. I actually plan to keep a couple of these handy, one to use hot for aches, one for cold use.

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We have had lots of posts about facecloths and we all love them, so here is just one more small benefit. The heat in Europe is fierce these days, and I had been suffering until I remembered a trick I learned in Africa, but is surely well known in the southern USA.

Put a damp face cloth on the back of your neck for a few minutes, then move it around your shoulders, and finally placed it on top of head. I even put it on my chest as I worked on my laptop.

When it became as hot as I was myself, I refreshed with ice cold water and started all over again. I had a comfortable afternoon, and actually forgot it was 100 degrees outside. I have no air conditioning.

Perhaps this would help people to save on energy during these torrid months of summer.

By joanfry from France

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This is a wonderful tip. I use a hand towel rather than a face cloth and leave it in the freezer longer, but it helped me survive the record high temperatures Ohio got throughout July and August. I heard even Colorado got temperatures near 100 this year.

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I am really enjoying my parasol this summer! Even with a hat and sunglasses, it's much nicer to have one's own shade at an outdoor party or event. And there are a lot of inexpensive options out there.

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This is a health tip for dangerous hot weather.

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Looking for a way for keeping cool without an air conditioner? Put a large bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. Turn on the fan. The ice will cool the air from the fan and quickly cool you off. Replace ice cubes as needed.

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I keep a sopping-wet micro fiber towel in a sealed Ziploc baggie in my refrigerator. I use the towel to wet myself down when heat gets to be too much. I then rinse the towel, wet it again to level of "soppiness", and cool in the refrigerator.

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Since I don't have air conditioning in either my home or car, I keep spray bottles of water around for a quick cool off. When it starts getting hot, I just give myself a quick fine spray. It isn't enough to get really wet.

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If you have to go out in this heat and you wear a cloth ball cap. Take some cold water and put it in the hat; wring the hat out so you don't drip on anything and put it on your head. It works. I've done this forever.

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This is a guide about keep cool by cooking outside. Cooking inside during the heat of the summer not only heats up the kitchen but the entire house.

Barbecue grill with a variety of meats, shish kabobs, corn and veggies with a family in the background

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One of the best ways of dealing with summer heat as you work outside your home is to wear a clean wet towel around your neck.

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To keep cool on a very hot day, turn on your fan and arrange a bowl of ice-cubes in front of it. Just like having an air-conditioner without the cost. Enjoy!

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Years ago when I worked in a nursing home, the halls were air conditioned, but not the individual rooms. We would take a hand towel, soak it in cold water, ring it out and wrap around our necks, repeating as necessary. I have done this frequently at home, too.

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I keep a large shoe-box-sized plastic container in the freezer filled with feed corn. It's actually wide enough for both of my bare feet to fit side-by-side. On hot days, or if my feet hurt, I pull it out, stick my feet into plastic bags, then dig my toes deep into the feed corn!

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Keep a few cans of tuna or chicken in the fridge, for in those times when you need a quick meal. They'll be great to either drain and toss on top of a green salad or a quickie dish of tuna or chicken salad.

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For a nice pick-me-up for upcoming summer weather, put your spray on body mists or sprays in the refrigerator to keep them cold! When you spritz yourself, it's a nice treat to have tingling cold and pretty smelling mist rather then room temperature!

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Tips for cooking in hot weather.

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