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Preventing a Cat from Peeing Everywhere

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A white cat sitting on a couch.

Accidents happen. But, it is a stinky problem when cats stop using the litter box. This guide contains suggestions for preventing cats from urinating around the house.



Here are questions related to Preventing a Cat from Peeing Everywhere.

Question: Cat Stopped Using Litter Box

I was wondering when my kitten, Samantha, feels better, would she use the litter box constantly again? I plan on steam cleaning the carpets next week. I would appreciate any advice you have.

By Kathleen from Tyler, TX


Best Answers

By Kathleen [4]12/13/2010

Thank you for the feedback. I took her to the vet and she had a Upper Respitory Infection. She has had medicine and is using the litter box on a constant basis now.

Best Answers

By Joyce A Ratasepp [1]12/09/2010

Urinary Tract infections are a common cause of a cat peeing all over the house. Often a cat will inappropriately urinate because of a medical condition. If you have problems with a cat not using his litter box please get him or her checked by a vet. Your cat may not like the brand of litter you have chosen Often cats don't like the same nice smelling kitty litter that we might like. Avoid scented kitty litter. The location of the litter box is not to your cats liking. Your Cat may be stressed I use vinegar to rid the pee smell. Cats hate the smell.

Question: Male Cat Peeing Everywhere

I have a 4 year old male cat. He is fixed and started peeing everywhere! He uses the litter box but he still pees. Could it be that I have two female cats that aren't fixed? I don't know how to stop him from peeing, and I don't want to have to give him up. Please help.

By Linda S.


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/21/2014

I think you guessed about half the problem. Get the girls fixed. Your male cat may be feeling territorial about other males that show up looking for your females. You also might want to have him checked for a bladder infection.

Question: Cat is Urinating in the Bathtub

Black and white cat in basket.How do I stop my male cat from urinating in the bathtub?

By weedas55 from MI

Most Recent Answer


Nothing is wrong with your cat, my tiffany tabby does the same thing. He's very smart, my husband noticed every morning when he would get up to pee, our cat would follow and then one morning he heard something looked behind the shower curtain and our cat was peeing right over the drain. He just learned it and honestly it's nothing disgusting like people try to make it, simply run the water a few secs. to make sure nothings left.

Also our cats mom who we no longer have did the same thing only when needed. We went on vacation and her litter box was getting full so she started using the tub (her litter box was in the bathroom) and when we came home it was a proud moment because instead of using the bathroom all over the house she tried to keep it in the bathroom. Cats are smart, (not all obviously) but many are and not always out trying to be bad.

Question: Cat Peeing All Over the House

I have two 13 year old cats, a male and a female who despite living together for ten years, hate each other. Both cats have had UTIs in the past with the occasional spraying outside of the litter tray, but were put on special diets (which they are still on) to stop the UTIs which stopped the occasional spraying.

Over the past few months though, my female cat has been spraying/peeing more and more frequently so that now it's pretty much daily on things like the toaster, the kitchen bench, the couch, books, anywhere and it seems like everywhere! I recently caught my male cat spraying in the same place after I'd cleaned up after her so I am not sure how much of it is him, but I suspect it is her 90% of the time.

Her behaviour has been changing too, for example she used to be outside most of the time, but now rarely goes out, she has become quite clingy and she vocalises as though she's lost sometimes. The vet says she seems quite healthy for an old cat though and after finding it wasn't the UTI, recommended I try a Feliway diffuser. It's been two weeks and apart from the first two days, it doesn't seem to have made a difference, she even sprayed the wall right next to the diffuser! I have 3 litter trays that I scoop as soon as I see anything, but she/they pee on it or in front of it as much as in it!

I really don't know what else to do and am about to lose my marbles. Any advice, ideas, or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. Please help!

By Emma S. from Melbourne, Australia

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]10/06/2013

Also check for diabetes. Sounds like my diabetic cat. If it's not a medical problem, ask your vet for a mild tranquilizer. Could be stress related.

Question: Cat Problem: Old Cat Urinating Everywhere

My cats have been urinating in different parts of the house, no way to predict where. They have a litter box but are getting up there in age and may be confused. Any suggestions on how to stop this?

Most Recent Answer

By LoraJD02/09/2010

I too have a 13-year old cat who's been peein on a walls like a male cat would do...only she's female. She was born feral. Just this last summer, in July, I had to put down my other 14 year old whom she had been around her whole life. Oreo started peeing on the walls when Coco started dying. We bought some things that you plug into the outlets that give off ferimones that are supposed to keep her from peeing, but it hasn't helped. I also got a new cat, who is now 8 months old now shortly after I had to put Coco down. Is the new kitten the issue? Or could it also be a UTI? She's scared of everyone, including my family. She's okay with me, but only if I don't pick her up. What should I do? My dad is threatening to make me put her down.

Question: Male Cat Won't Pee in Litterbox

tan cat lying on tile floorI have a male Persian cat and he is peeing almost everywhere and not using the litterbox at all. But in the case of poop, he uses the litter box or the bathroom very properly. Please help me find solution; it's urgent.

By Afrin from Navi Mumbai, India

Most Recent Answer

By toucan196303/02/2015

In order to get rid of the smell of cat urine use peroxide. Just pour it on the area and let it soak in. Works wonderful best thing out there to get rid of the smell of cat pee

Question: Elderly Cat Peeing By Front Door

Please help, my 15 year old cat keeps peeing by the front door. I've used tin foil to cover it, what else will work?



Most Recent Answer

By Virginia [11]08/26/2009

To Isaac & Donna (Guest Post) Is she spayed? It's possible that she is acting out and also possible that a male is spraying nearby and making her act out. You should separate the 2 cats for a day in different rooms and you will discover which one is doing the dirty deed!

Question: Kitten Urinating on Everything

My kitten started urinating on my bed. She did this about 3 times so we close our door so she can't get in. She then urinated on our son's dirty laundry so we started closing all of the bedroom doors in our house. She then urinated on my other sons backpack.

She still also uses the litter box. We have now confined her to the basement where her litter box is and we only let her up when we can watch her. She has done really well this week, but will we ever be able to trust her so she can have free roam of the house?

Carin from Detroit, MI

Most Recent Answer

By betty webb. (Guest Post)01/30/2008

My cat started this and I found that the oder control in the cat litter had the same or similar odor as fabric softener I used in my washer. I quit using odor control cat litter and he quit using my bed for a litter box. Betty Webb

Question: My Cat Pees Everywhere

I have found out that my cat is urinating everywhere. She is in heat and I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I need to know why she is doing this quickly and how to stop it. I am on a trip right now, can't go to a vet, and I definitively don't want to get kicked out of the hotel. Thank God they allow pets. Please help me!

By Will from New York City, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Will [3]05/11/2011

Thank you all so much! I got here checked out, and they said that she did have a small urinary tract infection, but nothing life threatening. We gave her some medicine and decided not to get her spayed. The antibiotics worked well and now she's fine! I didn't get asked to leave but I left quickly anyway. She doesn't do her business anywhere but the litter box! Thanks so much guys!

Question: Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I have two cats, 16 and 19 years old, both spayed. They both eat a low protein vet cat food to help with an early stage kidney problem the oldest has. They have two oversize litter boxes that are kept clean, no change in the litter brand. They see a vet twice a year, two weeks ago was their last visit.

The youngest, 16, has been peeing in the bedrooms, on the beds, on the floor around the litter box for the past year (finally caught her in the act, couldn't be sure which one it was before). I use an odor destroyer, but it is now getting out of hand. I caught her climbing up into a plastic shelf and peeing on it/in it. Is she getting senile?

The vet had suggested bringing a litter box into my bedroom, but if she is climbing a shelf to go pee, I do not think it is because she is too tired to go downstairs. The house only has two floors so it is not far. They have their own door to the litter box so they are not prevented from getting there.

Choices are getting very narrow here. I do not want to confine her to one room in the basement. She has slept with my husband and me every night since she was 8 weeks old. Any suggestions?

By Kellys cats from NB, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Kellys cats [1]06/28/2010

Thanks Everyone for your response. I am going to go back to the vet and ask for an urine analysis and to check her bladder carefully. I will try the Tinkel Tonic and the Comfort Zone. I will add the cats have lived together for the past 16 years with no added pets, and my son came along 5 years ago, so I do think it must be a bladder infection or senility or she is just getting old. I really do hope that she gets better, and that it is not urine crystals. Thanks

Question: Cat Not Peeing in Litter Box

I have an 8 month old female cat. She is spayed, but after her surgery she started peeing everywhere. I tried everything. It has gotten to the point where I have to get rid of her. She uses her litter box to poop and sometime uses it to go pee. She is peeing all over my clothes, blankets, and furniture. It stinks in my place because of her. She was a stray and now I keep wishing I had never gotten her. I love her, but before she got fixed she never peed in my house she always used her litter box. I moved her litter box and showed her where it is and she just wants to pee on my clothes. What can I do before I get rid of her? For two months she has been peeing everywhere. I have to throw away so many things because of her. I am at the point of saying I don't want her anymore. I am at the end of her peeing everywhere.

By Kendra G

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]04/10/2015

It's possible that her bladder was cut or harmed during the spay surgery. Or she got an infection following the surgery. Take her to a different vet than the one where she had the surgery.

Question: Cat is Peeing in the Sink

Why is my female cat peeing on the drains, the kitchen sinks, and on rugs?

By claire 26 from NSW

Most Recent Answer

By Erika01/19/2011

Urine infection most likely or territorial stress but yeah, its most likely urine infection.

Question: Cat Peeing and Pooping Everywhere

How can I stop my cat from peeing and pooping everywhere? I'm pretty sure it's from stress, as my older brother likes to scare him and the younger one drags him to bed. However, when we put a stop to it, which lasted about 4 or 5 months, he still kept doing it. He goes everywhere. The beds, dog bowls, couch, under the bed, outside, but never in the litter box despite changing litter and getting a new box for separate cats, we have two, brothers, he still has not stopped. What can we do? We really don't want to give him away.

By Tiffany

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/17/2014

If you aren't able to control the cats' environment so it can recover from the abuse, consider finding a rescue and be sure and let them know the cat was abused. They may be able to find a home that can help the cat heal. It sounds like it was badly traumatized.

Question: Older Cat Won't Pee in Litter Box

My older cat uses her cat box to poop, but when it comes to peeing she has been peeing all over the house. I bought puppy pees pads and she is using them. I just don't know what to do.

By Christy

Most Recent Answer

By Litter Gitter [117]09/02/2012

Our daughter had a cat that started doing that and it was a bladder or kidney infection. I think it would be wise to have that checked.

lifn2ndgear, that's a beautiful cat. Love the heart shaped black spot.

Question: How Do I Find Out Which of My Cats is Peeing Inside?

I have three cats and one of them is peeing inside, but I'm not too sure which one. How do I find out? It is peeing on the walls, kitchen bench, and dishes. It's peeing on everything and the house smells. Thanks!

By Kelly from Napier

Most Recent Answer

By Maya Lee [9]05/03/2011

Can you confine them to different rooms in the house for enough of a period of time for them to urinate? I have one cat who did that. She is 22 years old and I discovered that she couldn't get into the litter box. I put a tray in front of the litter box and put newspaper in and under it. Problem reasonable solved.

Question: Cat Not Using Litter Box

My cat will not use her litterbox or go outside to do her thing. She will only do it inside on paper or in corners. What's up?

By sb6663 from KY

Most Recent Answer

By Rebecca12/01/2010

I have a 3 month old kitten that does the same thing. Sometimes she uses the box, but often she goes in the bathtub or on the floor in the corner of the litter box room. I can't figure out why it's inconsistent.

Question: Cat Stopped Peeing in Litterbox

I have a 6 month old male cat who recently just started peeing on my daughter's bed, just outta the blue. I don't know what to do. Nothing has changed in the household and he also tries to escape outside all the time. I can't have him outside as I live in a campground and I can't afford to have him just peeing in places other then his litter box. I live in a small enclosed camper. Please help. Any information will be great. Thank you.

By Jordan

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]03/14/2015

First, neutering will probably help. Besides that, the problem may be stress related. Cats were not meant to live in very small, enclosed spaces all the time.

Question: Cat Peeing on Everything

tuxedo cat in plastic bag on the floorDoes anyone have any suggestions to help? We have 3 cats. The 2 youngest are brothers. The one has been peeing everywhere. We had him neutered, pay him extra attention, bought tons of cat toys and keep litter box clean. Is there anything else I can try?

By Marge M

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]06/14/2014

In addition to Lizzy's excellent suggestions, are any of the other cats female? Even if the male(s) are neutered and the female(s) spayed, occasionally a neutered male will respond to the presence of even a spayed female by marking territory - which is what I'm thinking is happening from your description of his behaviours.

Question: Cat Won't Pee in Litterbox

My cat's over 6 years old and I have recently moved her with me to a new house with 2 other cats and she refuses to pee in the litter box. She will poop in it, but won't pee. She uses other places around the house, such as slippers and carpet. Anyone know of natural stuff I can put down that will discourage her from peeing there?

By Brandon P

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/18/2013

You need to have one litter box for each cat and then one extra. This may help. It takes awhile for them to work out their territory arrangement. As for cleaning up, I use Natures Miracle an enzyme soak. You can get it at Petco. I also use Fizzion, which works extremely well on odor.

Question: Cat Started Not Using Litterbox

My cat is going to the bathroom on my desk instead of her litterbox. This has never happened before, and it just started yesterday. Yesterday I had thought maybe it was the box, so I cleaned it, but today even with the clean litterbox, she still uses the bathroom on my desk. She is using the same place, too. I'm getting worried because it might be a habit and I don't want my cat peeing and pooping everywhere around my stuff. I am also concerned that she might start going on the floor, corners, etc. What could be the problem?

By Lindsay L.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/16/2012

I agree with the previous post. This is very likely a bladder infection. It is a very very painful condition, so see your Vet ASAP. After she has been treated for her condition, clean the spot on the desk with vinegar or an enzyme soak to get rid of the odor so she wont be tempted to return. Bladder infections can recur so be on the watch for this behavior in the future. It will be a reason for a return to the Vet.

Question: Cat Peeing In The Same Place

We have an older indoor cat. She usually uses the litter box. She seems to keep peeing in the same area on a rug in the dining room. I keep smelling that urine odor and have to treat that carpet area. Any ideas on how to break her of peeing there?

By Annette from Cocoa Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By CHERRIE [7]03/08/2011

I had a cat that was peeing outside the box. I found a cat litter called "Attract", you can get it at pet stores, comes in a red bag, a little pricey, but it did the trick. The cat never peed outside the box again. I also used Walmart's "Out" products (in the pet department) for getting rid of the smell. So far so good.
Hope this helps.

Question: Cat Won't Pee in Litter Box

My cat will poop in the litter box, but won't pee in it. What could be the matter?

By Lisa from San Antonio, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Annie01/23/2010

Yes, a trip to the vet is most likely warranted! I have seen this behavior in my cat, and I equate it to "a cry for help" to get your attention that something is wrong. It may be something as simple as needing a course of antibiotics.

Question: Cat Peeing Everywhere

My 1 year old female cat keeps peeing everywhere. We took her to the vet and they found nothing wrong so they put her on Prozac. It started helping, but now she's peeing everywhere again. What should I do?

By Caroline. S

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/16/2015

Has she been spayed? If not do that right away. Have her checked for bladder infection or chronic cystitis. Is she disturbed by neighborhood cats she can see through the window or who come visiting? Does she have two litter boxes that are cleaned daily? Are they in places she is comfortable using them (a little privacy). Do you play with her daily? Cats don't get enough exercise by themselves. Is there excess tension in your home. If there is try to fix it. And lastly, have her checked for kidney disease and diabetes. Although these are older cat diseases, they can sometimes happen in younger cats.

Question: Cat Peeing on Dog's Bed

My cat, Lilly, and my mom's cat, Chester don't get along very well. The two don't normally fight, unless Lilly gets close to Chester's kittens who are 3 weeks old. They both love our dog, Hunter.

Lilly has been peeing on Hunter's bed since she went into heat. Her first one with us (she was a street rescue and we just haven't gotten around to getting her spayed), was in the beginning of January (it's currently the ending of March), so, her heat schedule is normal. We will be getting her spayed after she is no longer in heat. Her swelling poses a risk. I think is too dangerous to do it now.

My question is, why is she peeing in the house? We have 3 litter boxes for the two cats to use, but Lilly still pees on the dog's bed.

By Cassie S.

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]03/21/2015

This is a female territorial thing that will probably stop when you get the dog spayed.

Question: Cat Peeing in Bathroom Sink

My cat pees in the bathroom sink whenever I shut my bedroom door at night. He is a hyper cat and doesn't really relax at night, so it's hard for me to sleep with him in the room. Whenever I shut my bedroom door for sleep, I will wake up to find that he has peed in the sink overnight. It's not the worst problem, I guess I would just like to know if you have any insight as to why he is doing this, and any suggestions as to how I can make him feel less angsty when I need my space. Thank you for any thoughts!

By Ivy L.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/01/2014

Have him checked out for a bladder infection. Cats with bladder infections often seek out a cool surface to urinate on. They tend to use tile floors and sinks.

Question: Cat Peeing on Beds

What is a good remedy to stop my cat from peeing on my son's bed. I have my 2 boys in the same room and she continually pees on my one son's bed. Very frustrating otherwise she is a great cat. Any home remedy would be greatly appreciated! I had her at the vet this week to see if she had a UTI; all is good there and they said it's behavioral.

By Kelly

Most Recent Answer

By Donna [227]10/26/2014

Can you leave their door closed or keep her out of it at least?

Can you place A second litter box where she is going?

Can you add citrus scent or vinegar scented clothes or scents... cats seem to dislike them both!

Can you leave stuff ON the bed so it doesn't climb onto it?
My cat did this ONCE and it was because she accidentally got closed into the room when we went out for the day...luckily it never happened again!!

Question: Cats Peeing on Everything

I have 2 female cats who are not fixed (I will be rectifying that this Wednesday) who are both approximately 2-3 years old. One has been an indoor cat since she was 5 weeks old and the other has been an only indoor cat for the last 6 months since I have had her. For the last month or so both of them have been peeing on my and my children's beds, blankets, and pillows on the couches, clothing left on the floors, etc. I have tried just about everything I can and can no longer afford this, the laundry alone is making me go broke! Will getting these two females fixed help this problem? Any other ideas of what I can do? I don't want to have to get rid of my cats. :(

By Wolf O.

Most Recent Answer

By Catherine [7]10/23/2014

I have 3 female cats and 1 male living indoors. The only cat that sometimes pee anywhere is the female cat that was neutralized when she was already 2 years old. The 2 female cats that were neutralized when just 8 month old are always using the litter box.

Still I think that to have your cat neutralized will help but as you say this happened very suddenly and as they seem to mainly pee on bed or clothes I think you could try to buy another brand of washing powder or softener as some chemical fragrances can be "agressive" from a cat point of view as it can recall them of the marking smells of an intruder cat on their territory.

Bleach or ammonia which is a componant commune to washing products and to urine are the tipical products that will make cats mark their territory but any product with a strong smell can make a cat pee to mark or defend a territory. When they are stressed they will "renew" the markings so it will also help to have the litter box or 2 litter boxes cleaned at least twice a day as the ammonia smell from the litter is also a stress for them.

Also check that the urine marks are not pink from blood traces (use a white litter for an easier checking for awhile) cats can also start peeing everywhere when they have a urinary problem but I am pretty sure that it comes from the washing products smell. This will take awhile as cats will still feel the smell when you will not feel it anymore.
So keep smiling and keep calm. Chasing them around and yelling will not help ( I know ! Done that ! ) as it will only increased the cats stress and they will pee even more. So remember that cats were created for man dream to cuddle a tiger. You would not yell at a tiger or chase it around ? would you ?

Hope this help !


Question: Cat Peeing by Front Door

I have two 12 year old cats (liter mates). About once a week in the morning, I have found cat urine on the wood floor near the front door. They continue to use the litter box and it's only happening once a week and not the same day. I'm not sure how to stop it from happening. I've tried the peroxide/dish soap/baking soda mixture and will be trying the vingar/water mixture tonight. I know that there is a cat that wanders the neighborhood and walks through my yard a lot. Could he/she be the problem? Any suggestions will be helpful.

By Melissa A.

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]09/27/2014

Assuming yours are neutered, it's probably the stray that's doing it. It's a male, unaltered, that's marking what he considers "his" territory. Try a fragrance cats hate, such as citrus oil, eucalyptus oil, or cinnamon oil.
First, clean it off with a pet urine remover (enzymatic) cleaner.

Question: Cat Peeing outside of Litterbox

My cat of 11 years always pees outside of her litter box no matter what I do to keep it clean. She likes to go out and do it in another litter box on my terrace, but at the moment being cold I have to keep the door shut. I even brought her outside litter box inside, but it doesn't change her habit. Can any one let me know if they have the same problem and did they manage to solve it. Thank you in advance.

By Elizabeth

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/22/2014

At 11 years old you cat may be having bladder or kidney problems. You should have a Vet check her out. If they are having pain while urinating they begin to associate the litter box with pain so they want to go somewhere else. That's where I would start. Good luck.

Question: Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

I have a female cat, almost 2 years old, named Lady Kitty. She is fixed, however my boyfriend and I got two brother kittens who are now 6 months old and are not fixed.

Lady Kitty poops in the litter box shared with the two male cats, but refuses to pee in it. She will pee in a very small cramped space between the toilet and the cabinet thingy, she also pees right outside in front of the litter box, and on the side of the litter box. The litter box has a top on it if that's a big deal in the problem.

I know she's not acting out to be mean because she's a very nice loving cat. She's a little skiddish, but that's only after she pees outside the litter box. She loves the kittens, she cuddles with them all day and cleans them. I don't know if the enclosed litter box is the problem, the kittens not being fixed, or that I need more litter boxes. I don't know what else it could be. I do know my boyfriend won't let me keep her if she doesn't stop peeing outside the litter box. She's a good girl and I love her. Please anyone that studies cat behaviors or someone that can just help me solve this problem please either get ahold of me or comment a solution. I'm in desperate need of help for this issue. Thank you.

By Alli Marie B. from Oneonta, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Janet S.04/17/2015

With 3 using the litter box you might need to get a second box, or possibly a larger box. I needed to get a larger box when I took in two little ones.

Question: Cat Pees in Litterbox and Elsewhere

I have a 5 month(ish) old girl kitten She is not fixed. She pees/poops in her litter box, but she also pees wherever. And she has pooped once outside of the litterbox. Any suggestions on how to get her to only use the litterbox?

By Guy

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]09/23/2013

Be sure and keep the litter box very clean. I scoop mine twice daily. I keep a small covered trash can next to the litter box. It is lined with plastic bags and I empty it weekly. The tight lid keeps any odors contained.

Some cats are very fastidious and wont use a soiled box. Have your cat spayed pretty soon. Some cats will come into heat at 6 months of age. Surging hormones (male and female) lead them to begin to mark territory.

Do NOT have your cat declawed. The extreme pain causes them avoid touching their paws on the cat litter. Declawed cats will then permanently avoid the litter box.

They also begin to shift their weight to avoid the pain and develop permanent arthritis. Try placing several litter boxes in calm private places through the house. Keep in mind some cats do not like covered litter boxes, so you can try different styles.

My cats like the plain old (cheap) open tray boxes best. Be prepared for accidents from time to time. It just goes with the territory. Keep some of the enzyme soak products (Natures Miracle) on hand when accidents cant be picked up or wiped up. It is a great cleaner as well as deodorizer.

Question: Cats Have Started Peeing on the Floor

I have a 3 year old Siamese and a 1 and a half year old Russian Blue. I have had them together over a year. They both have started to recently pee on the floor. It's random and not in the same place. If one pees there, then the other does also. What can I do to get them to stop?
We have not changed anything or moved their litter box. They also continue to use the litter box for both peeing and pooping. So we don't think its a UTI because they are both doing it.
Please help us.

By KaLee T. from Salt Lake City, UT

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/24/2012

I would still have them checked out for UTI. One may have a UTI and the other one is peeing just because the other one has. Most cats with UTIs still use the litter box part of the time.

Are there any new cats in the neighborhood that they may be able to see (or hear) through the windows? That can be enough to set off their territorial behavoirs (marking). Sometimes outside cats will pee on your porch or near the front door and set them off. You may not be aware of it but the cats will smell it.

Those are the two things I thought of, but there are lots of good posts on this site if you do a search. Good luck.

Question: Cat is Urinating in the Bathtub and Vent

I have an 11 year old cat named Noel. Not too long ago, I got another cat named Mortimer. Noel has since become jealous of Mort and has begun urinating in my daughter's bath tub. Now the plug part of the tub is corroded, and I can't figure out how to get it fixed.

Noel has also stopped using the litter box. She poops right next to it and has started urinating and pooping down the AC vent. When the AC kicks on, all you can smell is cat urine. I've tried to fix the smell with Febreze, etc. but nothing is working. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!

By Jaci from MO

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]06/30/2011

If you can get into the AC vent to clean it I suggest using Natures Miracle, available at most pet stores. If you can only pour the product into the vent after the "mistakes" that may improve things in time. Make sure you unplug the AC 1st, and are not wetting any electrical wiring or motors. Be sure it is dry before you start the AC up again. Putting the product in a spray bottle may help.

This is territorial behavior and very common in cats. Be sure you have many areas open to the cats so they can "claim" some territory for their own. Be sure they have access to window sills, top of dressers etc, so they can get up off the floor. It makes them feel secure and confident. Some folks attach shelves to the wall so the cats can climb. Cat trees help too. There is a spray product called Feliway that can be sprayed in a spot (daily or more) and a cat will not soil there again. It also calms cats. My male cat once sprayed in my toaster, I expect the AC smells about the same. I got a new toaster and watched him a lot more closely. Just time helps a lot too. Good luck with your kitties.

Question: My Cat Keeps Peeing on the Floor

I have had two lovely Burmese boys just over 12 months now. They were originally inside for 6 months then went outside, but now because of where I live must stay inside. I do have a small outside pen, but can't leave them in there because of the rules in our complex. Anyway, one of them in particular has started peeing inside on the floor every single day now for over a month. I think he is stressed, but so am I. I'm close to letting them both go to a new home. I'm forever cleaning up. Please help.

By LadyRebelSailor from QLD, Australia

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By Trudy [19]03/02/2011

Since your cat is use to be outdoors, now he's an indoor cat, maybe the litter box confuses your pet? Wild guess. Call your vet and ask for suggestions. :)

Question: Discouraging a Cat from Urinating on the Floor

Will removing the soiled carpet and replacing with new carpet stop my cat from urinating in my house?

By Sebrina from Atlanta, GA

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By Bree [3]09/06/2010

No, it wont. That will just cost you money. My cat had the same problem. Take her to the vet she might have a UTI, my cat did. If the vet says nothing is wrong with her, she is doing it out of spite so get her a bigger litter box.

Question: Cat Peeing On Furniture and Carpet

My 1 year old cat occasionally will pee in random places like on the couch, on a bed, on a rug, or on the carpet. He still does poop and pee in the litter box. I've tried all kinds of remedies and pheromones like Feliway and already had him checked at the vet clinic. I have no other cats. He's been moved to three different locations within my family and he does the same thing in every house he goes to. Sometimes it is everyday, sometimes just once a week.

What do I do?

    By Anushka B. [1]

    Question: Cat Peeing and Biting

    My cat is peeing when he doesn't get his attention. He is an 8 year old Siamese, demanding and very routine. He pees on my husband's clothes if they are left on the floor and last night on his pillow that he dropped beside the bed.

    When we go on holidays he will miss us very much and pee in the suit case or on something of ours to show us he is mad or upset. We usually keep a good routine, and when it's not that way he will even try to bite me to ask for what he wants. An example is when I don't get up in the morning for feeding at 6am he will scratch my feet, meow at my face, then bite me if my hand is out of the blanket. I'm at my wits end. What can I do to stop these two problems, peeing and biting for attention?

    By Debbie

    Question: Kittens Peeing Everywhere

    My boyfriend has recently gotten two kittens. They are different ages. We were told the female is nine weeks old and that the male was six weeks old, but we believe he was about four weeks old. They use the litter box, but have started peeing on the beds, couches, and pulling anything to the ground to pee on it. How do we stop them doing this?

    By Charlie

    Question: Kittens Peeing Everywhere

    I have a female and male kitten, which are 6 month old. They pee everywhere, from my bed, to my couch, to the floor. Please help. I have an older female and I never had this much trouble with her. How can I stop this happening? They are indoor/outdoor cats and they now poop outside, but pee everywhere inside.

    By Cath K.

    Question: Cats Peeing in New Home

    orange tabby and grey cats sleeping togetherI just moved with my 2 cats (1 female, 1 male) and I want to stop them from marking the house, but I have no idea how. Any suggestions?

    By Steph

    Question: Cat Peeing on Anything on Floor

    tabby catMy 10 year old cat seems to be in pretty good health. For a while she was eating heaps and losing weight, after I wormed her, her eating returned to normal. About 3.5 years ago I had a baby. I noticed she peed on some towels I had on the laundry floor sorted to be washed. I put this down to behavioural issues. From then on it seemed to be only occasionally that she would pee on things on the floor. Recently this has been a daily occurrence. The things she's peed on varies from my daughter's jarmies that are warming in front of the heater, to the bath mat, blankets on the floor, my slippers, and she will even climb into the clothing hamper to pee. I am at my wits end! She has always been an indoor cat, going outside when I am outside. I just don't know what to do.

    By Sharona from Australia

    Question: Cat Peeing on Bed Daily

    Cat on pet lounge.My cat is well trained to use a human toilet, perfectly, for more than two months now, without any accident. I brought him to the vet who checked his blood 3 months ago, he was all healthy. But recently he started to pee in bed one time a day. After he pees in bed once, if he needs to use the bathroom again he would go to toilet. I can not stay home watching him everyday, I really got stressed by that so much. The pee looks fine, not drops, should I bring him to vet? Or what reason could it be? Cat under couch.

    By Wenjing

    Question: Cats Keep Peeing On My Bed

    My 2 male cats are 4 years old and have been done, but since I had to move into my BF's mum's they have started peeing on the bed again. Their tray is kept clean as they get fed, watered, and sleep in the bedroom. They do it when you're in bed going to sleep. And when we are out after we cover the bed in plastic sheets they pull them off and pee. There is no UTI, as I keep an eye for that, as my female gets them now and again. Please can you help?

    By Emma

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