Cleaning Permanent Ink Off a Dry Erase Board


I work in the school setting. I 'accidentally' used a regular marker instead of a dry erase marker on a dry erase board. Needless to say, the ink would not come off or what I could remove left a horrible smudged stain.

I was using the dry erase marker and wrote right over that smudge and then erased it. The dry erase marker must have a solvent agent in it as it removed the smudge. I found I sometimes must scribble over the site and immediately rub off with a tissue for a clean dry erase board.

By Antaria from Chino Valley, AZ


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By Kelly Fitzgerald 6 01/26/2010

Use fingernail polish remover.

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By eve 18 136 01/26/2010

How clever to figure that out. I've done the same thing wth a sharpie but never thought to do that. That little smiley face stayed there for the duration of the board. : )

My DH has a bad habit of rubbing the message off with his hand, which of course makes the oils in his hands leave a stain. I finally found for that, I could just wash it off with soap and water.

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By Jen 1 03/04/2010

My husband gets this stuff called GP66..It worked like a charm. Ssprayed it on, left it for a about a minute and used a magic eraser and all the permanent marker came off! Looks brand new too! :)

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By Tina 18 47 09/05/2010

I just tried the alcohol and it worked like a charm!

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By meredith 1 01/07/2011

It took me two times of doing this but it definitely saved my butt from getting grilled! I did that on my best friend's roomie's board. Thanks so much!

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By Eileen 1 01/22/2011

Thank you so much I bought permanent markers thinking they were dry erase and wrote on my whiteboard it came right off after that. Thank you, thank you so, so much!

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By jillmomof3 1 01/04/2012

My kids scribbled all over their new dry erase easel with a ballpoint inkpen, and I thought it was ruined! I tried this. It only took me 10-15 minutes to do the whole board, and it looks like new again. Wow! Thanks for the tip.

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How can I remove permanent black marker from a whiteboard?

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By Linda L. 83 322 01/14/2012

WD-40, nail polish remover, Mr Clean eraser-pretty easy to do but also hide the Sharpies!

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Archive: Cleaning Permanent Ink Off A Dry Erase Board

We have permanent marker on our dry erase board! We have tried board cleaner and alcohol, but the shadow remains. Any suggestions?


Archive: Cleaning Permanent Ink Off a Dry Erase Board

If your dry-erase board was "gratified" by a permanent marker, use a dry-erase marker to color over it. It will erase it like magic.

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By Dawn O. from St. Louis, MO

RE: Cleaning Permanent Ink Off A Dry Erase Board

This morning I was erasing an appointment from our dry-erase board, and I realized I'd written part of it with a permanent marker. I got it off using hand sanitizer; the alcohol is what works. (09/21/2009)


RE: Cleaning Permanent Ink Off a Dry Erase Board

Crayola, dry erase on top did not work. Mr Clean Erasers didn't work. Read through all the other tips and looked around what I had in my desk at school and I tried white toothpaste (our hand sanitizer at school is alcohol free argh). With a lot of elbow grease it worked pretty good. I'm concerned about the finish now so I might also follow the post that said wipe on some baby oil before using again. (BTW this was thanks to my son who hangs out in my classroom after school and the student who left a crayola marker on my white board ledge....argh) (10/14/2009)

By CanadaSue

RE: Cleaning Permanent Ink Off a Dry Erase Board

Brasso! (11/06/2009)

By Snykal

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