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Keeping Squirrels from Digging in Plants

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Brown squirrel eating

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage in plant containers and the garden. This guide is about keeping squirrels from digging in plants.


Solutions: Keeping Squirrels from Digging in Plants

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Tip: Stop Squirrels From Digging In Potted Plants

I have lost hundreds of dollars and many man hours due to squirrels digging in potted plants. I would come home from work only to find many pots knocked off a wall or bench. The plants, sometimes expensive, would be lying beside the pots with roots having been exposed to hot sun all day. Many plants could not be salvaged.

In the picture, the pot on the right shows what I've had to resort to in order to keep the squirrels at bay, mounding the pots high with small rocks. Moving large pots with all those rocks was quite a chore.

The pot on the left shows an experiment I started today. I have cut blackberry vines covered with merciless thorns into small segments and placed them very close together in the top of the pot, sticking up in the soil and lying down on the soil. There's no way a little paw can dig in the pot without encountering many thorns.

As I said, this is an experiment I started today. If the vines prove to be an effective squirrel deterrent, I will post back with the good news.

Wish me luck!

    Stop Squirrels From Digging In Potted Plants

    By likekinds [68]

    Tip: Skewers to Keep Squirrels Out of Planting Containers

    During the summer, I plant vegetables in containers and keep them on my deck. In the past, I've had a great deal of difficulty keeping the squirrels from digging up my new sprouts. A friend gave me an idea which has worked well. What you do is get a package of bamboo skewers, which usually runs about a dollar, and stick the skewers into the soil, with the points sticking up out of the soil and over the edge of the pot. This deters the squirrels from climbing into the pots to dig up the seedlings. It's worked very well, no squirrels have been injured, and my vegetables are allowed to flourish.

    By Marie from West Dundee, IL

    Tip: No Luck with Moth Balls

    Don't bother with the tip about scattering moth balls. I did this and next morning, they were all GONE. The squirrels must have loved them. My face fell a mile. Ha Ha.

      By Nan W. [1]

      Tip: Chicken Wire to Discourage Digging Animals

      If you have pets or animals that roam your area try adding chicken wire under your plants. This way if something tries to dig in your garden or flower beds, it will stop them in their tracks. Most animals who dig do not like the feeling they get when they scratch their paws along the wire. It also serves a dual purpose - it acts as a grid for planning your plantings!

      By lifewithmadman from Little Rock AR

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      Here are questions related to Keeping Squirrels from Digging in Plants.

      Question: Squirrels Eating Plants

      I tried to plant seeds and then actual plants in my porch flower boxes. The squirrels keep digging them up and destroying them. I live across the street from a park. I tried putting mesh on top of the soil, I tried moth crystals, no help. Anybody got an idea? Planting season is soon here in Milwaukee and I want some flowers.

      Hardiness Zone: 5a

      By Kathy from Milwaukee, WI


      Most Recent Answer

      By Tassie Crystal G.06/03/2012

      Lolll Please... Do not attract the squirrels with luring them to your garden with other food. Unless you plan on feeding them every day and putting more and more food out for them as they start breeding and burrowing close to the food source.

      The moment you don't feed them, guess what they will eat. I put (not chicken wire because if they can fit their head-they can fit their body) but galvanized mesh under the soil (about a foot or more deep) then put the weed blocker on top then the soil. I use wooden stakes around the garden with mesh stapled to cover the top and sides. If you want to get fancy-Make a frame with hinges on the top so it opens up.

      Question: Squirrels Dug Up and Ate Sunflower Seeds

      The day before yesterday I planted over 50 sunflower seeds against our fence post in the back yard. Later that day and the next morning I noticed a squirrel over by the fence. I checked and do you know he dug up and ate all of my sunflower seeds all down the row of the fence. They were all cracked open and just laying there.

      My mom said, because we have them on hand to stake some disposable red plates just around the line of the seeds when I plant them until they sprout.

      Will this work? Any suggestions will help, because of course I want to plant more, but not for the squirrel to eat. Do they watch you do this or do they actually smell the seeds underground? Help.

      Hardiness Zone: 10a

      By Laura from Ocala, FL


      Most Recent Answer

      By Kat05/01/2010

      To keep squirrels away from your seedlings and bulbs other than cayenne pepper, sprinkle unused ground coffee all around the plants, when you cut your hair take the hair that has been cut off and sprinkle it around the exterior of your garden. This will keep most animals out. And finally, soak rags in white vinegar and hang around the exterior of the garden even when the vinegar dries on the rags it still repels the animals. I have tried all of these and they all work and haven't had a problem since. :) Happy Gardening.

      Question: Squirrels Eating Flowers

      I live in a garden apartment and my upstairs neighbor feeds the very large squirrel population. I love to grow flowers in planters on the stoop, but the squirrels uproot the flowers and I find them lying dead next to the planters.

      Does anyone know any "annual" flowers that they don't like or have any suggestions? I'm so tired of spending money on flowers and it also makes me so sad to see them destroyed. (Forget the neighbor, as no one can make him stop feeding them.) Thanks.

      Hardiness Zone: 7a

      By SBTulip115 from Queens, NY

      Most Recent Answer

      By kathleen williams [23]09/25/2009

      Hot pepper sauce will keep the critters away, good luck

      Question: Squirrels Digging Up Potted Plants

      The squirrels are destroying my plants by digging in all the pots. Anyone have any methods to preclude this?

      By Elizabeth A.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Carol [3]09/14/2011

      One or two mothballs will keep the squirrels out.

      Question: Squirrels Digging in My Plants

      What can I purchase to stop squirrels from digging up all of my plants? I need the name of a product and where it can be purchased.

      Thank you.

      By Beryl from Brooklyn

      Most Recent Answer

      By dawn04/21/2010

      I recently spent a lot of money and energy planting flowers in my back yard. We have tons of squirrels and they proceeded to ravage my flowers. They tore up and ate 2 cinnamon ferns and 6 astilbes. I had problems in the past with squirrels and used a hot pepper spray and moth balls all to no avail. Yesterday I went to our local greenhouse and found a product called "Shake Away". It is granulated fox urine and it's been less than 24 hours and not 1, i repeat not 1 squirrel in the yard! I recommend this product to anyone with squirrels damaging their flowers. It works!

      Question: Keeping Squirrels Out of Potted Plants

      How do I keep squirrels out of potted plants on the patio?

      By Susan

      Most Recent Answer

      By susan [5]07/11/2012

      A few years ago, squirrels dug up all my avocado trees to eat the pits they were growing from. I guess they were easy food.

      Question: Natural Repellent for Squirrels

      Squirrels are eating my tomatoes! I've tried every trick in the book, chicken wire to surround plants, doffee grounds, skunk plants, whirrley-birds, flags, streamers, fake snakes, fake owls, moth balls, Shake Away urine granules (and human, I was desperate), dog hair and human hair. I put grease and hot pepper on the fence and plants last year. The hot pepper on my plants killed the leaves and vines!

      My dogs were indoor animals so I couldn't leave them outside all day. Tonight I tried another hot pepper receipt to spray (instead of shake) on tomatoes, but the spray bottle atomizer clogged up, so instead of wasting the mixture, I just shook it over parts of the plants and fence. Am I supposed to be using a commercial-type garden sprayer or just a kitchen-type sprayer?

      A squirrel was even hanging upside-down eating sugar water out of my humming bird feeder. I don't want to kill them, but that was suggested and then hang the body by the tomatoes to ward off other squirrels.

      Any more suggestions would be appreciated.

      Hardiness Zone: 6b

      By Doody from Dayton, OH

      Most Recent Answer

      By lori [2]04/10/2011

      mix cheap hot pepper sauce and veg. oil 50/50 and spray areas where you do not want squirrels or other animals and repeat weekly and after it rains. works on bird feeders-spray everything except where seed comes out even hanger.

      Question: Keeping Squirrels Out of Trees and Off Balcony

      I have a balcony one floor up from the ground. There are trees on either side, and the squirrels climb up them, then onto a ledge, then onto my balcony where they dig in my flower pots and eat through the wire on my string lights.

      I bought tall planters which stopped them for a while, and now they've figured how to get into those and dig and kick the dirt all over the balcony.

      I'm wondering if there is some sort of a shield that can be attached to the trees that might have barbed wire or some other pointy/ouchy surface that would deter the little brats. Any ideas?

      By Lynn G.