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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

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boyfriend and girlfriend

Finding the perfect gift for an important person in your life can be a challenge. This guide contains gift ideas for boyfriend's 19th birthday.


Here are questions related to Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday.

Question: 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

My boyfriend will turn 19 on the 31st of December 2014 and I have no idea what to get him. Can you please give me an idea?

By Stephanie

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend will be 19 in a couple of months and I really don't know what to get him.

By Cierra

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]11/22/2014

Give him a an experience/memory. If there is something he is interested in, for examples: classic cars, take him to a classic car show, hunting/fishing an out door show. Weather permitting, pack a picnic to be eaten. If he reads magazines, get him a subscription to a magazine which reflects an interest of his. He will think of you every month for a year.

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

This is his first birthday with us being together. We are apart from each other because of college. He does jav and discus. Loves fast food. We won't be together on his birthday, but he is coming to my college the weekend after. On his birthday I was thinking to send him candy and a letter and then when he comes to see me I want to have an actual gift for him. I got him giftcards to McDonalds, Dominios, and Wawa. Also I got a really protective phone case that has our picture on the back. I want just one more thing to make the gift complete. This does not need to be so personalized so I just need ideas of gifts that guys would enjoy. (Also keeping in mind for Christmas) Please please help me out.


Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend is turning 19 this month, and I have no idea what to get him. I don't earn a lot of money so I can't splash the cash, and this is the first birthday in our relationship. He's into body building and the gym, he works a lot, and is saving up for a car. Please help?

By Laura B

Most Recent Answer

By domalexis909/23/2014

Is your boyfriend's name Ian? I came to this site to get an idea for what to get my boyfriend for his 19th birthday and your post describes him pretty much exactly ahaha

Question: Choosing a Gift for Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to 2 months and his birthday is coming up. It's also around Christmas. He's turning 19 and I am wondering if I should have his birthday present simpler and smaller and then go more out for Christmas? This is the first birthday during our relationship so I have no idea what to do and get. Help?

By M

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend is turning 19 this year and I have no idea what to get him. He is a part of the Australian army and is always buying things for himself. He loves his cars, his alcohol, and his chocolate. Last year I got him a huge box of chocolate and a Hurley wallet. He is very fussy with clothes as he only likes 'brand named' clothing. Please help me!

By Emily F

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie [4]11/20/2013

Are you sure he is the one for you? Look ahead...

Question: Gift for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

What should I buy him? This is his first birthday for us and he loves fashion, dressing, and architecture. We have a long distance relationship and he's probably coming here this summer and I have no idea what he might want.

By Fareah from Karachi, Pakistan

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday

My boyfriend and I will be celebrating his birthday soon. Except we are long distance and when it is his birthday a week later will be our anniversary. I know it might be a little too soon, but I still have to pick something and get it and send it all the way to India. I have no clue what to get him. It's our first time celebrating his birthday together. I live in Arizona and I need help!

By Ginger Z.

Most Recent Answer

By fareah07/30/2013

You could send him a scarf, shoes, Ipod or a huge basket full of chocolates with a long letter. You know him best you'll know what to get him. :)

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend of almost 6 months is turning 19 next month. I have no idea what to get him. He likes the New York Yankees, and loves his car. He always pays for dates even if I offer to pay. I have made him dinner before, and I got him a key chain with our initials on it. My money is limited, and our birthdays are a couple days apart. Help.

By Tyler R.

Question: Boyfriend's 19th Birthday Gift Ideas

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now, he is turning 19! We have celebrated a lot of birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. I have brought him everything I could think of, such as: clothes, jewelery, cologne, and shoes. I have taken him out to dinners, ice skating, movies, etc. Made him scrapbooks, a slideshow of all our memories and all that. This year has really got me and I'm so confused on what I should buy him and where to go. I want something different and unexpected! Please help me. :)

By PaigeR

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday

My boyfriend will be 19 in 3 days. I've asked him questions about what he likes to get some ideas, but am not really sure. I really want to make it special because it's the first time we've been together for our birthday. Someone please help!

By Terri

Question: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend means the world to me and this is his first birthday as a couple for us. Mine already passed and he got me jewelery and a card. The only thing is that his birthday is so close to Christmas that I don't know what to get him for which day. Help!

By Quashala

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]11/29/2012

Ooooh, he got you jewelry for your birthday! So a generic gift for his birthday is now out:)

Something really special is called for know him best. For his birthday you need to give him something as meaningful to him as the jewelry was to you on YOUR birthday. If it were me, I would probably splash out on a really nice watch, maybe a pocket watch on a lovely chain.

Of course, he may be the guy who would be thrilled to receive a fully loaded magician's kit, too, lol! You know him best, so deep down inside you already know what will be the most meaningful gift for a boyfriend smart enough to know that jewelry was the perfect birthday gift for you:)

Question: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

My boyfriend is having his 19th birthday in a month. He's financially sound while I'm not. As in, he can spend whatever he likes whenever. However, I'm not. He always does little and huge things that make me happy, so this time I really want to make an impression that I can also do the same for him.

He's throwing a party which I will be organizing for him and his best friends from the opposite side of the country are flying over to attend. They, too, are financially sound and have gotten him impressive gifts before.

Horrible to say, but I feel a lot of pressure in giving him a gift because I'm not quite like his friends. Do you have any suggestions as to what birthday gift I could give that would be of meaning? I've named a star after him before and made artwork for him. I want something that is meaningful and useful for him!

By Sabrina

Most Recent Answer

By Darcie [3]04/13/2011

Gas card!

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Archive: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

My boyfriend is turning 19 July 28th and I do not know what to get him. I have a $50-70 budget and I'm not sure what he would like. Any ideas?

By bibigurl24

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

What does he find interesting? How long have you been going out together? Does he have any goals he's mentioned that you could forward with your gift? Hobbies? What qualities in him do you want to encourage?

I have little money so I like what I spend to be effective, make something happen. So I always ask what does the person need that I see. If they are looking for a job or going to school, maybe clothes if their wardrobe is small or worn. If they like art, maybe art store gift certificate. If music, maybe their guitar needs new strings. What do they particularly enjoy that maybe they haven't felt okay spending money on. (07/26/2009)


RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

Does he have any hobbies? Does he read or go to college? Does he have a car that needs stuff? Gift cards are always nice instead of getting clothing that may not be his taste. Really hard to know without knowing him. (07/26/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

When my son was a young man his girlfriend got a large picture frame and put in all different photos of them collage style. She gave it with a card and a letter saying what he meant to her. It was an inexpensive gift, but it made a huge impression on my son. (07/26/2009)

By OliveOyl

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

  1. Buy him a Sterling Silver chain bracelet. If you can get a really good deal a sterling chain necklace.
  2. A wallet. (he'll think of you each time he opens it.) Be sure to put your picture in it.
  3. Burn him a custom music CD with yours and his favorite songs on it.
  4. Write him a poem.
  5. Give him a homemade book of coupons. (like "this coupon good for one home cooked pie" meal or whatever)
  6. Buy him a T-shirt with his favorite band's logo on it.
  7. A digital photo key chain with yours and his pictures in it.
  8. If you sew, make him (or buy) a fuzzy throw blanket for when he plays video games, watches TV, or studies.

By Cyinda

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

My son was very impressed one time with a meal that a girl took him out and paid for. He said he was so use to having to pay for everything it was nice to have a date and it not cost him. I was surprised to find out that no girl (and he has dated many) had never offered to treat him it was always coming out of his wallet. (07/28/2009)

By notwrong

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

Teen guys are hard to buy for. I suggest gift certificates, gift cards for -movie theatres, electronics stores, Amazon, iTunes, or get some tickets to a sporting event he would like. Take him and pay for dinner, parking, etc. You could even make it a "mystery date" and don't tell him where you are taking him, ending up at your or his house for a homemade (by you) b-day cake. (07/29/2009)

By lindal

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

X-box games are a good place to start if he's in to that stuff. (08/07/2009)

By Lorraina

Archive: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

I have been dating a guy who will be 19. We have been going out for 3 months. He's so sweet and really supportive. I want to make this the best birthday ever for him. He hasn't ever experienced b-day parties, because of his parents financial situation etc.

I have money to spend on this guy and everything. I just need ideas. He's really into art, he has many posters in his dorm room and he loves football. He's from Michigan, so he really loves Michigan State football. Please help. Thank you.

By tkhumi from Lubbock, TX

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

I was like your boyfriend and did not have birthday gifts until my husband and his family. I swear my in-laws look for a reason for a party! At first it was really embarrassing to me because I really did not know how to respond. If your boyfriend truly has not had birthday parties and such I would take it kinda easy on the amount of people. Give him a cookie cake or something more "mannish" and a small gift that has some meaning to it. (09/19/2009)

By notwrong

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

I would be careful about how much money you spend on him. It might embarrass him and and his parents, as they can not afford to be lavish. Tone it down and do something special instead of lavish. (09/22/2009)

By catastrofy

RE: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

Get your friends together and everyone chip in to give him a Michigan State themed party. That way, it's your idea, you're wonderful, and everyone chipped in, and you're not showing off. Make sure you make or buy the Michigan State cake though.

I had to help. I'm a Michigan girl myself! (09/22/2009)

By Shosha

Archive: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

My boyfriend of 3 years is turning 19 in 4 days. I've been procrastinating on getting him a gift because I haven't any ideas.


Archive: Birthday Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boyfriend

He's financially sound, I'm not. I'm a 17 year old college student, he's my boyfriend of 7 months and he's turning 19.