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Removing Super Glue from Skin

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Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from your skin without irritation can be done. This is a guide about removing Super Glue from skin.


Solutions: Removing Super Glue from Skin

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Tip: Put Lotion on Hands Before Using Super Glue

Apply lotion to your skin before using super glue. It will peel off easily if you get any on you.

By Roxy from St. Louis, MO

Tip: Removing Super Glue From Skin

Use nail polish remover to unhinge super glue from your fingers.

By Monica from Cortez, CO

Tip: Unsticking Superglue

My tip is the 'antidote' to Superglue, for when you stick yourself to something, your fingers together or even worse to the tube of superglue. Cooking oil and lots of patience will remove or unstick Superglue. I guarantee this, it is also what they use in hospitals if you turn up there with your eyes glued shut as someone in Australia did recently, mistaking the Super glue for eye drops in the fridge. I glued the tube to my fingers last night and removed it and separated my fingers with cooking oil. Took a bit of time and patience, but it worked and no skin off.

By Trish

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Here are questions related to Removing Super Glue from Skin.

Question: Super Glue On Hands

How can I remove dried super glue from my hands?

Mrs. Umar


Most Recent Answer

By Angela12/22/2009

Thank you to all posts! I had an incident today with super glue all over my hands. Nail polish remover was not working so I tried the Vaseline and nail file trick. Instead of a nail file though, I used a large buffing square - worked really well. Took some time but it worked. Thank you!

Question: Removing Krazy Glue Gel From Hands

How can I get Instant Krazy Glue Gel off my hand? It dried on the palm of my hand and is rough. I tried dish soap and water, and then WD-40. But the crustiness on my skin still remains.

David from Van Nuys, CA


Most Recent Answer

By tmack (Guest Post)02/08/2009

I was trying to glue the leg back on a porcelin horse of mine, and to my dismay I glued my thumb, first finger to it as well. I tried the nail polish remover, all that did was make my skin white in parts (like taking off a band-aide does), so tried the olive oil. That worked very well, and not only that it didn't wreck my skin.

Question: Removing Nail Glue from Skin

How do I get nail glue off of my skin?

By Dorothy from Dallas

Most Recent Answer


Jessii30, are you sure you were using 'acetone' polish remover? I'll venture to bet it was non-acetone instead because acetone would have removed the nail glue in about two or three minutes.


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Archive: Put Lotion on Hands Before Using Super Glue

Apply lotion to your hands before using super glue. If any gets on your hands, it will come off easy.

By Kim from St. Louis, MO

RE: Put Lotion on Hands Before Using Super Glue

Oh what a wonderful thing to share with us here! My husband is always using super glue for something or other, and always gets it on his fingers. I am so glad to know this tip! (02/20/2010)

By Barb in Tennessee