Preventing a Cat from Peeing Everywhere

Accidents happen. But, it is a stinky problem when cats stop using the litter box. This guide contains suggestions for preventing cats from urinating around the house.

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Our cat Puffy has been driving the entire family crazy with his peeing everywhere.
We bought de-scenting sprays and special cleaners, which he ignored and re-marked all over the house. Some advice? (I refuse neuter my cat.)

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Although getting your animal neutered is a good thing , because it reduces their chances of getting some forms of cancer later in life . I do neuter my rescue animals right away if they are not done . I lost my Sheeba to cancer because she was not neutered . I thought because she was not going to be around any boy dogs it was ok . TRUST ME IT'S NOT OK . My mom had got her dog Baby a poodle from the free ads , my mom passed away in 2009 . I was given Baby as she was afraid of males for some reason , she never made up to my dad no matter what he did . She now has tumors on her breasts . The Dr. said she could run tests but that with her being a senior dog , chances are it would be too much for her to go through any kind of surgery.

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My kitten, Faye, who's about 6 months old keeps peeing everywhere. We got her about a month, almost two months, ago. She was litter trained when we got her. She uses the litter box, but she still pees on everything. We have two litter boxes, and we recently got a new humongus one, so that makes three. It's also weird because she acts like a dog. She tries to steal my food when I eat, and she'll eat anything that I drop on the floor as long as its food. This morning I woke up and found the trash bag ripped open, and food everywhere. I have two other cats, one a girl, the other a boy. They are all fixed. The other two cats are almost 2 years old, but they love to play with Faye, and they love each other. I just need to know how to get Faye to stop this behavior. Thanks for any help you have!

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Vet now. If it gets into the kidneys there's little chance of survival.

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I have an 8 month old female cat. She is spayed, but after her surgery she started peeing everywhere. I tried everything. It has gotten to the point where I have to get rid of her. She uses her litter box to poop and sometime uses it to go pee. She is peeing all over my clothes, blankets, and furniture. It stinks in my place because of her. She was a stray and now I keep wishing I had never gotten her. I love her, but before she got fixed she never peed in my house she always used her litter box. I moved her litter box and showed her where it is and she just wants to pee on my clothes. What can I do before I get rid of her? For two months she has been peeing everywhere. I have to throw away so many things because of her. I am at the point of saying I don't want her anymore. I am at the end of her peeing everywhere.

By Kendra G

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Sounds like she has picked up an infection or has developed a complication from the surgery...take her to the vet!

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How do I stop my male cat from urinating in the bathtub?

By weedas55 from MI

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Never heard the one about the cat maybe having UTI or something, but seems to be mention all over the web when I searched for how to stop my cat from peeing in the tub. A friend of mine has a cat that always does it, and she just rinses the tub out a couple of times a day.

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Our cat, Puffy, has been driving the entire family crazy with his peeing everywhere. We bought de-scenting sprays and special cleaners, which he ignored and re-marked all over the house. Some advice? I refuse neuter my cat.
Thank you.

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Puffy may have a medical problem, (diabetes re peeing problem?) and need medical help now to help. However, if Puffy does not have a medical problem and you refuse to neuter him, you may have to live with his very natural peeing/marking behavior.

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We brought in a stray kitten a few days ago and initially he seemed to have taken to the litter box well, he only attempted to poo outside of it once and we set him inside as he was going and the problem never reoccurred. However he never pees in the litter box, and he always seems to find a different spot to pee on, and it's always somewhere my boyfriend and I spend the most time (bed, in between the couch cushions). He even peed on my feet while I was sleeping the other night.

I know this is likely him marking, but is there anything (besides the old mouthwash and tinfoil trick) that can get him to finally start peeing in the litter box. We keep the one we have in the main bathroom downstairs, we're buying another today, but aren't sure where to put it. I'd like to keep a stinky litter box out of the kitchen, but our apartment is so small. Both bedrooms are upstairs. Thanks.

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I would go for the litterbox in the kitchen. I pick mine twice a day and there is no odor. Get a good quality litter that is unscented. Perfume is a turn off for cats used to the outdoors. Search this site for ideas. There are a lot. I have heard of folks who restrict pets to a bathroom (Part of the day or at night) with their litterbox. This seems to help them get the idea. They are more fastidious if they have to be close to the little mistake. Bless you for taking in this little monkey...especially when he peed on your feet. You gets points in heaven for that.

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I have a 4 year old male cat. He is fixed and started peeing everywhere! He uses the litter box but he still pees. Could it be that I have two female cats that aren't fixed? I don't know how to stop him from peeing, and I don't want to have to give him up. Please help.

By Linda S.

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Best Answer

I think you guessed about half the problem. Get the girls fixed. Your male cat may be feeling territorial about other males that show up looking for your females. You also might want to have him checked for a bladder infection.

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How can I stop my cat from peeing and pooping everywhere? I'm pretty sure it's from stress, as my older brother likes to scare him and the younger one drags him to bed. However, when we put a stop to it, which lasted about 4 or 5 months, he still kept doing it. He goes everywhere. The beds, dog bowls, couch, under the bed, outside, but never in the litter box despite changing litter and getting a new box for separate cats, we have two, brothers, he still has not stopped. What can we do? We really don't want to give him away.

By Tiffany

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The poor cat is obviously extremely stressed from the mistreatment by your brothers. It will probably take some time and much love and understanding on everyone's part to change the urinating and defecating behavior. It is clear your cat is still suffering from and always expecting to be harrassed by your brothers. Your kitty is not a toy, your brothers must stop scaring him and using him like a stuffed animal. He has feelings and emotions very much like humans and suffers from mistreatment like humans.

If you truly love your cat and want to help him, please take him to your vet and ask for help in changing his behavior. Possibly some medication and certainly commitment on your part will help poor kitty improve his problem.

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I have a male Persian cat and he is peeing almost everywhere and not using the litterbox at all. But in the case of poop, he uses the litter box or the bathroom very properly. Please help me find solution; it's urgent.

By Afrin from Navi Mumbai, India

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My cat is having the same issue. He's 19ish. We've taken him to the vet numerous times and the vet says it's kidney related but no UTI what so ever. We've got 5-6 different size boxes spread out amongst the 2 floors. We've tried different types of litter.

When he does go, it's like he backs up and just goes. But if you put him in the box or lock him in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes he won't go. All the corners of our house reek of pee.

We've tried every cleaning product on the market. We have 3 other cats and a dog but everyone gets along really well. Help!

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My cats are 6 and 7 months old. They began peeing on stuff only when my boyfriend's daughter comes for the weekend. She has cats at her place as well. Please help, their litter is clean and everything. It's only when she is here.

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I would suggest getting them both fixed. Otherwise when your daughter is there keep them in another room with their litter box. They must be smelling her cats and marking their territory. I have always fixed my cats right around 5 months. I've never had an issue like this before.

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My cat is 4 years old and got neutered before he was 1. He has had 2 UTIs and 2 kidney stones in the past. His diet has been changed and he's so much better. Here's the thing, we moved into our new house last night. I showed him where his clean litterbox is and everything. Also, all of the flooring is brand new. But he keeps peeing everywhere, even on the tile flooring.

I know stress/change of environment could play a part, but I need to stop him from doing this. I did not get any sleep last night, he was coming in the bedroom, jumping on my bed and constantly meowing. But when I would get up, he would be fine. He's feeling okay, acting normal (other than the peeing), eating, etc. I have cleaned with enzymatic cleaner, all that. But he is literally peeing everywhere!

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I think you kitty is having a hard time adjusting to the move. You need to eliminate a bladder infection as a cause of the problem, so get him to the Vet soon. It is a very likely possibility. Stress really can bring it on. The stress will diminish with time, and I'm sure he will improve. Some folks keep their cats confined to a room with a litterbox until things settle down a bit. It seems to help some cats. But be sure and get him to the Vet right away to be sure on the bladder infection. Good luck.

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