Removing Laundry Marker From Dryer Drum


Accidentally, a laundry marker got in my dryer. It was in a dryer cycle and marked up the whole inside of the drum in approx 1/4 inch marks. These marks are also all over the 2 blankets that were in the dryer.

What do you recommend to clean the dryer. I've tried soap and water, and a little bleach, and had no luck. What do you recommend to clean the blankets? Thanks.

Cathren from Illinois



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By Heather (Guest Post) 09/05/2008

Try Goo off or acetone nail polish remover. Be sure it is well ventilated and use as little as possible as it may take the paint off if it is not stainless steel.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 09/15/2008

I would start with alcohol and elbow grease, then go to wd-40, turning the paper towels frequently. One of these remedies should do the trick for the dryer. Which ever one works on the dryer might work on the blankets. Keep in mind, however, the wd 40 is flammable and will need to be washed several times to remove it from all things, but it works on so many items that the website says 1000 uses! I keep it on hand for lots of things and it does indeed work for most.
Good luck and God bless you. : )

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By jennifer 09/10/2009

I used this site when my kid put a marker in his pocket, and I washed it and dried it, it left purple marker all over the dryer drum. I used nail polish remover with a cloth and scrubbed it, then I soaked a towel in bleach and water and dried it. It all came off. It was wonderful. I just bought the dryer a month ago, thank god!

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