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Making a Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A wonderful centerpiece for any baby shower can be created with diapers. This guide is about making a diaper cake.


Solutions: Making a Diaper Cake

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Tip: Craft: Princess Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Diaper CakeTired of seeing the same old diaper theme baby shower cakes? I have been making them for a while now and have been wanting to get more creative with them. The perfect opportunity came when I found out I was going to be a grandma again :)

I decided I would try to make this cake really girly so I went with a princess theme. I made the standard diaper cake to begin with, then decorated it with 4 receiving blankets, a tiara, a princess wand with korker bows attached to it, a plastic silver bracelet, which I hot glued some teardrop pearls to, a pair of shoes with korker bows attached, the green "fluff" around the bottom is a tutu for the baby. I used lime green, pink, and brown ribbons (which look awesome together). The Cinderella carriage I printed out using my Hallmark program to personalize it with the baby's name and year of birth. I used a pink feather boa to top each layer and added 2 lime green butterflies. I am very pleased with the results and just wanted to share the idea.

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

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Craft: Love Bug Diaper Cake

Love Bug Diaper CakeThis is my second diaper cake, a "Love Bug" cake. I made it for a friend at work. I used; 56 rolled up diapers, receiving blankets, baby rattles and such, washcloths, a love bug to top it off and lots of curling ribbon for color. She loves it.

I made my very first one for my first grandchild's shower. it was such a big hit, I decided to sell them. This was my first order. I have already got 3 others to do. They really sell themselves. I get laid off sometimes quite a bit so this a is a perfect way for me to make extra money on the side.

By Tmmy from Herrin

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Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Diaper CakeRoll each diaper individually and secure with a rubber band. Most diapers have a pattern at the top of the diaper, if you don't want this to show, start rolling from the pattern end, finishing with the white on the outside.

Once all diapers are rolled, start building the cake tiers. Place a dowel in the middle of a rolled diaper, and place on the cake cardboard. Place a large rubber band around the center roll, add additional rolled diapers, forming a circle around the center diaper. If the cake is a two tier cake, add one more rubber band and an additional layer of diapers. Repeat this process one more time more for a three tier cake.

Decorate the cake by adding the embellishments. To keep them in place, tuck them into the diaper folds or beneath the ribbon. Add a bouquet of flowers or a stuffed animal to the top of the diaper cake and you have a wonderful gift for the mommy to be.

This is a great way to make extra money and the diaper cakes are fun to make.

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

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Tip: Blues Clues Diaper Cake

Blues Clues Diaper Cake with lace and ribbons.84 Blues Clues diapers were used for this cake, with small clear rubber bands and an empty paper towel tube filled with 3 diapers.

Take a larger rubber band, place around the tube and start with six diapers. Tie with a small ribbon and build from there. Start a new row like a layered cake. Embellish with toys, pacifiers, and ribbons. Add baby washcloths and onsies. Vary the size of diapers. Roll from crotch to tucked in waistband for a clean look.

It makes a great baby shower centerpiece. Have a contest at the shower to guess how many diapers are in the cake.

Source: I checked other sites and then decorated my own.

By Deby from Kansas City

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Make A Diaper Cake For Baby Showers

Very tall diaper cake with a white teddy bear on top.Try making a diaper cake for a baby shower. These darling diaper cakes make quite a beautiful site as a centerpiece for a baby shower. They are unique in that you can use almost every item bundled in this cake.


  • 1 large pkg. of diapers (60)
  • sample pack Q tips
  • rubber duck
  • onesies
  • receiving blanket
  • washcloths
  • large container of baby powder
  • pink or blue curling ribbon if you know the sex of the baby (or green if you don't)
  • 1 inch ribbon to hold the cake together
  • baby bottles
  • rattle
  • teething ring
  • bottle brush
  • nail kit
  • stuffed animal
  • large (18 inch pizza board)
  • 1 large, 18 inch doily or make your own from smaller ones
  • glue or rubber cement


  1. Take all the diapers and roll them bottom to top. Tie on the curling ribbon and use scissors to give the ends a nice curl. (Simply open up your scissors and run the ends of the ribbon in a downward motion to make it curl. Be sure to do both ends.) Lay aside.
  2. Take the cardboard round and adhere the doily to it. You do not need to use the whole doily if you are only working with smaller pieces. Just make it so the edges of the doily are showing.
  3. Take your bottle of powder and place it in the center of the cardboard. Start adding the diapers one at a time, substituting items from the list in place of a diaper.
  4. Form the second layer as you did the first layer, adding different baby items as you go along.
  5. To finish the top layer, use the rolled diapers and any other baby items you have to complete the last layer.
  6. Add the stuffed animal to the top.
  7. Take the 1 inch ribbon and tie each layer around the outside.
  8. Add a pretty bow to the stuffed animal and you are all set to use the centerpiece.

Tips: You can use any baby item you have to do this project. I collected a few items at a time so the price didn't seem so expensive. It also may be easier for you to add the 1 inch ribbon to each layer as you go to help hold it in place. Be sure to curl your ribbon with scissors to give it a fuller look. Enjoy and surprise the mother to be with useful items she will definitely need.

Source: My own trial and error way. LOL

By Gem from VA

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Tip: Craft: Cowboy Diaper Cake

A cowboy themed diaper cake for a baby shower, in red and blue.I made the basic diaper cake and decorated it with red and blue bandannas, bandanna ribbon, western/cowboy pictures for the scrapbook later, J&J baby products, and paper shred.

I personalized the diaper cake with western letters that also can be used for scrap-booking later. To top it off, I bought an adorable cowboy teddy riding a stick horse. I love how this one turned out.

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

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Tip: Harley-Davidson Diaper Cake

Harley-Davidson Diaper Cake with a Harley plush pig on top and customized logo.Make your basic diaper cake and decorate it using faux leather over the receiving blankets. I used black zippers to make it resemble a leather jacket. I used a Harley plush pig for the top. I personalized it for the baby and added some scrapbook stickers.

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

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Craft: Rosebuds and Baby Carriage Theme Diaper Cake

Baby showers, what fun. This is the diaper cake I made. Rosebuds and baby carriages was the theme. Silk rosebuds used on the diaper cake, decorated wire baby carriage, and wooden letters. Also silk roses placed around the punch bowl. It was a beautiful shower.

By Vickie from Earle, AR

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Tip: Onesie Cake

Shower cake made with diapers and onesies.

One of my best friends is expecting a little girl next month. We are throwing a surprise shower lunch for her at work and I thought that a "onesie cake" would be adorable for the table.

Instead of just diapers, I put a ring of onesies around the outside of each layer of diapers and wrapped each ring with lavender ribbon. Little Gracie's new nursery is decorated in shades of lilac and rose using a butterfly theme. I thought that this "cake" fits her theme fairly well!

By Carrie from Herkimer, New York

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Craft Project: Little Swimmers Diaper Cake

Little Swimmers Diaper CakeA unique and colorful spin on the popular baby shower gift, because babies just want to have fun in the water and sun.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • 12 (= 1 pack) of Little Swimmers diapers
  • 1 large rubber band
  • decorative ribbon (about 25 inches)
  • 1 straight pin
  • hot glue
  • baby items: such as baby sunblock, beach/sand toys, sunglasses, sandals, bathing suit, etc.
  • Optional: additional ribbon to make bows and other decorations
  • cylinder, i.e. a soup can or large round jar


Gather materials, clear work area, and preheat glue gun. Also place the cylinder or round baby sunblock (or new baby bottle) on a table.

Wrap one Little Swimmers diaper closely around the cylinder, with your preferred side of the diaper facing outward.

With a second Little Swimmer diaper facing out, wrap the closed (crotch) end of the diaper against the first diaper's closed (crotch) area, about 2 inches from where the first one started. Slip rubber band around the diapers for future adding.

Repeat step 3 for all 12 diapers, sliding each diaper in once it stretches the rubber band out.


Remove the cylinder in the middle only if it is not included with the diaper cake. Wrap the decorative ribbon snug around the mid-section of the diaper cake and pin ends together. Shift the diapers as needed to make an evenly-spaced out arrangement.

Hot glue ribbon ends together, holding firmly and cautiously until glue is set and dry.

Slip rubber band off of the cake.


Decorate the Little Swimmer's Diaper Cake to your preference, adding baby items, tulle/cellophane/gift wrap, and give. (I made a quick and easy fish-shaped wash cloth by rolling it, folding in half, then tying ribbon mid-body to form a tail with the ends.) Enjoy.

By Erin R. from Seffner, FL

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Craft: How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper CakeDiaper Cakes are all the rage as a baby shower gift. Here are instruction on how to make one for half the cost of buying one.

Approximate Time: 1 to 2 hours


  • disposable diapers ~ Newborn (I used Pampers)
  • cardboard cake disk or cake plate
  • rubber bands mixed sizes
  • paper doilies 9 1/2 inches and 8 inches in diameter
  • ribbon flower buds
  • 7/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 inch ribbon
  • low temp glue gun and glue stick
  • Plastic or porcelain baby for cake top
  • 8 large decorative plastic diaper pins purchased at Michael's craft store
  • 4 baby wash clothes
  • 2 plastic baby spoons
  • 2 plastic baby forks
  • 2 pairs of infant socks or booties
  • 1 pair of infant hand socks.


The number of diapers used for each tier will depend on a couple of things, like how big you want your first tier to be. I used a vintage cake stand so I made my first tier so it would fit on the cake stand and you could still see the paper doily underneath. I ended up using about 25 diapers for the first layer. The brand of diaper you use will also make a difference in the number of diapers needed because each brand of diaper has a different a thickness.

Step 1: Roll the diapers up starting at the waistband and secure with a small rubber band placed in the center of your roll. I started rolling at the waistband because this is usually where the manufacturer has added some cutesy design. I wanted my cake layers to be completely white without any color showing. You can incorporate the decoration into the cake design if you want but I found that most diaper companies use the color blue and we already knew that the baby was to be a girl. I wanted the cake to be entirely pink and white. Secure the rolled diaper with a small rubber band.

Step 2: Using your cake stand or cake disk as a guide, stand the diapers up on end on the cake stand until you form a rough circle that is about the correct size tier that will fit on your base. I used about 25 diapers for my first layer. Now using a large rubber band, secure all the diapers into a circle, being sure that your rubber band is in the center of your tier all the way around. If your circle seems unstable, force another diaper into the middle so your first tier is tightly secured within the rubber band. Look at it from all angles to make sure your circle is as rounded as possible.

Step 3: Do the same for the next two tiers using the previous one as a guide. Each layer should be smaller then the first so when placed on top of each other, they look exactly like a three tiered cake. This is where using your cake stand or cake disk comes in handy in helping you to judge how your layers will look before you permanently attach them together. Before permanently attaching your layers with double sided tape stack them and make sure your happy with the way the cake layers sit on top of each other.

Step 4: Place your biggest paper doily on your cake stand or disk. Take the double sided tape and using about five or six pieces of tape make a starburst pattern in the center of the doily. Making sure the tape is just in the center of the doily. Set the first cake layer down in the center of the doily. Pushing firmly so the tape sticks to the doily and diapers. If you find that your layer is not centered simply remove the cake layer. You may have to use a new doily if the tape rips the thin paper. Do the same for the second layer, trimming the doily if it is too large. Attach a small doily to the top layer using the same method as above. Trim the doily if needed. This is were your cake topper will be attached. Step back and look at your cake and make any adjustments needed. You want to get the layers together correctly before you start attaching the decorations.

Step 5: Measure your 7/8 inch ribbon by winding it around each layer, adding an extra inch and cut three pieces, one for each layer. Attach the correct size ribbon to each layer using the double sided tape. Use about a 1 1/2 inch piece of tape attached to the back of the outer piece of ribbon overlapping the end of the ribbon. Press firmly so the double sided tape adheres to both pieces of ribbon. Make sure the ribbon hides the rubber band that is holding your layer of diapers together.

Attaching the gifts: For each item I attached to the cake, I tied a small ribbon bow on. It really worked well for the items made out of fabric like the washcloths and baby socks. The bows are a decorative element and added a pleasing look to the finished cake. This is purely my taste and if you don't like it, you can skip this step. Each gift item is attached with double sided tape. I tried using other adhesives but I wanted each gift to be usable and found the double sided tape worked perfectly. Glue did not work because it damaged the outside of the gift and the disposable diapers, making them unusable.

Step 6: Roll a piece of double sided tape on to itself and stick two or three pieces on the back side of each plastic diaper rattle, making sure none of the tape is visible, stick the gift item firmly on to the diapers in the area where you want it attached. Attach four of the plastic diaper pin rattles to the largest cake layer and two on each smaller layer. Try to get the diaper pins attached evenly around the circle of the cake layer. You can move them and reposition them if needed. Do the same for the rest of the gift items, making sure as you attach them they are arranged in a pleasing manner. Try to get a balance with the gifts. You may find that after attaching an item it just doesn't look right; it may be too large or small and need to be moved to an upper or lower layer depending on its size to achieve a balance to the eye. Smaller items on the top layer and bigger items on the lower layer will achieve a balanced look. Step back from your decorated cake and walk around it to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Ribbon Flower Buds: Using the low temp glue gun and glue sticks arrange the flower buds along the edges of the paper doilies.

Cake Topper: Using the double sided tape cover the bottom of your cake topper and firmly attach to the doily on the top tier.

Stand back and look at your work of art. It is beautiful isn't it? Your gift will be the talk of the baby shower. Diaper Cake

By Arlene M from S.W Florida

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Decorative Shower Diaper Cake

Diaper CakeI wanted to share the diaper cake that I made for my sister's baby shower. It makes a great decoration as well as gift!

I started out rolling the diapers up and using rubber bands to secure them. As it got bigger I used string to tie them together. When each tier was to the size I wanted, I secured it with the string then wrapped it in a pretty wired ribbon.

I used a dowel up the center to hold it all together. Silk flowers were used to top the cake and decorate the sides for a more elegant look but you could put all kinds of toys and goodies as decoration. I put it on a matching receiving blanket and surrounded it with cards I made with sayings about babies and used pretty candles to accent. (On the first tier you can see the nametags I made for the parents-to-be with ribbon elephants glued on for fun.)

I bought the size 3 diapers from Costco and used almost the whole box (about 180). (I used the larger ones because babies grow so quickly.)

By Christine from Spanaway, WA

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Tip: Baby Diaper Cake for Shower

Diaper Cake2This is a photo of a Diaper Cake my niece recieved at her baby shower. It was made from pampers and stacked two layers high. Tiny ribbon weaved through it held it together and small "necessities" were tucked around the layers. On the top was a stuffed Duck and baby blocks. Tied around each layer was a beautiful "Suzi's Zoo ribbon tied into bows. It was so pretty we used it as a centerpiece for her gift table.

Sharon from KY

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Here are questions related to Making a Diaper Cake.

Question: Diaper Cake Using Disposable Diapers

How do you make a "diaper cake" out of disposable diapers? I am hosting a baby shower and would like to make one if it is not too complicated. Thanks in advance.

Barbara from Kingsport, TN

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Best Answers

By Charleen 10 8 11/04/2008 Flag

DIAPER CAKE : Open up a diaper and roll it from the design (front of the diaper) to the other end. Roll the diaper up real tight as it makes the cake look the best. Put a rubber band around the diaper in the middle. Repeat for the rest of the diapers, that you will be using for the diaper cake.

BOTTOM LAYER: Takes about 36 diapers. You will have 3 rings of diapers, if you want a "large" cake. Otherwise if you want a smaller cake, than do 2 rings. First ring will take about 6 diapers. Place diapers in a circle standing them on end around a 2 oz. sample size baby magic baby product or a 4 oz, baby bottle.

Put a large rubber band around this layer. Second ring will take about 12 diapers. Put the diapers around the first ring of diapers and place a large rubber band around this ring to hold diapers in place. Third ring will take about 18 diapers. Put diapers around the second ring of diapers and put a large rubber band around this ring also.

MIDDLE LAYER: Takes about 18 diapers. Repeat as above, except just make two rings of diapers. If you choose to do a 2 layer cake, put an 8 oz. bottle in the middle of the first ring. Otherwise if you do a 3 layer cake, then place a 2 oz. baby magic product or 4 oz. baby bottle in the middle.

TOP LAYER: Takes about 6 diapers for 1 ring. Place an 8 oz. bottle in the middle. Or forget the bottle in the middle and add an extra diaper and top off with a small stuffed animal or toy. Don't forget to put a large rubber band around each ring. Finish off with placing a half inch wide ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands on the outer rings of diapers. Place the smaller layers on top of the larger one.

You can tuck little baby things in between each diaper. Place the taller things (like bottle brushes, baby brushes, spoons) on the outer edge of the layer so that it does not interfere with placing the smaller layer on top. You can wrap a receiving blanket around the middle layer of diapers. Fold the blanket the same height as the diapers and fasten the ends together with diaper pins.

Have fun, be creative. Put in a clear plastic garbage bag. Attach a poem: "Here is a cake made with love, though I wouldn't call it yummy. For the ingredients that were used go on a baby's bottom, not in a tummy. Flour, sugar, milk, and eggs will make a cake so sweet, but diapers, blankets, and baby socks will make a handy treat."

Here are some other poems:

Here's a special gift I made just for you. I didn't have to sew or even use glue. It's filled with lots of things you see, but most of all with love from me!

Here's a cake for your special day,
Because the stork is on her way.
It's filled with lots of things for you,
On the outside, and inside, too.
Place them in your diaper bag,
So all the necessities you will have.
For the big day soon will come,
When you can show off your little one!

written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

Baby Cakes are so much fun,
they're sure to delight a new mom.
Filled with things from A to Z,
So many things a baby needs.
Diapers, toys, powders, and pins,
Wonderful times will soon begin!

written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

Here's a special gift I made just for you.
I didn't have to sew or even use glue,
It's filled with lots of things you see,
But most of all with love from me!

written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

6 Cloth Diapers, you can wash every day
6 More Diapers, you can throw away
Fold in 1 bib, in case baby should dribble
Add in 4 socks, to cover toes as they wiggle
Fold in 1 shirt (onsie), to keep in the heat
Bind with 4 pins, to keep the cake neat

written by ~ Tami Enos ~

Take 2 cloth diapers, you can wash every day
Add 6 disposable diapers, you can throw away
Fold in 2 blankets, to keep baby cozy
Add in 4 socks, to cover their toesies
Add in 1 shirt, to keep in the heat
Fold in 1 bib, to make cake complete
Then bind with 4 pins, to keep the cake neat

written by ~ Tami Enos ~

You will need:

14 - medium size diapers (depending on what size you want you may use more or less diapers)
1 - baby bottle
1 each - travel size lotion, powders, bath, shampoo, diaper rash
1 - small bib
1 - receiving blanket
1 - book
1 - brush and comb set
1 - set of baby fingernail clippers
1 - travel size Q-tips
1 - teether
1 - rattle
1 - cellophane bag (optional)
curly ribbon (optional)
rubber bands
lace and tape or ribbon

Take a diaper and open it and wrap it around the bottom of the baby bottle. Secure with rubber band. Take three more diapers and follow the same procedure. Pull the baby bottle up enough so there is room to place half of the bottle of powders inside, under the bottle. Lay aside.

Take another diaper and open it and wrap it around the bottom half of the bottle of baby powders. Secure with rubber band. Do the same with the remaining diapers. Now place the top of the bottle of powders inside the diapers with the baby bottle. Wrap a receiving blanket around the bottom and secure with rubber band. Place the brush and comb set behind the baby bottle, secure with rubber band. Place the book at the back on top of the bottom section and secure with rubber band. Tie the bib around the baby bottle so that it hangs in the front.

Place the rest of the items all around the cake to fill in the gaps. Place ribbon around the cake to hide rubber bands and tie or use lace and tape in the back. Print above poem and attach to cake. Place the cake inside a cellophane bag and tie with curly ribbon.

*You can use any items you would like.
*Add more or less.
*Use washcloths to make small ones called "cupcakes".
*Use disposable or cloth diapers.
*As you wrap the diapers around, hide small items inside the cake.

You can make it as simple or as fancy as you like. The one I made I decorated with flowers and butterflies, little baby girl shoes and candy flower lollypops. It was delightful and a HUGE hit at my daughter's baby shower. Good luck!

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By Tammy 9 45 05/31/2009 Flag

Search youtube for directions and use your own imagination. It will turn out great!

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Question: Making The Original Diaper Cake

Do you know how to make the original 3 tier cake where you wrap Styrofoam with baby blankets and pin baby items onto each layer decorating the cake. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


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Best Answer

By Karen 12 33 07/22/2008 Flag

I used a cute baby bottle as the center. For bottom layer I rolled up receiving blankets around the bottle. The second layer was rolled up cloth diapers (or you could use disposable). I used straight pins in the center to secure both layers. On outside I used diaper pins. The top layer was baby wash clothes and socks. It was big. I recommend making and transporting layers separately, then put them together at the shower. Decorate the cake with small baby stuff, such as pacifiers, rattles, teething necklaces, etc.. Go crazy. It is so cute and fun. You can also use party decorations to match. Well good luck! Ohhhh, and tuck some chocolate inside for mommy!

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Question: Baby Shower Diaper Cake Instructions

Does anyone have a pattern for the baby shower diaper cake?

Sandy from Stewartstown, PA

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Best Answer

By Lyndi Morier 11 3 01/14/2008 Flag

I don't have a suggestion for the diaper cake idea, but I do have a suggestion for a diaper wreath. My girlfriend gave me one when my last baby was born and I loved it so much I made one for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first little girl (after 4 boys) any day now.

You will need a wire wreath form. Open the diapers slightly and sandwich it around the wire wreath form. Use a tiny hair rubber band to scrunch the diaper up a little and help it stay on the wreath. Go all the way around the whole wreath. Then use curling ribbon to cover the rubber band and also add additional support to keep the diaper on the wreath. Then use some curling ribbon to attach "baby items" around the wreath. I used diaper rash ointment, pacifiers, a bottle, a bottle of baby oil and baby lotion, a brush/comb set, etc.

The fun part is to find diapers that might match the color scheme. For instance, I found that the Walmart brand White Cloud has purple diapers. These are what I used to make the wreath for my sister-in-law. But Pampers Swaddlers are yellow and Pampers Baby Dry are green, Huggies have blueish colored diapers. Anyways, you can use a different brand to make a more "girly" or "boyish" wreath or one that is more unisex.

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Question: Making a Baby Shower Cake

How do you make a baby shower cake?

By fefiep from Port Huron, MI

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Best Answer

By vickie guy 42 101 07/01/2009 Flag

Easy! Roll up individual diapers, rubber band around each one. Then stack them and decorate with ribbon or whatever you like.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Baby Diaper Cake Instructions

I just saw a picture of a diaper cake made for a baby shower. It was made of diapers as a centerpiece. I have a friend due in June. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make something like this It was 3 tiers with ribbons and beautiful.

<img src="" width="300" height="388">

Please help!

Karen from Port Clinton, OH


I've made a couple of these. I just folded receiving blankets (to 'fill' the bottom layer). I use straight pins to tack them in place. Then I did the second layer similar. For the top layer repeat but then you can use a baby bottle for the 'bride/groom' part. You can drape/pin whatever you want on each layer. I've made this also for a bridal shower using white towels/etc. for this. real cute good luck with the new baby.

By Nancy

Archive: Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake

I made this adorable diaper cake (my first one) for my first grand child's shower. I just finished it today. I was amazed at how easy it was to make.

I used 56 size 1 Luvs diapers and rolled each one then secured each with a rubber band. Use a larger rubber band to hold them together as you add them to make each layer. Mine is a 3 tier. I used 1 8oz and 1 4oz baby bottle in the center to hold the layers together. I secured each layer with tulle (tie kind of tight). Then I started decorating. I used 3 receiving blankets, 2 onesies, 2 washcloths, a few rattles and different things to decorate it.

I also search the net for pictures and printed them on matte finish photo paper, cut them out, then used them as decorations as well. I was able to personalize the cake this way. I used 3 different colors of ribbon. I also used tulle and curling ribbon. I think it turned out adorable.

<img src="" width="225" height="300" border="0" hspace="7" vspace="0" alt="Baby Shower Diaper Cake">

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

Archive: Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake

This a picture of a diaper cake that I just made for a friend's baby shower. It was the first one that I made and found that it was very easy to do at half the cost of buying one.

By Tami from Mount Pleasant, SC

<img src="" width="236" height="300" border="0" hspace="7" vspace="0" alt="Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake">

Archive: Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake

<img src="" width="234" height="300" border="0" hspace="7" vspace="0" alt="Craft: Baby Shower Diaper Cake" align="right">I made a very nice diaper cake for much less than the others I usually make. I bought the polka dot ribbon for $1 at the dollar tree. The two other ribbons at Big lots for $2 for a package of 4 different ribbons. I used just $1 worth of that.

I got the topper at the dollar tree for $1 and the diapers are white cloud, which Wal-mart had marked down to $5. I used about 1/2 bag of the white paper grass and just a few sprigs of blue curling ribbon. So, I have a grand total of $8.50 in this diaper cake and sold it for $50.00. It took about an hour total to make.

This is my way of supplementing my income when I am laid off work. I am raising 2 boys on my own, so every bit helps.

  1. To make this cake, roll 61 size 1 diapers and secure each with a rubber band. I use a heavy duty paper towel roll for the center support (this way you can keep all the layers together and they are very sturdy. I then cover this with a colorful napkin (also taped).

  2. Using a large rubber band, start building your cake by adding 1 rolled diaper at a time until you have 3 rows on the bottom (37 diapers), 2 rows in the middle (17 diapers).

  3. Add two rows of polka dot ribbon to the bottom layer using double-sided sticky tape (so you don't damage the diapers), a ribbon of your choice in the middle of the two. Then do the same with the second tier.

  4. I only used one piece of the polka dot ribbon on this tier. Add your white grad to the top of each tier using the sticky tape again. Insert your centerpiece and add a few curled pieces of curling ribbon.

You are done with an awesome diaper cake.

By Tammy from Herrin, Il