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Old Dog Peeing in House

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Our dog has started peeing inside, she doesn't know she is doing it. She is a 10 year old cross Jack Russell.

By Alex from Bradford, UK


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By Sherri [6]09/16/2011

Hello, Please take your fur-baby to his veterinarian for an exam. He could possibly have a urinary track infection. Your Vet will do a urinalysis to determine the appropriate method of treatment.

By trish10805/12/2011

This could be a hormone imbalance too. When my female german shepherd cross was 12 months old, she started to pee in her sleep. It was after she had been sterilised and the vet said it was due to a hormone imbalance. The vet was a wholistic practice and they did accupuncture on her to fix it.

They told me that if she was an older dog they just would have given her hormone replacement, but preferred to do accupuncture on a younger dog.

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]04/26/2011

This is simply part of "old age" that can happen to any of us. Irrespective of age please consult with your Veterinarian this could be a uninary tract infection or any number of things. They will precribe the correct treatment.
Good luck.

By Pam Griffis [4]04/26/2011

It's possible your dog has a UTI, bladder infection, etc. Something an antibodic could clear. Have your vet check your baby out. That way, if it's not one of the above, he can look for other possibilities.

By Lizzyanny [9]04/26/2011

There are so many possible causes for this that it would be impossible to give advice. You really need a Vet to exclude fixable problems before deciding on what you need to do. 10 years old is not all that old for a small dog. Your chances of having a treatable medical condition here are high. Anyway, what Deeli said. Good luck.


Please take your fur baby to the vet ASAP because this is more than likely a serious health issue!


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Question: Older Dog Now Peeing in the House

My oldest dog has started peeing on my bedroom floor. He has never done this. He's 13yrs old, but you wouldn't know it in how he plays outside. I want to take him to the vet, but am a little strapped for cash. Any over the counter meds I could get him from Petsmart or Petco?

By loneladywolf5

Most Recent Answer

By Kate H.10/02/2013

My 13 year old lab/shepherd dog is doing the same thing for months now. The vet said that it happens just like when us humans get that way too when we are old. I use a mop now on the messes after scraping up the solid stuff with a scraper for masonary work and a dustpan which both help a lot.

I then put borax on the floor and use hot water and a mop. A friend said to absorb the pee with paper towel first and then mop it up after which helps get up most of it a lot better than just using a mop and water.

I'm going to try throw carpets next so he has something to lay on and pee on and then I will take them outside and hose them off for my dog is now peeing whilst laying down too. Crazy it is and I've mopped up about 60 times now, so I now how you feel! We love our animals but they can drive us crazy too.

Question: Older Dog Peeing in the House

Dog peeking out from under blanket.I have two 9 year old Border Terriers and one of them (not sure which) has started to pee in the house, mainly in the same area in the kitchen. They even do it when we are in the house. They have their own dog door. How can we stop this? They are both neutered males. Do you think crating them would help?

By Sue S

Most Recent Answer

By DEBY [18]11/03/2011

Hi, 9 years is getting up there. a urinary infection could be happening, have a vet check him. Kenneling him at this stage might feel like punishment. also go to ebay and check out dog belly bands. They are wonderful and all you have to do is put a womans pad in the band and velcro closed around the waist and his privates. You can pick up a sack of 48 pads at your local Walmart, dollar general, etc. for around 4.00 but please still have him checked. The test is simple and relatively cheap at your local humane society.

Question: Older Dog Peeing in the House

I have a 10 year old Lab that is peeing in the house. It is always on her bed. I have changed the bed thinking once done that she will not do it again. She did on the new bed. I have taken her to the vet and her health is good (bloodwork and urine work). She is outside all day with her buddy, but she will go within 30 minutes of being in the house. I now keep her in the mud room and even put a puppy pad down. She still pees on the bed. Now she gets nothing. Help.

By Doris

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/19/2012

This is a common problem. Your dog is not aware she is being naughty. In fact she is may not be aware of what is happening. Doggie diapers are not expensive and work very well. Dogs don't seem to mind wearing them. Some are quite fashionable.

Question: Older Yorkie Peeing in House

My miniature Yorkie is 13 years of age and has started peeing constantly in the house. She goes out and pees on demand when told even though she has done two or three large puddles in the house. We are constantly putting her outside every time she gets out of her bed. She has stopped asking to go out, but yaps quite loud to come back in. Has anyone got any answers to this problem?

By W M

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/06/2013

It does sound like diabetes, or kidney disease. Both are treatable, and your dog can continue to enjoy life. See the Vet ASAP and good luck to you.

Question: Older Dog Pooping and Peeing in the House

My 15 year old Maltese has recently started leaving surprises "poop and pee" when left alone a few hours, and first thing in the morning. We take her outside to do her thing, but she still has the indoor accidents. We recently changed her feed to a senior brand. But she did have some accidents with the previous food, just not that often. Is this age related and how can we prevent this from continuing?

By Angelo

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]02/06/2013

Yes, of course this an be related to getting older. Please make an appointment with your fur babie's veterinarian for a senior examination. Your Vet will advice you on how to care for your baby at an older age. Please do not scold him/her for this action it is not their fault. Good luck.

Question: Older Dog Peeing in the House

Our 12 year old dog started peeing in the house. She does not do it all of the time, only when we leave. She can go all day and night and not have an accident; once we leave she does.

By Cindy

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]01/30/2013

Please take your fur baby to the Veterinarian for an exam. Ask your Vet to do a urinalysis to find out if anything is going on. Your baby is probably due for his senior exam anyway. A senior exam is very important to older dogs. Your vet can tell you many things that you can do to make your baby more comfortable. Good luck

Question: Older Dog Peeing in House

I have a 12 year old male Dachshund who will go outside and go to the bathroom and then has come back in and urinated inside. A couple times it has been big amounts, and then just small amounts other times.

By Beth

Most Recent Answer

By cookie17 [4]09/15/2011

The older dog that's peeing in house may be having kidney problems please have it checked out. When they start getting older, it's one first things goes on older dog. My dog never peed in the house. He got cataracts then started wetting everywhere. I called the vet. They put him sleep so would not suffer anymore. One of the worst things I've had do. Or it could be kidney infection. Hope this helps, Cookie 17

Question: Senior Dog Peeing Inside

We adopted a senior dog, who is also blind, in December. William is a Beagle Dachshund mix. I was told he was housebroken by the rescue. He pees in the house and we've done everything we can think of to try to stop him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

By Maureen S. from Salem, NH


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Old Dog Peeing in House

My dog is now 12 years old. In dog years she's 84. On the the outside she still seems fit, jumping off the couch or onto it, climbing the steps. Even though she's just a little slow with it, she can still do it. We let her outside to potty, and usually when she had to go, she would scratch by the door and wait for someone to open it.

For the past year she hasn't been scratching by the door, she's been using the potty everywhere in our house. It stayed mainly in our dining room, but now it's wherever she's at. It's even to the point where I catch her in the act and she doesn't care. She finishes and she's on her way. I know she is old and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but its very frustrating. Any tips?


RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

I had a similar problem, my dog was unable to get out the doggie door when she was old. I timed her from drinking to needing to pee. After drinking and the necessary time passed I took her outside until she did her business. I kept a minimal amount of water in her bowl unless someone was around to take her outside. Your dog may have problems that you are not aware of, incontinence, etc. It is not their fault and they need help in their golden years. (09/29/2005)

By Dennis

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

We had an older female and used child's diaper on her when in the house; it worked wonders. I just had to remember to catch her before she went out. May also talk to vet about medication for incontinence in females. Love her, try to understand, but it is frustrating to deal with a mess. (09/29/2005)

By Sandy

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

It may be as simple as getting her a hormone shot if she has been spayed. That was the problem with my older dog. I think you should talk to her vet for advice. Good luck. (09/29/2005)

By Kathy

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

When my elderly female dog began peeing in the house the vet put her on Premarin. It took awhile, but it sure helped her get her control back. (09/29/2005)

By Seagrape

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

She needs to be seen by your Vet of choice. Sounds like she has an UTI or other physical problem. (09/30/2005)


RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

My old girl (Collie Shepherd x) is 16 and the vet put her on Metacam liquid in her food once a day and you would not believe the difference from the stiff, slow, sleeping dog. Still almost deaf and has cataracts, but now plays with the cat and other dog, as to incontinence she goes out several times a night and woofs to wake me. Once in awhile it is a poop in the kitchen, but about 8 times in 16 years in not bad We will keep her until it is time to go. (09/30/2005)

By Susan from Hamilton

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

Unfortunately, incontinence happens in old age. Think about elderly folks. The bladder weakens with age, is no longer strong and elastic and the urine just leaks out. There are products on the market for this problem for people who suffer from incontinence such as Depends. Sadly, our dogs suffer some of the same medical issues as humans and incontinence is one of them.

I am guessing that a dog with this problem cannot stop the "flow" and just stands there until he or she is finished. I guess we will just have to buy doggie diapers for our beloved friends and deal with it as best we can until they are no longer with us. It's the least we can do for all the unconditional love they have given us throughout their lifetime. (08/11/2006)

By Anonymous

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

If your dog has changed his peeing habits and needs to learn where not to pee, I suggest you try PeeAway, it's a pet odor neutralizer and pet urine deterrent. They say that once it is applied, it is suppose to keep your pets from peeing in that area. They say it acts like an invisible shield, just a suggestion. (09/03/2007)

By Susan

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

I know this thread is a little old, but I wanted to respond in hopes that this information helps someone who views it.

A few weeks ago, my Chocolate Lab started peeing in the house. He was getting old and was struggling a little to get up so I just assumed that it was age and something that we would have to deal with. I did a brief look online to see if there were any comments and found the typical threads (like this) and a few that said it should be something to check with a vet about.

Unfortunately I was convinced that this was just his "age" since nothing seemed unusual, and there were no signs of "pain" or major discomfort. The peeing stayed the same, but his condition changed rapidly. On Monday I took him in to the vet and found out that diabetes was the cause and the advanced stage and condition forced us to make the decision to put him to sleep.

I'm not sure if an immediate visit to the vet would have changed anything, but our family lost a great friend. I just wish that I would have seen a post like this to convince me that it was worth a quick trip to the vet. (01/10/2008)

By Mark

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

I volunteer with Bichon rescue and always foster and adopt older and/or special needs dogs. There could be lots of reasons for their peeing in the house, including epilepsy, sudden urge to pee and no time to make it outside, a bladder infection, Cushing's, or diabetes. Or it could just be incontinence to due to age, just like humans. I'd take her/him to the vet immediately for a checkup and tests. It's expensive, I know, but there are medications and special diets for all of the above. Don't give up, please. And please don't use Premarin, as this is manufactured by tortuous means to pregnant mares (Pregnant mare urine = Premarin). There are other plant-based hormones that will work better and don't require animal cruelty in their manufacturing. (01/10/2008)

By never2late2learn

Archive: Old Dog Peeing in House

I have a 14 year old Yorkie. He is house trained. Lately he wants to pee on the carpet, but not all the time. He uses the papers mostly. How can I make him stop using the living room carpet to pee on?

By ent from Bardstown, KY

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

If this is a new behavior, it might be best to consult with your vet, to help rule out any medical issues. Best of luck! (01/28/2010)

By mrs.story

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

I had a seal point cat that was 12 and he started doing the same. I took him to the vet. The vet told me his kidneys were failing. Just have him checked with the vet. (01/28/2010)

By shellmax

RE: Old Dog Peeing in House

Many older dogs lose control of their bladder or like previously stated, simply have failing kidneys. Many people especially with tiny dogs will use a 'belly band' to absorb any accidents. Wishing you and your little man the best! (01/30/2010)

By caninecodependent

Archive: Old Dog Peeing in House

My 9 year old Chihuahua has decided to go to the bathroom wherever she wants in my house, besides her potty pad. She has been potty pad trained all her life.


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