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Remedies for Armpit Odor

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Armpit Odor

Armpit odor is not only embarrassing, but may be difficult to get under control. This is a guide about remedies for armpit odor.


Solutions: Remedies for Armpit Odor

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Tip: Hand Sanitizer for Underarm Odor

Hand sanitizer worked like a charm for me when I developed a sudden, strong underarm odor that no amount of bathing, traditional remedy, nor deodorant would control. Four physicians dismissed the problem as normal, even though I'm a middle aged woman who has never had a body odor and have never had to use deodorant.

After many months of this embarrassing problem, I got the idea to try hand sanitizer. Not only did the sanitizer stop the odor immediately, after a week's use the odor has not returned. I'm assuming the cause was bacterial and that the sanitizer killed whatever bacteria was lurking there. At any rate, it's a cheap, safe solution to try.

    By jbj117 [1]

    Tip: Natural Remedy for Armpit Odor

    I come from a tropical country when I was a kid. I remember at school the teacher would make us rub lime with baking soda, that used to work very well!

      By mremis [1]

      Tip: Antibacterial Soap for Underarm Odor

      After reading all the tips and trying them out, none worked for me. However after I thought about the cause of the odor, which is bacteria, I realized I was going about it the wrong way.

      I went out and bought a bottle of anti-bacterial soap. When pumped, and you only need to pump it once, it creates a foam. Take a bit in both palms and rub it in the armpit.

      At the beginning, wash twice, rinse and dry and then take a little in each palm and apply to underarm. Let it dry a bit and then get dressed.
      It took about 4 washes to get rid of the odor. I did this for a week and I was so happy. Now I wash my armpits twice a day (morning and bedtime) with the same antibacterial soap and only apply my regular anti-perspirant.

        By terryl [1]

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        Here are questions related to Remedies for Armpit Odor.

        Question: Armpits Never Free of Odor After Showering

        My underarms always smell a little bit bad after showering, no matter what I've used. I've used so many different showering gels, cloths, and sponges. None work. The smell isn't terrible, but it's never fully clean. I'm also on quite a tight budget. :/ Please help.

        By Terri M.


        Best Answers

        By latw200503/07/2014

        I found out from the People's Pharmacy website that baby diaper cream works best. I have been using it about twice a week after my shower instead of ANY deodorant for about six months and it really works. I use Boudreaux's Butt Paste brand that has a slight balsam smell, but you can shop around.

        Best Answers

        By onniejoe131302/27/2014

        I had the same problem so solved the problem. I exfoliated underarms with a paste made of baking soda and cornmeal, no more odor. We have dead skin under armpits. It works, try it

        Best Answers

        By RobbDee02/26/2014

        Armpit odor is caused by bacteria. Shower body wash, gels etc. may not work for everyone. Try this on a weekend. After your shower apply antibacteria ointment on your pits. May take two treatments. The Walmart house brand is good. The odor will vanish.

        Question: Remedy for Bad Underarm Odor

        I have tried everything from lime to baking soda to milk of magnesia. I try to remove all the bacteria as much as possible with methylated spirit. I use a men's deodorant now and nothing seems to be working. I am a teenager. It is very embarrassing because I am a leader in many groups and a lot of people talk bad about me. Please help.

        By Camun D


        Best Answer

        By cathy [2]04/21/2015

        You should take 1 chllorophyll tablet twice a day , Also wipe underarms with lemon juice[can use the stuff that comes in the bottle] - rinse and dry.then put deodorant on , You will still sweat but you won't have a bad odor , make sure you are not allergic to grass [chlorophyll] or green plants before you take the chlorophll , was with a good deodorant soap or a peppermint soap . . should help

        Question: What to do About Armpit Odor

        Since my first child I've had the problem of arm pit odor. I'm thinking it has something to do with my hormone levels changing, but haven't had it checked yet. What have you tried, I've tried practically all the brands of deodorants including some men's brands, crystals, alcohol, and apple cider vinegar to no avail. irislynn777

        Most Recent Answer

        By Melody H. [2]04/16/2015

        More than 30 years ago, I contracted a staph infection in my left arm pit. After that, I couldn't tolerate any deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum without getting a terrible arm pit rash. I was left with stinky pits all the time and tried every cure out there. Eventually, I read on line about using milk of magnesia. This has been the best treatment I've ever found for smelly arm pits!

        I buy the generic brand, shake the bottle and apply daily anywhere on my body that I think might smell and offend other people, especially in the summer months. I've read it kills the bacteria that cause odor, so I smell good all the time now. The best thing is the low, low cost of this treatment. I never have the rash any more which was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. I take a small container on trips.

        Question: Causes of Body Odor

        I have a strange odor emanating from my body. It's not a "BO" odor, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for when it starts. At first I thought it was some medication I was taking and which I stopped taking, but the odor continues. It isn't food related either. I went to the doctor and I have her stumped. What could be causing this?

        By as327 from NY

        Most Recent Answer

        By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]08/29/2009

        Yes, I hate to say it, but you need a second opinion. Many illnesses cause different body odors. One church friend who had terrible BO had cancer... another had diabetes. If you're uncomfortable with your own odor, the first friend I mentioned started taking charcoal capsules, and that helped eliminate her BO. God bless. Jo

        Question: Remedy for Armpit Odor

        I am in college now, but still I can't cure my underarm problem. It's not the sweat, it's the smell. I've tried everything, but none of it worked. Some students was making fun of me and that's not really good. It's bringing down my confidence and I don't know what to do. I'm so hopeless for now, I feel so down. I don't wanna be the same girl anymore. I wanna express myself, but I can't because this thing keeps holding me back. I'm so tired of being teased. What should I do?

        By Mikaela

        Most Recent Answer

        By ateam82012/15/2013

        Maybe too much info but here it goes. In my personal experience deodorant just made things worst! I smelled like funk and flowers! :( I have given up the deodorant for good and only use baby powder to keep me dry a little longer. What I do now is I carry spare t-shirts in my purse at all times. I usually wash my underarms 2-3 times a day and change my shirt about 2-3 day & shower every night. I personally would love to go see a MD but I have no insurance or money so this is my remedy, I hope it helped in some way. Just know you aren't the only one struggling with this! I hope you find a solution! Best of luck!

        Question: Reducing Armpit Odor

        I was using Rexona soap for 3 months. After that I developed an odor coming from my armpits. I even remove the hair from my armpits, but it does not help. It is very noticeable even in winter. I tried Lifebuoy and Dove soap, but there is no change. Can anyone please give me solution?

        By Mani from Ap

        Most Recent Answer

        By Her's Isla L.12/13/2013

        Try using milk of magnesia, it works for me after the long search! Hope it will work for you too!

        Question: Remedies for Excessive Sweating and Underarm Odor

        I'm a 35 year old female with excessive sweat and odor under my arms. I have tried most deodorants including the clinical strength. I just don't know what to do, nothing seems to help. Hope you can help me.

        By can ya help? from Anaheim, CA

        Most Recent Answer

        By RobbDee02/26/2014

        Nearly everyone sweats, it's the body natural air conditioner. What seems excessive to you may be in the normal range. Antii-perspirants attempt to stop sweat, often resulting in odor because the pores can function. Better to use a deodorant and let your pits 'breathe.'

        Question: Excessive Foul Sweating

        I am 25 years old male and have seriously excessive foul smelling sweating, just from my underarms. I have tried several antiperspirants, however none seem to help. The sweating is not throughout the day, but usually random 10-15 minutes sweat bursts from specifically the underarms. No deodorant or perfume has been able to mask the smell.

        I have tried everything from changing several shirts during the daytime, to daily showering using anti bacterial soaps. Nothing seems to work and this can be really terrible if occurs during a meeting or at my workspace. Wondering if someone is facing similar problems. Thanks

        By Dimitry

        Most Recent Answer

        By Abigail A. [8]11/30/2014

        Botox is often used for this. I don't know how expensive it is.

        Question: Sudden Armpit Odor

        I've never had smelly armpits. I do sweat, but it was always the salty-like smell; never a bad smell. About a month ago i noticed the change in odor. I thought it was this new perfume my roommate got for me which I stopped using immediately. Nothing changed. No deodorant helps, makes it instead worse.

        I increased my number of showers from twice daily to three or four. Nothing changed. Am I sick? I really need help.

        By Relinda

        Most Recent Answer

        By Lizzyanny [9]02/25/2015

        Try a gel hand sanitizer under your arms. Works for me. Many things can affect underarm odor. Stress, age, hormones, what you are eating and drinking. Think about what changed in your life before this began. Good luck.

        Question: Remedy for Underarm Odor

        It's a bit long winded so please bare with me on this. I shower every morning before work around 6am. I always use deodorant and aftershave. For a good few hours or so I smell great and feel fresh.

        The office where I work doesn't have air conditioning and I find that by mid morning (say 10am) I start to develop an underarm odor. It's not terrible, you can just about make out the smell of my shower gel, but it just smells a bit off.

        I also wear white t-shirts underneath my work shirts really just to prevent any embarrassing sweat stains appearing on my shirts. I've wondered whether this off smell might be coming from the t-shirts which in turn affects the smell from under my arms.

        It's started to make me paranoid at work as I have overheard people talking about me in the office. It makes me feel useless because I'm aware of the slightly off smell.

        Is there anything I can do to stop this slightly off odor I develop whilst at work? Any help would be really appreciated.

        By JakeP

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]10/27/2014

        I find that if one wears natural fibres -- ie, cotton , rather than polyester or a poly/cotton blend, you will find that your clothes smell less. Just about everyone who wears polyester shirts or blouses will have smelly armpits by the end of the workday. Switch to cotton, and you will have less of a problem. If you wear a cotton undershirt, I believe you will have fewer odor problems, even if your dress shirts are part polyester, which is preferable, because they don't require ironing!! You should also consider changing brands of antiperspirant, and being sure that you have the fragrance free kind, as the perfumes in some brands are smelly in combination with personal chemistry.

        Question: Sour Smelling Armpits After Using Antibiotics

        I use deodorants everyday. I started taking antibiotics a week and a half ago and for the past 3 days I been having this sour odor from my armpits. I take a shower twice a day.

        By Miranda

        Most Recent Answer


        By this time your antibiotic regimen is probably done and the odor will go away on it's own within about a week. Drink water throughout the day (don't overdo) and that will help flush/cleanse your system of the residual effects even more quickly.

        Question: Alternative to Roll On Deodorant

        I want to stop using a deodorant (roll-on) without my armpits having an odor, is it possible?

        By Thabi

        Most Recent Answer

        By Susan W.12/20/2013

        Make a paste of coconut oil and baking soda. There are recipes online. I think if baking soda bothers you, you may find alternatives.


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