Remedies for Armpit Odor

Armpit odor is not only embarrassing, but may be difficult to get under control. This is a guide about remedies for armpit odor.


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Well everyday I go to school by walking, but I sweat even before getting to school. Sometimes I feel like going back home and showering but it's too late.
Many people talk about me and they say I never shower. I don't understand even when I'm showering routinely it happens. Why do my armpits smell so bad when I'm playing, but others don't smell. What can I do? And why me only?

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Do you have excessive perspiration? This can also be a problem, as well as smelliness. My son had this problem, and used a product called "Drysol" (I think that was the name -- I hope it was! We found the name by googling on the net, and then discussed this with our druggist, who had the product on the shelves.) This worked well for him. As well, he used Mitchem antiperspirant, as that was the most effective brand. I would also suggest wearing clothes made from cotton, as polyester shirts are more prone to smelliness than cotton ones. You could try these things first, as they are pretty low cost, and don't require a doctor's visit. However, if the perspiration is not excessive, Drysol is not for you; it is not for just odor.

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Try this. Go to cvs or walgreens and buy hibiclens. Use it daily or even three times per week. I know it makes you super clean and it is what health professionals such as surgeons use before surgery.

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Since my first child I've had the problem of arm pit odor. I'm thinking it has something to do with my hormone levels changing, but haven't had it checked yet. What have you tried, I've tried practically all the brands of deodorants including some men's brands, crystals, alcohol, and apple cider vinegar to no avail. irislynn777

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You need to consult with a dermatologist, there is a pill you can take that will solve your problem. In fact you can go a full day without deodorant or antiperspirant. I know this can be a very embarrassing moment and I feel you pain but I am sure a dermatologist can help.

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I have been fighting underarm odor for the past 35+ years. Have tried every deodorant, crystal, powder, etc. on the market. I am also allergic to fragrance so until kinda recently I couldn't use deodorants without getting an awful rash. And when I was young, I was a professional ballroom dancer, so keeping fresh and sweet smelling was quite a challenge. Things I have learned are:

You need to scrub your underarms with a light scrubber using an antibiotic soap bar like Dial or Safeguard. This gets rid of most prior deodorant applications and bacteria and keeps your pores unclogged. Everyone's chemistry is different, so try different antibiotic soaps to find the best for you.

Then after you've towel dried, use rubbing alcohol thoroughly under your armpits. Repeat a couple times a day as necessary. I use flat round cotton pads soaked in a little container I can carry in my purse. This makes it easy to do a quickie touchup wipe anytime or anywhere.

If I know I am going to be working out or going dancing, I will use a product called Drysol or CertiDri(?). This must be applied at nite after you've showered and are lying down in bed. Apply lightly to underarms and keep arms raised until completely dry or it may sting and cause redness or a rash. This method should keep you dry all day. Its kinda a hassle but will keep you dry during workouts or stress.

Lastly, I wear breathable tops. No synthetics or silks. These fabrics retain the odor and get worse as the day goes on.

When this method is used most of the time, deodorants are then effective when you use them periodically.

Additionally, you can also spray a small amount of your perfume below your underarms on your blouse or top so when you lift your arms, only the smell of your perfume should waft up to your nose or others around you. I hope this work for you as it has worked for me.

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My underarms always smell a little bit bad after showering, no matter what I've used. I've used so many different showering gels, cloths, and sponges. None work. The smell isn't terrible, but it's never fully clean. I'm also on quite a tight budget. :/ Please help.

By Terri M.

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Armpit odor is caused by bacteria. Shower body wash, gels etc. may not work for everyone. Try this on a weekend. After your shower apply antibacteria ointment on your pits. May take two treatments. The Walmart house brand is good. The odor will vanish.

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I had the same problem so solved the problem. I exfoliated underarms with a paste made of baking soda and cornmeal, no more odor. We have dead skin under armpits. It works, try it

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Hand sanitizer worked like a charm for me when I developed a sudden, strong underarm odor that no amount of bathing, traditional remedy, nor deodorant would control. Four physicians dismissed the problem as normal, even though I'm a middle aged woman who has never had a body odor and have never had to use deodorant.

After many months of this embarrassing problem, I got the idea to try hand sanitizer. Not only did the sanitizer stop the odor immediately, after a week's use the odor has not returned. I'm assuming the cause was bacterial and that the sanitizer killed whatever bacteria was lurking there. At any rate, it's a cheap, safe solution to try.

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My 13 years old daughter used this within seconds it was burning and sore

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THIS REMEDY IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! My friend had a very bad problem with armpit odor--even after showering. Never occurred to me that it could be a bacteria. He tried this remedy and by the second day, I could not believe the difference! By the third day, the odor was completely gone, even before he showered! I complete recommend this for those who have this same problem.

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I have tried everything from lime to baking soda to milk of magnesia. I try to remove all the bacteria as much as possible with methylated spirit. I use a men's deodorant now and nothing seems to be working. I am a teenager. It is very embarrassing because I am a leader in many groups and a lot of people talk bad about me. Please help.

By Camun D

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You should take 1 chllorophyll tablet twice a day , Also wipe underarms with lemon juice[can use the stuff that comes in the bottle] - rinse and dry.then put deodorant on , You will still sweat but you won't have a bad odor , make sure you are not allergic to grass [chlorophyll] or green plants before you take the chlorophll , was with a good deodorant soap or a peppermint soap . . should help

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Do not use any antibacterial or alcohol related that will kill the good bacterial at your make it worse...

Try different type/brand of normal soap....every manufacturer have different pH of soap and you just need the correct one....not saying that it's has to be the soap problem....but using a right pH soap can minimise the problem....change your diet too.....change one by one to see which foods/ingredient is causing the problem

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I am a 15 year old and I have really bad body odor. I sweat a lot which does not help at all. It's usually when I sweat that the odor starts and people are reporting me to the health aid and making fun of me before class starts. It's really upsetting me so much that I never want to be in class because I am so embarrassed. It mainly only happens at school, when I get home the sweating stops and so does the body odor so I am really confused. I don't know what to do. I don't know how much more I can take the teasing. It hurts so much and I am always embarrassed to be around other people at school because I don't want to be made fun of. Someone please help me I don't know what to do.

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Your having social sweating. (Or known as stress-sweat). There is a product that they make to actually temporarily seal the sweat pores. Called 'Stop-sweat'. Find it mainly at some Wal-marts (not all of them). You'd apply it to clean underarms, and at night. It takes a few hours to work-may actually make you a little itchy and kinda sweaty for a bit-so give it plenty time to work. This type works very well for stress sweat. After hours of having the Stop-sweat on, you can apply a good smelling Deoderant, just a small amount-to smell extra good. Another tip-Don't use any Deoderant on unclean underarms-I've learned that doing so will ruin the Deoderant or antiperspirant by leaving bacteria on bottle. Good luck.

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Try using Irish Spring soap and certain dri deodorant at night. In the morning you can use a regular deodorant to get you through the day hope that helps

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I am in college now, but still I can't cure my underarm problem. It's not the sweat, it's the smell. I've tried everything, but none of it worked. Some students was making fun of me and that's not really good. It's bringing down my confidence and I don't know what to do. I'm so hopeless for now, I feel so down. I don't wanna be the same girl anymore. I wanna express myself, but I can't because this thing keeps holding me back. I'm so tired of being teased. What should I do?

By Mikaela

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Hey so I struggled with the same issue all my life and am now in college. I actually have hyper hydrosis (not sure if I spelled that right) which is an over sweating of the palms but I swear I have the sweatiest pits and feet out there. I use apple cider vinegar on my arm pits after my morning shower, once a week. It kills the bacteria. When it comes to the confidence thing you just have to get a bit sassy! Your nerves about the smell will only make you sweat more. If someone is commenting about the smell I give you permission to say you have a disease called hyper hydrosis, and trust me once you say it's a disease or a disorder then they are the ones that look bad for making fun of you. Embrace the sweat and be confident, if someone has a problem with it then it's their problem not yours.

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Listerine or a different kill bacteria mouthwash help me. Also helps if i put blow dryer on cool and make sure i am completely dry before I apply deodorant.

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After reading all the tips and trying them out, none worked for me. However after I thought about the cause of the odor, which is bacteria, I realized I was going about it the wrong way.

I went out and bought a bottle of anti-bacterial soap. When pumped, and you only need to pump it once, it creates a foam. Take a bit in both palms and rub it in the armpit.

At the beginning, wash twice, rinse and dry and then take a little in each palm and apply to underarm. Let it dry a bit and then get dressed.
It took about 4 washes to get rid of the odor. I did this for a week and I was so happy. Now I wash my armpits twice a day (morning and bedtime) with the same antibacterial soap and only apply my regular anti-perspirant.

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This is a great tip! I have also used antibacterial soap in a pinch, when I accidentally forgot to put on my antiperspirant/deodorant before church one day. I am a heavy sweater, and the smell was obvious. Thankfully I noticed before the service began. I went to the restroom (which did not have stalls but was a lockable single person bathroom), wondering what I could do, and ended up carefully washing my armpits with antibacterial soap. I dried them with paper towels and then just wiped on a thin layer of the soap foam and left it. Problem was solved! I still was sweating heavily (of course) but now it had no odor.

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