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Freezing Cheese

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Various cheeses on a table.

Whether you bought cheese in bulk or have some left over, freezing it will keep it from molding and allow you to use it later. This is a guide about freezing cheese.


Solutions: Freezing Cheese

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Article: Freezing Cheese

Three different wedges of cheese.

Selecting High-Quality Cheese:

When selecting cheeses for freezing, avoid those with dry or cracked edges, mold that doesn't belong or cheeses that appear greasy on the surface. Check the date of prepackaged cheese to make sure it hasn't expired. Cheese keeps best in the refrigerator and freezing it will sacrifice some of its quality. Hard or semi-hard cheese can be frozen, but it may become develop a crumbly or mealy texture during freezing. However, it will retain its flavor and work just fine for cooking.

Best Cheeses to Freeze:

Camembert, Cheddar, Edam, Mozzarella, Muenster, Parmesan, Port du Salut, Provolone, Romano, and Swiss. Blue Cheese will retain its flavor, but become crumbly. Soft cheeses should be frozen when they reached the desired ripeness.

Worst Cheeses to Freeze:

Container cream cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese do not freeze well. Blocks of cream cheese can be frozen for later use as an ingredient in recipes.

Preparing for Freezing:

Hard and semi-hard cheeses can be grated, sliced or cut into blocks for freezing.

Suitable Packaging:

Wrap wheels, blocks or slices of cheese tightly in plastic or heavy-duty aluminum foil. Separate slices of cheese with wax paper before freezing. Grated cheese stores well in airtight containers.

Maximum Storage Time:

Freeze soft cheese and cheese spreads and dips for 1 month, and hard and semi-hard cheese for 3 to 6 months.


Thaw the amount of cheese needed for consumption in the refrigerator, then serve it at room temperature. Cheese used for cooking should also be thawed in the refrigerator.

Tips & Shortcuts:

Hard cheese grates well when it's frozen.

Refrigerating Cheese:

All natural cheese continues to age and change when stored. As a general rule, the softer the cheese, the more quickly it will spoil. If a small amount of mold appears on cheese, remove it and save the rest. Refrigerate soft cheese for 3 to 4 days, hard to semi-hard cheese for 2 to 3 weeks and cheese spreads and dips for 1 to 2 weeks.

By Ellen Brown

Tip: Freeze Cheese in Wrapping

For years I have been freezing cheese, especially when I see the expensive ones on sale or marked down. I leave it in the original wrapper and place them in a freezer bag and into the freezer they go. There are some that have been there for several years. I simply take whatever cheese I happen to want to have the day before, let it thaw in the fridge, then use it either for eating or cooking.

By Elayne from Dalhousie, Nova Scotia

Tip: Buy Cheese in Bulk

Buy cheese on sale and in large quantities. Cut it into sizes that fit your use and freeze. To use it just let it thaw out.

Editor's Note: We have done this for years. Cheese tends to be more crumbly after freezing. If you use a lot of sliced cheese this may not be the best, but if you grate it, it's great! : )


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Here are questions related to Freezing Cheese.

Question: Freezing Cream Cheese

Can I freeze cream cheese in the store packaging?

By Loretta


Most Recent Answer

By Mary [2]07/20/2014

I have frozen cream cheese and if you let it thaw completely outside of the fridge, then put into the fridge, it is usually creamy like when it was first bought. If you put it straight into the fridge from the freezer, it will be crumbly and only good for use in cooking.

Question: Freezing Processed American Cheese

Can pasteurized processed American cheese that comes in 2lb. blocks be frozen?

By Billie

Question: Freezing American Cheese

I know, American cheese is not a true cheese; however, my sister split a large quantity that was bought at Costco and it is too much for hubby and I to use in the near future. They are slices, but they not individually wrapped. Can they be frozen?

By Maryeileen from Brooklyn, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]02/10/2013

Can American cheese slices be frozen?

Question: Freezing Luncheon Meat and Cheese

Can I freeze lunch meat and cheese?

By Shirley

Most Recent Answer

By bigpinkbirds12/31/2012

I have successfully frozen hard cheeses in their original packaging. Cream cheeses don't seem to like the freezer, though, so if they seem to be at the end of their life span in the refrigerator, I stir them into potatoes, scambled eggs, or bread dough.

Question: Freezing Cheese

Can I freeze Crescenza-Stracchino cheese?

By Mike M

Question: Freezing Sliced Cheese

Can I freeze packaged cheese slices?

By Connie

Best Answer

By Kat04/05/2012

It's very easy. Break it down into manageable blocks and then wrap tightly with saran wrap. Then place the wrapped cheese inside of a sandwich bag. The wrap keeps the moisture in the cheese and it stops the cheese from sticking to the inside of the plastic bag.

Question: Can I Freeze Havarti Cheese?

I bought Havarti cheese from Costco, I would like to freeze some. Is it OK, as long as I use my food saver?

By Sandie

Most Recent Answer


P.S. I read somewhere long ago that all cheese freezes better if packaged in one pound or less blocks.

Question: Freezing Havarti Cheese

Will Havarti cheese freeze well?

By Joe from Phoenix, AZ

Most Recent Answer

By Heather Stimmel [1]03/05/2010

I freeze Havarti regularly (in its own pkg.) and have, not once, had a problem. It's still as delicious as when I 1st put it in there=)

Question: Freezing Deli Cheese

I would like to freeze "Super Hot Pepper" cheese from my local deli. I have one of those "Food Savers" food sealing systems. I will be freezing them in 1lb. individual packages. I have several questions:

  1. Can I freeze this type of cheese?
  2. Should I have the deli slice the cheese for me into individual slices or slice them into 1lb. blocks?
  3. How long can they stay in the freezer?
  4. Will they lose any flavor when I thaw them out?
  5. Once thawed out, how long will they stay good to eat?

Food Saver recommends freezing items for approx 1-2 hours before sealing them in their bags and then placing them in the freezer for storage.

Best Answer

By Sharon [4]11/20/2009

Freeze the cheese first, as suggested, then use the food saver. Doing this will keep the cheese in it's original shape. I tried to vacuum seal some shredded cheese, unfrozen, and it turned into a one blob of cheese. The flavor was fine after thawing but I had to slice it up to use. I have only froze blocks of cheese so I'm not sure if sliced cheese would work but I see no reason why it shouldn't. I LOVE my Food Saver and feel it's the best investment I have ever made due to the way it preserves all types of food for a very long time.

Question: Freezing Pimento Cheese

I was "blessed" with a big tub of Pimento Cheese this Christmas. I need to know if this can be frozen, as we cannot eat it fast enough!

Jonnie from Utica, KY

Best Answer

By Kim Churchman [3]12/27/2007

Yes you can freeze it. Use baggies and divide it up into smaller amounts, then put the baggies into a larger one, with a 3x5 card label in with them, with the contents written in felt marker with big dark letters.

Are you sure you want to eat that? Many processed cheese items have a lot of partially hydrogenated or fractionated oils, which are found to be more dangerous than saturated fats. I no longer eat those because they attack brain tissue pretty efficiently, so a lot of what I grew up with is out. There's still plenty of delicious stuff out there!

Hope this helps, whether you are a trans-fat eater or not. God bless you.

Question: Freezing Cooked Cheese

Is it safe to freeze cooked cheddar cheese, like in recipes?

Rachel from Tel Aviv, Israel

Best Answer

By bambi2003 (Guest Post)02/10/2007

I freeze cheese all the time, I live in a very rural area and only shop once a month. I freeze alot of things, and never had a problem with it turning to mush. I freeze both blocks and shredded, all different kinds.