What Can I Feed a Goldfish Other Than Fish Food?


I need this answer ASAP. I just won a goldfish at a carnival today and I don't know what to feed it. Should I feed it today? I bought some Oreo cookies; my friend fed them to her goldfish for a long time and it was successful. I want to cut them up into very small pieces. Is it safe and can I? That is my main question. Thank you.

By lala002


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By Suzanne 1 3 02/06/2011

You don't need to feed a goldfish anything but goldfish food. It is a goldfish. It will be perfectly healthy with just this. You shouldn't add anything else. I had fish for years and they were happy and healthy with just regular fish food.

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By Lisa 2 656 02/06/2011

Just based on the question, I have my doubts as to whether you should own a goldfish. Are you a minor? If so, instead of spending your money on Oreos, ask a grown up to take you to the store (if you cannot get there yourself), and buy a small thing of goldfish food. Here is a link that will give some suggestions:

And while you're at it, do an internet search on caring for goldfish, and read up. Your library will probably have good books on this subject, too. If, after doing some research, you don't think you can provide proper care for the fish, you should probably find a new owner for it who will give it the care it needs.

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By stephanie 37 23 02/06/2011

I agree. Feed it regular fish food, not Oreos! And you should probably wait to feed it until tomorrow, then pick a time of day that you'll be able to remember every day so that the goldfish always eats at the same time. And don't feed it too much! Follow the directions on the gold fish food container. Enjoy your new pet!

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By Jerry 1 1 02/06/2011

In an emergency situation but not long term, we have fed ours plain bread. Crumble it up in very small pieces and don't overdo it! Short term emergency use only.

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By Maya Lee 14 172 02/07/2011

In addition to fish food, goldfish also like worms, peas and slices of zucchini. Only feed them/it as much as they/it can eat in five minutes. Then remove any other food. You can probably find a small aquarium at a thrift shop. Change 1/3 of the water once a week and be sureto use a dechlorinator (at pet stores or the supermarket) in order to not injure the fish. I have kept goldfish for years and used to have a goldfish pond. I had a lot of fish and would occasionally give them pieces of pancake (no syrup) but only as much as they would eat in five minutes.

Feeding them Oreos is in no way acceptable. You can leave the zucchini slices in the water as they will only be able to eat a little at a time. Also add a pinch of salt when you change the water. Good luck.

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By mshep.of.lovin 1 09/08/2013

Lots of bread and crackers. Its works fine.

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By sopmix 1 05/11/2014

Don't feed it oreos because they need to eat soft things not hard things. I would feed it fish food flakes are the best.

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By justin27 1 11/18/2014

What I do is feed them on peas, beans or salad. Fatten them up and when they reach the right size I like to. Pop them on the grill for a couple of minutes each side little garlic leomon, salt pepper. Delicious so devine.
Have this with alittle scrabbled egg, tosted bread and a glass of champagne uh out of this world! Please let me no how you get on.


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