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Removing Black Price Marks from Goodwill Items


I shop at Goodwill regularly. I have problems removing the price off of non-clothing items like dishes, etc. The price is written in black directly on the item. I have tried soap, bleach, etc. and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

By Vera from Little River, SC


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By Peggy 63 173 01/15/2010 Flag

As a former employee I can say the best thing to use is regular hairspray. It may take a couple of applications, work in a circular motion.
I used to get so annoyed at the way things were marked. Tried my best to change it but they wouldn't budge. My thoughts were it ruins an item where it is placed, no one seemed to care. Just move the merchandise. My local store has even over priced it's way from being a thrift store. Is a shame the company has seemed to forget it's founding fathers and why it was created.
Good luck!

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By OliveOyl 602 01/15/2010 Flag

Saturate a cotton ball with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and see if that removes the black ink.

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By lisa 3 97 01/15/2010 Flag


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By SYS 1 1 01/15/2010 Flag

Try WD40.

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By Joan 13 1,479 01/15/2010 Flag

I quit shopping thrift stores several years ago, because I thought things were too high priced, I also don't have a lot of patience to dig through things. I refuse to pay more than a quarter for used Harlequin paper back books that have been dontated. For me when it comes to used clothing it depends on what it is. What really turned me off at Good Will, was about 10 years ago when I was paying for my stuff, somebody from the back room came out and set an antique looking vase next to the register which is where they displayed special items. It was marked $10.00, and I picked it up to see if it had any markings on the bottom----it looked like something that should have been marked "made in occupied Japan" or something. There was absolutely no markings on it at all, which told me it wasn't real valuable. I have antique vases that have been in my family since my late Mother was a child. The markings that I can remember off hand are "East Palestine O(which I found out is in Ohio). The other one has hand painted symbols on the bottom, that are either Japenese, Chinese or something along those lines. I would like to know what they say.

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By Debbie 2 01/15/2010 Flag

Lighter fluid works on some of the items.

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By jean leiner 15 407 01/16/2010 Flag

If the item can get wet without harm, like dishes, I soak it in warm water and dish washing liquid, then scrub with a nylon scrubby. Works on china, ceramics and glass.

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By Donna 5 01/18/2010 Flag

I use any cheap hairspray and a cotton ball.

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By kimsukie 5 35 01/18/2010 Flag

Try baking soda mixed with a little dishwashing liquid. Works for me.

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By Lee Werner 2 9 01/18/2010 Flag

I have always used mineral spirits (from the paint department; inexpensive) and almost always have success. Mineral spirits also work well for removing the sticky residue from price tags on any product as well as marks on the floor. I swear by the stuff. Lee

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By Summer Walker 1 01/18/2010 Flag

I have wonderful results with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a little water. Have also used Dawn Foam dishwashing solution. Also agree with others that the pricing at the Goodwill has gotten ridiculous. Last week I found a new unopened box of oatmeal, priced at $5.05!

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By Donna 1 22 01/18/2010 Flag

Try hand sanitizer. It takes paint off lots of things and might work for this. Hope this helps.

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By kay winters 2 16 01/18/2010 Flag

Use the bug spray such as Off. It has worked for me.

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By Sherri Lile 9 6 01/18/2010 Flag

Goo Gone is a citrus spray product that works wonderfully for removing the black grease pencil markings, pricetag adhesive, etc.

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By Wanda 15 01/18/2010 Flag

The people in Goodwill, will tell you rubbing alcohol, and it does work.

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By Trish Sablic 16 01/18/2010 Flag

LA's Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner will take the marks off. You can buy it at any dollar store.

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01/18/2010 Flag

I've never shopped at any thrift store that uses a marker for pricing! Every single one I've been to (and have been to lots in my life) use price stickers including Goodwill so I am really surprised!

Besides the ideas of what to use to remove the ink perhaps you could broach the issue with management about using price stickers instead.

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By Michawn 18 487 01/18/2010 Flag

For the record (a former Assistant manager to Goodwill) the black marker is used for things that price tags can be easily removed or switched. To avoid the $9.99 collectors plate being reduced to $1.99 or someone saying "This doesn't have a price, how much is it?". A lot of people shopping in Goodwill think it's a bargaining area, or they should get it cheaper (than it already is). The black mark makes is easier for the employee to say "This is the price, end of story".

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By kitkatk100 7 77 01/18/2010 Flag

Goo-Gone works great for me. I just used some today to get some prices off!

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By Libby Holder 1 01/18/2010 Flag

I have found that if you color over a permanent marker with a dry erase marker, then immediately wipe it, a majority of the time the permanent marker with come off. Sometimes I have to do it more than once to get it all off. This works best on glass, baggies, and dry erase boards for me. Hope that this will work for you.

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By Kat 7 218 01/18/2010 Flag

If it is permanent marker try something alcohol based. If it is grease pencil like the red one they use at my local thrift store WD-40 does the trick, You waste less if you soak the corner of a folded paper towel and scrub it off with that instead of spraying it on the item.

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By LaQuetta 1 15 10/28/2011 Flag

We aren't smokers so have no use for cigarette lighters but lighter fluid is my household miracle wonder. It's cheap and effective on removing the goo from labels without ruining the finish. Even labels that are impossible to remove, tear off as much of the label as you can, squirt on some lighter fluid, it will seep into the bottom layer of the label and make it easier to peel off. It removes magic marker off most finishes. Scuff marks off the floor. Dissolves crayon and wax (squirt on lighter fluid and start wiping with a paper towel). I've even used it to get andaid goo off me but wash area with soap and water afterwards. I have a can under the kitchen sink, in the laundry room and one in the garage. It's never ruined a finish yet that I've tried it on. Couldn't live with out it!

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By Sue F. 1 02/17/2013 Flag

Can also try Mr Clean magic erasers.

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By kakeemomaz 1 02/28/2013 Flag

Try heading out to 99Cent Store and buy their degreasing cleaning fluid in the bright orange bottle and be sure to use microfiber cleaning cloths. If you try these, I'm sure your marks will be gone

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