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Getting Rid of Skunks

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Getting Rid of Skunks

They may be cute and fluffy, but skunks are rarely welcomed guests around our homes. This is a guide about getting rid of skunks.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Skunks.

Question: Getting Rid of a Skunk

I have read that adding ammonia around the yard, under the porch, shed, etc. will keep skunks away. I believe I have a family living under my shed. When is the best time to add the ammonia?

By Lynn B.


Best Answer

By cathy [2]03/16/2015

The best way to get rid of a skunk is to hook up a light that will shine all night under your porch. Skunks hate light and they will pack up and leave. Keep light connected up for a few nights, he will make his home elsewhere. No need for chemicals or poisons. Skunks are nocturnal and hate light.

Question: Removing Skunk From Under Cabin

I have a skunk under my cabin.

By Johnb3624 from Utica, NY


Most Recent Answer

By Vicki H.04/02/2010

We have just in the past 2 months excavated 4 skunks under our house. They were running us out.
My hubby placed his camera under the house to check their schedule. They were leaving under our house at dark and returning early morning. Finally, we place a live trap at the opening before they would leave and was able to catch them one at a time. We baited the trap with bacon grease. This kept them slurping until the trap caught them. The trap was attached to a long rope so there was no opportunity to be sprayed. Just FYI-If a skunk can't raise his or her tail, they can't spray. Our trap was small enough that they could not raise their tail.
Finally, we are skunk free. Also caught 2 raccoons and 1 possum. We live in the country. The crawl space hole is now closed up.
They would make noise under the house and the dog would bark at the noise and when the skunks heard the bark, they would spray. I left home several times during the night because the odor was so horrible. My hubby is now my hero. Sorry this is so long but I want desperately to help someone else because we were miserable.

Question: Getting Rid of Skunks

How can I get rid of a skunk that walks across my patio every night and lets go! It wakes me up and the stench is awful sometimes fuming up the entire house.


Most Recent Answer

By Deanj03/21/2012

I would go to and type in getting rid of skunks in yard. A lot of good answers pop up. I would forget the moth balls they are more of a danger to you and pets than the skunk. Some of the responses are, shoot the skunk, use a trap, place ammonia soaked rags about the property, find the den and fill it in after placing a screen over the top of the den. The night critters are looking for food from either you as a source or grubs in the lawn. Last resort is to hire an exterminator.

Question: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

How can I discourage skunks from coming onto our property?

By AvaElizabeth from London, Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer


Pebblesru4, unbelievable that your local animal control recommended moth balls :-o Not only are they poisonous to any living creature (including your pets and children) but also cause respiratory problems and pollute the area they are placed :-o They are only meant for a completely enclosed chest, box, etc, to keep moths from eating woolen clothing! Hopefully your animal control is no longer suggesting this!

Question: Getting Rid of Skunks Under the House

How do I get skunks out from beneath the house, without a professional exterminator? My 7 mo. old puppy now knows what a skunk is.....first hand! Needless to say she got sprayed right in her face. After the old tomato juice, baking soda, vinegar treatment, I'm glad to say she is smell free. As for the skunks under the house...they're still there.

By Mara W. from Myrtle Creek, OR

Most Recent Answer

By Johnna W.01/21/2015

Take some old clothes that have been worn and not washed, cover them in household ammonia and through them under the porch. Skunks hate ammonia. If you feed your cat or any other animal outside, they are staying close for the food. The also eat mice and cockroaches so if you have a low bug/ pest problem the skunk is why - he eats those things. They can be beneficial for ridding your yard of other pests, as long as they don't take up residence. Give it a try. It worked for us. We had them in the storm drain outside and they left and haven't been back.

Question: Getting Rid of a Skunk

There's a skunk hole near the woodpile. I need to get rid of the skunk so that we can get wood out for use this winter. The smell is still around, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By thenewmrso

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]10/17/2011

Skunks do not like loud noises so if possible, set a radio near the hole and play it loudly esp. at dawn and dusk when it may be coming and going. Moth balls thrown down the hole may work or they may do as my skunks did, just rolling them away. Placing set mouse traps (you don't need to bait them) around the hold might work. Skunks, other than their smell, can be desirable as they eat grubs and other insects.

Question: Getting Rid of Skunks

I am looking for ways to keep skunks away. I saw someone suggest using coffee grounds, but how do you use them? What are the bowls of vinegar used for?

Tena from Clovis, CA

Most Recent Answer

By nightrain71 (Guest Post)12/02/2008

I know of a product called Shake Away Small Animal Repellant Granules, although we have never used it. Its active ingredient is 1% garlic oil and 99% calcium carbonate(baking soda) and Urea (animal urine) and water. This product is available online for 20 oz. is $17.99. But, what I would do is go to a Rural king store and buy Fox Urine. I know it sounds crazy, but it is what we used to get rid of our groundhog in one of our outbuildings. It was literally busting the concrete up inside the building as it burrowed! I took the nasty smelling stuff and put it on cotton balls and put them inside of a knee hi pantyhose. I put this in the hole where we figured he was or had been. No more groundhog. This costs about $7. Animals are afraid of predators. So, he supposedly thinks there is a fox around, so he leaves. Hope this helps.

Solutions: Getting Rid of Skunks

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Archive: Getting Rid of Skunks

There seems to be a skunk or more under our house. Last night we came home to this horrible smell. How do we get them, or it, from under the house and remove the smell?

Kimberly from Kingston, TN

RE: Getting Rid of Skunks

I've never had the problem, but I think food would coax them out. I think they eat almost anything. You need to try to find out where they're getting in & seal it after they leave. But make sure they're all out before you do. There might be babies too. The babies aren't able to spray until they're older so the smell is coming from adults. (03/07/2007)

By Me

RE: Getting Rid of Skunks

I would hire a trapper. The cost will outweigh the benefits! They know what they are doing. I would ask that they would release them into an area not near civilization and not harm them though. Their smell is truly a nuisance. (03/08/2007)

By alex10vicky

RE: Getting Rid of Skunks

One time we moved into a house with skunks under a bedroom. We threw moth balls into the crawl space and it worked. I don't know where they went, but we never smelled them again. (03/08/2007)

By pam2cats

RE: Getting Rid of Skunks

We called our local "Animal Control" concerning a skunk under our outer ramp off the front porch. They said to pour some ammonia on a rag and use a broom handle to shove it under the ramp. It worked and that was 2 years ago. But they're back (7-19-08) and you can be sure I'll do it again. But I may add some moth balls for reassurance. (07/20/2008)


Archive: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

How can I keep a skunk out of my yard? I see it daily in day light.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

Windella from Pasadena, CA

RE: Keeping a Skunk Out of My Yard

Call local Animal Control (dog catchers). They may not like you, but they can get the skunk. (05/18/2006)

By the Oracle

RE: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

They will probably kill it & not necessarily in a humane way. I would do a search on-line to see what they don't like. I get skunks & they really don't do any harm unless you go after them. (05/19/2006)

By Vic

RE: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

I don't know how to get rid of the skunk, but our local television news just stated that if you see a skunk in the daylight, it probably has rabies. Call the Animal Control people for help. (05/19/2006)

By Ace

Archive: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

I am looking for a safe way to keep skunks out of my back yard. I have a dog so it has to be pet friendly. Can anyone help?

By Mother2three from Chicago, IL

RE: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

You need to eliminate their interest in being in your yard. I also have a dog, a very curious dog who was hit twice by a dreaded skunk defense.

We cleared out the brush that the skunk likes to hide in. Then we put in some solar lights that discourage skunks. The trick is to make sure you aren't helping them by providing shelter, food, or dark places. Even so, when we take our dog out late at night we will still keep her on a tight leash, sniff the air and look around before we give her a bit more slack.

Good luck with it. Remember if your dog gets hit, you will be just joining the ranks of those before you cleaning, shampooing, and shampooing some more. Maybe there is a place in heaven for those of us having fought the good fight. I am also the mother of three. I am sure avoiding skunks would help keep down the workload. (04/28/2009)

By jholl0829

Archive: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

How can I prevent skunks from coming in the yard?

By Dan S. from Syracuse, NY

RE: Keeping Skunks Out of My Yard

This link seems to have a lot of suggestions: Hope it helps. (09/04/2009)

By Deeli