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Cheap or Free Plastic Barrels


Does anyone know a good company or industry that might be a good source for free or cheap recycled plastic 55 gallon barrels that would make good rain barrels?

Deb from Lawson, MO


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By Kelly 20 512 07/11/2006 Flag

Go to the Car dealers w/shops or any big Tire & Lube. They get their oil in the 55 gallon drums, but I am not sure if you can get plastic....some might have it. My DH used to work at a Toyota dealership, and snagged an empty one and made a BBQ grill out of it. It was beautiful!

Or you can ring your local Landfill/Recycling center to call you if they come in, or to see who sends them that way.

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By Katie 4 216 07/17/2006 Flag

I just made a rain barrel this weekend and purchased the barrel from a vendor who bought it from a soda pop manufacturer. Mine smells like Dr. Pepper! You might try contacting a bottler.

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By richard t (Guest Post) 06/09/2008 Flag

I've got mine from a car wash, and local car dealers, who are usually happy to get rid of them. Even got several from a local rebottler of shampoos and such. When I run out, I'll try the coal bottler down the road. Feel free to contact me at r s tidyman at yahoo . com, but of course you need to put that together.

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By Umair Ali R. 1 06/25/2013 Flag

Contact This Supplier For Rain Barrels (Empty)

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