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Removing Labels from Medicine Bottles

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I want to donate my prescription medicine bottles to the Humane Society. Can anyone tell me how to get the labels off when they are really stuck?

By Theboss from St. Louis


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By Big T09/12/2013

1. Immerse vial in small bowl or cup of water.
2. Microwave for 2 minutes.
3. Peel label off with fingernail.
4. Remove residual glue with "Goo Gone" or similar product.

By Robert Stephen N.06/10/2013

30 seconds in microwave & then remove the label.

By beky05/18/2013

We remove the lables for the missionaries. We pull off as much dry and then pour hot water over them.

By Jim Shorts01/18/2012

The best way to remove labels from medicine bottles:
1. Heat water up to boiling (tea kettle works best)
2. Pour the water in the bottles once hot.
3. Put cap back on medicine bottle.
4. Wait One minute or until the label will come up by scratching corner with finger nail
5. Pull label off and re-stick to sheet of paper to shred.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]04/22/2009

Try lighter fluid. It works for taking labels off magazines, stamps off envelopes, etc. It evaporates in a few seconds and leaves no residue behind. Or on the plastic pill bottles, vegetable oil might work, also.
Harlean from Arkansas

By jan king [1]04/21/2009

I use a hair dryer to warm the labels and then they just peel off nicely! Veterinarians also take clean prescription bottles. I divide ours up between the vets in town (My hubby has had a liver transplant so we go through bunches).

Grandma Jan & Kato the Wonder Dog

By Linda [38]04/21/2009

I can usually get the labels off if I peel veeeeryy slowly. also soaking them in hot water helps. How does one donate them to the Humane Society?

By Jodi [4]04/16/2009

googone. a product that removes anything sticky. Its great and really works. You can get it at Walmart and other stores.

By Melynda Sorrels04/15/2009

Soak them in warm soapy water for about ten minutes and they shoud come right off! Another way is to use some type of cooking oil on a cloth and rub until they're gone.

Goo Gone or Goo Off is supposed to be great for removing sticky stuff, but I haven't tried it.

Good Luck!

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