Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

By Lyn 1

I have a jacket and a vest made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex that I soaked in cold water and Epsom salt before washing. The black bled into the pink and it has left spots, lots of them on the garments. I washed them in cold water with no fabric softener after the soaking, but the color still bled. What can I do now?


By Lyn from Saskatchewan, Canada

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By Candy 1 Flag

October 8, 2010

I just used Oxi Clean and it worked like a charm. I washed cranberry fabric with colors/white print and all the white was pink! 5 yards of fabric at $9.00 a yard and I thought I ruined it before I even started! I put it in the sink with warm water and a bunch of Oxi Clean and the water instantly turned pink, within minutes the white was white again! I am amazed and relieved. It really works!

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By Sheila 1 Flag

October 30, 2010

Ok, I came home from a cruise, finally pulled the pile of whites out of the suitcase and into the wash, not noticing the fuchsia tank top in the "mix." The 9 pcs. of whites turned so pink that I was surprised the fuchsia top was still bright and colorful!

Re-Wash with bleach - no luck

Oxiclean (which I had) - no luck

Two boxes of Rit Dye remover - no luck

After staring at the pile of wet pink clothing for 2 days, figuring I had now set the dye, I pulled out my Cauldron, started boiling the water, added bleach.

#1 - Lightweight cotton shorts - Turned white before my eyes!

#2 - Jean weight shorts - took a little longer and more stirring

#3 - Tank top with black/silver sequins and other bangles - SUCCESS! PLUS the sequins, bangles, and beads still sparkle!

Nine pieces of whites SAVED!

Note: The water temp is important - the heavy shorts were not responding, but thanks to a post in here, I turned the burner back on, the warmer it got the faster the pink disappeared.

Also, from a post - change the water and bleach for each "load." I did use quality Clorox - newly purchased. Bleach starts losing its strength with age.

Thank you everyone!

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Question: Clothing Bleeding Onto Itself

I washed a white piece of clothing with red thread embroidery and all the red bled onto the white, so now it is a shade of pink. Another piece of clothing that I washed had a maroon lace, the clothing itself is a self-print light beige, and the maroon lace bled onto the shirt. So now there are light maroonish color stains below the lace. (I washed both clothes separately).

I wanted to know will the boiling water and bleach method work on these shirts or will it completely ruin my clothes? Any other suggestions?


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By jean leiner 15 411 Flag

May 8, 2011

Try washing the items by themselves with 2 or 3 Shout Color Catcher Sheets, available in the laundry aisle at the supermarket. This product has saved several garments for me.

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Question: Swimsuit Bled Dye Onto Itself

By the.baumgartens 2

How do I remove the red that bled onto the white of my daughter's swimsuit? It's a Nike red and white striped tankini. She wore it in the ocean and pool, then soaked it in cold water. The water turned pink and the red bled onto the white. After letting it air dry, I then washed it on delicate in cold water with a mild detergent (Ecos, coconut based) and a Shout Color Catcher sheet. The bleed did not improve. The red is now dark pink and the white is light pink. Any suggestions?

By Deborah B.

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By Joan 13 1,479 Flag

July 14, 2012

Shout Color Catcher isn't for removing color that has already bled onto another color, it is to prevent it in the first place. If the color is even don't worry about it, let it look like two shades of pink. Other wise carefully use bleach on the parts that are supposed to be white. But by doing that you run the risk of getting bleach on the colored part.

If wearing it in the ocean and the pool didn't cause the colors to bleed, then your daughter soaked it in more than just cold water. Myself, rather than have it soaking I would have given it a quick rinse and and left it to dry. I am also real leery about buying red and white combos.

However I have had a red sweatshirt with a white inset in the v-neck for about six years and have always used the color catcher sheets when I launder it and the red looks like new and there is no sign of bleed on the white.

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Question: Clothing Dye Bleed onto Lighter Part of Dress

I have a dress that has a black skirt attached to a white lace top. I stupidly left the dress to soak over night in order to remove a make up stain from the white lace, but the black skirt of the dress bled onto the white lace leaving it a very light shade of purple. Would a color safe bleach be safe to use on the white lace? Also, the dress has since dried so I have a feeling the dye has now set. Is there any hope of saving my dress?
Thanks :-)

By Bec

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By jean leiner 15 411 Flag

May 16, 2012

Did the dress air dry or dryer dry? If dryer dried, the stain may be set. Since it is unwearable as is, you could try soaking it in a solution of powder dishwasher detergent and lukewarm water. Mix 1 cup detergent into enough water to keep the dress submerged overnight. Weigh it down with a plate on top in the container if needed. Then rinse well and air dry. If it helped but was not completely successful, repeat.

If you don't have a dishwasher, the el cheapo brand from the dollar store works fine. You also could try laundering the dress as usual by itself with 2-3 Shout Color Catcher Sheets. The box says use 1 but I have found that more seem to work better. This product can be found in the detergent aisle at the supermarket. Hope one of these helps.

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Question: Dye Transferred in the Wash

I just washed for the first time a red sweatshirt with a white embroidered motif, and the colour has run from the red into the white. Can I rescue it, and how can I prevent it happening with the other sweatshirts which are similar (one violet and one jade) also with white embroidered motif, before I risk washing them?

By Jenny G

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 Flag

February 11, 2012

I found this link. I hope it helps you get the dye out of the fabric!

Run cold water in a sink and place a tablespoon of all-fabric powdered bleach in the water. Make sure to use a powdered bleach that works with all colors and fabrics

Read more: How to Remove Transferred Dye From Fabric | ... ferred-dye-fabric.html#ixzz1m8SVMAqz

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Question: Colored Dyes on Jacket Bled onto Each Other

I have a multi-colored jacket that I washed and the yellow and red bled onto each other. Any way that I can save my beautiful jacket?

By Carolyn M from Cambridge, MD

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Question: Color Bled on Black and White Stripe Swimsuit

I washed my new black and white stripe swimsuit in the sink with cold/warm water and Woolite. I laid it flat to dry and the next morning the black had run onto the white stripes all over the front of the suit. Is there anything I can do? I did not put this in the dryer and followed the washing instructions except for the warm water part. Oops. Help! The suit is nylon/spandex.

By April B.

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Question: Clothing Dye Bled on White Jacket

I have a Columbia omni-shield pink and white jacket. It is nylon and the lining is polyester. How do I get color out where the pink bled onto the white body? I washed it according to the directions in cold water, using powder detergent.

By hlh from Holts Summit, MO

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Archive: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I accidentally washed a pair of pink juicy sweatpants with a brand new blue skirt( that hadn't been washed before) and the blue bled onto my pink pants. Now, my pants are this bluish and pink color with a few little blue "splotches" on it. I've tried washing them again, and letting them soak, but nothing is getting any of that blue out. Any suggestions?

Kristin from Charlotte,NC


RE: Color Bleed Stains on Clothing

This might help...

Dye That Bleeds

Dye transfer is caused when unstable dye colors "bleed" from one fabric to another. Their removal is often difficult. To minimize problem, sort loads by color, and always remove clothes from washer as soon as rinse cycle is complete. Re-launder affected items right away with detergent and Clorox liquid bleach. If color remains (on all-white fabrics only) use a packaged color remover or stripper sold under the "Rit" label.

Source: (04/19/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Color Bleed Stains on Clothing

I use that Mrs. Stewart's (Something Stewart's) in a small blue bottle. You can buy it at Walmart or grocery stores by the laundry soap. Make sure to follow directions! It's needs to be diluted in the wash water, not applied directly as I did the first time I used it. It takes all the loose dye out and makes clothes brighter.

Editor's Note: I believe she's referring to Mrs. Stewarts Bluing. (04/19/2004)

By Jenny in WI.

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Here's a last resort suggestion. I've had this problem before and haven't been able to get the dye stains out. I suggest dyeing the item either back to the original color if possible or if stains are a dark color you can salvage it by giving in and dying it the darker color. I don't do alot of dying of fabrics so I don't know if a pink dye would cover the blue. May have to dye it blue.

It won't be that pretty pink anymore :-( but at least you can still get some use of the item and all is not lost :-)

Just a thought. (10/08/2005)

By sdflmom

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I've had luck with this type of staining with rewashing the item (maybe with a few towels) with soap and bleach -- maybe a 1/2 cup or so. Let the item soak a bit (15 min.) and then do the wash cycle.
It's helped me a few times, and has always worked! (10/09/2005)

By carolb

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

There is a product called synthrapol, available at Dharma trading. Synthrapol is used as both a prewash (to promote even dyeing by removing impurities from the fabric) and as an afterwash (to remove excess dye in the final washing and to keep your whites and light colors bright, not "muddy"). Might be available is stores that sell fabric dyeing products.


RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I use a product called either dye remover or color remover that I find next to the rit dyes at wal-mart. I've used this on colored fabrics with no problems. It never hurts to do a patch test, though! (10/10/2005)

By Jen

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Have you tried adding about 1/4 cup of Borax to the load? (10/10/2005)

By Heather in Illinois

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I would try Color Catcher. (10/17/2005)

By Mary

RE: bleach on pants

You can't remove a bleach stain; it has already removed the color from your pants. Best bet is to fill in the spots. Try silk-screen dye (not RIT) or even a black Sharpie! (12/05/2005)

By sibyll

Red bleed onto white

I am also having a problem with a tee shirt. THe red sleeves have color bleed onto the main part of the shirt. I tried soaking in Oxiclean but it just got worse. I am hesitant about using a color remover such as Rit as I feel this will also fade out the red sleeves and the flag on the front. (05/08/2006)

By Sindi

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Boil some lipton green tea, then let the pants soak in, put salt in the stain and re wash it alone. (06/27/2006)

Archive: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I put my clothes in with a new blue shirt and my clothes have blue blotches on them. How can I remove the blue dye?

Trish from Mastic, New York


RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Depending on the fabric and if the shirt is pure white and how long the stain has been sitting, this old school remedy works unless the shirt is silk and multicolor and the stain is a year old. It actually should be done the moment you find the stain but give it a shot.

Fill a pot big enough to hold the shirt, fill the pot with water and heat it on the stove to warm and almost boiling, then shut the flame off and add some bleach to the water (1/2 cup or so) and stir it in. Then place the shirt in the pot and stir the shirt around, the stain should disappear. Then rinse the shirt in cold water, ring it out, and put it through the wash alone with no other clothes. It should be fine. Good luck! (04/20/2007)

By MrsA1126

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I read this website yesterday after one of my blue shirts stained a brand new pair of white shorts. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought RIT Stain Remover in a white and pink box, and it is an amazing product. It got all the blue dye right out of the shorts. I was amazed and the product only cost $1.99. I will swear by this any day and I am a total believer and new promoter of this product. Use it! (07/18/2007)

By Lindsey

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

First I want to thank the person who suggested RIT, as it saved a good deal of the white clothing I turned blue! However, I also want to say that I would advise against using this product with colored clothing- it ruined my favorite pair of pink juicy sweats, and completely bleached out another pair of pants. But, be the RIT or the pants, they actually turned back to their original color after being turned pink by the RIT and then exposed to air. I have no idea if this was just that pair of pants and I got super lucky, but they are good as new thanks to air! (07/27/2007)

By Kendall

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Okay, so I totally freaked when I washed my red pants with my gray ones, and I abruptly went to my computer (after drying my tears), and looked for any possible way of removing a color dye from a colored garment. Everything I found was talking about white stuff. Then I went to Winn-Dixie of all places (gags), and guess what? There in the laundry detergent aisle a light was brightly shining from a little 2.6 oz pink and blue box. CARBONA COLOR RUN REMOVER! Does not contain bleach, is able to remove unwanted dye stains from colored garments! I think I fainted. After picking myself back up, I danced up and down the aisles. I have my gray pants soaking now, fingers crossed :) (08/29/2007)

By Angie

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

You are a genius! I tried using a little bleach in a pot of almost boiling water and it got out ALL of the blue that had ruined 2 of my really nice white shirts! In fact, one shirt was a white/pin-stripes and it worked like a charm and didn't ruin the pinstripes. (11/11/2007)

By hus9001

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Thank You! I had a color bleed on an item I'd listed on ebay, and was about to try anything to get it out. Boiling water & bleach = immediately got it out! It was like magic! Simply amazing, and talk about cheap. (12/31/2007)

By Kathleen

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I just washed a red dress that has white sleeves, they turned pink. If I use the bleach method would that bleach the red?

Editor's Note: Yes, it will bleach the red, too. I would try Oxiclean, it works well removing dye. Make sure to read the instructions making sure that the material won't be harmed by it. (04/17/2008)

By Paras

RE: Stains from Color From whites Bleeding

Loved the almost boiling water with bleach. Should have known better. I was trying to get brownie batter off the white and blue (navy) rug in the kitchen. Put it in with the whites (I had added ammonia to brighten, no bleach) didn't think it would hurt the blue. I had successfully tie dyed an entire load of whites.

I "cooked" the entire load of whites, worked like a charm, about 2-3 mins per garment. Fantastic, I'll never ruin my husband's long sleeve tees again (there were 3 brand new ones in the load). Thanks! This was fabulous. (04/22/2008)

By dana

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I got blue splotches from a blue shirt on my new yellow tank top and a white hoodie. I put some stain and wash remover on the splotches waited for 20 minutes and then boiled some water. Even though the tank said wash in cold water, I mixed it in the boiling water and the stains came right out! I'm washing the hoodie now and hoping for the same result. (04/24/2008)

By Kristy

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I accidentally washed a new navy t-shirt with a load of light colors. The navy bled into a yellow t-shirt and a white t-shirt. I used the bleach and almost boiling water technique (brought a pot of water to a near boil, added about 1/4 c bleach and dipped the t-shirts in the pot, took out quickly and rinsed). The navy dye came out of the yellow and white t-shirts immediately. Amazing! Thanks so much! (05/24/2008)

By Sandy J

Love the internet

I had an expensive jacket from Chicos that I got a couple of years ago. White cotton with colored embroidery. Now, don't ask me why I spent a chunk of $$ on the jacket and wouldn't spring for dry cleaning, but...the colors ran. I wore it just a little last summer, figuring the color smears weren't that noticeable. This spring, it bugged me, so I went searching for a solution. Tested the near-boiling water with both color-safe bleach and Oxy Clean. The Oxyclean worked much better. Put the jacket in a sink with warm water, added the Oxy-clean to the pot of hot water then dumped it on. Stirred it around with a wooded spoon for a minute or two, then ran it through a cold rinse cycle in the machine. All better! It looks like the embroidery is still just about as colorful. Thanks to everybody for the ideas! (05/31/2008)

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I put new jeans from Talbots in a load of colored clothing. Most of the colors were very dark, like the jeans. Two exceptions were an old cotton nighty that was white with a flower print and a pink cotton shirt. The dye from the new jeans bled onto a very dark orange shirt, onto the pink shirt and dyed the nighty light blue. It may have bled onto the other dark clothing but it did not show up. I decided to try out the advice here with a measure of common sense.

I used the bleach in boiling water technique on the basically white nighty with good results. I bought Oxiclean at Costco and tried their soak instructions on the orange shirt. The color brightened considerably and the blue smudges faded almost to the point of not being visible unless you were specifically looking for them. The Oxiclean did not really help the blue on the lighter pink. So I decided to try the boiling water and bleach. This worked but with some reservations. I should have moved the shirt around a bit since some of the pink also got bleached out but unevenly. Most of the blue came out and I was okay with the result since this is a shirt for hanging out.

Given this experience, I would NOT try the chlorine bleach on a dark color. It will ruin the fabric. The other happy outcome is that I found I really liked the Oxiclean - it brightened the garments, it is cheaper than non-chlorine Clorox, and it left the clothes smelling like they had been freshly air dried. Finally, I am resolved to always wash new jeans, or any dark colored garment, a few times by themselves to make sure this never happens again! (06/29/2008)

By Socalgail

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

My boyfriend had just received 3 new Express shirts for his birthday. I washed them on cold together, not knowing that one would bleed onto another. I used the oxiclean with hot water method on the blue and white shirt. Worked wonders! My boyfriend will still be able to wear that shirt to my brother's wedding in a few days. (08/04/2008)

By Bridgette

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Thanks guys! Washed a new off-white shirt with navy pinstripes alongside a new pair of dark jeans. Came out of wash with dark blue blotches all over the shirt like an ink leak (My own fault really). Bought a color-run fixing product immediately and washed again following instructions - 0% success!

Found your comments above in a panic and tried the boiling water and bleach suggestion. Worked perfectly! I used ordinary household bleach and dipped each blotch on the shirt into the water for about a minute. Thanks so much for the suggestion! (08/31/2008)

By Barry

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Accidentally I washed grey new slacks with my ultra-white blouse that I wear as a legal secretary. My white undergarments along with the white blouse turned very grey and dingy. I knew of a product I used years ago to get color-bleeding out, but didn't want to spend the money. Then I found this site with the idea of bleach and boiling water. I dipped the blouse in, and voila! It was ultra-bright again. As were the undergarments. Great idea that 'saved' my white work outfit. (09/03/2008)

RE: Stains from Color From Clothing Bleeding

I put my clothes in with a red jacket and my clothes have red blotches on them. Thank you for the advice of bleach and almost boiling water. To my surprise my neutral colored clothes did not bleach out. I do have two favorite jackets that I am going to use Oxiclean, but so far this has worked great! Thank you! (09/14/2008)

By Mary.

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I washed two of my toddler's new shirts, one was white with blue on it and the other was pink. The pink one has white on it also. They both now have a pink tint all over. How can I get this out without ruining the other part of the shirts? Any help would be great!

Editor's Note: For similar stains, I've used oxiclean. It did a good job removing red embroidery thread dye from a white shirt. Worth a try. (10/04/2008)

By gel

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

I washed my brand new Talbots light khakis with new rust colored place mats. DANG! I tried everything from oxyclean to RIT color remover. Nothing worked. I read some of these comments about bleach and boiling water. There were no instructions, so as a last resort, I dumped about a 1/4 cup of bleach into about 5 quarts of water. I boiled them right in the middle of preparing Thanksgiving dinner. No kidding! The pants weren't in the water a minute before I could see that the pink tint was gone, absolutely gone! I took them out right away. Again, they were exactly the color they were when I bought them! I then washed and dried them as I would regularly. They look fantastic. Thanks for the idea. (11/27/2008)

By WerdNerd

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

It worked a treat, I accidentally soaked a brand new pair of black lace knickers in with my other white favorite lingerie, what a mess. I had only just washed one pair of white lace panties for the first time buying them so I was aghast. The boiling water and small amount of bleach definitely works. Thank you very much. (12/07/2008)

By chrissie

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Like many, I was hesitant to try the boiling water. Well, it really is like magic. I had accidentally washed a blue pair of socks with my whites. I thought that about 9 tank tops, 2 dish towels and a number of other things were simply ruined. I tried the boiling water/bleach suggestion and was amazed. Kept each item in for about 1 minute and they were sparkling white. In fact, just for the heck of it, I tried a white pillow case that was somewhat dingy. It looked like new. Whoever came up with this is genius. (12/31/2008)

By Miles

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Thank you! I tried the boiled water with small amount of Bleach, it's just like magic! Not back to 100% of the original, but good enough and able to wear them again when going out. (01/12/2009)

By scootergal

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

AWESOME! My dress is white on top/navy corduroy bottom. Threw it in the washing machine and the navy dye ran onto the white. :( Was so upset as it was a brand new piece. Chanced upon this site yesterday and tried it straight when I got home last night.

I put the blue end in another pail, and soaked the white top part in boiling water & lots of bleach (probably not so much is needed, but I wanted results). Soak it for 3 hours and the blue stains are gone! Wheeee, thanks a mil :) (01/19/2009)

By gracie

RE: Stains from Color From New Clothing Bleeding

Caution: Boiling clothes in water expanded the less expensive fabrics (like hollister tee shirt). (07/02/2009)

By Mombecca

Archive: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I bought a beautiful black and white 97% cotton, 3% spandex dress. It has a shell that is polyester. It is Dry Clean Only. However, because in the past I have taken items (black and white) to the cleaners and the white usually comes back dingy, I decided to take the chance and wash it in cold water, gentle cycle and hang dry.

I can't tell whether there is any shrinkage, but just noticed that near the seams for the big pleats, there is a little bleeding of the black onto the white. Is there something that I can do?

By bjmaxima from Sacramento, CA


RE: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I truly don't think there is anything you can do, and I am not trying to be flippant here, but if it's just a small amount of bleeding chances are no one else but you is going to notice it. (08/18/2009)

By Deeli

Archive: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I have a red sweater with white cuffs and collar. I followed the directions to wash in cold water, but the red still faded onto the white cuffs and collar. I tried rewashing, but they are still pink. How can I remove the pink without bleaching the red sweater, too?

By Gwen from MS


RE: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

Two methods of treating brand new multi-colored clothing to prevent bleeding are:

  1. Fill washer 1/2 full of cold water, then place either of the following (but not both) and agitate for about 1 minute:
    • 1 cup of salt or
    • 1 cup of vinegar (clear)

  2. After agitation has blended either of the items well, place clothing in washer and agitate for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Stop agitation, and let washer remain "off" for about 5-10 minutes.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 about 4 or 5 times; then let the washer complete it's cycle. The colors will be "set".

I used this method on my daughter's cheerleader outfits for 12 years (yes, she started out as a "mascot" and went on through graduation). I also use this on my expensive multi-colored clothing (washable of course). (02/10/2010)

By Cajun62234

Archive: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I bought a sweater with a red top and white bottom. I washed it in cold water, but the bottom turned pink. I washed it two more times with the color grabbing cloths, but it is still pink. Any suggestions?

By Diane from Bangor, ME


RE: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

The color grabbing cloths won't help, they keep colors from bleeding. I have a white v-neck sweatshirt that has a white inset in the neckline and the red has never bled onto the white. A trick my Mother did when she had little girls that had dresses with white colors to keep the colors white enough to suit her was she would put just a little bleach water in tea cup, and carefully dipped the collar into the water, not letting any of the colored part get in the water. I did the same with my daughter's little dresses. What I am thinking is maybe you could try dipping a white cloth of some kind in straight bleach and carefully blot at the pink area, being sure to rinse each area in plain water as you go. I probably wouldn't risk doing more than 3-6 inches at one time without rinsing the area first. (05/25/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

I have had great success with Shout Color Catcher. I buy a lot a red and had the same problem, but you put the dryer sheet in the washer before the item is washed the first time and you never have it bleed onto itself. You can buy it where you buy laundry detergent. It comes 24 sheets to a pack. I found it by accident and I wouldn't be without it. (05/26/2010)

By magic5

RE: Clothing is Bleeding onto Itself

Amazing! I am so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Two brand new dresses (one deep bright yellow, one deep coral, each worn once) and a coral yoga top, all looked like black Sharpie marker exploded on them (result of a brown swimsuit cover up getting stacked on top of them when all were wet). I tried all kinds of suggestions, but held off on the Clorox bleach and boiling water because of the intense color of the garments I thought surely bleach would ruin them. When nothing else worked even a little bit, I figured I had nothing to lose and gave it a shot.

All 3 garments turned out perfectly with no fading of the original color. Only the dye transfer spots are gone. I can't believe it.

I think water temp is a factor though, because when I tried to treat the 2nd garment in same pot (of cooling water) I had used for first garment, nothing happened. (I did not boil, but used hottest tap water, our heater is set to 130 degrees). But when I used fresh water and bleach each time it worked like a charm. I used 1/4-1/2 cup of bleach (depending on amount of fabric in garment) in about 8 quarts of water. (07/05/2010)

By tirednightowl

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