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Cat is Always Hungry

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A hungry orange cat licking his lips.

There are several reasons your cat may always be acting hungry, some requiring a trip to the vet. This is a guide about when a cat is always hungry.



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Question: My Cat Is Always Hungry

I have a male cat that is only 2 years. He is always hungry for food. He gets fed well, but when no one is looking, he steals food. He jumps all over the kitchen looking for food, breaks whatever is in the kitchen and knocks everything on the floor. I don't know what to do about this situation, he's driving me crazy. Please help.

By Doris from Philadelphia


Most Recent Answer

By Marcie [5]04/29/2010

Is he neutered? that may help. The other suggestion about boredom is a good possiblity, too, get him climbing poles and something.

Question: Cat Taking Medication for Kidney Failure Always Hungry

My cat has been on Fortekor 2.5 mg tabs and renal prescription food for the last month for slight kidney failure. Since he has been on this medication he is always hungry and has put on weight, although this can happen on this medication.

He gets the same amount of food as before starting the medication. I am going to ask my vet if he can come off medication and just take the renal food. I have heard Ipakitine powder helps cats with kidney failure. Has anyone experienced this problem and what have you done?

Before being diagnosed with kidney failure he was eating normally and never looking for more food. The only sign was he was drinking water more than normal. Now he drinks normally. He was never thin just about the normal weight.

By Maureen from UK


Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]06/09/2010

I am a retired RVT. I worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. Can you please ask your Dr. to test for Diabetes and thyroid disease. Good luck.

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