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Puppy Pooping Inside

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It takes patience when training your young dog to do its duty outside. This guide is about puppy pooping inside.



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Question: Puppy Started Peeing and Pooping in the House

I have a 7 month old Lab/German Shepherd mix, she went 4 months with no accidents in the house. Then a month ago she started pooping in the house, first in the living room, then every night for 4 nights in her bed, not on the puppy pads I put down. I washed the carpet and washed the floor with vinegar water. Yesterday she started peeing in the den, then last night she pooped and peed again. I get up and take her out at 2, 4, and 6 am. I am at my wits end. She has also chewed her harness off, four of them. My husband wants to get rid of her or make her an outside dog. Any advise for this?

By dreamer from El Paso, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [35]05/29/2012

Take the dog to the vet right away! It could be a serious medical problem!

Question: Puppy Pooping Inside at Night

My 14 week old puppy seems to have clicked well with house training during the day, but at night she poops all over the kitchen floor. The pad is kept in the same place during the day and night. Please help.


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/16/2010

Never exercise any dog directly before or after meals talk to your veterinarian about "bloat".

Question: Puppy Only Poops Inside

I have had a Cavalier for a month and he is 3 1/2 months old. I feel like I'm not making any progress with his house training. I am using a crate, and I'm home most of the time. So, he is being taken out every hour.

He holds it all night in the crate, but is still having many accidents in the house during the day. We'll be out for 20 minutes or more, come in, and within 5 minutes he poops. I feel like he's holding it for when he comes in. Is this normal? Any advice would be great.

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]01/07/2010

Exercise is the only answer. Crate is great--potty with exercise.

Question: Puppy Pooping Inside at Night

montage photoMy puppy is 7 weeks old and we are in the process of training her. Throughout the day I'm on top of her and take her out frequently. Her last meal is around 9pm and I take her outside right after and once again around 11 pm I get up to take her out again. I wake up around 5 am and the entire floor is filled with poop! When we first got her she would only poop maybe once at night and now we wake up to piles of poop :( Any tips on what I should do?

By Leticia

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [10]04/10/2015

I agree with the crate training. That will probably solve your problem.

Also, don't feed cheap food. This includes brands like ol' Roy, Old Yeller, Purina Puppy chow, Alpo, Big Red, Kroger, Rex, Shep, Royal Canin. They have a lot of bulk compared to nutrition, so your dog will be constantly going.

Better brands are:
Castor and Pollux, Innova, Nutrience, Pure Vita, Simply Wild, Wellness, Nature's harvest, Halo, Avoderm, Canidae Grain Free, Blue Buffalo, Back to Basics, Honest Kitchen, Merrick.

Question: Puppy Peeing and Pooping in House at Night

I have 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She doesn't do the toilet in the house during the day, but every morning when I wake up she has either done a pee or a poop or both in the house. How do i stop her from doing this? Nothing I am doing seems to be working. I have another dog as well and he was fully trained by 6 months old. Everything I have done with him with his training isn't working for her. I need someone to help me please.


By Chelsea

Most Recent Answer

By Linda H.01/05/2014

Either get up once or twice in the night to let puppy out, put water and food up early in the evening, or buy washable doggie diapers from Amazon. My dogs were doing potty in the night, the diapers make them hold it or let you know they want out because a dirty diaper is uncomfortable.

Question: Puppy Started Pooping and Peeing Inside

We adopted a 7 month puppy from the pound. She is the sweetest dog and took to the doggie door that was already installed for our 7 year old Lab mix. She had little to no accidents and we even got 20 inches of snow and she still went out. After a month all of a sudden we wake up one morning and she has pooped and peed and later that evening the same thing pooped and peed and in between peeing on the rugs.

We first started to think the older dog was bulling her and not letting her out to go, but that was still a long shot since she had no problems before.

The next day I left her in the laundry room where the doggie door was and her crate for somewhere soft to lay. On a side note she had been so good she was able to stay in the house alone all day while we were at work and at night. She basically was crated at night and during the day for the first week. OK, so back to the story the day she was in the laundry room she did not have an accident in the room. Also the Lab was unable to go out since there was only one doggie door so she had free rein of the yard which by the way is a half acre fenced in so there is plenty of room.

So that night we had her back in the house and during the night she peed two times on the rug. The next day I put her in the laundry room and again no accident, but again that night she pooped and peed and we were right in the room with her. She had even earlier in the evening come into my son's room where my mom and I were hanging curtains and in one minute while our backs were turned hanging them we turned around and she was gone and there was a puddle in the floor. Why be so consistent and all of a sudden this?

By Missy C

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [10]04/08/2015

There are some unanswered questions here.

Do you work all day and leave the dogs at home by themselves? What about your son? When does he get home? Does anyone stay home during the day? How often are the dogs walked and for how long?

At night, are the bedroom doors closed or open? Where do the dogs sleep? Do they sleep with anybody?

I would not recommend crating a dog day and night when you first get it home. The dog doesn't have a chance to get used to its new surroundings. It may still be on edge.

You've given your dog a new place to live, but I can't tell, from what you've written so far, that it truly feels you've welcomed it into your family.

Question: Trained Pup Pooping Inside When Left Alone

I have an 11 month old American Bulldog she is fully toilet trained, but if she's left on her own or I even go to bed and close the door she poos and it's always very runny. I don't no what to do. She is never actually alone as i also have a 5 year old male Staff.

By Layla

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/08/2014

Sounds to me like you may have 2 issues. Your dog sounds like it has some separation anxiety. A good internet search will get you up to speed on that as it is a common problem. Be sure she is getting lots of exercise and time playing so she can relax. Some dogs like quiet music playing or a loud ticking clock when they are by themselves. The runny poo would make me consider a food allergy. I would surely try some hypoallergenic dog foods. Your Vet may have some good suggestions too. You often need to try several new foods to find the one that works. Good luck.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I recently brought a new puppy to my house. My 5 year old dog is house broken. I'm potty training the new puppy. All of the sudden my old dog is peeing on the puppy training pads and pooping in my leather couch. What can I do?

By Corina from Reno, NV

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