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Organizations That Assist Low Income Families Get Free Furniture

I am in need of a new bed, some furniture, and most of all a car. My husband is on SSD and I am going through a lot with my health and am not able to work at this time. Most of our money goes towards rent and electric. We can barely pay that. How can I get a charity to help me get furniture, a bed, and a car?


By Gina

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May 28, 20112 found this helpful
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Ask your church if they can help you or make suggestions. Many groups that help people in a community let churches know they are available. For that matter many people in your church may volunteer for groups that help people. If you don't go to church it may be time to start (but go to one you haven't asked for help from).

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May 6, 20162 found this helpful

How do I get help for furniture

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June 26, 20160 found this helpful

Hi, i am on SSI. Im in need of a grant for a new sofa. But cant afford to buy one because they are way to expensive. I have a very old futon and it sits very low to the floor. Also, its very uncomfortable. When i or anyone sits on it, they are sitting on the bars. It now hurts my back. I want and need a real couch. Soft and comfortable.

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October 23, 20160 found this helpful

I recently left my husband and i need a need and other stuff could you please:help me. I have to have surgery on my left knee please could you help me I can't even get out of need in the middle of the n night to go to the rest room god bless anyone that can help me thanks

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November 30, 20163 found this helpful

I have a free couch and chair in good condition. It is not a low to the floor couch.

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December 5, 20161 found this helpful

Were are you located im in need of all furniture

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December 21, 20160 found this helpful

Hi. I need a couch and a chair. Badly. Is this still available? However I have no car. Can it be delivered? Just asking.

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January 10, 20170 found this helpful

I like to ask for help getting beds for my 4 children I'm a single mother low income could u please help me find a place at decent prices or one that can work on small payments thank u

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February 8, 20171 found this helpful

I am in need of a couch I just moved in my new place with my son I could use this if still available

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February 24, 20170 found this helpful

Staunton, Va

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March 26, 20170 found this helpful

Look up ashelys furniture they have a program called hope to dream where kids can get free beds mattress bedding sets you dont get to pick them out they do it for you do unsure of style/colors but it's an amazing program check it out

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April 18, 20170 found this helpful

Im interested

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April 25, 20170 found this helpful

FREE I have a small couch in good condition - it is torn on the the back (where your back leans on the couch). Couch has a seat cover, two overe the arm covers & a pillow or two. FREE You would have to pick up (I'm unable to help).

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May 7, 20170 found this helpful

HI, I am in need of a a living room set. my so called friend robed all my furniture and my sons things. He lost his dad so he is still grieving and she robbed all his games stations and games that him and his dad started collecting. we are so distort about this. it would be so nice of you if you still have the couch and chair. Thank you and God Bless Bridget my email is

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May 16, 20170 found this helpful

i need some help getting a couch set and dining table and chairs ,. i ad to sell mine in order to pay some one gas money to move me

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May 31, 20114 found this helpful
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There is a web site that is called Freecycle, you can find the groups in your area and join. They post items that they will give away and you can ask for items.

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April 25, 20170 found this helpful

I have a free small floral couch it has tears but can be covered with the original seat cover, also has two arm covers & a pillow or two. 6-1/2' x 33"

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May 27, 20113 found this helpful

I don't know of any place that gives out free cars. Do you receive help with your rent, like a subsidy? If you do report that your income has went down and your share of the rent will go down. If you aren't renting a place like that start looking for one. They are usually HUD buildings and have to meet certain safety levels. There are other types of rent subsidies, but where I live there is at least a three year waiting list, whereas the HUD ones usually have a shorter waiting list. As far as furniture goes, go to the Salvation Army and they will usually give you a voucher to take to their Thrift Store for free furniture. They don't always have everything a person needs and it isn't always real good stuff, remember when people donate things it is usually because they don't want it for one reason or another.

As far as beds go, I need a new bed, too, but I won't get a used bed, no matter how clean it looks you can't be positive there aren't bed bugs or other nasty stuff in it, therefore I will make do with my old one until I have saved enough to get a new one. When it comes to free furniture, the thrift stores will only give out the bare necessities, nothing like TVs, etc.

You could ask for help from your church, when it comes to a car, maybe somebody has an old beat up clunker that still runs good that they would be willing to donate. I know a lady that got a car from her church, she says it looks like crap, but gets her where she has to go. However, she also attends church at least once a week.

Also if you aren't already on food stamps go and apply for them. I know lots of people that are getting by on between $500 and $700 a month, either retirement social security with no pension or SSI or SSD. Be aware that in most places when you get free furniture from a charity you have to be able to haul it yourself. When it comes to a car, I gave up my car in 1997, because I decided it was to expensive to maintain it. I ride the paratransit buses sometimes (with them you have to plan ahead). If I decide I want to go someplace on the spur of the moment I use a cab (for that I make sure I don't have to go very far).

Car expenses add up, tires, gas, oil changes, lubes, repairs, general maintenance, insurance, and whatever else comes up. When I had a car and was going out of town on short trips, I always took it to a mechanic and had the belts and hoses checked. I checked the oil myself if I had to add some, I did that. My Dad made sure my Mother and us girls knew how to do that and my now "ex" also did that. My ex and I always had a good car, because he knew how to do the maintenance on them and more than just general maintenance. You might be further ahead using a bus or cab or even paying friends to take you places.

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August 12, 20160 found this helpful

My husband is dead. I am in a wheelchair. I can not get my neighbors to help cause they don't have a lift for my electric wheelchair. And I need help replacing my furniture because of bed bugs. And I need to to move because of the bugs and because of the place i live in is full of bed bugs. It is owned by father joe and he doesn't care about the people that pay rent every month. We are not considered tenants. He gets money from the government because even tenants are considered homeless.

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October 5, 20160 found this helpful

Coastal Community Action

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January 4, 20170 found this helpful

I just moved in my new apartment no business so I need help so I've been through a lot so I just want to know how to get some furniture from you

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March 8, 20170 found this helpful

Im not workin i nees help with ma kids room and ma room

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January 25, 20131 found this helpful

Have you applied for Ssdi & ssi? It's common to first apply on your own and be denied. once you have a denial then it's time to find a disability lawyer to appeal your case. Make sure you find legal counsel that does not get paid unless you win your case. It's a very lengthy process but also keep up with your time frames for an appeal.

In my case I was denied when I applied on my own. However, I then was paralyzed due to lack of timely treatment because the doctors and ER did not treat or take me seriously. My disc finally ruptured and they all thought I was lying, and wouldn't run an mri which would have shown the disc went from having degeneration to actually rupturing causing nerve damage that was time sensitive and because they wouldn't test or treat my spinal injury I became paralyzed.

For years I knew my health was getting worse however many of my doctors did not take me seriously. It's a very frustrating and financially draining process advocating for yourself when doctors think it's all in your head. I would just say no master what don't give up. I've learned medicine is just a practice of trial and error and many doctors assume most patients are drug seeking or attention seeking.

Any way once a lawyer appeals your case it can take years to actually get a hearing. Also I, learned patients are legally allowed to get copies of their medical records once a year at no cost. Most hospitals and doctors will try and charge you a fee. I often had to tell them legally you are entitled to one free copy per year.

Also if you already receive medicaid they cannot charge you. However they can charge your attorney. So it depends how your fee schedule is setup but many disability lawyers receive either 1/3 or 1/4 of your settlement if finally approved. But others can also charge for their out of pocket costs in getting medical records. I'm not sure if you've done all this but wanted to mention it in case you haven't. Also the lawyer only gets paid if he wins your case and only gets his or her portion of back paid disability from the date the court says, you became unable to work/disabled not future earnings. In the meantime setup an appointment with your local chamber of commerce. They helped pay my rent, utilities, etc. and then they refer you to agencies that will also help you.

You also need to sign up for medicaid. Also with medicaid there are different categories. Make sure you tell them you want to apply for disability medicaid which often first they approve based on family income/size but once approved medically it's based on your disability. In my case once I was approved for ssdi I also became eligible for medicare. With Medicare there is a waiting period. In my case that meant my medicare wouldn't start until Sept. that year. But because I received so much back pay

I had too many assets to keep full medicaid. I basically used the back pay and

bought a car which was my primary car. But that some how meant one month I had too much income for medicaid without a large spenddown. So I appealed the loss on my own for full medicaid to end beginning in Aug.

If you appeal medicaid notices on changes basically It puts you day in a stay put for 30 days which helped me keep medicaid until medicare is in place. Also I've learned medicare pays less than medicaid. however, bc I had disability medicaid I still keep medicaid but it only helps once I pay so much in towards spenddown.

Also there is special assistance you can apply for to pay your medicare monthly premium. Also sign up for other programs such as TANG, Food stamps, Wic, Area agency for disabled adults medicare waivers, trust programs if needed, and medicare programs that also will last for your medicare part d drug program, medicaid for children (my daughter receives even though my primary is now medicare.

If children check out Ashley Home Furniture's Hope to dream program will help children get quality new mattress sets with foundations and complete bedding. Also it's a memory foam mattress set very nice. Also medicare & medicaid will help get beds/mattresses, medical equipment for you if eligible.

Basically it's all quite timely and time consuming. And often seems unfair as I receive $3 too much a month to receive a premium free medicaid for my daughter, and also spend down free medicaid to help pay the 20% medicare doesn't, and do not get food stamps because my ssdi is $ 3 too much a month.

Also if you have minor children make sure the social security office is aware and your child gets half of your ssdi/ssi amount paid to help also. often office the chamber of commerce office can refer you to food banks, agencies that will pay your electric and gas costs, churches, clothing, furniture, holiday assistance, etc.

I've found some don't get why you have a cell phone but need help paying for electricity, in my case due to mobility issues as I do drive and by the grace of God now walk. I prayed and prayed until finally once I fully believed there is God and I finally years later took my first step without needing to hold on in the pool.

My doctors said my chances of ever walking again was 1 in a million. To Christ he can provide miraculous healing but I had to fully believe first. I had no feeling or movement for two years from the waist down. I slowly could move but not feel.

Finally in the water I learned to walk without complete feeling. I basically then paced the pool daily. I now have at most 50% feeling in some areas below the waist with many areas no feeling. But I'm sure my faith healed things doctors could never have fixed. Also water is symbolically represented with life if you think of being baptized, being born, the living body etc.

I hope this somehow helps you too. I'll pray for you and your family to find some sense of real living again. have a blessed day. At least in heaven one day we'll all be healed free of pain and the problems associated with our Earthly lives.

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November 4, 20150 found this helpful

Yes! Amen! Plz. Keep our family of 9 in prayer..For we are in need. Thank u .

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August 28, 20131 found this helpful

I will be moving very soon, my teenage daughters will be needing dressers sets. I will be needing sofa set. I'm also in need of a car I'm not picky at all. I will appreciate whatever you bless me with. The only income I have is SSI. Thank you.

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February 9, 20140 found this helpful

I need help with a car. I'm walking all over and taking a cab

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April 23, 20170 found this helpful

Gina what area are in Dee

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