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Juice Pouch Crafts Ideas

Many wonderful things can be made with Kool-Aid Jammers or Capri-Sun juice pouches. This guide contains juice pouch crafts.

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August 31, 2005 Flag

Here are instructions for making a tri-fold wallet out of Kool-Aid Jammer or Capri Sun juice pouches.

Capri Sun Wallet

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December 28, 2009 Flag
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Using washed juice pouches, sew them all together and make a tote bag. The large ones are great for grocery shopping. Small ones are great for carrying as a purse.

Approximate Time: three to four hours for me tall tote



  1. Cut top of pouches, wash in soapy water and rinse. Turn upside down on towel to drain and dry.

  2. Sew pouches together: for large totes: four across and three down. Make two sides, and then two smaller strips for the sides.

  3. Sew together all sides and add bias tape around top.

  4. Sew two straps for handles.

Juice Pouch Totes

By Sue from Sarnia, Ontario


September 6, 2005 Flag
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juice pouch checkbookMaking crafts out of Capri Sun or KoolAid Jammer pouches can be a lot of fun. You can make cool and durable gifts. Below are instructions for making a checkbook cover.


Note: The little diagrams on the right are not exactly to scale, so your checkbook cover may look a little different.


Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 1: After the juice has been emptied (drank) use an x-acto knife to slit the bottom of the juice pouch. Clean the inside of each pouch with hot soapy water and let dry. Using the x-acto knife cut the back silver part of the Capri Sun off of the front, leave the seam attached to the front for stability. Discard the back silver part of the pouch.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 2 2: Sew two pouches together side by side overlapping so it is not too wide for the check book. When sewing it is best to do a back stitch to increase the strength of the wallet. Sew two more together overlapped to make the same width as the first two.
Juice Purse Checkbook Cover 3 3: Now sew all four together.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 4 4: Measure the length and width of the four pouches. Find a piece of fabric and cut it a little larger than those measurements for a hem. Hem the fabric, once it is hemmed it should have the same measurements as the four pouches sewn together. Now sew the lining to the inside part of the pouches.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 5 5: On one end fold 1 inch over to the inside and sew, this is a hem.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 6 6: Then fold approximately 2 3/4 inches inward again. This will show you the size your checkbook cover/wallet will be, make sure you check book fits within this before you sew it, make adjustments in how much this is folded if needed. But do not sew yet.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 7 7: Take your last two juice pouches with back removed and cut approximately 2 3/4" off the top of both of them and sew those together at the same width as everything else (approximately 6 3/4 inches). With the leftover ends of the two pouches cut one 1 3/4" and another 1 1/8". Sew the 1 1/8" to the 1 3/4" strip, lining up the two bottoms and sewing the bottom and the two sides leaving the top end open. Now sew this piece to the end that is folded inward, sew it close to the fold rather than the end where the opening of the pocket will be. This will be used as a card holder. You want the opening to face the middle of the wallet.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 8 8: Take the clear vinyl and cut it in a rectangle 4" by 2 1/2" Sew the clear vinyl to the piece measuring approx. 2 2/3" by 6 3/4" leaving one end open.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 9 9: Sew the bottom and two sides of this piece to the wallet having the opening of the clear vinyl face the middle of the wallet. This is your first pocket.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 10 10: You can now fold the other side of the wallet inward and sew the two sides down, this is your second pocket. Now your checkbook cover/wallet is finished! Crafts made out of caprisun/ kool-aid jammer juice pouches are fashionable with the extra bonus of being recycled.


March 4, 2011 Flag
Kelly Ann Butterbaugh1 found this helpful

Capri Sun PouchesIt saves both the planet and your money. Recycling juice pouches into fashion accessories is a fun eco-stylish trend. All recycling projects require the same first step - cleaning. For each pouch, drain it completely, then slice the bag lengthwise and fold it open to expose the inside. Clean it with soapy water and press flat to dry. The great colors of the pouches make for endless design options.


To make a pouch purse, you'll need to collect 20 juice pouches. To make larger bags, simply collect more pouches. All sewing should be done with a zigzag stitch over two slightly overlapped edges of the pouches (like sewing two pieces of fabric together).

Step 1: Sew three bags together side by side. You'll want to create four strips of three. Then, stack them and sew the strips together forming a block of 2x3 pouches; this is the larger front side of the bag. Repeat for the back panel of the bag. For the bottom sew two pouches together at the short sides (top of one to the bottom of another).

Step 2: Align the long sides of the bottom panel to the bottom of the front and back panels and sew them together with the same overlapping stitch. You'll have one large block - the front panel, the bottom panel, and the back panel all sewn together.

Step 3: To create the sides, follow the same directions as you did to make the bottom panel. Create two panels of two pouches each. Sew the bottoms of the side panels to the short sides of the bottom panel. Your final shape should now look like a cross.

Step 4: Pull the sides of the cross together to sew the vertical corners of your purse. Voila! You have a box! Add handles or a shoulder strap by using a large width of gross grain ribbon. Sew two pieces of the 1 inch wide ribbon together to create a sturdy strap or handle of the desired length. Then, attach them to the purse with grommets or a sturdy stitch.


For the Capri Sun wallet you won't need to sew; instead, use duct tape to create your recycled craft. While cleaning the pouches for your wallet, cut them open along one of the long sides of the pouch as close to the top as possible.

Place the two cleaned pouches flat with the bottom ends together in a slight overlap and the open ends facing the top. Using duct tape, cover the wallet front and back, adhering the ends together and reinforcing the pouch. Make sure you don't cover the top of the pouch where the cleaning slit was cut; this will be the pocket of your wallet.

Once the entire wallet is secured with tape you can create dividers. Using two nearly equal pieces of duct tape, secure them together with the sticky sides facing each other. Allow the edges of one side of the tape to stick out past the other piece of tape; you'll use this to secure the divider into the wallet. Now, attach your clear divider inside the pouch by pressing the sticky edges to the inside.

For the credit card holders, measure your credit cards to size and create small pockets of packing tape like your previous divider. Then, adhere them in a stacked fashion onto one side of your bi-fold wallet.

Lunch Bags

Much like the pouch purse, create a lunch bag in the appropriate size and shape. For handles, use an X-acto knife to cut half circle sized holes out of the top of two opposing sides of the bag. Then, use duct tape to reinforce the handles. Because of the composition of the lunch bag, adding an ice pack to the pouch to preserve your lunch will work well.

Pencil Case

If your kids like drinking the Capri Sun pouch contents, try building upon their love of the pouch by making pencil cases for school. Start off with the same pattern as the wallet - two pouches end to end. However, unlike the wallet, you'll create two panels and adhere them together with duct tape at the bottom and two sides, leaving the top open like a wallet.

This reinforced pencil case can then be sealed two ways. The easiest way is to add adhesive Velcro patches across the top of the pencil case or to use duct tape to secure a zipper onto the end of the pouch.

Editor's Note: Here are some craft project ideas that have been posted on ThriftyFun with step by step photos. Please share your own juice pouch recycling ideas.

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February 12, 2013 Flag
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This is a guide about making a recycled juice pouch lunch bag. Save your empty juice pouches and make this fun, recycled craft with your children.

Juice Pouch Lunch Bag

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February 13, 2013 Flag
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This guide is about making a juice pouch purse. A fun way to recycle is to make a cute purse with containers that usually end up in the garbage.

Juice Pouch Purse

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September 4, 2011 Flag
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I need a pattern for a Capri Sun backpack.

By Lynn P.

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September 5, 20110 found this helpful

Here are a bunch of different patterns and ideas ... ion=tags;sa=showtopics;tag=capri_sun

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February 28, 2007 Flag
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I am looking for more ideas and plans on making items with Capri Sun and KoolAid Pouches. Purses, bags, and etc.

Thanks so much,
Robin from Bison, SD

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March 2, 20070 found this helpful

I am not sure which ones you already have, but here are some ideas, cut the pouches so they are flat, with hole punch punch holes in them, then crochette together to form hats. Brim you would have to cut into shape for of course. You can also make visers, and purses.

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September 10, 2008 Flag
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When making juice pouch wallets, you could also secure them by sewing on velcro as a closure. This would prevent your cards from randomly falling out of the wallet.


By K Wilson from OH

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July 15, 2009 Flag
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I am looking for instructions for how to make Capri Sun pencil pouches.

By twins2

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July 17, 20090 found this helpful

Here is a link to (if I remember right) 30 patterns using foil juice packs like Capri Sun, but there is a price. With PayPal you can get them right away. I will keep searching and if I find just a pencil pouch I will get back with for that.

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July 15, 2009 Flag
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I have found several cool projects for juice pouches where you cut from the bottom. Unfortunately, I've been cutting the tops off and rinsing the pouches for storage. Now I have a bunch of decapitated juice pouches and want to know how I can use them. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Gail from Charlotte, NC


Craft Uses For Juice Pouches

How about planting seeds in them, just prick a few little drainage holes in the bottom. (02/10/2009)

By daisychain

Craft Uses For Juice Pouches

Are these the "Mylar" type bags? All kinds of stuff comes in this type of bag, chips, cookies, cereal, and all sorts of "snack" food. I make sure that they are clean and dry, cut off the seams and run them through my paper shredder. Instant Easter grass. (02/10/2009)

By lavenderdeer

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February 10, 2009 Flag
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I love to sew and really like working with Capri Sun or Kool-Aid pouches. I am mostly house bound so I have lots of time on my hands. I have made purses, wallets, coin purses and check book covers. Can anyone give me ideas on what else I can make and instructions. I would be very grateful.

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