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Fudge Too Soft

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Can I use the reheat method if I used the condensed milk and marshmallow cream to fix my fudge that is not setting firm enough. It isn't holding shape. I made two trays and hate to throw away.

By Tammy from Republic, WA


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By Coleen [1]12/27/2010

You can melt it and then stir in some powdered sugar.
Or, you can melt it and stir in some additional hard chocolate.
Or, call it "spoon fudge" and serve it by the spoonful instead of cutting it in squares.
Or, melt it and use as a hot fudge topping on cake or ice cream.

By Jill [4]12/27/2010

You might also consider rolling the fudge into small balls, rolling the balls in assorted things such as: crushed peppermints, ground nuts, cocoa powder, sprinkles, etc., and calling them truffles!

By Keeper [57]12/27/2010

Go and look up fudge.
Hope this helps.


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Archive: Fudge Too Soft

My fudge is too soft when I take it out of the refrigerator. Is it that I have used condensed milk instead of evaporated?

By Lisa from Dorset, UK

RE: Fudge Too Soft

Either you've added too much liquid or not cooked it long enough. There is "fudge repair' though you can try - All you do is add the liquid ingredients to a heavy pan and then the fudge - be it too hard or too soft and then recook it. Definitely use a candy thermometer and watch it closely.

It is important to use a candy thermometer though and elevation can greatly effect how quickly it boils and the temperature it will rise. So if you are using a recipe that says "boil 5 min" that is probably the problem.

Another thing (we are retired military so have lived all over the 'States) and I noticed in very humid or moist areas like N Carolina, Alabama that instead of adding marshmallow creme the fudge turned out better if I substituted regular marshmallows. Keep the oz. the same. :) I would not put candy in refrigerator, good luck. (03/16/2010)

By kffrmw88

RE: Fudge Too Soft

Evaporated milk and condensed milk are the same. However, there is a sweetened form in one of them. I can't remember which one it is, My family always called the plain canned milk, condensed milk, and I was really surprised when I grew up and heard other people referring to it as evaporated milk. (03/16/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Fudge Too Soft

Evaporated is milk reduced by half; that is if you want it the strength of regular milk, add the same amount of water; I'm not talking for fudge.

Condensed is even more concentrated than evaporated, so even though they are both milk, they are usually used differently, and are not interchangeable for cooking.It is sweeter, partly because of the concentration, which concentrates the milk sugar in milk, but I think sugar is added as well. Condensed is usually used for desert type recipes.

I can't say why your recipe didn't work well, because I don't know the recipe, but if it indeed called for the milk you actually used, probably didn't get cooked long enough, if it was the cooking kind of fudge. I would also think moisture/humidity of the air the day you made it might have affected it.

I love fudge, could eat a pound all by myself, but have never had much luck. (03/17/2010)


RE: Fudge Too Soft

Condensed milk is sweetened, evaporated isn't. They aren't interchangeable. That fudge is probably really sweet and the extra sugar (from the condensed milk) may have affected the texture and made it too soft. (03/17/2010)

By tennesue

RE: Fudge Too Soft

Hi Lisa: Yes, I am sure its because you used condensed milk instead of evaporated. As you probably know - they are not the same. Condensed milk has too much sugar for fudge, especially if the recipe already called for sugar. Try it again with evaporated milk and I'm sure you will be successful. (03/18/2010)

By Joankay

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