Keeping Your House Clean

Once you have your house nice and clean there are strategies for keeping it that way. This is a guide about keeping your house clean.

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I save money a number of different ways by keeping a clean house. This may seem like "too much work" to some people or you may say it "takes too long", however I have not found that to be the case. True, I am a SAHM, but I do have other activities that keep me busy throughout the day, such as running a farm, and being a home schooling teaching mom. I find that I can clean our home in about 45 minutes a day. My children also take part in cleaning; as each is responsible for their own room and bathroom. They share laundry and kitchen chores. We don't buy fancy cleaners or air fresheners. We do a lot of our cleaning with lemon juice and salt, vinegar, baking soda, some bleach, and soap and water. For air freshener, we usually burn a candle or use a match. I will go through the typical home, room by room, and point out the ways that keeping it clean is saving us money.


Entryway or Doorway

I keep our entrances clean and free of clutter. First off, I don't want a guest (or anyone else) tripping over clutter and getting hurt or suing me. I keep a rug by each door for dirty or wet shoes to go onto. By encouraging people to take their shoes off at the door, it saves the life of the carpet and my carpet cleaner. I also make sure that once the shoes are cleaned and dried, that they then go into their proper closet.

Living room, Family room, Hallways and Bedrooms

I vacuum or sweep daily. I also vacuum the heat registers and cold exchange ducts weekly. This keeps dust out of the air and makes it easier for those with allergies so that they do not have to take their allergy medicine as often, making it last longer. It also helps the furnace not to work as hard so the motor will last longer.

Weekly (or more often if we use the fireplace), I wipe down the light bulbs with a damp rag, while the light bulbs are cold. Dusty lights do not put out as much light, which makes a person unnecessarily use a higher watt bulb, or turn on more lights than necessary. I also clean the globes on the ceiling light fixtures every month or more often. It only takes a couple of minutes for nice bright results.

I hit the windows once a week on the inside with a vinegar and water solution. The outside I get about once a month. I do have newer windows and I can get the outside from the inside. This allows more light into the house, keeping the lights off.

I wipe down the TV screen and electronics every few days. This keeps dirt and dust from collecting on them and making them last longer.

Once a day, I take a rag damp with vinegar water or bleach water (diluted) and wipe surfaces down to help prevent the passing on of germs. These surfaces include the remote controls, telephones, door and cabinet knobs. It only takes me about 5 minutes to do the entire house.

I don't like clutter in the house. I have been in houses where it is cold, and I see that they have boxes and stuff stacked up over the heat registers. I make sure ours are uncovered while the A/C or heat are on. I also make sure that clutter or shoes do not block doorways. This ensures that doors can be completely shut. I keep our closet doors closed so that we are not paying to heat or cool the inside of the closet.

Twice a year, I rotate and flip the mattresses and then vacuum them. This extends the life of the mattress. If you have a larger/heavier person in your home, you would probably want to flip and rotate them more often.

I wash the curtains every few months and rehang them in the opposite window. This allows them to sun fade more evenly and be replaced less often. I just throw them in with the regular laundry and line dry.

Kitchen and dining room

I keep my kitchen cabinets and pantry clean and organized. Why pay to go buy a spice or can of something you already have just because you can't find it? I run through the cabinets and pantry weekly, and rotate foods according to the dates on them. I do the same with the refrigerator. This prevents food waste and spoilage. Why spend money buying food to rot away? That's gross. When I do dishes, either in the dishwasher or the sink, I add several tablespoons of bleach or vinegar. This helps to kill germs and prevent colds from being passed on. I regularly clean the coils of the refrigerator and freezer, so that the motor doesn't have to work so hard and overheat. My trash is emptied daily, and my wastebasket is washed out at least once a week with soapy water to prevent it from smelling bad. This also helps to not attract bugs and other creatures into the house. (Anything that is a food item, I try to feed to the chickens or dog to cut down on feed costs.)


The bathrooms get wiped down daily with vinegar water or bleach water. I keep lots of cheap toothbrushes on hand and change them frequently. This helps to cut down on colds and sore throats. The bathroom trash is emptied daily. I make sure wet towels are hung up to dry and not sitting aro und to mildew. This increases the life of the towels. Often you will find our bathroom windows open about 1/2 inch at both the top and bottom for air circulation.

In the Basement

We keep a clean filter on our furnace and A/C unit. This prevents dust and dirt from being blown through out the house and also helps with allergies and to prevent sicknesses.


I stay on top of our laundry. I try to do a load daily. This way, we aren't buying more socks or underwear because it's all dirty . I can also have time to line dry it by doing a load a day. We use cloth napkins in our house at mealtime, and this also ensures they are always clean, so no one is using disposable ones. (The cloth napkins just go into the next load of laundry, regardless of the color).


You must stay organized in the office. If you don't, you misplace bills and get charged late fees. I keep all the office supplies in one area. I have found since I organized the office two years ago, that we have not had to buy any pens or pencils since. Any free ones we get from businesses or vendor shows go into the pen and pencil bin. I also keep our coupons organized in a bin in the office. We have a special file for warranty information. That keeps us from paying for repair calls that we may not need to.

Yard, Garage, Barn

Keep these areas clutter free! Put items, tools and toys back away when you are finished using them. This prevents garden hoses and toys from being lost, run over with the mower (causing you to buy new and pay for mower repairs). Why does my brother have 4 snow shovels? Because he keeps forgetting where he left them. Ours are hung on nails in the garage and barn. Our hoses are kept rolled up to prevent them from being run over, mowed over, frozen or chewed up by a dog. When we buy motor oil, or wiper fluid, it ALWAYS goes on the same shelf in the garage. If it isn't there, we know we are out. We are not buying more when there is a case of it laying all spread out in the barn, basement and garage. Tools need to be put back where they belong so they are not lost and needlessly replaced, or allowed to get rusty and broken. Make sure everything has its own home, and gets returned to it. Keeping tools picked up also prevents someone from having an accident, such a stepping on a pitchfork. Above all, stay organized. Always keep items in the same spot. That way you are not buying what you don't need.

Declutter! Turn unwanted items into cash. Sell them; get them out of the way. If it's trash, then put it out with the trash. Otherwise, you are basically storing garbage, paying yourself to heat and cool it, and to clean around it. Also, you can donate items and get a receipt for your taxes.

By Mom-from-Missouri

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To those people who say you should not feed a dog 'human food', I say there was no such thing as 'pet food' sixty years ago. Dogs ate leftovers and bones - cats were given butcher scraps and saucers of milk. Our happy, healthy dogs eat our scraps, supplemented with eggs, bones, oats and dry biscuits.

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Yesterday, while I was in the middle of my 'good weekly clean', my daughter walked in and said "Shall we get the bus to Bristol ,Mum?"

Down went the sweeper. Down went the polish. Ten minutes later off we went. What will she remember when I'm dead - the laughs we had or the dust under the bed? If that makes me a scruff so be it! Either way , I'm 69, too old to change but to each her own. Thumbs up.

Marg from England.

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I find it hard to believe this article. It is very idealistic.

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Although house dust is comprised of harmless particles of natural materials, it can also be contaminated by a wide variety of pollutants. Here are some tips for keeping your home as dust-free and healthy as possible.

Keep Your Home Clean and Green: Reducing Dust

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When I see a smudge or dirty spot, I clean the area right away. If I see something that needs dusting, I dust it. Once a week, I dust the entire house. The bathroom gets used the most, so on a daily basis I wipe this or that and it is clean and kept clean. It only takes a few minutes and when cleaning day arrives I don't have to work as hard.

By Gem from VA

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This is really good advice! I wish I was as capable as you are at following it through! I can keep ahead of the dirt and grime in the bathroom, but the rest of the house defeats me!

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Looking back on last year and housework. Don't you wish you could make a new plan to keep things organized and the washing caught up? Trust me, it is possible! I'd like to suggest a few tips to frustrated and overwhelmed homemakers that I've used for many years.

Organizing Housework for the New Year

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If you try to wait to clean, you shouldn't. Just get it out of the way so you can hang out with friends and family. Also, don't yell at your kids if they don't want to clean, because you remember being a kid don't you? You didn't want to have to spend your weekend having to vacuum or do dishes of fold laundry did you?

By Kelsey from Honolulu, Hawaii

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It does hang over me like a dark cloud when I don't get everything done on time.

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If you often procrastinate with cleaning, if you hate cleaning house and if you find yourself yelling at your family because they aren't helping ... go to and see how you can bless your home and family, making what was once a chore (housework) to something enjoyable! :)

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I have a domestic goddess come once a month. She can help me with the big chores and deep cleaning with an understanding of the goal. The weekly chores are divided up and must be done by Friday. Decluttering a home makes this a much easier job. We read mags, newspapers, mail immediately and then transfer any information to the calendar and then recycle! Voila! We are ready for a weekend of projects, shopping or parties with a clean house.

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The best way I have found to ensure a spotless house is to go though it with a digital camera in hand, snapping pics.

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I'm a young mom of two toddlers. One is 3 yrs old and the other is 17 months. I find I am constantly picking up after them, it's kinda overwhelming. And also at the end of the day I am tired and don't wanna do much cleaning after they go to bed. I am the type of person that needs 8- 9 hrs a night.

One of the ideas I have come up with is to put them in their bedroom with a baby gate and sweep and mop the floor for 30 minutes. And just play with them in the bedroom until the floor dries. What are some of your ideas to keep your house clean with your kids, babies, etc.?

By Krystal from Kenora, Ontario

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I have a daycare in my home. I have several large Rubbermaid bins with lids. Each bin has a different type of toy in it; one is full of blocks, one has cars, trucks and race car tracks, one has dolls and furniture, one has puppets, masks and stuffed toys, etc. Each bin has toys that "go together." I pasted pictures of the toys on the outside of the bins. The kids pick one bin to play with, when they get bored, we pick up those toys and put them in the bin, then they pick out another bin. All the toys get put away before we get out another bin. As soon as the kids leave, I put supper on to cook. While it's cooking, I sweep and mop the floors, then I have a clean floor AND some time to relax before bed!

The big bins are easier for the kids to put toys into than most other storage containers. I also have one of those shelving systems with the brightly colored baskets. They LOOK cute, but are pretty useless as most kids have more toys than what fit into the little baskets! And toy boxes aren't very good, because EVERY kid just HAS to dump out ALL the toys! And also, a piece of advice from a mom whose kids have grown up and moved away; relax, enjoy the mess, it only lasts a few years and then you will be wishing for those little kids and their mess to be back again!

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I suggest having only a limited asst of toys available to them. Rotate batches of toys every few days. That way there will be a limited number of items to be scattered and the toys will always seem new to the kids.

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All of the previous hints are good. I'd like to offer my suggestion. I'm a "granny" of 4 (21, 19, 10, and 4). I spent too much time when my girls were young worrying about picking up toys and cleaning their rooms to the point of almost obsessing. I, too, was a young Mom and know that it can be overwhelming. When you're feeling stressed, take a breath/pause, thank God for your blessings, don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy your kids, especially while they're young. Trust me, they grow up way too fast. (At least they sometimes bless you with grandchildren.) Have fun and God Bless!

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How do I keep my house clean and tidy? I work like a slave every day, still the kids are not helping the matter at all.

By Martina from Jacksonville, FL

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You could create a chore list based on the age of you children. I have four kids; each one has one chore a day. (A chore that takes less than 30 min to do) Vacuum, dishes sweep and mop, dog duties, ect... along with keeping their rooms clean. I pay them for their chores. I divide the money daily for each chore. (5 chores 5$) If the chore is not completed by a certain time or correctly, I have them redo the chore and lose the money for that day.

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Go to It has helped me tremendously!

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Having raised four kids and knowing the sheer number of excess toys their kids have, I'd subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy. If the kids aren't swamped in dozens of toys, not only will your home automatically be neater, they'll appreciate what they have. Giving away their older, gently-used toys will make some poorer child very happy. Thrift shops of all stripes are more than glad to process them, and of course there's always the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots.

I'm also an advocate of turning cleaning into a game, a la Mary Poppins (without the magic, of course, lol!) Poor as we always were, I never could make the "chore chart" work for my brood. Simply put, I lacked the means for those cash incentives.

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My wife and I are want to start a housekeeping/companion business of our own. For considering rates is there a difference between housekeeping Vs. housecleaning?

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