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Removing Blood Stains from Clothing and Fabric

A bottle of hydrogen peroxide, great to use to remove blood stains.

If treated before before they set blood stains can generally be removed. This is a guide about removing blood stains from clothing and fabric.


Solutions: Removing Blood Stains from Clothing and Fabric

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Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

I had two shepherd dogs who were sisters but once in a while would get into an arguments. One day they did and got some blood on one of my favorite pillow covers. Well in our rush to make sure that no one was hurt too badly and to get things cleaned up, the pillow cover was tossed into the laundry basket instead of the wash.

I came across it later the next week and the blood stains were set in good. I was thinking what I could use to clean it, because bleach was out of the question due to the bright colors. I happened to glance at the peroxide and thought why not, it cleans wounds and washes them out. So I had a small spray bottle and put the peroxide in there without diluting it and sprayed the blood stains until they were wet and tossed it into the wash.

Well to my amazement they came out, all but a few of the more heavily stained areas. I sprayed those spots and washed it again and it was clean, no more blood stains. Since then I have been able to remove a lot of really set in stains that are organic based using the peroxide and no problems with colors so far. It is a lot cheaper than the spay laundry cleaners since I buy it in the large pint bottles at the dollar stores and I have found I use much less of it than the spray cleaners.

By AJ from California, MO

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Tip: Removing Blood from Fabric

Blood stains on clothes? Not to worry. Just pour a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood. Works every time! Now, where to put the body? LOL!

Source: From a good friend who is a nurse.

By JodiT from Aurora, CO

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Tip: Removing Blood Stains from White Clothes

My husband went fishing the other day, and came home with fish blood stained through his jeans to his underwear and on his white T-shirt. I washed the whites in bleach and dried them, but the stains were still there.

I had a thought about how I used peroxide the other day to whiten my teeth. So I got the white T-shirt an underwear out, poured peroxide on the blood stains, and went about my daily chores. When I came back to check on the clothes, the stains were completely gone. An old trick I almost forgot about worked where bleach did not.

By Sandra B. from Jefferson, OH

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Tip: Use Saliva to Remove Blood Stains

After years of trying every product imaginable to get blood out of clothing, I finally found what works. My father-in-law's colleague told him that the person whose blood it belongs to, can "lick" it out. So I tried it. I had a stain on my skirt (cotton) from where a razor cut on my leg had bled. I took a small amount of my own saliva on my finger and began to rub the stain. It took it completely out: not even the faint ring that is often left behind. However, a few weeks later when my son had a blood stain on one of his athletic uniforms, it was his saliva, not mine, that got it out. My amazement at how well it worked overcame my reluctance at how gross it was.

By Cassy from Enterprise, AL

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Tip: Removing Blood Stains from Clothing

To remove blood stains from clothing, follow these steps immediately, if possible:

  1. Saturate cotton balls or gauze with peroxide.
  2. Put gauze or cotton balls underneath the fabric to catch any moisture from the peroxide.
  3. Start "blotting" the stain, keep blotting until the stain is gone.

This will not leave a stain ring, I actually saw it being used on my mom during a chemo session. She had on a satin blouse, neither it nor the camisole were damaged!


  • 3 Tbsp peroxide ($1.00)
  • 4 cotton balls ($1.00)
  • 6 sq in gauze pads ($1.50)

    By Joyce Lambert [31]

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    Tip: Removing Blood Stains

    Use household ammonia (full strength) to remove blood stains from clothing. Try to catch the stain as quickly as possible, and launder right away in cold water. Stain will disappear.

    By CEBush from Phoenix, AZ

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    Here are questions related to Removing Blood Stains from Clothing and Fabric.

    Question: Removing Old Blood Stains from Fabric

    How do I remove old blood stains from fabric?

    Lorraine from Perth, Western Australia

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    Best Answers

    By pam munro 523 790 01/21/2009

    Hopefully the stain hasn't been set with heat - try to soak it in cold water as you would for any blood stains. Then try to remove the stain with bleach or hydrogen peroxide (a light bleach which works well with heat - so iron over it with a pressing cloth) or then try stain removers such as Shout and Zout to remove the stain. If the cloth is not white, it will be more difficult to remove the stain without also bleaching the fabric a bit.

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    By (Guest Post) 01/21/2009

    If the item is washable, try rubbing the stain with a fels naptha bar (found in the hand soap aisle) and launder. I have had good luck with that. Also try the peroxide with it. Can't hurt as the stain has pretty much ruined the item anyway.

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    By Laura Meller 6 40 01/21/2009

    409 takes out all blood stains. My sister told me this 30 yrs. ago, works!

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    By Katherine A. 1 02/17/2014

    You can try soaking the stain in ice water. This works best with fresher stains. This is what we used in the blood bank blood drawing station. We had paper towels at the ready sitting in very cold ice water. Safe for nearly all fabrics.

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    Question: Removing Blood Stains from Cotton Fabric

    How do I remove blood stains from cotton material?

    By Merinda G.

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    Best Answers

    By Rose 1 33 06/14/2011

    Cold water should get out the stains. If you have already washed and machine dried the fabric, look for a protein based detergent like Biz. Recently I used a generic dish detergent on a blood stain. I just let it soak in for a few minutes and rinsed and the stain was gone. it could take a few treatments if it has set in by washing and machine drying.

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    By bonnie-w 2 1 06/14/2011

    Peroxide and salt will remove blood, soak it in soapy water and pour peroxide directly on stain and cover stain with salt, rub fabric together. You may have to treat front and back of stain, never failed me yet! Happy cleaning!

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    By Paula Summerlin 3 38 06/15/2011

    Try adding a cup of ammonia to your wash with your detergent. If it has been washed and dried, you may have to do it more than once. Hope this helps!

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    By Lilac 20 1,331 06/15/2011

    Hydrogen peroxide will take out any blood stain if you get to it before the fabric is washed. Nurses used this for years when they wore white uniforms. It will not damage fabric.

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    Question: Dried Blood Stain on Cloth

    How to clean dry blood from cloth?

    Earl from TN

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    Best Answers

    By Michelle 6 08/19/2006

    If the cloth has not already been washed and dried you can pour peroxide onto the blood, when it stops foaming add more peroxide, continue to do this untill the blood is gone........this works GREAT!

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    By carla bledsoe (Guest Post) 08/21/2006

    I saw this guy on one of those PBS specials do this: wet the area with peroxide and sprinkle on baking soda to make a paste. Pound it in with a brush. Don't scrub back and forth. Do this from both sides of the fabric adding more peroxide and baking soda till the stain is gone. If the fabric is wool or silk, you may not get it out without damaging the fabric.

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    By Ann (Guest Post) 08/24/2006

    I would sincerely like to thank everyone on this page. I had a blood stain on a dryclean only white down comforter and tried the peroxide. I used a cup underneath it to drain through and I am so happy with the results. It took quite a bit, but it really does work. Thank you so much!

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    Question: Removing a Dried Blood Stain on a Bed Quilt

    I have had a blood stain on my bed quilt for a quite a while now. It's dried, but I'm sure there's still a way to get it out. Does anyone know any cheap and easy ways to get it out? And yes, unfortunately, my bed quilt is white. I hope somebody can still help me though!

    By Buddy

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    Best Answers

    By Stacey 4 20 08/21/2010

    I use a product called LA's Awesome cleaner. You can get it at Dollar General or even the Dollar Tree. It's very inexpensive & it works! I have got blood, gatorade, pet urine stains, grease, red clay & more out of my clothes & bedding. I have even used it in my carpet cleaner. Try it you'll be amazed at the cleaning power it has.

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    By Marilyn 1 2 08/21/2010

    Use regular peroxide out of your bathroom cabinet. People tell you to use it, but not "how" to use it. Hope this helps. First and most important! Do NOT put item in washer or dryer. (Test for color safe first with peroxide.) For your white quilt. Fold a white towel until it is 8 or more layers thick. Put under stain. Soak stain with regular peroxide. Do not POUR on spot(s). Just dab on till it's wet. Wait and count to 20. Do not rub stain or it may get bigger. Dab and PUSH into the underneath towel. Keep spot wet. Keep pushing spot with clean damp rag. Move clean towel under spot as the blood soaks into it. Keep on till it is almost gone. Then you can put a couple of drops of liquid soap on it and let it work. You can wash the whole thing (in washer) or just wash the spot with clean clear water. (Using towel underneath as before.) Press on dry towel to get moisture out and let dry. Laying or hanging. I saved lots of things from the ragbag using this method.

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    By Mary Lou 14 765 08/22/2010

    I have used ammonia, sudsing ammonia works best, for dried blood stains. It is usually sold for cleaning floors. I put it in a spray bottle for this use. Wet the stain. Spray the stain heavily with the ammonia. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. You may have to repeat a couple of times, then wash as usual.

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    Question: Blood Stains on Clothing

    I have a green woolen top; how do I get dried blood stain out without using bleach?

    By Sonya from Australia

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    Best Answers

    By Eileen M. 56 240 11/03/2010

    Try household ammonia, blot it on with a cotton ball and rinse with cool water, several times.

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    By Kolleen 2 27 11/06/2010

    Peroxide will absolutely work on the blood stain, however after all the washing you may find the sweater a little rough and not as comfy, in that case soak in a mild solution of hair conditioner, rinse and dry as label directs. I do this every so often with many natural and synthetic fiber sweaters, it allows me to re-shape and restore the softness.

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    By Carolyn Phillips 11 34 11/07/2010

    Put in the freezer overnight, wash in cold water, then wash with Ivory bar soap (has to be bar).

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    Question: Removing Dried Blood From White Top

    How do I get dried blood off of a white top? I don't have any peroxide handy either. I need to clean it asap. I got blood on one of my favorite shirts when I went for a tattoo two months ago and I can't get the stain off. Someone help please.

    Sako from England

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    Best Answers

    By doodles 8 64 07/29/2008

    I've ALWAYS had the best of luck making a paste of white vinegar and baking soda, rubbing it in and letting sit for 15 - 20 mins. Even if it (the blood) has dried.

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    By larry. (Guest Post) 07/31/2008

    My dad was a butcher, and would come home with blood stains on his clothing all the time. My mom bought the powder meat tenderizer you put on tough cuts of meat( it dissolves some of the protein chains making it easier to chew. Blood being protein based will be dissolved too) and made a paste for the really bad spots and made a liquid spray she kept in a small spray bottle for every thing else. She used like a teaspoon or so for the liquid in the bottle. Worked like magic too. The liquid also worked to stop bee sting pain too. It is protein based too.

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    By Dana 1 60 08/29/2008

    For years I've used 409 Formula cleaner. DO NOT dilute it....just pour it right onto the blood spot and rub fabric together until it comes out, then wash. If it doesn't come out on the first try, keep repeating until you can barely see the spot. Throw in the wash and it should be gone. After years of the MONTHLY CYCLE that we women all go through I found this to work the fastest & the best. P.S. You should use rubber gloves for the rubbing part, as it is strong and can break out the skin.

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    Question: Removing Blood Stains

    How do you get dried blood out of a cotton mattress protector? Many thanks.

    By Margaret from Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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    Best Answer

    By Faye 67 02/20/2011

    The hydrogen peroxide does work perfectly. You may need to get a bucket or plastic bowl and let it sit in the hydrogen peroxide overnight, keeping it wet. It works better to let it soak. It willl not hurt the fabric. However, if you ever have a fabric with color, stay with it to make sure it doesn't bleach it out. All washable fabrics are usually very safe with this, but I did ruin one shirt by letting it sit too long.

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    Question: Removing Blood Stain on White Linen Shirt

    How can I remove a dried, set in blood stain on a white linen shirt? So far I have tried cold water, white vinegar, and ammonia. None have worked. I have a bleach pen, but am afraid it will make a hole in the fabric.

    By Cisco's Mom

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    Best Answer

    By Stuart L. 1 01/09/2014

    I'm a 40 year old male and live on my own. My washing experience is putting clothes in the front loader and then in the dryer.

    I'd just like to say that this site works. I had a $400 shirt and I got a large blood stain, after falling on a chair and after an emergency visit, I forgot about the shirt for a few weeks.

    As a result of this site and others, I have basically removed the stain, which was the size of a hand.

    The way I did so, was I tried to cold wash it out after spaying with oxy and pre wash products. It came out of the machine the same.

    I then got a bucket of cold water and some peroxide, I put the shirt in the bucket of cold water (approx 1/3 a bucket) and approx 100 ml (or not very generous dash of Peroxide). I left for 3-4 days, as I was busy.

    I pulled the shirt out of the 3-4 day bucket and the stain was significantly reduced. I wish I poured all the peroxide in, as I might not have need to continue with this story.

    Once out the shirt was still not wearable, but with a bit of baking soda/peroxide and a toothbrush, we are rocking.

    I didn't measure out the above, just put a dash (few tablespoons of peroxide and a heaped tablespoon of baking soda) mix it all around and then use a toothbrush to put on like brushing your teeth, wait a few minutes and rinse or launder.

    I'm an idiot single man that got blood on a valuable and hardly used shirt, so use the above at your own risk.

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    Question: Blood Stain on a Dress

    How can I get a drop of dried blood out of a pink dress?

    Jai from Chatsworth, GA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Anno1 (Guest Post) 06/16/2006

    I've found that ERA laundry detergent is the best thing for getting out blood stains. Actually I usually use the ERA with bleach, but both kind have enzymes that dissolve blood. Not only does it work better than peroxide or other detergent with bleach, but it doesn't bleach out the color in the clothes.
    The saliva post above mine is interesting too !!!!!
    I bet it would work, Im gonna try it !!!

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