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Ideas for Asking a Guy to a Dance

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Boy and shy girl standing by lockers.

Tolo and Sadie's school dances are an established opportunity for girls to invite a guy to go to the dance with them. This is a guide containing ideas for asking a guy to a dance.


Solutions: Ideas for Asking a Guy to a Dance

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Tip: Asking Best Friends To Tolo

Well, I was texting the guy I'm going to ask to our girls choice dance (Tolo) and I told him I'm asking this other guy and I need ideas. I asked him how he would want to be asked so I could use that idea to ask him. He doesnt know I'm asking him, he thinks I'm asking somebody else.

Anyways, he said that it would be cool to bake something (he said brownies) for the guy and have a GIANT poster that reads "TOLO?" Then you give the guy a clothing item (eg. sunglasses, watch, snapback/beanie, etc.). My BFF is asking his best friend so we are going to ask them at the same time.

What we are going to do is bake some brownies and go to the Dan's house (the guy I'm asking) since I'm friends with his family. We are going to have the poster and be waiting inside at the entrance to his house. She is going to be wearing a white shirt that says "Will" and I'm going to be wearing a white shirt that says "Dan/Daniel". I'll wear a snapback to give to Dan and she will be wearing a beanie to give to Will. It's going to be perfect. We know Will and Dan are going to say yes because I asked if Will would say yes to her and he said he would. And Will asked Dan who he wants to ask him to Tolo and he said he really wants me to ask him. Anyways, I hope this was worth reading and not too confusing! Hope this works if you're planning on asking somebody with your friend! This works for guys and girls :)

By Em'n'm

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Here are questions related to Ideas for Asking a Guy to a Dance.

Question: Asking My Boyfriend to Tolo

So today I'm sick, and I was going to ask my boyfriend to the dance. I was wondering if I made a big piece of paper that said "TOLO?" on it, took a picture with it, and sent it to him; would That be a good idea? I feel bad for not asking him in person.

By Ann K.


Best Answer

By Joan [13]02/01/2012

I would ask in person. If he is your boyfriend I would assume he would plan on going with you. I assume Tolo is similar to Sadie Hawkins Day.

Question: Asking a Boy to a School Dance

I want to take one of my ex-boyfriends to a school dance, but I don't know how to ask him.

By Alexis from Wellman, IA

Question: How Can I Casually Ask a Guy Friend to a School Dance?

I'm really good friends with this guy from another school. I haven't seen him in person for a couple months, but I talk to him on the phone everyday. I really like him and I want to ask him to my school's dance that's coming up. I want to ask him in a simple way, nothing fancy, but I don't know how to bring the dance up in conversation. I need help fast because I only have ONE WEEK until I have to ask him.

just ME! from Cincinnati, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Jacquel01/22/2009

To all my single and shy ladies listen up! Ladies every girl should have their white night with someone special. Your night can be special only if you make it special. Now I have a problem too. I want to go to this boys prom but I'm afraid he'll say "no" or just laugh in my face. But I want to prove that I can have fun and party like a rock star. No girl should have to stay at home crying because they don't have there dream date. So this is what I did. I went home and thought about some things we have in common. Then I typed it on the computer and read the list to him. And then I said "that's why we make a good couple. I can make your night special and be your prom princess." Can I be your prom date for the night? I should get his answer this sunday. So ladies this is what I'm saying: Take a deep breath, relax, and then just pop the question! Hopefully you get your white night! And don't forget to smile! Remember girls if you want a date to the dance just be yourself! Good luck!

Question: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

So coed is on the 20th and I wanna ask this guy that I really like. I've already asked him through text, but I wanna ask him in a better way. I can't come up with anything good. Please help.

By Erika from Pocatello, ID

Most Recent Answer

By DanaD08/24/2011

AJ, thanks for the goldfish idea. My boyfriend is a sucker for sweet things like that. Im asking him to my senior Homecoming this weekend.
Thanks girl!

Question: Asking a Boy to a Valentine's Dance

Please help. There is this guy I like a lot and I want to ask him to the Valentine's dance, but I don't know how. Does anyone have any cute ideas?

By Harlie

Most Recent Answer


I agree that you should simply ask him but if you're nervous about asking verbally why don't you cut out a heart from a nice piece of red paper, write on the inside of the folded side, "Will You Go To The Valentine's Dance With Me?", fold it back in half, hand it to him in person, stand there in front of him until he reads it and see what happens. Here is a link of how to cut your own nice heart:

Let not your heart be troubled or your ego and confidence be crushed if he says no because, as was already mentioned, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you'll have fun going to the dance with or without a date. Let us know what happens. :-)

Question: Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

So there is this boy that I have liked since last year when I was a freshman. We have a winter dance soon called the Football Ball and the cheerleaders hold it. Can you help me come up with some cute ideas to ask him to the dance? Thank you.

By SaraJean from Casper, WY

Most Recent Answer

By girley23bc10/07/2013

Here is what I did last year, I asked him through telephone. This year, I am planning to do a flashmob with some friends! Also, getting some baseballs, and writing "will you go to Sadies with me?". What should I do with the number 22 because he plays football and baseball. 22 is his football number!

Question: Sweethearts Dance

How should I ask my boyfriend to our Sweethearts dance?

By Ally

Most Recent Answer

By Colleen Stuchal [4]02/05/2010

Make a heart out of construction paper, add a few lines like a wedding invitation would say-You are cordially invited to accompany me to the Sweeytheart's Dance, etc, or just ask him.

Question: Creative Way To Ask Boyfriend To a Dance

Please give me some cute original ideas on how to ask my boyfriend to my girls choice dance! I want to do something that hasn't really been done and I'd like to be creative. I'm usually a really creative girl and I think my guy expects something cute! He wouldn't be mad if i didn't do it creatively, but how fun would that be?


Most Recent Answer

By chelsea_carter1508/08/2013

Ok this I thought was adorable! Go to the store and get as many Hershey kisses as you can find! Pour some on his walk way to his house, pour more goin into his house pour more goin into his room, pour alot all over his room and but a huge poster board on his wall that says "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to _____ with me?"

Question: Asking a Boy to Winter Formal

My school is having a winter formal at my school and it's girls ask guys. I want to ask my boyfriend to go with me in a fun and cute way. It's in about a month and I know he'll say yes, but I wanna make it a nice surprise. He has no idea about it either and he goes to another school. Any ideas? :)

By Michelle B

Most Recent Answer

By mayajbkc01/24/2015

Take a piece of paper asking him to winter formal and have the paper eliminated. Put the paper in a bucket of water then freeze it. Have him melt/break the ice to see what the message says.

Question: Asking a Guy to a Dance

I need a cute way to ask this guy to a dance.

By Allison from Forest City, IA

Most Recent Answer

By cassielcooney01/03/2015

Alright I know what you're talking about:) If you go on pinterest or just search it on the web, there are tons of cute ideas! It kinda depends on what this guy likes and such. For example, my boyfriend is the drumline captain so I was thinking of asking him with drumsticks or something. But he also loves Disneyland so I was also thinking of asking him there. Depending on how much you know this guy, you may want to go with something simple like a sign, but they also love when you tie their personal interests into asking them:)

Question: Asking Boyfriend to Sadies

What's a good way to ask my hockey player bf to Sadies?

By Bao

Most Recent Answer

By swilson081710/06/2013

Umm I have a steady bf for 11 months today and I am still looking for a cute way to ask him to a dance at my school. We go to different schools so I am inviting him to the dance and sorry I don't have any ideas of my own but I just wanted to say I think it will be really adorable and not kindergardenish at all. It will be super cute and he will love it no matter how you ask! Good luck!

Question: Asking a Friend to a Dance

How can I ask my guy friend to a semi formal dance? My crush and I have been good friends for a while and there is a semi formal dance coming up. I really want to ask him, but one he is a year older than me and I don't know of he will take me seriously. Secondly, I don't want to make this friendship weird. Please help!

By Taylor

Most Recent Answer

By killerdimples [1]09/08/2012

Just ask him! Go for it. You only live once, might as well have some fun. Take a risk. If you don't, you'll beat yourself up for not doing it because what if he would of said yes?!

Question: Asking a Guy to Morp

I don't know any cute, fun ways to ask a guy to morp. It's girl's choice and it'll be my 1st high school dance. I am a junior and want to make this a fun memorable time

By Kayla W.

Most Recent Answer

By lovelytonata [1]09/08/2013

Just make a poster and lots of balloons around his room or in his class then you write yes on red no on black and maybe on yellow. Then tell him to pop his answer and give it to you.

Question: Asking My Crush to Twirp (Turnabout Dance)

I've been talking to this guy for a while. Twirp is coming and I really want to ask him. I've never asked anyone before, so I want this to be cute and special. He's into dirt biking, hockey, video games, and he loves cookies. Any ideas?

By Jordan M.

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]01/14/2015

Make or buy a giant size of his favourite cookie and using a tube of decorating icing or gel, write something like: It would be sweet if you would be my date for Twirp.

Question: Asking a Guy to a School Dance

I like this guy at my school and I want to ask him to the dance. The thing is I'm scared and really nervous to ask him. What's the best way to ask someone without getting nervous?

By briannajeanne

Most Recent Answer

By cassielcooney01/03/2015

I've been there before and the thing is the nerves never really go away until you ask him. You just have to be confident in yourself and know that whether he says yes or no that you are still an amazing person and that you deserve someone who can see that and love that. If you don't want to ask him directly because it is too nerve-racking, you can always give him something(creatively made by you) asking him to the dance. But don't be so afraid that you don't ask him at all! Best of luck to you! Just keep being you and that'll do it:)

Question: Asking My Boyfriend to Tolo Formal

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship and my school is having a formal dance; he lives 3 hours away. What would be a creative way to ask him to Tolo without having to go all the way down just to ask and then leave to go back home. The only idea that came to mind was to call some sort of a shop and have them deliver something with a note card saying "tolo?", but it's not too creative.

By Ashley

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2013

I think having something delivered with a note would be a fun thing, especially if it was a bit of an oddity - like a pizza for example, that usually doesn't come with a message. That is, if you can get the pizza place to do it. I would be sure that you put the appropriate info in the note so he knows what you are talking about, and how and when to reply.

Question: Asking a Guy to Sadie Hawkins Dance

The Sadie Hawkins (girls ask the guys), dance is coming up soon and there is this guy in my class I really like. He just made the soccer team and he likes riding motorcycles. I really want him to say yes. How should I ask him?

By M

Most Recent Answer

By Baylee N.10/10/2014

Get a soccer ball and write " wanna kick it at homecoming with me " on it with both of your names.

Question: Asking My Friend to Co-ed Dance

I have a crush on my guy friend and really want to ask him to Co-ed, but can't think of cute ways. He is really into science, but I don't have any ideas.

By Emily F. from Pocatello, ID

Most Recent Answer

By cassielcooney01/03/2015

Have you seen those posters that use elements from periodic table to spell out words? You can search it, but if he's really into science that might be a really good idea:) Or maybe just asking him in his science class, getting the teacher in on it? Idk, just brainstorming :P

Question: Asking a Boy to Winter Formal

This is our winter formal where girls ask guys! How should I ask a good friend who does rodeo to it, in a cute way?

By Hailee

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]10/20/2013

If he is a good friend, why can't you just ask him? I don't understand why people think everything has to done in a cute way.

Question: Asking a Guy to an Informal

So there's this guy and he's a senior and plays football, likes God, the army, and video games. I need to come up with a cute and unique way of asking him. Any ideas?

By Tiffany D.

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]09/19/2013

See if you can find a plastic army man, you know one of the green ones. Write your question on a circle of white cloth. Punch 4 holes in it, tie a string in each hole and tie it on the plastic soldier. Fold the parachute and toss it up in the air in front of him so it floats down near him. Don't hit him with it!

Question: Asking a Boy to Sadie's

How do I ask him to Sadies? He plays baseball and loves Oreos. I want to do it in a funny, but cute, way.

By Lucy

Most Recent Answer

By matisse.jensen10/19/2013

One guy asked me by getting a box of Oreos and wrote "I'd be 'filled' with joy if you went to the dance with me" and then another not that said "search your fillings" he wrote the letters of his name in the Oreos frosting but I would recommend just putting a piece of paper in the middle cause it was hard to make out the letters

Question: Asking a Guy to Preference

There is a girls' choice formal dance coming up at my high school, and the boy I want to ask doesn't really know me that well. We have one class at school and that's about the only time we talk. Any ideas on how to ask him? And any advice? :)

By Keagan

Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]10/26/2012

Just walk up to the guy and ask him. If you are uncomfortable asking him before or after the class you share try to find out if you have the same lunch break or find out where his locker is and meet him there after last class and ask him. You don't have to do anything special just walk up and say, "Hi (name) I wanted to ask you to the dance" or " Hi (name) I wanted to know if you would take me to the dance".

Question: Asking a Guy to a Dance

So there is a dance the twenty-fifth and I really want to ask this guy, but I don't want to make it weird! Please help.

By Kaelee from Buhl, ID

Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]05/16/2012

Just walk up to him and say, "Hey... have you found someone to take to the dance?" If he says yes just respond,"Good, I'll see you there". and start thinking of other guys. If he says NO respond, "Good, will you take me?" See were that gets you.

Question: Asking a Baseball Player to Sadies

How do you ask a guy to sadies? I am not looking for something too big, but something cute and something not a a lot of girls do. He is on the baseball team at school. Please help.

By jvt

Most Recent Answer

By rhaynerocks01/29/2013

Well, I dont personally know how much it would cost, but Buy Baseballs (real or toy ones) and write a letter for the dance on each of them and have them at his locker or house if you live near by. It's a cute idea I guess.

Question: Asking a Shy Guy to Sadies

I want to ask this guy to Sadies, but hes shy and doesn't talk much so it's hard to make conversation. I need an easy way (something I can bring to school) that isn't too big, but just enough to make him smile :) What should I do?

By Melissa O

Most Recent Answer

By marshafaith606d [1]03/07/2012

Find out what he is interested in. It is a great ice breaker, if you know what he likes; music, sports, fishing. LOL Good luck!

Question: Asking a Boy to a Sadie Hawkins Dance

We're having a Sadie Hawkins dance and my boyfriend is a drum player in a band. I don't know a creative, cute way to ask him. Any ideas?

By paulsen from Pleasanton, NE

Most Recent Answer

By Leigh [18]12/27/2010

Get a drumstick and write your invitation on it and tie a bow on it in his favorite color. Use a thin permanant marker.

Question: Asking a Boy to a Dance

I want to ask my crush to the Valentine dance on Friday. He's in my band and gym class, but I don't know how to ask him. He already knows I like him, but I don't know if he'll say yes or no. Any ideas?

By Gabby C.

Question: Asking Friend to Valentine's Dance

There's a turnabout dance on Valentine's day, and I really want to ask this hockey player. He is one of my best friends, but I can't think of a cute and funny way to ask him.


Question: Asking a Guy to WPA

So the WPA dance is coming up and I think I have an idea of what to do. I have this guy friend that goes to another school, that I am 99% sure that I will ask. I haven't told my mom everything. We don't really have a bond with each other, and I'm freaking out! My guy friend works at Target and I would like to surprise him. Any suggestions? What to wear and makeup ideas?

By 849mjb30

Question: Asking a Guy to Tolo

I've liked this guy at my school for 3 months now, I'm not sure where we really are right now. He's kissed me and we've hung out and I finally told him my feelings for him, but he doesn't know if a relationship is best for him right now so as you can see, its kinda awkward between us.

I really want to ask him to tolo. I have no clue how to do it without being super awkward about it. All I know is that it needs to be creative. He plays the drums and he has a Mustang for a car and we have first period together, which is math. Any ideas?

By K

Question: Asking a Guy to a Girl's Preference Dance

What are some creative ideas for asking a guy out to a girl's preference dance? He is really interested in pilots and planes, chemistry, etc.

By B. N. W.

Question: Asking My Boyfriend to Tolo

My crush asked me to homecoming and I said yes, now we are a thing. He knows I'm going to ask him to Tolo, but he doesn't know how. I need help. I had an idea, but I don't think it's going to work.

By Madeline

Question: Asking Boyfriend to Tolo

I'm a girl wrestler and my boyfriend is my practice wrestling partner. I want to ask him to Tolo even though I know he will say yes. I still want to ask him and need ideas, but don't want to embarrass him (OK maybe a little, but not much).

By M.E.K

Question: Asking a Friend to a Dance

I have a friend in school and we have been good friends for quite a while. Yesterday I got thinking and I really want to ask him to my semi formal in December, but I have no clue how. Some details: I have a boyfriend that can't go to the dance, so I just want to go with him as friends. And I don't want him to think I'm hitting on him.

By Kaley G.

Question: Asking My Boyfriend to Sadies

I'm not sure how to ask my boyfriend to Sadies. I want it to be creative and something to do with the gym, since we both are gym rats! Any ideas?


Question: Asking Boyfriend to a Sadie Hawkins Dance

How do I ask my boyfriend so a Sadie Hawkins dance? The dance theme is "carnival" so I'd like to work with it.

By Belinda

Question: Asking a Guy to Tolo (Girl's Choice) Dance

So the guy I want to ask to my girl's choice dance is in band. He and I met this year at the beginning of the year. I know for sure he is going to say yes to me because a couple of my friends that are good friends with him told me.

So I want to do something really amazing and out there and kinda spontaneous, but I don't want to ask in front of our entire school, which is over 2,000 people. Any really good or even great ideas? Everything helps! :)

By Em'n'm

Question: Asking a Baseball Player to a Sadie Hawkins

What is a cute way to ask a baseball player to Sadie Hawkins? I want to make it something cute, other than just asking him and being plain. Any ideas? Please give me your comments.

By Mickey from Tallahassee, FL

Question: Asking a Guy to Sadies

I want this to be simple and something that's extremely unique and cute. I don't want anything a million girls have done and please no signs or putting stuff on his locker. This is for my boyfriend of two years and I want it to be cute and thoughtful. Thank you.

By Victoria R.

Question: Asking My Boyfriend to Sadies

I want to ask my boyfriend to Sadies. Our theme its black light/out of this universe. Any ready creative ideas?

By Alli

Question: Asking a Guy to a Tolo Dance

What are some neat original ideas for how to ask a guy to tolo?

By Amber

Question: Asking a Boy to a Turnabout Dance

What's the best way to ask my boyfriend to turnabout using a basketball theme?

By Kayla from Virginia, MN


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Archive: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

How do I ask a guy to a dance?

Chrissy from Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My boyfriend absolutely loved this when i asked him to snowball...

So I thought of 5 cute little rhymes that would make him think of me & would ask him to the dance and I made a heart which I cut out of a styrofoam board. I cut the heart into 5 pieces and the 5th middle piece into the shape of a key. I taped the clues to each piece of the heart and cut out the pieces to be put in numbered boxes. Then when I had decorated all the pieces on the front I put them all together and on the back wrote "now that you have the key to my heart will you go to snowball with me? Love, your name"

He absolutely loved it & loved how creative it favorite for sure :] lemme know if you use the idea id love to hear about it! (09/13/2007)

By Anonymous

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Ok, so this is how i got asked to Prom!

I just got home from work, walked up to my porch and there was a ton of hershys kisses on the sidewalk with a note tied to my door. I opened the note and it said, "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, Will you go to prom with me" His name was in big letters on the bottom!

I answered him by getting a huge poster board and used starburst writing "It would be a Burst of fun to dance under the STARS with you at prom" and another poster board with a huge "yes"(the yes spelled out with the starbursts). I put the posters and threw starbursts all over his room! It was way cute. And it fit cause our theme at prom was stars!! (09/13/2007)

By Kels

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Well for our turn about dance I'm going to ask my crush to go with me so I bought a little trinket jar with a cork top and some Origami wishing star paper. u can write a wish in wishing stars but I wrote a letter in each one on the bottom end then I folded them.

After folding them I wrote numbers on each so that they made words I put them in the jar and wrote a note that read "align these stars in order and unfold them to crack my code with love ___your name___" and put that around the jar with ribbon. its way cute they look like this: (format_html)

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance


By jade pen

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My boyfriend is a wrestler! Any suggestions? (09/13/2007)

By help out !

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I did this for the kid I liked when I asked him to winter formal, it was fun and he thought it was really cute.

I wrote in bubble letters on pink construction paper...BE MY HERO, WINTER O7? (Our theme was super-heroes) then I cut the pieces out and glued them to purple square pieces of paper. Then I mixed them all up and on the back of every different letter square I drew either a heart, start, triangle, circle, or a smiley face. On a piece of white paper I wrote the rules of the game, then glued them to a blue heart. Then I made a cute envelope with his name on it and stickers and stuff. basically, every group of the same symbols went together to form a word. (ie. all hearts spelled WINTER) He had to put it together and guess the phrase. Haha it was really fun to make and looked really cute. It was totally original and all from scratch. :) (09/13/2007)

By A.J.

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

So I asked my boyfriend to sadies like this last year.

1. I went before school and put a tub of butter in his locker, with a sign that said "just thought I'd butter you up."

2. Then when he got to school I put 8 party size bags of popcorn in his truck bed. [dumped them out] and wrote on the windows "before I popped the question".

3. Then I went to his house and put a sign on the door that said "but you might wanna sleep on it" and I put sheets on his bed that said sadies all over it.

It was so cute! (09/13/2007)

By jess

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Okay well me and my boyfriend were going to hit one month and I couldn't figure out how to ask him, so i thought of this:

I have a myspace and so does he. Well on the software paint I made a green painting because thats his favorite color and wrote "babe its been one month and I love you" Then in the next painting i wrote "will you go to sadies with me"! his answer was yes, and its been almost a year and were in love and everything is perfect! (09/13/2007)

By secret

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

thanks for all the tips! they're all great!! :^D (09/13/2007)

By Kayla

RE: Ideas For answering a Guy To a Dance

I need a VERY cute idea for answering a guy to a dance. Anyone want to help? (09/13/2007)

By Dawna

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

The guy I want to ask plays baseball, so I'm going to write "(His Name), will you go to Sadie Hawkins with me? -(my name)" and get someone to give it to him. It's simple, but it's cute enough to not be lame. Same thing applies to football or hockey guys. (09/15/2007)

By Alexis

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

So I asked this guy to sadies last year and he really likes fish so I got the colored goldfish. I took out all the green ones (because that's his favorite color) and put that one on the top and then put a note inside a goldfish jar saying, "out of all the fishes in the sea, would you go to sadies with me?"

For another dance this girl asked her date by getting a whole bunch of tootsie rolls together and then made a car out of the tootsie roll bank holder thingy and said, "hey toots, let's roll to homecoming together."

Pretty cute if you ask me. (09/16/2007)

By anonymous

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

I want to ask this guy to homecoming but we're not dating YET! I don't want it to be too much, but I want it to be cute! Please help! (09/18/2007)

By nicole

RE: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

My boyfriend asked me this really cute way to i decided to get him back. So what I'm gunna do is I'm going to wait till he gets home from football practice. When I know he is inside I'm going to get in a really big box and ring the doorbell. When he answers the door, he'll look down at the box, which will have his name on it, and he'll open it.

When he does I'll pop up with a sign that says "Sadies?"

It'll be amazing. (09/20/2007)

By Summer.

Archive: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Here are some great ideas from previous years on how to ask a guy to a dance. Each school has it's own name: Sadies, Tolo, Sweethearts, Morp, etc. but usually the girl is supposed to ask and pay for everything. Over the years, the ways to ask have gotten more and more elaborate. Post your own ideas below but be sure that they are not too expensive, complicated, messy or dangerous.


Archive: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Here are some great ideas from previous years on how to ask a guy to a dance.


Archive: Ideas For Asking a Guy To a Dance

Can someone give me some ideas on how to ask a guy to a dance?