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Removing Gum from the Dryer

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A dryer full of clothing.

A wash day mess can happen if gum is left in a clothes pocket. This guide is about removing gum from the dryer.


Solutions: Removing Gum from the Dryer

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Tip: Removing Gum From a Dryer

To remove chewing gum from the inside of the dryer, take a dryer sheet and wet with water. Stick the wet dryer sheet on top of the gummy mess and leave there for 15 minutes, then wipe the gum off. This is fast and easy.

Source: My brother gave us this tip.

By Monica from Cortez, CO

Tip: Getting Gum Out of the Dryer

To get gum out of the dryer, I just used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (50% stronger one). This worked better for me than the dryer sheet method which I tried first. First, wet the sponge, then scrub in circular motion. If too stubborn to come off go over again.


By kaylee McG Is Me [1]

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Here are questions related to Removing Gum from the Dryer.

Question: Getting Gum Out of a Dryer

How do you remove melted chewing gum from a dryer?

By Katrina


Most Recent Answer

By becky08/31/2010

I tried the dryer sheets but difficult if whole drum is coated. This worked for me. Put a soaking wet large beach towel in dryer along with 6 wet fabric softener dryer sheets. Run dryer on low heat for 90 minutes. This removed almost all of the gum. I had only a couple of spots to work on after that.

Question: Gum in the Dryer

How do I get gum out of my dryer? It was left in someones pocket and went though the washer and then the dryer. Needless to say, it's stuck on the dryer walls.

By Deena P.


Most Recent Answer

By Miker04/17/2012

Depends if it's in a few places or spun all over the place. I would start with making that room as cold as possible then use a stiff, sharp, plastic ended spatula to scrap the gum off. If it's cold enough, it wiil even "pop" right off. If it's warm, of course, it will just smear it around all the worse.

If it's all over the drum, the acetone idea is pretty good too. Just make sure you put it on the rag and don't pour it in the drum (could dissolve plastic parts). The same would go if you used brake cleaner or carburetor spray. With any of these chemicals, open the windows and ventilate that room well. That is because of the explosion factor as well as fume damage to your lungs and light-headedness.
Best of luck

Question: Getting Gum Out of the Dryer

How do you get pink, sticky, caked gum out of your dryer?

By Pam

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [8]07/20/2011

Been there, done that! I was ready to wring my son's neck. Then I found a tip online saying to use a dryer fabric softener sheet. I couldn't believe how well it works. Use it dry and just rub. It also works great on the sticky soap gunk that builds up around the edge of the washing machine.

Question: Removing Gum from the Dryer

A pack of gum is stuck in my dryer. How do I take it off?

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By javamom77 [8]09/20/2011

Have you tried using peanut butter or mayonnaise. Put a dab on a small scrubby sponge and in a circling motion scrub on sticky area until it loosens.

Question: Removing Gum and Dye Stains from Dried Laundry

My son did his laundry and forgot to take out some strawberry flavored gum. The fabrics were varied, but all are light colored. He put it in the dryer and I now have pink stains on the clothes, and some gum stuck in the dryer. How do I fix this?

By Judy from NY


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Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

My husband left a pack of gum in his pants pocket, I didn't know this of course until I washed them and found the gum stuck to the side of the washer. I peeled what I could off and then grabbed a used dryer sheet. A little rubbing and it's all gone.

By Amy from Upstate NY

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

Wet a fabric softener sheet, and then use it to 'scrub' the gum. It works, and it doesn't leave any residue or odor in the dryer that wouldn't otherwise be there (as Goo Gone or WD-40 would). (10/05/2005)

By Sharkey

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

I tried the above suggestion, with the fabric softener sheet, and it worked very well. The only difficult part was getting to the back, with out leaning on the door and breaking it. Other than that, the sheet worked very well. Thanks. (11/27/2005)

By Jennifer Martinez

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

One easy way is to use "Goo-Gone" sticky gum type stuff remover product. I just did it. Watch out for the citrus flavor in the dryer when finished though :) Wipe it down with water. (05/19/2006)

By Andrew

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

Use a cloth with liquid fabric softener to scrub and then wipe down. Comes right off and smells great too! (07/13/2006)

By Chrissy

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

We used boiling water and poured it in the dryer to loosen up the gum, and then used dryer sheets to scrub it off. It worked like a charm! (08/07/2006)

By Scott

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

Now, this load was a dissaster! The gum was laid thin all over the drum, Thanks for the posts-what is the internet for otherwise-saved the day - the dryer sheets WORK! If you don't have Googone and you are not headed to the store, here is a solution- lemon cut in half or lemon juice works the same, also soak the dryer sheets in extra softner -saves on the rubbing. Putting a big (old)wet towel in with the lemon and getting it trough a cicle after helps with the back of the drum(unles you are determined with the elbow greese).Good Luck! (08/23/2006)

By Iva

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

Skin-So-Soft bath/body oil also works, we just tried it! You'll need a rag and, depending on how big the wad of gum, a popsicle stick to help it along. And it smells nice. (08/26/2006)

By Felicia

RE: Removing Gum From the Dryer

The stringy gum in my dryer looked like a spider web. Rubbing with just one wet dryer sheet made it all disappear in minutes. (08/30/2006)

By nevadamama

Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

My daughters left gum and stickers in their pockets. Now I have gum and stickers on the drum of my dryer. How do I remove them?

Linda from Texas

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

I would not recommend using WD-40 or that Goo removal product for GAS dryers. Those items are highly flammable. I just removed a huge gummy mess from my dryer with wet fabric softener sheets. Just wet a couple of sheets and use a bit of elbow grease and it works like magic (and better than WD-40 too!) (02/16/2005)

By Bari

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Brand new dryer and gum everywhere. The wet dryer sheet work. Thanks to whoever figured that one out. (04/01/2006)

By H. Dressler

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

I used the dryer sheet along with rubbing alcohol, took about 20 minutes but once I saw it was working it lowered my stress level. Thanks for the tips. (05/04/2006)

By Brian

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

One of my kids left gum in their pocket and thank you whoever figured this one out, because it saved my husband from having a heart attack! The dryer sheets work great! (08/27/2006)

By Christy

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Tried dryer sheet and it worked but Goo-Gone worked faster and better. (09/17/2006)

By Anna

Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Gum left in child's pocket was washed and dried. Now the gum is stuck on the inside walls of my dryer. How do I remove the gum from the inside of the dryer?

Gina from Tamuning, Guam

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

I'm one of those husbands that left a pack of gum in my pocket. Thanks for the the tip with the wet fabric softener sheets. It really works. (12/19/2006)

By Less

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Everyone, I tried the fabric softener sheet, it was so-so, tired peanut butter, it was better but not good enough, and then I was rummaging through the different things under my sink and then i saw "Oops!," which says it removes gum, and does very well! Everyone use "Oops!"! Works Great! (12/24/2006)

By Zach

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Dryer sheet worked wonderful! WHEW. (01/06/2007)

By Crystal

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

After spending 15 minutes scrubbing with some horrible, toxic solvent, I checked the Web and found the dryer sheet miracle posted here. And it was a miracle! I went over the gum with some extra fabric softener after going through one damp dryer sheet, and it was amazing. GONE! (I even got rid of some old stuff that had been left by husband after he made the same mistake.) So nice not to kill myself over my 15-year-old son's laundry brain fart.

I hate gum and don't even chew the stuff! It is officially outlawed in my house now. (01/06/2007)

By Heidi

RE: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Gotta tell you the wet dryer sheets worked wonders with a minimum of elbow grease on the gum in my dryer. Thanks for the help! (4/7/07) (04/07/2007)

By C A from Delaware

Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

My sons pants went through the dryer with gum in the pocket. How do I get the gum off the dryer wall?


Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

There is gum all over the barrel of my clothes dryer. Help, how do I get this off?


Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

How do you remove chewing gum from the dryer?


Archive: Removing Gum From a Dryer

Getting dried gum out of a dryer? Downy, straight Downy fabric softener.


Archive: Getting Gum Out of a Dryer

I found a solution to get dried gum out of my dryer. It was to use a washcloth and the liquid Shout it Out.