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Removing Candle Wax From My Cat's Fur

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I would like to ask for help. Could someone tell me how to get a chunk of candle wax out of a cats tail? It did not burn her but I cannot hold her down long enough to cut it out. It is very close to the skin of the tail. Could someone help me?

Thank you,
Vicky and Oddie from Ontario Canada


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By Jamie G.04/28/2014

I ended up using coconut oil to get the wax off of my kittens fur out of between his toes. It was excellent and took it all out and when he licked at it afterwards it was beneficial for him. So was a healthier and safer method.

By Sara M.04/07/2012

My Persian kitten climbs all over tables, and I noticed her tail had something in it, felt it and then smelled it, yup, it was wax from my semi-melted scentsy candle, at least she smells good!.

I tried blow drying and hot water and brushing it out, it got out the clumps but I feel like it just spread to more fur making it sleep and waxy, her tip is still waxy. I'm about to try the ice cube idea, if not she gets her baths on Sundays', we will get it out then! Thanks for the suggestions.

By cat lover one (Guest Post)11/11/2008

I feel 4 your cat. My fat cat was being a goofball and running around the house like it had rabies. He slid on the hard wood floor hit the end table and hit the candle that I just blew out and got covered in wax. He was ok. It just took a lot of ice and a good cat brush. Please try the ice and brush thing on your cat.

By Michelle (Guest Post)01/16/2008

My poor kitty ran her tail over the was in my electric tart burner. The end of her tail about three or four inches are covered in wax! I have tried the ice thing to no avail, so I have surrendered to trying to scratch the wax off when she is resting. Wish me luck.

By harley's maman (Guest Post)09/25/2007

my cat jumped on a candle yesterday and now has wax all over her rear paw. It seems to be hard and right up against her skin...ick

By Tammy. (Guest Post)05/01/2006

I have seen an older lady use a pillow case to hold the cat in, kinda like a horses blinder would be. It can calm the cat some. Just leave it's tail out and try to get some of it cut out. It may not hurt to wrap a blanket around the pillow case too incase the cat try's to scratch through it. Glad it didn't get burned!
Hope this helps some, or someone else has a great suggestion :-)
Tammy - NC

By Carrie [2]05/01/2006

A hairdryer should work, or a craft heat gun. Turn it on before the cat's in the room.

Use the towel to bundle the cat, and use newspaper (it's thrifty) under the tail to catch the melted wax.

By Kelly [15]04/30/2006

I would try the sun, especially if they are in a heavy sleep. That was the only way I could trim my cat's claws. And the sun will soften it up too.

By Cecilia (Guest Post)04/30/2006

I would try swaddling the cat in a large towel. Roll him up like a burrito with his tail left out. You can then remove the wax by cutting. Ice would probably work to harden & breakoff.

I swaddle one of my kitties whenever I have to trim her nails. Otherwise she bites! Think of a newborn infant bunting. Good luck!

By kattankerous04/30/2006

Does he/she like to lay in the sun??? If you can catch him while doing this, the wax will be softer and alot easier to remove. Or even if you have too, leave the cat in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The heat will soften it up and it may slide off.
Nosy cats, huh?? lol~

By Chris (Guest Post)04/29/2006

Wrap your cat snugly in a bath towel, with its tail exposed. Have someone else (carefully) cut the wax from its tail.

By Anna Banana (Guest Post)04/28/2006

Maybe you should ask your vet about it. Or get them to do it for you =)

By Random (Guest Post)04/28/2006

Ouch. You should ask your vet how or get them to do it for you.

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