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Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

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Kenmore Refrigerator

When a refrigerator no longer cools it is time for immediate action, either calling a repair person or troubleshooting the problem for a home repair. This is a guide about a Kenmore refrigerator not cooling.



Here are questions related to Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling.

Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

I have a Kenmore refrigerator model # 106.56642500. It is not cooling at all, you can hear when it turns on, but it does not get cool at all. I left it on all night and still it did not cool.

By Juan


Most Recent Answer

By PatH01/17/2015

Amazing! Just unplugged for a few seconds and when I plugged it back in, the refrigerator section started running. Will see how long it lasts. Waiting for Spring until the new Samsung T9000 counter depth arrives on the market. Hopefully this will work till then even if I occasionally have to pull it out to reset. Thanks!

Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

The fridge on fridge/freezer is not cooling. The freezer is working fine.

By Roy


Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]05/11/2013

Try unplugging it from the wall for about ten seconds and plugging it back in. This happens to me all the time. But on mine the freezer stops as well.

Question: Freezer Working Refrigerator Not

I was having problems with my freezer pouring water into the refrigerator so I opened it up and it was froze up. I noticed the drain hole was frozen over so I unplugged it and let it set for 24 hours to melt. When I plugged it back up the next day the freezer was freezing, but the refrigerator was not cooling. I have cleaned it well and checked the fans and they are running. What do I do next? Can anyone help?

By Angelia

Most Recent Answer

By AJ [6]05/05/2013

Make sure that you have the temperature controls set at exactly 1/2 way point. Too high on one or the other, causes the freezer to work very hard and the fridge not to cool as well as it should. I found out that when ours quit working and after calling a repairman, spending $$$ he was the one who told me the problem and how to fix it. Too many people want one or the other a lot colder than it needs to be and they end up replacing it because it doesn't "work" when all it needed was the controls put back the way they should be.

Question: Refrigerator Not Cooling

I got this fridge second hand and the lights inside came on, the digital read out was operational, no codes. I replaced the compressor relay and then the fans and compressor came on. There was still no cold. I replaced defrost timer; still no cold air. I inspected the mainboard for any signs of burnt or obvious signs of a blow out; all looked ok. I do not know what to do next. We can't afford a new fridge nor a repair man.

By Dwight

Most Recent Answer

By Robin Harrison08/04/2014

My husband fixed our fridge three times by typing in make/model # and the problem into google and youtube. There was tons of information and how-to videos! Good luck.

Question: Fridge Not Cold

I have a Kenmore fridge with the bottom freezer. It has been working just fine. Today I noticed that things in the refrigerator/top are not as cold as the have been every other time I have opened the fridge. Things in the freezer are still frozen and don't seem to be thawing at all. Any ideas on things I can do myself before calling out a professional?

By April J.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]06/16/2013

Your fridge has dual temperature controls. The top should be around 41-45 degrees. Perhaps it got bumped? Check it first. It's like calling a tow truck to find your car just wasn't in park.

Question: Freezer and Fridge are Warm

The fan motor died in my previous fridge, so while I am fixing it I am borrowing a full size Kenmore stand up fridge/freezer from a friend who had it sitting in his garage. We brought it to my house on Saturday, and were worried it might not be good from sitting. But, we plugged it in, and it started getting cooler. We put my food in it, and it was cold Saturday night when I went to bed.

I got home from work on Sunday, and it actually feels warm inside now. All the meat I had in the freezer is now bad. It is running, and I checked the settings and both fridge and freezer are on coldest setting (that's where I set it when we moved it in, because I was hoping that would help it get cold faster). It almost seems like it's running non-stop. The friend who owns the fridge seems to think it's stuck in a defrost mode and can't get out of it. What should I do before all my food goes bad?

By Matt D.

Most Recent Answer

By VBartlett [12]05/09/2013

An appliance repairman told me that it is not good to set the thermostat on the coldest setting, since the coils can overwork, and collect ice. Start at mid-level; the frig/freezer will cool without ice-buildup. You might unplug the appliance for a few hours, then re-set at a lower temp.

Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Working

The power to this house was turn off for about 6 months and now the refrigerator and freezer are not working. They were working when the power was shut off.

    By Amy N C [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]07/04/2015

    I have found that sometimes things don't work properly if they are shut off for long periods of time. Goodness knows why that is, but that seems to be the case. My renter refused to use the dishwasher in our mobile home, and when she moved out, the thing wouldn't work any more. However, it seems strange to me that both appliances don't work. Could it be the outlets rather than the appliances? Is there some sort of shut off -- breaker or electrical switch that could be shut off? Do the outlets work for something else, like a lamp? Is there some sort of on/off switch in the appliances that you may have forgotten to turn on or a thermostat that you need to turn up (or down, depending on your point of view). For example, in my fridge there is a temp control from 0 to 9; if it is set at 0, the fridge doesn't actually cool down. Explore some of these possibilities, and if nothing works, I'd phone a repairperson.

    Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

    My Kenmore model 253 refrigerator is not cooling at all. However the freezer is working fine.

    By L.J.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Linda [38]03/29/2015

    Our super dooper, hoity toity french door, bottom freezer unit did the same thing...(our old fridge has been running for almost 40 years). We were told to turn it off for about 6 hours (don't open if you can help it) and then back on. We have done this twice now. It works. Then read where if you keep turning up the 'cold' setting it freezes something up inside. So I keep it right in the middle temp and have had no problems for quite a while now. Nothing is like it used to be in quality now-a-days! Good luck!

    Question: Kenmore Refrigerator and Freezer Not Cooling

    I just moved from Georgia to Tennessee. Now my refrigerator will not cool, either side. The model number is #35350221000, 2000 year.

    By Frankie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/28/2014

    If the fridge was transported correctly (upright, not on its side), more than likely your nearly 15yo fridge is telling you it's time for a new fridge.

    You can have it repaired but the part will fail again (most likely the compressor but could also be the temp regulator, those go too after about ten years) sooner rather than later.

    Wish I could tell you something different but I've been there-done that and after wasting $300 (over 3 months) trying to keep the old wheezer going I finally had to give it up and buy a new fridge.

    Question: Kenmore Refrigerator and Freezer Not Cooling

    My Kenmore refrigerator and freezer is not getting cold; just blowing air. I cleaned and vacuumed the back panel, removed all the dust, as much as I can, including the fan, coils, and all the stuff in the back panel. I also cleaned the inside too. I made sure I'd leveled it front, back, and side.The fan is working, the damper is working, it's just blowing air. I need help to fix it. Thank you.

    By August B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]01/06/2014

    I am not sure about getting frigs repaired. There is likely something wrong with the coolant. I don't think this is a home handyperson sort of a fix. Call a repairperson or buy a new one (I bought a new one).

    Question: Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator Not Cooling

    My refrigerator is not cooling and freezing. The motor stopped running and all I heard was a clicking sound. I cleaned the whole underneath and now the motor is running, but there is only cool air coming out and it is not freezing. This was 5 hours ago. Do I have to give it more time?

    By Arlene

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]12/03/2013

    I doubt it. I do not know if refrigerators are economical to repair. When mine quit running, I bought a new one. Usually they run forever.

    Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Freezer Not Cooling

    My Kenmore bottom freezer and top fridge is not cooling. I hear a relay click on and then a buzzing noise for about 10 to 15 secs. It does this continually.

    By Dan S.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Nancy I.10/15/2013

    Could you be low on freon? My husband said that if the fridge is low on freon, it might not work.

    Question: Refrigerator is Not Cooling

    The refrigerator is warm and the freezer is working fine. I have a bottom mount freezer, Kenmore model 596.69162990, that is 13 years old. The coils have been cleaned. The air vents in the refrigerator are not blocked. What next?

    By Mary D

    Most Recent Answer

    By Menab12/16/2013

    I had the same problem and despite the fridge freezer being frost free, it was completely clogged with ice inside. It took four days to defrost but now works fine. Engineer said even if frost free, you should defrost them completely every 6 months or so. Hope this helps!

    Question: Refrigerator Fan Not Turning On

    I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator and the cooling fan is not turning on. The water wasn't working, but I was able to defrost the valve located in the fridge behind the crisper. I tried unplugging it and vacuuming under and behind the fridge. Is there anything else I can do?

    By James

    Most Recent Answer

    By shirley dobie [4]07/29/2013

    I had the same problem after laying new tile. When the guys moved the fridge back, a tile lifted and was stuck under the fridge keeping the fan from moving. Mine actually got hot.

    Question: Kenmore Side by Side Running Warm

    I have a Kenmore Hotspot Refrigerator side by side. The fridge is running, but then the freezer and frig get warm. What can I do to fix it myself?

    By Juanita

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/12/2013

    I had a 'fridge do that to me (a GE) and I had a repairman in who said the thermostat was bad. It cost me $75USD in 2008 to replace.

    The fridge ran for about another year and then started having the same problem again. I wasn't happy. The condenser kept cycling but the fridge got warmer. And warmer. And warmer.

    I called the GE 800 phone number and talked to a living breathing repairman. The news wasn't good:

    Apparently when a thermostat wears out the condenser should be replaced at the same time (wish the repairman had mentioned that little bit of info in '08!).

    Considering the cost of replacing the condenser, it worked out to be a better decision to replace the old wheezer (it was about ten years old at the time) for a new more energy efficient model.

    Question: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

    My Kenmore side by side is not cooling. It is 7 years old. The motor and fan run, but there is no cool air. I want to clean the dust underneath, but do not know how to remove front bottom panel. Any ideas of what is going on?

    By Cheryl from Poughkeepsie, NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By AJ [6]11/19/2010

    I just went through that with mine, and after calling and talking to a repairman who couldn't make it out to where we are located. He suggested checking the temperature controls. The freezer unit should never, ever be set more than 1/2 way point on the controls. If it is set higher then the fridge spends all the time trying to bring down the temp of the freezer, leaving no cold air for the fridge. He suggested raising the temp to at least the 1/2 way point or "warmer" to allow the fridge to cool down properly. Don't know if it will work for yours, but it saved us from having to buy a new fridge.

    Question: Refrigerator Not Cold and Freezer Not Freezing

    My Kenmore refrigerator stopped cooling and freezing. It makes a high pitched "click" noise when turning on and off.

    By Leo from Van Nuys, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi [6]01/14/2010

    I would contact Sears with this problem. 5 Years is not that old. What is the freezer part set at? Is it possible it got turned in the wrong direction?

    Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly

    It is a side by side that is about 13 years old. The freezer works fine. It was over full so I took everything out, cleaned inside and out, cleaned the coils and around the compressor. It has been pretty much sitting empty for at least 12 hours and the temperature is hanging at about 40 degrees. I have settings 1-6 on the fridge. I had previously turned it up to 4 1/2 when it was full. I read that you should leave it mid way on the factory suggested settings so it will work better. I unplugged it for a few minutes and turned it down. I'm going to leave it where it is overnight and see what it is at in the morning.

    Other than the things I have already done, are there any other diy suggestions on things I can try? Before I call a repairman or buy a new fridge.

      By Candace [1]

      Question: Repairing a Kenmore 253.68 Door Switch

      What controls the evaporator fan inside the freezer and evaporator fan condenser? Is it the door switch?

      By Albert

      Question: Refrigerator Not Cooling

      I have a Kenmore top freezer refrigerator unit. The power is on, however my refrigerator is not getting cold.

      By Ricky

      Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Stopped Working

      I have a Kenmore side by side model #795.5881. It quit working completely.

      By Frank

      Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

      I have a Kenmore refrigerator with bottom freezer, model #59666032600. The freezer works, compressor works, and the compressor fan works, but the refrigerator does not get cold.
      The air regulator gate in the refrigerator opens and closes okay.
      Is there another fan that sucks air out of the fridge compartment that might have failed?

      By Mike D

      Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Fan Goes On and Off

      I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator. The power to the fan motor goes on and off.

      By James

      Question: Refrigerator Not Cooling

      My Kenmore, model 795.7900.901, refrigerator's freezer temp is reading at 4,5,6. The temp control for the frig is blank. Any suggestions?

      By Bob

      Question: Refrigerator Won't Stay Cold

      My Kenmore model 596.67272790 bottom freezer stays cold, but top refrigerator gets warm after about a week. Everything has been cleaned out and door seals are in place. The blower fan runs. It seems like the unit is not defrosting and freezing up (bottom unit behind panel in freezer section). I defrost it, but in a week the top fridge gets warm again (no cool air flow from freezer). Bottom freezer never gets warm. Fridge kicks on and off with no problems. No issues at all until bottom coils freeze up again, then I defrost them. All is good for only a week or so.

      By Glenn

      Question: Refrigerator Part of Kenmore Side by Side Not Cold

      I have a Kenmore double sided refrigerator with built in ice/water dispenser on freezer side. It seems like the freezer is fine and keeping cold, but refrigerator side only stays cool no matter what the temperature is set on. Is there anything I can try at home to remedy this? Your quick response would be very appreciated since I am losing food.

      By Roxanne from Gretna, LA

      Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling or Freezing

      I have a Kenmore refrigerator, model #2220695. Neither the fridge nor the freezer cool and it is a clicking on and off.

      By cm

      Question: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

      My Kenmore refrigerator, model 79569009900 is too warm. I replaced the circuit board and both senors, but it is still not working.

      By Hayden

      Question: Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator Not Freezing or Cooling

      I have a Kenmore top freezer refrigerator, model #25371822102. It all started a couple of weeks ago when the ice maker no longer cycled out the ice. The ice was in the tray, but it wasn't being ejected.

      A few days ago I noticed the freezer was gradually becoming warmer, everything inside started thawing and now the compartment is barely colder than room temperature. Also at this point the refrigerator compartment is even warmer than the freezer.

      I opened the back and cleaned out a fairly small amount of dust and noticed that the compressor was pretty hot. Night before last, I opened the back panel inside the freezer and noticed the pipe up to and around the thermostat were encased completely in ice. The rest of the evaporator was the same temp as the freezer compartment with definitely no frost. I thawed the ice, wiped up the mess and put everything back together.

      Now we're still in the same spot: no freezing, very little cooling, and the ice is forming on the thermostat again (but not the rest of the evaporator). The fan is running and I can hear the buzzing, familiar to the normal operation (but admittedly it does sound faint). What could be causing this?

      By Aaron

      Solutions: Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

      Do you have knowledge about this guide topic? Feel free to share a solution!


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      My refrigerator does not stay cold anymore. It blows warm air. What should I do?

      Ed from Las Vegas, NV

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      Thirty+ years ago I repaired refrigerators for a living. There have been some changes, mostly in the electronics that control them, but here are some things you can do.

      First, make sure the condenser coil is clean. This is a (usually) black coil of tubing that is either underneath or behind your refrigerator. It is normally warm when the refrigerator is running. If it is clogged with dust or pet hair that may stop the refrigerator from working.

      You said it "blows warm air", is that inside or outside? It should blow warm air outside, that's the heat that is being removed from the interior.

      Does it need defrosting? If it is a "frost-free" model then that means it defrosts itself automatically. The defrost cycle may not be working, and diagnosing and repairing that is probably not something you can do yourself unless you're comfortable with an ohmmeter. If the refrigerator is less than about seven years old it will have electronic, not electric controls and there's no way out but to call a service tech with the proper diagnostic tools.

      I had to call one myself a couple of years ago, the motherboard had gone bad. Up until then I didn't even know that refrigerators had motherboards. But being familiar with both computers and refrigerators I was able to order the part and replace it myself, saving $80 for the second service call. (02/14/2008)

      By Walt816

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      This happened to me 4 days ago. I called my friends who seem to know alot about refrigerators. All of them said that my defrost cycle thermostat was "stuck". They told me to prop the door open for 4-5 hours and the motor would start again. It did. Now, this may or may not be permanent. It might happen next week or never again. But, it worked! (03/24/2008)

      By artisticattorney

      Archive: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      We have a spare refrigerator in our basement that is used regularly since our kitchen refrigerator is small. I am having problems with the one in the basement. I have both refrigerator and freezer controls turned to the coldest settings. The freezer is fine but the refrigerator is under the recommended temperature for a refrigerator.

      I am only using it for a short time for fresh veggies, fruit, and some beverages. My husband is quite handy at fixing, but can't diagnose the problem. Honestly, I think he just wants to get rid of the refrigerator. I want it keep it because I know we really do need it. He is not the one trying to figure out how to keep our foods cold every day so it doesn't really matter to him. I think if we did get rid of it then he would understand.

      Could someone suggest a web site to use or have an answer to what may be wrong with the refrigerator? My sister thinks she has the solution. This has something to do with the electrical connection. She seems to think that there is too much electrical usage on the one line and the refrigerator needs more "juice" to run properly. We rent the house so we really don't have much control with this.

      On the one electrical line we have our washer, an upright freezer, and some lights and other things along with this refrigerator. I don't quite know if this could be true. I forgot to mention that during the winter months, the refrigerator runs cold but I still have it set on the coldest setting. So basically when the outside temperature is cold, I can use the refrigerator safely. Our basement is more of a cellar and doesn't have any heat other than the heater when it runs.

      By Mkymlp from USA

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      Electricity is not the problem, you only have one plug and unless it is very unusual, only one compressor so I would look to the temperature control. It is also possible that the air opening where the cold air comes out is somehow blocked.

      If you have to keep both parts on the coldest setting, it is time to replace. What you save in energy will more than make up for the price of a used unit. Our local appliance stores sell good, used appliances for $50 or less rather than have to recycle them. My friend bought a like new washer for $10 and it works great. (04/25/2009)

      By zoodad

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      Do you clean behind and under the fridge? Dust may have accumulated on the coils. How old is your fridge? It may be time to get a new one. (04/25/2009)

      By OliveOyl

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      I would suggest checking to see if it needs freon or a similar type gas. Sometimes just being a little low can upset the way it will cool. (05/03/2009)

      By lostinthe

      Archive: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      If your refrigerator is not cooling as it should, the defrosting mechanism in the freezer may have gone out and the defroster coils are iced up. If you don't have money to run out and buy a new refrigerator, here is what you can do.


      Archive: Refrigerator Not Cold and Freezer Not Freezing

      I need your advice fast. I have a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator-freezer in my kitchen; it's maybe five years old. The top part of the freezer is cold, but does not freeze.


      Archive: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      I had a Kenmore refrigerator given to me and the ice froze. So I was using a blow dryer, but I left it on too long and it started to melt the plastic. Now my fridge will not cool or freeze completely. What did I do to it? How do I fix it?

      By jeepchic78

      RE: Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

      When we moved into our house the previous owners had left the fridge, I noticed that it didn't seem to keep stuff cold and the door was actually warm. I pulled out the fridge to clean behind it and it was pretty bad so when I pushed it back in place I removed the grill on the bottom and found the inside caked with clumps of cat hair from their cat! I vacuumed this all out and the fridge ran fine after that. So if you have pets it might be the problem, but you should clean under there every 6 months or so anyway to get all the dust out. Hope this helps. (09/25/2009)

      By dwutz