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Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?


I am trying to keep my seniors busy and in the process address needs of needy communities. We are knitting and crocheting various items and for us to do this we need yarn. If anyone has left over yarn to donate l would be so grateful once again to have it. Thank you in advance.

By Nelly from Potomac, MD


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By Eileen M. 56 240 03/23/2011

If you have a local e-newsletter or blog page, you can post a note there and will likely be inundated. Sorry, I can't ship from CA to MD, but I'm sure you will find some. I had yarn donated from teachers, scout leaders, people whose moms or aunts had passed away just about anywhere. You could also put a note in your church bulletin, or on bulletin boards in grocery stores, senior centers, etc.
Good luck!

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By Jean 12 03/24/2011

Thrift stores have yarn for very cheap. I also unravel things like baby blankets, afghans, and old sweaters,
just be sure the sweater seams are not surged, because the strands are cut and you won't be able to unravel it.
(I have also turned tights, leggings, silk stockings and t-shirts into great colorful yarn. A cotton/spandex mix works best.) It does not fray, just cut it into a long strip, pull gently on it and it will form a nice smooth yarn.

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By Cricket 205 896 03/24/2011

I can't help you but thought I'd put a note in about soemthing that I have done that will help others when my time comes.

I crochet, knit, and do plastic canvas. So I have tons of yarns of all kinds, colors and weights. I also have hooks, needles, plastic canvas sheets, and all sorts of paraphenalia to go with it. Plus at least a couple hundred pattern books.

I put it in my will that all my craft supplies are to be donated to a senior citizens' center nearby where we live at the time of my death.

No one in my family does any of these crafts, and I figured instead of it being thrown away like it would have been otherwise, I'd donate it to a place that would appreciate it and get lots of use out of it.

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By Lynda 49 74 04/01/2011

Have you contacted any of the craft shops in your area. Or contact the Yarn companies directly. Good Luck, the world is so much better for people like you.

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By cathszondy 1 08/09/2013

I have lots of yarn for knitting (esp. scarves) and would be happy to give it to you. As long as you collect it or pay for its postage, I'll give it to you for free.

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By AmandaC 1 10/12/2013

Our local Goodwill has quite a bit of yarn. Most thrift stores and the Dollar Store too. Has anyone found that people are willing to mail a small amount of it? I'm starting a sort of charity event as part of a project on my blog and was wondering if it was worth doing if no one is willing to mail it. I wouldn't know how to go about doing prepaid postage (which could get pricey depending on how many people participate). I guess if they were, it would be much easier to get a bunch for charity too.

I'd also post something at your local craft stores. If people see it on the way in they may be willing to buy a skein and either get it to you or leave it there for you to collect from the store once in awhile. You may be surprised what places are willing to do for a good cause.

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By mirmot 1 10/13/2013

I have yarn and knitting needles I'd like to donate. where can I send them?

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By Pippi F. 1 03/27/2015

How do I get free yarn and crochet hooks. I would like some of anyone has any. I live in MI.

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Question: Finding Yarn Donations for Charity Knitting

I am doing a yarn drive for local south Floridians who knit for cancer patients, hospice, and neonatal babies. They will use any type of yarn. Where can we find donations?

By Cheryl S.

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By fancy61 12 26 09/03/2012

Go to and look in the craft section. People are selling bundles of misc. yarn at very affordable prices. Lots cheaper than you will find in the retail stores.

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Question: Getting Yarn Donations for Charity Projects

We are looking for donations of yarn and assorted size crochet hooks to make 100 throws for children. Where can we get supplies donations?

By Poohbear48 from Syracuse, NY

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By Cheryl 8 06/01/2011

I would call or contact the manager of various craft stores and tell them about your project, maybe even print up a flyer. Let them know it's a non-for-profit program to help kids. You could also check with friends and neighbors, thrift stores, or ebay for deals. If the throws are to be donated to a hospital, maybe you could take up a collection from nurses on that floor.

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Question: Free Yarn for Charity Projects

Where can I get free yarn for charity projects? I'm making hats and scarves for "Occupy Wall Street" and I need some donated yarn to continue this project. These hats are not for sale at all they are for the donations only, but I need more yarn. So if you have any or know where I can get some donations I would love to have it. Please, and thank you very much!

By Albert B.

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Archive: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

My mother knits for charity and we're on a tight budget. Does anyone know anywhere I can get yarn donated to us? Individuals or business? She makes beautiful afghans for our local orphanage, and we're running low on yarn. If you can, please email me with assistance. Thank you.

By Darlene from Spanaway, WA


RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

Go on Freecycle or Craig's list. You could also ask various churches if any members have yarn they would want to donate. (08/29/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

Check with your local craft stores. Many have a time during the year when they donate to people doing things for charity. I do several charities (Project Linus; Care Wear, etc.) and have received yarn and materials from Jo Ann Fabric and Crafts. Some others such as Hancock's and Michael's might do the same. Good luck! (09/01/2010)

By Squeaks

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

Another possible place for yarn is the thrift stores, in the form of sweaters already knitted. You can get these sweaters for pretty cheap and then unravel them for the yarn.

God bless you and your mom!

By GrammySheila in Springfield, IL

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

I have some yarn I can mail her. Contact me directly and give me your address. I'd be happy to send her some yarn. (09/02/2010)

By PainterLee

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

You may get yarn from Joann Fabrics, but I guarantee Michael's will not give you yarn, doesn't matter if it is for charity or not. (09/02/2010)

By applesauce

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

I too have yarn that I would be happy to send you. Let me know where to send. (09/05/2010)

By katluvsbears

Archive: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

I have just started to crochet chemo caps for cancer patients. I also am crocheting items for newborns. I have several ladies that are joining me in this fun project. Since I am a senior citizen and have limited funds is there anyone out there that would like to donate yarn for us to use? Any amount of yarn will do. Thanks as we really appreciate it.

By Geri from Berea, OH


RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

Try putting up a notice at your church. Put a note on Craigslist. If you are on Facebook or any other social networking site, post it there. Write to the newspaper, write to the yarn companies, write to local craft and yarn stores, etc. (11/02/2010)

By Jilson

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

You can go online in your area and join, it is free. Persons give away items and others are looking for items. No selling is allowed. (11/02/2010)

By sleepygrandma

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

I would suggest you visit all the churches in your area and find out if they have a "woman's day" (at my church its called a group prayer time, but only women usually attend). Ask if you may attend these gatherings and ask for donations to your cause and if not ask if the church will put a request in their bulletin/Sunday handout. You might find a lot of women with extra yarn, from projects they finished in the past, willing to donate. You may even find more women willing to participate. (11/02/2010)

By Suntydt

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

Have you thought to contact any of the companies that make the yarn. They might send some to you. (11/03/2010)

By Lynda (crabby)

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

I don't know about free, although if you have a senior center in your town you might check there because lots of time people donate yarn to them and they can get overwhelmed with it. I do know if you have a Goodwill store near you and visit it often, lots of times you can find big bags of new skeins of yarn for .50-$1.00. I have gotten it lots of times there. (11/03/2010)

By Cora-Sue

RE: Where Can I Get Free Yarn for Charity Projects?

My sister often takes sweaters apart and uses the yarn to make other things. Although it isn't free, you can often buy sweaters at garage sales and thrift stores very cheap. (11/03/2010)

By nikcooks

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