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Cat Peeing on Clothing

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Cat getting into a laundry basket.

Sometimes cats choose places to relieve themselves that are not outside or the cat box. This guide is about cat peeing on clothing.



Here are questions related to Cat Peeing on Clothing.

Question: Cat Pees on Dirty Laundry only

My cat seems to pee only on my dirty clothes. Any idea's on why? She is almost 2 yrs old, and her litter box is kept clean. Please help with any ideas of how to make her go back to using her litter box. No changes in the household. Debbie


Most Recent Answer

By lisa (Guest Post)01/18/2009

My cat has been peeing in the potted plants as well as the bin in which we store clean socks. Not only does he pee in the sock bin but then he sleeps there too. Sometimes I open the washroom closet and the cat has been sleeping on the towels all night. He has a bed and usually sleeps there.

Question: Cat is Peeing on Laundry

How do you stop your cats from peeing on your clean and dirty clothing?

By Karri


Most Recent Answer


Hi catastrofy, I promise I didn't take it personally! I just didn't see anything that was being so bad and critical said by anyone mentioned in your original post. I am glad you like the idea about those plastic kitchen trash cans with the flipping lid. :-) They really are a Blessing! And Bless you very much for taking in foster children!

Question: Cat Peeing on Dirty Clothes

My cat is 2 yrs old and has just started peeing on our clothing and our bed. Her litter pan stays clean at all times, but she insists on using our stuff to pee on. I punish her by showing her what she did wrong and then putting her in her cage for a time out. Why is that?

By Shaby from St. Louis, MO

Most Recent Answer


This is a pretty easy one. Cats, as well as dogs pee instinctively where they smell urine. This is because urine has ammonia in it. If an animal smells the urine scent, they will associate that area as the place where they should be going to the bathroom. This is instinct. It has nothing to do with training your cat, a UTI or any of the other crazy things suggested here. Dirty clothes do have traces of urine in them. Whether it be from underwear, or germs transferred to other articles of clothing.

To stop your cat from peeing on dirty laundry, keep your dirty laundry in a hamper. You will also want to be sure the area where you had the dirty clothes is clean. I would suggest a cleaner like Genesis 950 as it removes the stains and the odor - even the odors you can't smell but your cat can. DO NOT clean that area with ammonia or vinegar as these products contain some of the same chemical components that are found in urine, and therefore would only reinforce your cat to go in that area.

Question: Female Cat Peeing on Clothes

Clean or dirty clothes, my 6 year old female cat pees on them. She never used to do this until after she had a stroke in February 2013. I've tried different litters, boxes, different locations of the box, removing access to clothes, towels, etc. The only thing I haven't done is have her checked for a UTI, but she doesn't show signs of it. She's a chatty cat by nature so her constant meowing isn't anything unusual. The only other thing I can possibly think of is I have a 16 year old male cat whose health is in decline, he's nearing the end of his life and I think maybe she's refusing to use the litter box because of him. She avoids him, growls and hisses at him so maybe she's sensed his decline over the last 2 years and has been avoiding anything he touches. I don't know. I'm really upset because I'm already going to lose one little sweetheart to his aging, I don't want to lose another to something that I see as preventable and fixable. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you.

By Erin

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/10/2015

I think you really need to have your girl checked out by a Vet. The behavior you describe is commonly associated with a bladder infection. It is also associated with struvite crystals in the urine. Many other things happen in kitty "middle age" that could be involved. Have her checked out by a really good Vet. You sound like a very responsible pet owner. Good luck.

Question: Kitten Peeing on Clothing

Why does my young kitten pee on my clothes instead of her litterbox? Also, how can I stop it?

By Stephanie L from Columbia, MD

Most Recent Answer

By comickitty [2]07/11/2010

What has always worked for my kittens is Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Litter. I buy a bag at Petsmart and it gets them to go in the litter box. When they are trained I gradually change from the more expensive Cat Attract Litter to regular litter(which is less expensive) by diluting the Cat Attract litter with more and more regular litter over a period of weeks. Until I'm using only regular litter and they are trained! At first they may try to eat it so I put them into the box and watch them to clear their mouths if they try to swallow it.

Question: Cat Peeing on Clothing

I have two 15 month old cats and about 6 months ago I noticed that if I left clothes lying in the floor the cats would pee on them. Just a few days ago when I was doing laundry I left a pile of clothes in the floor and warned my cats not to pee on them. As soon as I turned around I heard one cat scratching in the litter box and the other one peeing in the floor next to the clothes. They have always been litter buddies and I see both of them using the box. Do you think that maybe they are starting to refuse to use the same box? What do you suggest that I do? Please help!

Beverly from Arizona

Most Recent Answer

By kerrie (Guest Post)08/17/2008

My cat Tigger who is 1 years old always used her cat litter box. Now all of a sudden she pees on our clothes or on the bedroom floor, but she poops in her litter box. Please help, as it is annoying and I'm really worried. Thanks

Question: Cat Peeing on Laundry and Dog Kennels

How do I keep my 17 year old calico cat named Samantha from peeing in the dog kennels and on my dirty clothes? I have 7 animals in my 864 square foot home, 3 large Labs and 4 cats. All of the animals are over 10 years old, except one dog and one cat.

I suspect she has a urinary tract infection, but she can't travel to the vet's office. She gets very car sick. Can the vet give me something to make her woozy so she can go to the doctor and get checked out?

I am pulling my hair out. We also just took one of my mom's cats and I was wondering if she is doing this in protest of my mom's cat being there. This cat has lived with several animals including snakes, rats, other dogs, lizards, etc. What do I do?

By Deborah D

Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [31]08/22/2012

Be careful with the cranberry meds as cranberries can cause really bad heartburn in some people and animals.

Question: Cat Pee on Leather Clothing

I have gone through the web and still can't find anything to clean cat pee on leather pants. Please help

Anne from Denver, CO

Most Recent Answer

By Red Neck (Guest Post)10/22/2008

Urine Gone is OK for small spots. There's a much more powerful product called Anti Icky Poo. A gallon jug of it is pricey, but it can be diluted with up to 3 parts water (making it more economical than Urine Gone and similar products) and can be used in all kinds of situations involving pet stink in textiles, on rugs, in corners, etc. It contains stink eating bacteria, so wherever the source of the stink has gone, Anti Icky Poo follows it and eats it.

Question: Prevent Cat from Peeing on Friend's Clothing

For some reason, when ever I have company over my cat decides to not use the litter box. Instead, he pees on my friends clothing or on the carpet. I guess guests upset him but he is generally a friendly cat. Anyone had this problem?

- Mel

Most Recent Answer

By guest (Guest Post)10/25/2004

Your cat is marking territory, and company clothing counts when it is within the cats original territory. Don't use amonia when cleaning the basic ingredient is cat urine. Certain scents like perfume and bleach will get a cat to react, but since you cannot control that, purchase a squirt gun. It is the easiest way to get your cat to flee the scene, it doesn't hurt them, they just don't like it.

Question: Cat Peeing On Roommate's Belongings

I live with my roommate and her cat, and this cat has it out for me. She deliberately pees on my stuff. Even last night she came up stared me in the eye and popped a squat on the blanket I was under and let a rip. How do I get her to stop?

By Brittany A. from Houston, TX

Most Recent Answer

By 4TruLady [4]04/18/2015

Move. The cat is not going to stop, and your roomie probably won't get rid of her.

When we got married and my husband moved in with me, my female cat acted like she was over the moon with my husband, until we left for work. Then she used his stuff for a littler box. so we got all of his stuff unpacked, washed, and put away, and she took her revenge in a more creative way. She started peeing in the furnace/a.c. vents. Kitty had to go sad to say.

Question: Cat Peeing Outside the Litter-box

White and caramel cat lying on a plaid blanket.My cat, Kida, is a twelve, almost thirteen, year old female cat. I've had her since she was a month old, along with her brother. Both of the cats are strictly indoor cats, and their front nails are clipped. They are both also fixed.

Until 2012, Kida never had any problems going outside of the litter-box. Recently, two of my friends moved in with me. They both take care of the cats when I am away at school, feeding them, giving them fresh water, cleaning their litter-box, etc.

That was when Kida began to pee outside of the litter-box. Sometimes she goes on the floor, but she usually goes (when it is outside of the litter-box) on clothes or towels. The clothes/towels are not mine, rather ones that belong/were used by the other two roommates.

But neither of the roommates do anything to mistreat her; instead they take care of her a great deal. She lets both of them pet her, and she isn't unhappy being around them. She doesn't pee on other fabrics that they have used though, such as blankets that often fall from the couch to the floor.

Also, one time when I was here alone with the cats, she peed on a grocery bag of garbage (that didn't contain fabric). Neither of the new roommates had even touched the bag, so that doesn't make sense with the idea that she dislikes them. The same with peeing on the floor, that is has nothing to do with either of the roommates. There are also similar things left in the floor that she does not pee on, such as grocery bags and pillows.

Despite this, I do believe that her peeing has at least something to do with marking since the two new roommates moved in. However, I do not know what I need to do to fix the problem. The litter-box is cleaned regularly, and even when clean, she will still go outside of it. She usually pees on things she isn't supposed to, when we are in another room or not at home - mainly where we won't catch her in the act.

I just want to know if there is something I can do to fix the problem. The roommates will be here for at the very least another seven months. I also will not get rid of my cat, so I really need to find something to fix, or at least help with, her peeing outside the litter-box.

By Karley G.

Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]01/13/2014

Since she is an older cat, you may want to have her checked by your vet because they will sometimes go outside their box when they have a bladder infection or are sick.

Question: Cat Wetting on Clothes

Why does my female cat keep wetting on any item of clothing that is on the floor? My cats are very good about using the littler box, but lately Maggie (who I caught in the act, so now we know the culprit) wets on any item of clothing that is left on the floor. I scoop the cat box 2 times a day and have gone back to the regular litter we used. Why is she doing this?

By Bonnie B

Most Recent Answer


I also recommend a visit to the vet no matter what to be sure she's physically okay but could you tell us if there are any type of changes or stress in your household? Is perhaps someone treating her differently than what she's used to? Is there a new human or animal addition in the home? If a cat does urinates on clothing it could mean an infection and/or that she is really upset about something.

I once had a cat, Niki, who never urinated outside of her box but then when I had a young lady move in temorarily because she had no other place to live my cat started urinating on clothing or towels left on the floor. Turns out the young lady was not a very nice person and I truly believe Niki simply sensed that. Once the young lady moved out Niki never urinated outside of her box again.

Question: Cat Peeing on Clothes

My cat just started doing this. She is peeing on my clothes and not on my husband's things. She only started this when she was in heat. She has never done this before. When she is in heat she wants to be with my husband more and will walk around the house and cry at the top of her lungs. Why did she start this?

    By Cathy W. [1]

    Question: Cat Peeing on Clothes and Couch

    tabby cat lying next to red Christmas tree decorationI have four rescue cats all fixed and about the same age of 5. We have had them since they were each a few months old. One female keeps peeing on my husband's clothes and anything on the couch. She has done this almost since we got her. Lately, she will pee on the couch while we are sitting right there. She has also peed on my boys' beds so they keep her out of their rooms. It's not all the time as far as I can tell and my husband does pet her and tries to be nice and not threatening. She does use the litter boxes too. I can't narrow it down as to why she pees mostly on his stuff. He is ready to send her back to the rescue. I have the Comfort Zone spray, but can't constantly keep putting it everywhere. I'm not even sure it works. I really don't know what else to do anymore, but give her up. The other cats seem fine, but I can't follow her around all day either. This cat is my cat, she only meows/talks with me.

    By Sharon H

    Question: Cat Peeing on Clothes on the Floor

    kitten on I have a little kitten only a few months old. We found her outside in our yard in May, We also have three other cats; they are boys and fixed, but recently Loulou has started to pee on clothes that are on the floor, clean/dirty she pees on it. Can you help?

    By velvet

    Question: Cat in Heat Peeing on Clothing

    Why does my female cat pee on my things only when she is in heat?

    By Margaret

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