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Cleaning a Corroded Salt Shaker


How can I clean a chrome salt shaker that is corroded by salt (green tarnish)?

Knedynixon from Chico, CA



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By Cora 1 113 12/10/2008 Flag

Method Two
Fold up a piece of aluminum foil and submerge it in Coca-Cola.
Using gentle back-and-forth motions, gently rub the rusty areas with the Coke-soaked aluminum foil.
After the rust is gone, wipe down the area with a wet rag and pat dry. Then, polish the area with a chrome polish cloth.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 01/05/2009 Flag

Dibbs, thank you so much. After using for many years, six of those little cheapy salt shakers (that I like to place at each setting for nice dinners), they had become too corroded to open. They are about 1" square with chrome tops. Before I threw them away and replaced them, I tried a version of your remedy:

In desperation, after trying WD-40 and a hot soapy soak, I put the little shakers, remaining salt and all, into a glass bowl and poured a can of coca cola over the whole mess...watched the brew fizz awhile and walked away for about an hour. When I tried to open them, voila! I still needed to use a plier, but they not only budged but opened.

I then used the aluminum foil remedy on the insides of the chrome tops. Then I submerged the tops in some new coke (more fizz) and although they are discolored on the insides where all the green corrosion was, they are now serviceable.

I'm going to exchange the still good tops on the pepper shakers - put them on the salt shakers. Then I will put some rice (I now live in a more humid climate) in with the new salt and see how the tops do over time.

These weren't expensive, but I really liked solving the problem with your help. I know the problem wouldn't happen if I just emptied out the salt every time, but I'm just too lazy to do that.

Many thanks for the "empowerment"!

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By Lin (Guest Post) 01/26/2009 Flag

I'm glad I'm not the only CA girl who is now in the south and learning about things like corroded salt shakers!

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