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Troubleshooting Truck Heater Problems

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Snow Covered Truck

When your vehicle's heater is not blowing hot air, you need to figure out why not. This guide is about troubleshooting truck heater problems.



Here are questions related to Troubleshooting Truck Heater Problems.

Question: Truck AC/Heater Blower Working Intermittently

I have an 04 Chevy Silverado 5.3 and I'm having heater problems. I'm not getting any air hot or cold blowing out, but when I get on the highway a very small amount will blow out. Days will go by and then out of nowhere the blower well start to work and blow perfectly fine on all speeds for a day or so and then it will stop.

By Andrew S. from Kansas


Best Answers

By Edith Crump [3]02/10/2014

Try having this done. Back flush the heater core. It cost me $100.00 to have. I had no heat at all.
I am 79, coming on 80 years old and still learning about a car. I own a
1994 Ford Crown Vic named Louie and he takes me everywhere. Hope this helps! Mrs C.

Best Answers

By Laura [5]02/07/2014

This same thing was happening in my husband's jeep. It was the heater core that had to be replaced.

Question: Ford Explorer Heater Doesn't Work

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. My heat went out a month ago, but just by dumb luck I started hammering around the metal housing, and luckily, the heat came on. But now, the tapping doesn't work anymore. I use to get some warm air, but now I have none. Is it possible that my blower motor went out, or could it be something else?

By Tiffany S. from Gary


Best Answer

By David M. [1]02/07/2014

More then likely it is indeed your blower motor that has died.

Question: Truck Heater/Conditioner Making a Clicking Noise

Controls on dash.My 2006 Dodge Dakota heater/conditioner makes a fast clicking sound when I change from floor to defrost, etc.


Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/09/2014

If all it does is make an odd noise, and everything works well, I wouldn't worry about it. Mention it to your mechanic the next time you take it in for an oil change (assuming that you go to a certified mechanic for this, and not one of those places with staffed with people who only know how to do oil changes.)

Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

I have only slightly warm air coming out of heater vents in my 1996 Ford pickup. This is after putting in a new 195 degree thermostat and antifreeze.

By Thomas

Question: Repairing a Chevy Truck Heater

I have a 2003 Chevy S10. The fan only runs at max and vent selection does not switch over. Now HVAC fuse keeps blowing.

Any suggestions?

By Chris

Question: 1994 Ford Ranger Heater is Not Working

My 94 Ranger has a heater problem that I can not figure out. First off the the temp gauge does the windshield wiper thing, up and down, up and down. To make matters worse, often there is no heat. I have changed the thermostat and that didn't help. The top hose from the radiator does get warm, sometimes the heater hose gets hot. I've flushed the system once already. Any ideas?

Richard from Waterford, CT

Most Recent Answer

By Mary (Guest Post)12/20/2008

My husband had the same problem with our 93 Ranger. Several years ago, after driving for 2 Chicago winters with no heat (he tried all the usual stuff), I suggested he SOAK the heater core in CLR over night. Then he flushed it SEVERAL times with clear water, reinstalled it and it still works fine! He is toasty warm...of course NOW the Air Conditioner does not work...but his window does!

Question: Ford Truck Heater Not Working

I have a 1994 Ford 150 truck. The heater barely gets warm air into the truck. I have had the heater core and radiator flushed. What else should we do?

By Dixie M.

Most Recent Answer

By smarter than you11/15/2014

Get a repair manual and do it yourself. Mechanics charge to much and half the time thay are guessing what the problem is so you pay for parts you didn't need.

Question: Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

Why does my heater not blow hot air when it is turned to the red on the switch?

By J W

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/22/2015

If it is -35 C in your area as it is here, my advice is to take it to a mechanic tomorrow (today is Sunday). You need heat in your vehicle!

Question: No Hot Air from Chevy Heater

I have a 1998 Chevy Z71 1500. My heater won't blow hot air unless I am driving it or giving it more throttle.


Most Recent Answer

By Carl M.12/27/2014

After reading several of your "why don't you just take it to a mechanic?" posts I feel compelled to respond. The whole idea behind these sites is to give people with some mechanical aptitude a chance to get advice on their car troubles so they, in turn, might be able to fix them. Labor is generally the most costly part of a bill from a mechanic and in some cases, worth it to have a professional do the work. However, there are many instances in which simple car problems can be handled by someone with some mechanical abilities and a few tools saving potentially hundreds of dollars on a repair bill. I hope this helps you understand the premise behind these sites.

Question: Car Heat and Air Vents Not Working

How do you get to the heat and ac vents that distrbute hot and cold air to the windshield? The hot air and cold air won't blow out of the bottom or windshield vents.

By Jason

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/11/2014

Time to take it to your local, trusted mechanic to have this fixed. If you are not a trained mechanic, you shouldn't attempt to diagnose or try to fix your car.

Question: Troubleshooting Heater Blower in Dodge Truck

I have a 99 Dodge 1500 that the heat blower works fine until you turn the head lights on; then there is no blower. Tried all settings and it just doesn't blow. If you turn the headlights off the blower turns on.

By Jamie G.

Most Recent Answer

By bridge0501/14/2015

Louise, we all understand you are proud of your son, and I am sure he is a great mechanic...but replying to every post with "find a trusted, reliable mechanic" isn't really what this forum is about. This is for those who are mechanically inclined and may be able to fix the problem themselves.

Question: Adjusting Truck Heater Directional Controls

How do I fix my 2008 Dodge Ram1500 heater? When I adjust my heater to the floor it goes to the defrosters.

By Joel from Warren, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/11/2014

If you have to ask those sorts of questions on a household hints site, it is beyond your skills to fix. Take it to a shop and let the mechanics there fix it, so you will have heat in the winter.

Question: Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

I have Ford E 250. The heater blower works, but there is no hot air.

By Mark

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/17/2014

Take it to a mechanic. They train to fix problems with vehicles.

Question: Truck Heater Won't Blow Hot Air

The heater will not blow hot air. The truck doesn't run hot and cools fine.

By Tim

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/24/2013

Your heater fan is broken.

Question: Heater Not Working in 1996 Ford Ranger

I have a 1996 Ford Ranger. Recently the heat stopped working. I changed the thermostat and the heater core and still no heat, please help.

By Bob

Most Recent Answer

By kimberly02/07/2013

We bought my daughter a 1998 ford ranger. The air conditioner would not hold charge. Then the heater would blow luke warm air even after running for a long while. Since I really dont know if yours is doing this or just not working all together. It's really hard to say but, here is what we did to fix hers with her problem. It's called air door actuator.

If you are close to a napa store the part number is 655-1551 (this was for a 1998), but still might be the same. And here was the kicker; t was located inside of the glove box. Well the glove box was taken out it was in behind it. Hope this helps or it may help someone....and my husband says I shouldnt keep all those boxes of used

Question: Truck Heater Doesn't Heat

I have checked the thermostat and the flaps. The heater hoses are hot and still the heater does not heat the cab. What could be wrong?

By Dickie G.

Most Recent Answer

By Sheila [3]12/08/2011

More than likely it's the heater core, mine is in the same fix. I have a Ford Ranger XLT and mine went out a couple years ago. My husband bought the core and was told the whole dashboard has to come out! He thought it came out from under the dash, but no, it didn't, what a job to do. I drove my car and he drove his truck and that's why it hasn't been fixed yet. :(

Question: Ford Ranger Heater Not Working

My 1996 Ford Ranger heater will not blow hot air. Any suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By Deanj11/05/2011

I would check the thermostat. You should always replace the thermostat when changing the coolant with a high temperature thermostat. Sometimes people have the coolant changed and replace the thermostat with a low temperature unit and that will blow cooler air. My car was blowing cooler air but the reason was my coolant was down little over a half a gallon.

Question: 1996 S10 Heater Not Working

My truck is a 96 S10 2.2l with a manual transmission. The heater is not functioning. I have flushed and back flushed the heater core already and changed the coolant and flushed it too. So now I don't know what to do. I need help guys.

By Jon P.

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [15]10/31/2011

I asked my husband and he said the same thing as zoodad, so that is two in favor of so far.

Question: Truck Heater Problems

How do I fix a 2007 Ford Ranger heater? It has been to the shop and they said there was no problem with the heater core, but only a leak. It still does not work.

By Brenda

Most Recent Answer

By Dana P.03/06/2013

Turn your cold to hot mixture knob back and forth and listen for it to open and/or close. Mine puts out either cold or luke warm air. I was pulling a uhaul trailer and the temp never went above low on the guage. When I stopped because I thought I was low on coolant I was able to actually remove the cap and see it was full also put my finger in coolant and it's luke warm. I've changed out the door on a ford RV that one wouldn't move so you wouldn't hear it close. I flushed my system and I will be replacing the thermostat.

Question: 1999 Ford Ranger Heater Not Working

Please help, it's getting cold. The heater is not working in my 1999 Ford Ranger. The heater core is getting hot and air is coming through the vents. I can't locate the transfer door between the heater core and the evaporator core. Where is the actuator? Is it vacuum or electric?

By Mike from Millington, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Jackie04/05/2011

Go to Auto Zone and they will pull up a print out for you and you will find it. The most likely cause is a vacuum door is not opening cause by a broken or loose vacuum hose, listen for a hissing sound and you will find it, it will be under the dash near the big black box (heater box).

Question: Something Fell in Truck Heater Box

Something fell in. How do I get it out?

By Tammy

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [3]03/12/2015

Need to know the make, model and year of the truck, what dropped in and from where.

Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

My truck heater blows hard, but does not get hot. If I turn the mix down it gets cool, but if I turn the mix up to total hot it gets lukewarm. There is a new thermostat, new hoses, and new fluid. It just don't get good and hot. The scan shows 180' hoses in and out of the heater core are hot going in an cool coming out. Could it be blocked in the cold hot mix? Can someone help?

By Keith

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [3]01/23/2015

Perhaps some of the heating elements stopped working?

Question: Truck Defrost Not Working Properly

I have a 2011 Ford F150. I noticed today that the air blowing from the dash, when on defrost, is blowing hot air only on the passenger side and in the middle, but the driver side is blowing cool air. Does anyone know why it would only blow heat in the middle and passenger side, but not on the driver's side? Is it a blocked hose perhaps? I need help.

By Kathy

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/09/2015

Kathy, even it is a blocked hose, could you fix it yourself? I am a retired professional with 3 university degrees, but I know zip all about engines and wouldn't have tools to fix something in a vehicle even if I could figure it out. When I have a problem with plumbing, a vehicle, electricity, appliances, etc. I ask my friends for recommendations for capable, honest, repair persons. Then I call in a professional repairperson or electrician or plumber or take my vehicle to the mechanic. I tell them what the problem is, describing the symptoms as best I can. Then I trust them to figure out what is wrong and fix it. I do not tell them what the problem is based on advice from someplace like this or the sages in the coffee shop. Once you have a trusted tradespersons you can call on to fix things up, you are saving both time and money in the long run.

Question: Truck Defroster Not Working

The blower blows hot and cold, but won't defrost and the windows fog up.

By cartercory71

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [3]01/05/2015

You do not provide much information for a possible answer, e.g., truck make, model, year, etc. However, there could be many possibilities so the best plan would be to take your truck to a repair service.

Question: 2009 Ford F150 4x4 Blowing Cold Air

My 2009 Ford F150 4x4 is blowing only cold air with the heater on. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

By Karen

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [3]12/25/2014

Suggest you contact a Ford dealer, mechanic, Ford online customer service.

Question: Windows Fogging Up in Pick Up Truck

Why do my windows fog up when I put the defrost on in my Ford pick up and it blows warm air?

By David E.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [3]12/24/2014

You can contact a Ford dealer, Ford online-customer service, a Ford mechanic, etc.

Question: Truck Heater Switch Not Working

I own a "03 Chevy 1500 4x4. The switch to control the heater/ac does not work. It does not blow air. I changed the blower resistor, but that did not fix the problem.

By V Beers

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2014

Why not take it to a mechanic and have him fix it? If you continue to replace parts when you don't really know what's wrong, you will waste time and money. Find a reliable shop and pay these people to do what they are trained to do.

Question: 99 Chevy S10 Heat/AC Blower Not Working

My 99 S10 v6 heater/ac blower works well except the fan doesn't blow air/heat on the floor setting or the combination floor/vents. When I put the selector on floor setting, I can hear the "door" directing it to the floor open/close, and the fan running, but nothing is coming out of the floor vents. Also the blower doesn't work on the #1 setting no matter what vent setting. Position 2 - 4 works on all except the floor.

By Jerry c

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/25/2014

You should google for information about this, or, take it to a mechanic that you trust, explain the problem, and get it fixed. Take the time to find a good, reliable person to fix your vehicle. So many people assume that all shops are run by crooks, but that simply isn't the case. Some mechanics may not be the best at their job (somebody always graduates in the bottom half of the class, after all), so ask around and find a good one. Then let them diagnose your problem and fix your car. If you go in and tell them you want "such and such a part replaced", and they do that, and it doesn't fix the problem, this is not because the mechanic is a crook. It is because you told them what to do, and didn't rely on their expertise.

Question: Repairing a Dodge Ram Heater

I just purchased a 1997 Dodge Ram Sport. The owner informed me that a part was needed on the firewall conected to the two hoses coming from heater core. What part or parts are they?

By Lester

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/24/2014

If you are like me, and don't really have any idea about engines, take it to a reputable shop and tell them your heater isn't working; could they fix it please. Take the time to ask around and find someone who is a competent and reliable mechanic. There are many of them around. Then let them do the job they are trained for.

Question: Dodge Ram Truck Heater Not Working

I have a 2009 Dodge Ram truck. When I turn the heat, air, or defrost on it is not working. Nothing is coming on.

By Joseph

Most Recent Answer

By Harry Rainey Jr.12/22/2014

I have a 1998 Ford Ranger Truck that the Heater Module Switch went bad. A/C works fine but it doesn't do much good as a defroster. The 12 volt Defroster that are sold are about 12 Watts and don't do anything, don't waste your money.
What I did was buy a 400/800 Peak Watt Inverter, an extension cord and a 200 Watt Lashko Heater, total cost $60. I place the heater on the dash on a rubber mat so it doesn't slide and turn on the heat and use the blower on low to distribute the heat. It dried up the moisture and defrosted my windshield just fine. My girl friend placed it on the floor boards and heated up the cab in no time. It was made to handle a office cubicle so a truck cab is no problem. There is no tip over switch on the heater so care must be used. It's only 200 Watts and the Inverter handled it with no problem. When I shut down, I shut off the Inverter so it doesn't drain my battery. Only problem it scrambles the AM radio signals but not FM, I can live with that when its C-O-L-D.

Question: Dodge Pickup Heater Won't Blow Hot Air

My '99 Dodge pickup won't blow hot air. It blows fine, but doesn't get hot. It blows about room temperature.

By sares

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/15/2014

Please take it to a trusted mechanic, tell him your problem, and in no time, he will fix it. My son is a mechanic. I can't tell you the number of times he has done work on a vehicle, not because he thinks that will fix the problem, but because the vehicle owner insists on telling him what to do, and won't listen to his advice. Usually this doesn't fix the problem, and my son ends up re-doing work. Car owners waste an incredible amount of money this way. Let your mechanic do his job; do you tell your doctor what medications to prescribe? What therapies to use? What surgery you want done? Not usually!

Question: Chevy S-10 Heater Intermittent

My Chevy S-10 pickup heater only works when I drive fast. It'll work for a few seconds and then stop blowing hot air.

By David L.

Most Recent Answer

By Merv11/10/2014

Make sure your radiator is full of water.

Question: Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air

I have a 2003 Dodge 1500. Ever since I bought the truck the heater has not worked. It only blows cold air (what's from outside I'm guessing) and it only blows at the highest setting. No noises when its on or off. And just recently, when I turn it on it smells like anti-freeze. What's up? What part is broken and how do I fix it?

By Teya R.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/09/2014

If you are asking for advice on a household hints website, you obviously don't know enough about trucks to do your own repairs. Go to a trusted mechanic, explain the problem, and let him fix it. They are trained to diagnose your problems with vehicles. Then they fix them. Let them do the job they are trained to do. You will be money ahead in the long run. If you don't trust the person who has been fixing your truck, look around and find another mechanic that you do trust.

Question: Heater Blower Intermittent

I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado; it will blow heat and a/c and then it quits after awhile. If I shut the blower off for a little bit it will work again. I don't know what's causing it.

By Tom

Most Recent Answer

By ILoveMyBabyBelle [2]10/02/2014

I'm not sure, but I too have a 2005 Chevy Colorado, and my blower only works on high. I'm wondering if this is a problem with Colorado's? I've checked for recalls, but have found nothing on this. Hopefully someone else will know the answer to your question... :)

Question: No Heat in a '99 Ford F-150

I have no heat in my truck. I have flushed the heater core and still no heat. I did change my thermostat and both hoses are hot going in and out of the core, but it is not blowing heat in the truck.

By Mike

Most Recent Answer

By Mitchell.jomit.john12/16/2014

I've got a 2000 f150 with the same issue. I am flushing the heater core this weekend as I believe I have a partially clogged core, also I'm doing the air blend door actuator, sounds like the air blend door actuator may be your issue. It's a $30 part you may pull yours off and check that. It's located behind that black panel, down where your air for your feet comes from, its black and white if you need I can send you a pic, let me know if thats your issue, and if you've already found your issue please let me know what it was so I have an idea on my truck. Thanks in advance.

Question: Heater AC Blower on Dodge Ram Is Intermittent

My 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 pick up truck blower on the heater/air cond (HVAC) starts and stops with no warning. Changing the blower dial makes no difference. I still get cold and hot air, but no air flow. When it works it works like normal, but all of a sudden it will quit with no warning and who knows when it will start again.

By Denny S

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/02/2014

Sounds like a job for a certified journeyman mechanic. These guys go to school to learn how to diagnose and fix your problems. Take your car to one, and let him do his magic. DON'T tell him what you want changed -- describe the problem and let him figure out how to fix it. That's part of what you are paying for.

Question: Can't Turn Off Truck Heater

Heat comes out of vents when all switches off or on no matter the setting.

By Joan T

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]05/18/2014

The switch is broken. Take it to a shop and have it fixed. I am a firm believer in getting people to do work that I have no idea how to do. Mechanics are trained for this sort of little job. You and I are not.

Question: My Heater Doesn't Work But Air Still Blows

Red SUVI have a 2000 Ford Explorer V6 4.0L SOHC. I was changing the spark plugs and saw two bad collapsed hoses, so I changed them. Afterwards I noticed my heat did not work, but it still blows harder than before. What could it be?

By LC Waller

Most Recent Answer

By jude [3]03/05/2014

It could be the thermostat has stuck or gone bad.

Question: A/C and Heating Fan Not Working Properly

Why does the fan in my '98 Chevy 1500 turn on and off by itself?

By TyC

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]02/22/2014

Sounds like an electrical problem to me. If you don't have the manual for your car go online and get one. Look up the problem once you get the manual.

Question: Truck Heater Blows Cold Air

The heater in my '97 Dodge Dakota only blows cold air. After running for about 30 minutes it starts to blow lukewarm air.

By Wiggles

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/16/2014

Need a new thermostat? Maybe need fluid in your radiator? Take it to a mechanic who can take a look at things and fix your vehicle.

Question: Dodge Making Clicking Sound on Defrost Setting

I own a 2000 Dodge. When I switch over to defrost, it makes this weird clicking sound and since I don't know anything about cars I can't give you any more help than that of anything that would be causing this problem.

Something by the belt stops spinning every once in awhile, if that helps.

By Conor

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/14/2014

If you know nothing about cars, why are you asking advice here? What are you going to do if someone could tell you what the problem is? If there is just a clicking noise, and everything works properly, leave it alone till your next oil change, and then mention it when you take it to the shop for the oil change, and a mechanic, who is trained to deal with vehicles, will look into it, and fix it. You don't have to diagnose the problem; you simply report the symptoms. Mechanics prefer it that way.

Question: Truck Heater Not Working

What would be the problem if there's no power to the plug for the resistor?

By Samuel from Russellville, AR

Most Recent Answer

By Jess [120]02/17/2014

The guide that is attached to this post has a lot of good suggestions. Here is a direct link to that guide. Click on any post to see all the information posted.

If you find a solution, please report back and let us know what you found.

Best Wishes,


Question: Heater Not Working on '95 Tahoe

My heater control panel went out on my 95 Tahoe. How can I get heat?

By Ryan

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/09/2014

Take it to a shop and get a mechanic to fix it. They train for this sort of job. If it was as easy to fix as changing a light bulb, there wouldn't be shops full of guys being paid to do it for you.

Question: Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air

My heater only blows hot air on the low setting, but cold air on high.

By Brandon

Most Recent Answer

By Brent01/17/2014

This usually means the antifreeze is old, and needs to be changed. It still has some ability to hold heat, so you get heat on low, but when you switch to high the extraction of heat is faster than the fluid can absorb. Replacing the antifreeze solution completely should solve this problem. You might also want to look at your thermostat, since a poorly functioning thermostat can create the same problem, except it never allows the heat to build up as high as it once did.

Question: Truck Heater Blower Won't Work on High Speed

The blower on my '91 Explorer was only working a little bit. It had all the signs of the resistor going bad, so I replaced the resistor. Now the blower works at the lower speeds, but not at the high speed. What might the problems be?

By William

Most Recent Answer

By Wanda 01/14/2014

I'm pretty sure it's the wiring harness. I had a Chevrolet Colorado with the exact issue and it was the wiring harness. If possible you could take to a garage that specializes in electrical issues and have the work done much, much cheaper than dealer. Hope this helps.

Question: 2014 Chevy Silverado Blows Hot Air With Heater Off

My new pick-up is blowing hot air out of the vents even when my heat is off. The only way to stop this, is to close all the vents and that's hard to do when driving and the other vents are on the other side of the truck. Once the heat is off I should not be getting heat coming out of the vents. This is over heating the inside of the cab and I have to open windows.

Does anyone know why this is happening? They have a recall that a part will cause a fire. I wonder if this could be happening to my truck? I am going to take it in once they send the letter for recall. Thank you!

By beachbumdaddy

Most Recent Answer

By AmyM01/17/2014

It might be the switch is bad, I had that happen in my Tahoe. Your truck should be under warranty so I would just get it fixed, no reason to wait on a recall letter.

Question: Truck Heater Only Blows Hot on Passenger Side

My 03 Dodge 1500 only blows hot air on the passenger side.

By Bruce

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/08/2014

Some thing blocking the vent or a "hose" of some sort that has become disconnected? I'd go to a mechanic, of course. If it is something very minor, it will likely not cost you much. (Of course, I deal with a small mechanic shop, not a big dealership or, heaven forbid, a large chain.)

Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

Sometimes it does, but not all of the time. It is just warm, not hot.

By Timothy

Most Recent Answer

By April [185]01/06/2014

Are you low on antifreeze? Could also be a heater core.

Question: Truck Heater Blower Not Working

I have a 2008 Ranger and the heater blower just stopped working at any speed. I get heat, but no blower speed.

By D Whitt

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/04/2014

This is likely not a complicated problem, but if you have no clue whatsoever (which is my situation), take it to a shop and have the mechanic fix it. People who nothing about motors should not attempt to fix them.

Question: No Hot Air in my '92 Chevy s10

I have a 1992 Chevy s10. The heater will not blow hot air and the only air that it does blow comes out of the floor vent behind the stick shift. It comes from there no matter which setting it is on. Any help would be much appreciated. The cold has set in.

By James R.

Most Recent Answer

By uhohgecko12/27/2013

If you're air is just barely blowing, you may need a new blower motor. If your air is blowing, but isn't hot I would guess that you need a coolant flush. Hopefully you don't need a new heater core. But I digress. . .

If you can't change the direction of the air flow in your pick-up chances are that the cable or control arm connected to the actuator broke. Could be that it somehow disconnected, but not likely.

If you're feeling frisky you can go to your local library and review a Chilton's manual or something of the like. If I remember correctly, you'll want to locate a GM pick-up manual. You'll find step-by-step instructions on how to take everything apart.

Remember: It's not that working on your vehicle is difficult. It's just a matter of how much time it takes, and whether or not you have the tools to do the job. To my experience you'll most likely need some screwdrivers, a socket wrench with metric sockets, and some star bits. And a good light source is a must. You can get a "security set" of something like 100 bits at Harbor Freight for about ten bucks.

Take your time, pay attention, and make the effort to be organized.

Question: Only Floor Vents Work on Truck Heater

The blower works, but only on the floor setting. There is no defrost or air from the vents.

By Joe from ME

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/24/2013

If you want to fix this yourself, which I wouldn't do - I'd take it to a mechanic - but you might check for some obstruction in the vents, such as a mouse nest.

Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

Air blows through, but no heat. The heater core is good. Someone said might be vent dew?

By E Fields from Silver Springs, NV

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/24/2013

Whenever this has happened to someone around here, it is usually the thermostat. I suggest taking it to a mechanic. If you have to ask for advice on this type of helpful hints email, you should likely get someone who has training to do your vehicle repairs.

Question: Heater Not Working Properly in 2003 Dodge

I have a 2003 Dodge 1500 Hemi. The heat on the seats works well and the heat on the window barely blows any heat. What would be wrong with this?

By gail

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/19/2013

The heat in the seats has nothing whatsoever to do with your defrost or heater.

I would go to a mechanic in a good shop. If you have to ask what could be the problem, you are not going to be able to fix it yourself.

Question: 1993 S-10 A/C Heater Not Blowing Air

I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 pickup and the a/c and heater does not blow air.

By Ronald

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2013

Go see a mechanic. They go to school and train so they solve these sorts of problems.

Question: 98 Dodge Dakota Heater Not Working

I recently changed out my heater core because it was leaking. I purchased an after market part which turned out to be slightly smaller than the original. After putting everything back together I didn't get the same heat as before. If I sit parked I get heat, but once I drive down the road, it cools off. Someone told me if I put it on max ac, it will recirculate the cab air, and then it works decently. If I switch it to defrost or any other setting, it starts to cool down. It's as if I have too much air coming in and bypassing the core. The gauge on the dash says the temp is good and I have done everything possible to trouble shoot this (thermostat, bleed the coolant line, etc.). I also have a draft coming from the passenger side under the dash. What am I missing? I had plenty of heat before this all took place.

By Kent R

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By caleliv8802/01/2014

I have a 1995 Chevy Silverado k1500 and I have the same problem. If you have fixed yours please post the issue. I also have had my hand on the heater core when hot then turned on the fan to blow hot air and half the core will be ice cold while the other side of core is hot. This is with the brand new core put in.


Question: '95 Dodge Dakota Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

The heater in my 95 Dodge Dakota does not blow hot air. I can hear it switch from hot to cold and the blower and compressor are both working so what else could it be?

By Debra from Houston

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By Louise B. [5]12/13/2013

I think it is the thermostat when this happens. Take it to a reputable mechanic and tell him the problem. Don't try to do half of his job for him; don't tell him what you want replaced, as that may not really be the problem. Just tell him you want the heater to heat! My son is a mechanic, and he says it is not helpful for the customer to come in and tell the professional mechanic what to do. Often that doesn't solve the problem. Let your mechanic do the work for which he was trained.

Question: Heater Air Not Blowing on all Speeds

My heater only blows air on the highest setting. No air comes out on low or mid settings. My blower motor went out and I replaced it, but now it only blows on high. I have a 2006 Ram 1500 truck.

By c. gamel

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By Robbie E.03/08/2014

Check your blower motor resistor I think it's under your glove box.

Question: Heating Problem in Truck

I have cleaned my system out. I have made sure my hoses were not crossed, I have coolant, I have changed my thermostat and I have also made sure my core was not stopped up. I still have no heat, just cold air. I have checked my flap with my knob controls and it opens and closes. What can I do for the problem?

By L.S.

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By Helmut [8]10/30/2013

Don't worry about the air duct flap. Find the fluid control valve, that sends hot radiator fluid to the small interior radiator. Most likely that valve is stuck.
On most vehicles that valve is a rotary type valve, and luckily, some WD40 and some energetic cranking back and forth with some vise-grips for a few minutes, will loosen it up. Disconnect the wire or cable pull running to it, before you start forcing it.

If you can't loosen it up, replace it.
Have fun!

Question: Ford 150 Heater Not Working

My 2001 Ford 150xl v6 heater was making a flapping sound for awhile and has stopped. It stopped blowing heat, but would work by tapping the heater now there is no heat. What is the problem?


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By telvis5512/02/2013

Check your heater blend door motor.

Question: Ranger Heater Only Runs on High Speed

I have only high speed on my Ford Ranger heater fan. How can I fix this?

By Serge

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By Kathy [3]01/06/2012

Hi, my car did the same thing. It is the heat resistor fan speed control switch. t is usually found near the firewall on the passenger side. The part can be bought at most any auto parts place, cost about $35.Google your vehicle/heat resistor fan speed control switch and you should be taken to a page showing you where it is located. Good luck, Kathy

Question: Dodge Dakota's Heater Not Working

I am having heating problems with my '99 Dodge Dakota.

By Manuel from NJ

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By Lilac [18]12/18/2010

Maybe you need a new heater core.

Question: Car Vent Only Blows Hot Air

The a/c is not blowing cold in my 2004 Ford Ranger.

By Dennis from Rockledge, FL

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By mcw [80]04/09/2010

You probably need to have your A/C recharged with freon.

Question: 1997 Dodge Dakota AC Heater Blower Not Working

I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota extended cab, 5 speed. The heater and air conditioning unit isn't blowing cool or warm air into the cab. It doesn't seem like the blower is working. Any advice on fixing it would be appreciated.

By George from Franklin, PA

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By Cheryl [1]12/22/2009

Check the fuses.

Question: Chevy Truck Heater Won't Turn Off

My father's truck has an AC that won't turn on and a heater that won't turn off. I was thinking it could be the blend motor, but I'm only 14 so I need some help. I am fixing it for his Father's Day gift. Any advice helps.

    By Isabel M. [2]

    Question: Dodge Heater Switch Problems

    I have a 2008 Dodge 3/4 ton truck. Why does my heater blow out of the dash, but not out of the defrost or floor vent?

    By Rob

    Question: 2004 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Heater Blows Cold Air

    When the heater is on and the truck is completely warmed up it just blows cold air. The temperature gauge starts getting hot and when I quickly accelerate the temp drops and the heater starts blowing warm hot air. It does good for a while, but then will go back to blowing cold air when I start slowing down and the temp gauge goes back up. If I repeat the quick accelerating it drops in temperature and starts blowing warm air again. Any clue as to what this could be? Please help!

    By Patrick

    Question: No Heat in 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

    red truckWe had no heat and no leaking fluids. My husband changed the thermostat and still no heat. Any suggestions?

    By Michelle H.

    Question: Dodge Ram 1500 Not Blowing Hot Air on Floor

    I am getting great heat on all vents except the floor vent. I can't detect any heat coming from that one. My feet are constantly cold, here in Maine. Is there a tube that sends hot air just to the floor that might be disconnected?

    By Myles D.

    Question: Blower Not Working on '97 S-10

    I replaced the blower motor, resistor, and switch, and checked the fuses in driver's side, all OK. I can feel the heat if I put my hand by the vent, but it is not being forced out like it should. What else do I need to look at?

    By RMD

    Question: Truck Heater Won't Turn Off

    The heating will not shut off in my truck even when you remove the fuse or key; it is still running.

    By Pam

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 4x4. The blower does not come on. I checked all the fuses and none were blown, but when you cut the switch on you can here the engine pull down. What would cause the heat not to work?

    By tf

    Question: Ford Truck Heater Not Getting Hot

    What procedure do I use to diagnose the heater on a 2000 Ford series truck? It is not getting hot; it is only blowing warm air.

    By Mike

    Question: Truck Heater Dampers Don't Work

    Have a 1995 GMC K1500 that the dampers stopped working on the heater. Can not find vacuum lines going into cab and nothing in repair books for this problem. Anyone have any ideas that will help?

    By T. Diff

    Question: Heater Blower Only Works on High

    I have a 2001 F150 Ford pickup. The heater blower only works on the high setting. What is wrong?

    By Jim

    Question: Heater Blowing Cold Air on Passenger Side

    I have cold air on the passenger side floor. Why? The driver side is OK.

    By Paul

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working Properly

    I have excellent heat in my 1995 Dodge 1500 when in a warm building, or garage, or when it's warm outside. I replaced my radiator, water pump, thermostat, and flushed out the heater core. When it's cold outside, I have very little heat when going down the road. When I stop, the heat gets less warm.

    By Tom

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working Properly

    I have a '98 Dodge 1500 truck. The heater will blow warm air as long as it is sitting still, but when you start driving down the road, then it starts blowing cool air. I changed the thermostat first thing, but it didn't change anything. I am needing a little help here.

    By Rick

    Question: Dodge Truck Heater Intermittent

    I own a '01 Dodge 2500 V8 and the heater gets hot as I press the gas pedal. Then it goes cold when I let off. I just put in a new thermostat and water pump trying to fix the problem.

    By Bill A from South Bend, IN

    Question: Truck Heater Blower Intermittent

    My 2007 Ram 1500 has a heater blower motor that stops working when I put the brake on. When I give it gas it starts blowing. It will do this awile and then stop working all together. Anyone have any ideas?

    By Jack from Redford, MI

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working

    I have a '02 S10 and it won't blow any air out any of the vents. Any suggestions?

    By Noah H.

    Question: Heater Won't Blow Through All Vents

    My truck heater doesn't blow hot air through the dash and floor vents. What's the problem? It works fine on top of the dash, in the defrost area.

    By Myron W.

    Question: Troubleshooting Truck Heater

    How do I get my heater hot on my 2008 Ford, after changing the thermostat?

    By Gary C.

    Question: F150 Dual Climate Control Not Working

    I have a 2009 F150 truck, the right side works fine, it blows hot and cold, but the driver's side only blows hot; it won't switch to cold.

    By Vernon from Lebanon Junction, KY

    Question: No Heat on Driver Side

    There is heat on the passenger side of my '02 Dodge Ram. It blows great heat, but on driver's side it is just lukewarm.

    By Ron from Ithaca, NY

    Question: Dodge Truck Heater Fan Not Working

    I have a '92 Dodge 250 and the heater fan is not working. Is there a way to test the switch and the fan independently to see which one is the problem?

    By James H.

    Question: Fan and Heater Not Working on GMC Canyon 4X4

    We have a 1994 GMC Canyon 4x4 truck. We are thinking the reason why our fan and heater, etc. suddenly stopped working may be due to a fuse. The owner's manual is not too helpful on where you would check for a fuse being burned out. Would anybody have information on this?

    By drcjones1

    Question: Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air

    I changed the thermostat. It was blowing a little warm air so I cleaned out the duct. Now it only blows cold air.

    By Gerald S.

    Question: Truck Blower Won't Turn Off

    I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 with the auto start installed well over a year ago to help either cool or warm up the truck, in the good city of brotherly love. As of this week, the blower in the truck remains on even when the truck is turned off. My trusted mechanic who has been working on vehicles for many moons is scratching his head. Any suggestions on what it may be?

    By J. Sump

    Question: Honda CRV Heating Problem Not Fixed

    I took my CRV into the dealer to have the heating fixed. They have had it for two weeks and it is still not fixed. They said I needed a new head gasket which they replaced; still no heat. They tried to convince me to put a new motor in. I have never had any problems with my vehicle which would require a new motor. I am picking it up today. Am I responsible to pay for a new head gasket and all the other things they did to try to fix the problem? They said it needed a new head gasket. I said that is not why I took it in, that is a problem for another day. My vehicle was running perfectly except no heat!

    By Marion S

    Question: Chevy CK 1500 Heater Not Working

    How do I know if the heater switch is bad in a 1999 Chevy ck1500 truck?

    By Jody H

    Question: 2010 Chevy S 10 Heater Not Working Properly

    I have a 2010 Chevy S 10. The heater makes a loud scraping noise and sometimes it doesn't heat properly.

    By donnb from OH

    Question: Sierra Heater Only Blows Hot Air on High

    I have a 2003 Sierra with climax control and I get heat at 32 c, but when I turn it down even to 31 c it starts to blow cold air.

    By Guy J

    Question: Truck Heater Blowing Hot Air All the Time

    My 1972 Chevy pick up has hot air coming in the cab all the time. How do I fix it?

    By Danny

    Question: Chevy Truck Heater Not Blowing Warm Air

    No heat is blowing out just cool air when switched onto heat in a '98 Chevrolet z-71 truck. Why after I had the heads redone since I have gotten my truck back from the mechanics I turn to heat on the control and no heat works just cool air. I took it back and they said it may be an actuator. Can someone please explain how to fix this? I learned it's in the dash or the dash would have to be recovered that was all they said.

    By todd Wyndham

    Question: 2000 Sierra A/C Blower Makes Noises

    I have a 2000 Sierra pick-up and when I put on the blower for the A/C I get a loud squeaking noise. It stops when I shut it off. What could it be?

    By Denis L.

    Question: Rendezvous Heater Stopped Blowing

    I got an alternator put in my truck, a 2002 Redezvous. A day later my heat stop blowing. I changed the fuse; it came on and then went right off. What's wrong now?

    By Jamil

    Question: Dodge Ram AC Not Blowing Out Center Vents

    My Dodge Ram 2500 AC is blowing air to the windshield and feet, it will not blow to the center. What is wrong with it? How can I fix this?

    By Alex R.

    Question: Heater Not Blowing Air Out of the Vents

    I have a 2000 Ford F-150. The heater is not blowing air out of the vents. I changed the heater core, switch, and resistor. It did not fix anything. I can feel heat and cold air barely coming out of openings, just not blowing it out.

    By JMcc

    Question: Truck Heater Only Blowing Cold Air

    I have a 2009 Ford F150; all I got is cold air, no hot air. What could be wrong? Please help.

    By Tina

    Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Out Vents

    I have a1998 Chevy Cheyenne K 1500. My blower seems to work fine. It won't blow out of any of the vents.

    By Kevin

    Question: Truck Heater Blower Motor Not Working

    I own a 2005 GMC Sierra pick-up. I changed the fuse under the hood marked "blwr" which I assumed was the fuse leading to the blower motor. I put in a 40 amp fuse. But this was no help. Then, I put in another fuse (brand new), but still nothing. Can you help? Thanks!

    By Bob

    Question: Chevy Truck Heater Windshield Vents Not Working

    My 2005 Chevy z71 is not blowing heat on the windshield, but it is blowing heat everywhere else. What is the trouble?

    By S Butler

    Question: Truck Heater Problems

    I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500. I just recently put it in the shop and had the entire ac system replaced. The heater will work if it's pulling air from outside, but as soon as you put it to recirculate the compressor kicks on and blows ice cold. The guy at the shop acted dumbfounded when I asked him about it. Help please.

    By Derik

    Question: Floor Vent in Chevy Truck Not Closing

    In my 93 Chevy k1500 the floor vents stay open, even if the air is off. It blows hot air onto my legs.

    By centralflbassin1

    Question: Truck Heater Only Blowing Warm Air

    I have a '96 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 and the heat/ac is blowing lukewarm air on hot and nice and cold on a/c. The heater hoses in and out of the heater core are equal to temp of radiator hoses (nice and hot, 195 to 200 degrees). There is nice air movement, but just not getting hot enough. Could it be my blend door?

    By Andy D.

    Question: Ford Truck Heater is Stuck on Defrost

    I have a 2000 Ford F250 4x4 7.3 diesel club cab truck. My heater has good heat, but is stuck in defrost even though I move the knob to floor heat. What do I need to look for?

    By Jerry D.

    Question: Troubleshooting 2007 GMC Duramax Heater

    My 2007 GMC Duramax truck heater will not switch off of defrosting the windshield.

    By Chris H.

    Question: No Power to Truck Heater

    My 1993 Silveraldo 1500 heater has got no power. I checked the fuse; it's OK. I had a dead battery and after recharging it I had no power to the heater. Is there a second fuse? I'm at a loss. It worked fine before the battery died.

    By Ted

    Question: Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air

    I have a 2005 Tahoe. I changed my heater core and now it's only blowing cold air in the front.

    By Angela

    Question: Heater Blower Problems

    I have an 05 Ram 1500 and the blower won't blow. I've checked power to the motor and resistor. I checked all fuses I could find, and I checked my selector switch. What do I need to do or check?

    By aj

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working

    The cab does not heat up. I changed the thermostat, but it still doesn't heat. It is a 2000 model. Please help.

    By Rex

    Question: Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air

    I have a 2000 Dodge truck. I have a full radiator and a new thermostat. I flushed the heater core and it is still blowing cold air.

    By Terry from Stafford, VA

    Question: Truck Heater Doesn't Work Weather Below 50

    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. My heat works in 50 degree weather, but not below. The AC works great.

    By Corey

    Question: 98 MC 1500 Heater Problems

    I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas, I'm running out. My 98' GMC Sierra 1500 has an issue with the heat control (off, low, med, high). The plug behind it melted, so I spliced in a new plug and temperature control. I replaced the resistor as well. Any ideas where to venture next?

    By Darren

    Question: Truck Heater Not Coming Up to Temperature

    My 2001 GMC Sierra isn't coming up to temp and it's blowing out warm air. It took 15 minutes of drive time too get to 180 degrees.

    By Tim

    Question: 1987 Chevy Heater Not Working

    I have no heat in the cab of my 1987 Chevy v10 truck. It has a new heater core. The system is clean and the AC works in the summer. Why doesn't the heat work?

    By ElmerJ

    Question: Heater Not Working in 1997 Dodge Ram Truck

    Can you manually change the cold to heat under the dash on a 1997 Dodge Ram truck? The control knob on the dash does not seem to be moving anything, it moves way too freely. If I can change it from cold to hot under the dash please help me. I am freezing when I drive the truck.

    By Larry C.

    Question: Truck Fan Wiring

    Is the black wire on the fan behind the glovebox a ground wire or power?

    By Niles from Bethel, VT

    Question: 2002 Ram Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air on Driver's Side

    I have heat blowing from the passenger side vents, but cold air from the driver side vents. I was told to blowout my heatercore to unclog. Is this true?

    By Robert

    Question: Chevy Truck Heater Blower Not Working Properly

    The heater blower on my 1999 Chevy K1500 comes on and off when it wants to. What is causing this?

    By Rich

    Question: Truck Heater Temperature Gauge Not Working

    My Chevy C1500 pickup truck temperature gauge started too hot, then drops to cold, and then no heat. Then it starts working right. What can be the problem?

    By genie

    Question: Heat Only Works When Driving

    I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota; the heat only comes out when I'm accelerating.

    By George

    Question: Heater Vents Not Working in F150

    Why does the air in my 95 F 150 only come out of defrost vent no matter where the air directional knob is?

    By PFC from Elkridge, MD

    Question: Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    I have a 2009 GMC Wt truck. About a month ago, lukewarm air only would come out. I also noticed at the same time that the left and right blinkers worked, but no noise, just visual. The radiator is full. Today, no heat at all, just cold air. Temp reads 210 on average.

    By Troy

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working

    I have a '99 e250 truck. The heater core hoses won't get hot neither will heater core. I replaced all hoses and radiator including thermostat. After a fix for overheating, neither the heat core lines nor the core will get hot. Stop Leak has been put in old radiator. I used a hose to flush the core and did get water to go through under high pressure, from hose.

    By Erick from Baltimore, MD

    Question: 1997 Ford Ranger Heater Problem

    When it is really cold out, my Ranger does not throw very much warm air. When it is warmer out it throws plenty of heat. The heater door does not operate, but is in the right position. Both the in and out heater hoses get hot. Has anybody run into this problem before? The temperature gauge always runs where it is suppose to be. Every so often after 4 or 5 miles the temperature gauge will drop all the way down and then blow cold air and then slowly go back up. Thanks for the help.

    By Mark L.

    Question: Truck Heater Not Working

    I have changed my heater core out and put in a new thermostat. The blower is working, it is getting hot at the core, but no circulation. I have a '96 GMC Sierra.

    By Brad

    Question: 1999 Dodge Ram Heater/AC Problem

    My 1999 Dodge Ram swaps from cold to hot and back randomly. What could be the problem?

    By Tad

    Question: Truck Heater Problems

    My 2011 F150 blows hot air on the passenger side, but cold on the driver side.

    By Wes

    Question: Dodge Ram Heater Problems

    I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 and when I turn on the heater all I get is a little bit of heat only on low fan speed. When I turn up the fan speed it still blows, but cooler instead of hotter. Can anybody help me with my heater problem? Thank you.

    By Daniel from Austin, TX

    Question: Problems With 1997 Mazda B2300 Heater

    My heater knob was stuck and only blowing out hot air. Now it is stuck only blowing out cold air. The knob turns both directions.

    By Larry

    Question: 2008 GMC Only Blows Hot Air

    I have a 2008 GMC and it only blows hot air. Please help.

    By D.O. from Saskatoon, SK

    Question: Chevy Truck Heater Not Blowing Warm Air

    My heater is not blowing on the floor or dash. It blows out the vents, but not warm air. The compressor keeps kicking on and off even when the A/C is not off.

    By Terri

    Question: 1997 Dodge Dakota Heater Doesn't Work

    The air conditioner works, but heater does not. Any help?

    By Francisco

    Question: Dodge Dakota Heater Not Working Properly

    The heat on my 2001 Dodge Dakota only works on the third setting half the time, but you have to giggle the key. All my fluids are fine, but I'm not sure what else it could be. Help?

    By Ashley

    Question: GMC Heater Broken and Parts Lost Inside Vents

    Heater fan.I have a 1995 GMC K1500. My motor on the blower/fan was making a loud noise. I removed it cleaned it and oiled the shaft. I put it back in and it was still noisy. So I bought a new one and installed it. There are 5 screws and it only fits one way. Everything was good and tight.

    I fired the truck up and turned the heat on high. It ran great for about 20 seconds then made a God awful noise. I took it apart and the fan was gone except for where it mounts to motor. My question is what caused this? And where did all the parts of the fan end up? Do I need to worry with them? I got Auto Zone to swap the part for free. I don't want to install till I know what's going on. Is there any way to vacuum out the passages to the vents? Please help.

    By Stokes S

    Question: 2000 GMC Sierra Heater Not Working Properly

    The heater in my 2000 GMC Sierra on occasion will get warm, but doesn't stay that way for long. Will flushing my system work or could there be another problem?

    By Richard

    Question: Truck Heater Problems

    There is no heat. There is fluid in the radiator, but the two lines going in the fire wall are hot.


    Question: Truck is Blowing Hot Air When Set to Cool

    My truck blows hot air when the fan is off and the temperature setting control is on cold.

    By Joe

    Question: 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Heater Won't Turn Off

    My daughter's truck heater won't stop working even when it is turned off. It is worse when the truck is accelerating, pressing on the gas pedal. We have tried putting it on the a/c side and it stills blows just as hot, and I mean really hot. My 1975 Dodge D100 has similar problems, while my Dodge Caravan just needs to be set to the a/c side to have it stop blowing hot at least. No one around our small town knows what we are talking about, meaning the mechanics.

    By Laurie C.

    Question: GMC Truck Heater Blower Not Working

    I replaced the blower motor on my 2005 GMC Sierra truck. I also replaced the resister. The motor only blows once in a while on level 5 when I am driving. What could it be?

    By Steve R.

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