How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

How much do I charge for cleaning a rental?

Judy from Charleston, SC

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What is the deposit? I've always had to put up a full month's rent for a cleaning deposit. To me, having to clean someone else's filth, supply the labor, the equipment, the supplies should earn you whatever is equal to one month's rent. If it wasn't horrible and you only had to deal with the carpet and a good once over, maybe a little less. The hassle of doing it so you could move into THEIR rental and get cash in THEIR pockets has to be worth something.

BTW, I would document this bill with details of what you encountered, amount of hours you put into this, cleaning products, hauling around vac's, ladders etc.

If you have before/after pics include that too. Don't be taken for a ride. Your work is worth every cent and you did this landlord a favor by doing it.


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Hello I'm Ramona. I am a house keeper. It's a lot of work, but I have to admit, it's a hard job. I like doing what i do.

I charge 12 an hour. My customers seem to be happy.


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J A N E !

Do you have children? How large is your house? Just by seeing how many rooms you have I don't see that price being much off. Bathrooms do take the longest. Hope this helps

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How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning Residential Home/ Business Office ? My first job was a rental 1100 sq ft, $125.

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I live in Denton, North Carolina and I am pretty new at cleaning houses. I have one customer that I met with today and they have 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, enclosed porch. He would like his whole house cleaned and organized and also laundry done. He wants his house cleaned once a week. The house is upside down right now and it will take time to get it straight the first time and then after that it shouldn't be too bad cleaning it every week. What should I charge the first time and then every week.

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Since deep cleaning is a one time deal, I give my clients a free consultation walk through of their home to see what their needs are. I write down a list room by room of what is needing done, as all clients are different.

I ask them what is the most important area in their home that they want done first, then that's where I usually start at. If not then I usually start at the back of the house and work my way forward. I usually charge $25.00 per hour for just myself if I have a girl help me & has experience I pay her $20.00 an hour and let her do the bathrooms, & bedrooms, I usually clean everything I see on the selves, all nick-nacks, & make them sparkle like a diamond in the sky.

I furnish all my own cleaning supplies, which I do charge extra for them. If have to get upon a ladder to clean ceiling fans, I charge an extra $7.00, and the same deal with windows, and taking down any light fixture on the ceiling. I wash walls windows inside mini blinds & vaccum down the ceilings, and walls. wash down the base boards, they have to have all of the furniture pulled out away from the walls or otherwise I charge extra for moving them out and putting them back.

Usually with only myself cleaning I can do a whole house that has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living areas in about 6 hours which will be about $270.00. I have never had one complaint as a matter of fact I have many referrals for my service, they love it that I use all toxic free cleaning supplies and the results are magnificent, which equals about $45.00 per hour.

Once I get all of their whole house deep cleaned they have me come back at least 1 time a month to clean for 3 hours for $65.00. I usually get to their home 15 mins before I start to clean and start at 9 am done before or by noon.

If I have a girl help me I charge $65.00 usually we can get it done in 1.5 hours.

If you would like to know what cleaning supplies I use email me at hensleys29 AT I can show you how you can buy them at wholesale verses retail and make money when you sign up others to buy at wholesale also, usually my clients buy them retail from me, since I order new bottles of what every I am using to clean their home, they get what is left in the bottles to keep so they have it to use.

Once they have experienced the products them self, they learn that the products are much safer than store bought brands and work more effectively. They set up their own wholesale account to buy factory direct & I get paid a monthly commission on of their orders. It's a win win for both parties, and they give me more referrals, and I have helped them to live a longer more productive life in creating a healthier home environment for them and their children.

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I clean a lady's house she has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. I do laundry and some running around and I get what she needs like something to drink, or eat. She is sick everyday. How should I charge her, she said $30 a day. Is that too low of a price?

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I clean a ladys house she has two bedrooms, bathroom, kicten, and living room and I do laundry and some running around and i get what she needs like something to drink or eat she is sick everyday how should i charge her, she said $30 a day is that to low of a price??

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We own a rental in Western Oregon in a small town and after the last renters moved we had to pay for cleaning. The woman charges $12.00 per hour. If I were doing it I wouldn't work by the day but by the hour. I have a good friend who cleans in CA and she estimates how much time is going to be needed and then charges by the day but she's been doing it for many years and knows how to estimate.

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I dont understand how much they going to charge $10.00 an hour they are not going to pay taxes or they are not insurer

How come with $10.00 an hour they going to buy supply and pay taxes?

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My wife and I have been in the rental property cleaning services for over six years we have one client that owns 50 homes and manages about another 100 homes and every time we are called to clean one you can bet it will need to be deep cleaned.

We have another client that manages over 900 properties and many of them will be deep clean-outs as well.along with a few other clients we have built a good business, but not without mistakes!

Our first cleaning job was a nightmare. I never thought that a home could ever get so dirty and nasty as this one the stove had never been cleaned, and the refrigerator had rotten food in it. The bathroom fixtures and tile walls where black. The house was full of trash and furniture. Our mistake was we under priced it and only made $50.00 profit for all the hard work we had to do.

We learned right then never to give and estimate on a deep clean-out. We set an hourly rate, a materials cost, a fuel cost and a misc.cost that covers everything without any loss. We have also invested in good equipment.

The steam cleaning equipment we bought has saved a lot of hard work and less harsh cleaners. Its a must have if you do deep clean-outs. Kills germs quick! It can also help save your client money as well(cleaners cost). We charge a small fee for our steam unit to cover the cost we had to pay for it.

At times we have to hire extra help to move furniture etc. from the property an our clients are billed for this extra help at the hourly rate we set. Also we have a man that will haul off furniture, junk etc. we charge $50.00 per load he hauls. It's cheaper then dumpster rental @ $ 400.00 we have a man that comes around to picked up scrap(scrapper). I got his number and call him when we have scrap metal he comes and gets it free.

I hope that I have in some way helped anyone wanting to know what to charge for deep clean-outs. I can't tell you what to charge. That's up to you.,but the most important thing is a good relationship with your client. Hard work, quality work and always being honest. If you do this for your clients they will always be willing to pay your price. you'll be the best!

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I just rented and moved into a house. The owner told me he would have a company deepclean the house before we moved it, however, he did not. The person that lived in the house before my family owned cats. There is cat hair everywhere! The owner told me to write him out a bill and he will pay me for cleaning the house. What is a fair amount I should charge him?

Davida from Newark, Ohio


How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

We just rented a house and since we live 1 hour away we asked the new renters if they were interested in doing it and they said yes.

It is a large house 4 bedrooms 2 baths with full half completed basement.

So we credited them $200 for the cleaning.
They are happy and we are happy. (05/03/2007)

By cindy from ala

How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

Hi, I owned and operated a cleaning company for several years. My advice to the first request is call for local pricing in your area. it is different all over, the base price for a deep cleaning in Florida is 16 cents a square foot with carpet. This is for a professional to come in and do it. As for the women wanting to help her neighbor, I would consider 7 to 8 dollars an hour fair but by doing it by the hour, if you clean slow it may take a few weeks/cleanings to get the whole place in tip top shape. Explain that to your neighbor. Tell her you'll focus on one room per cleaning until you get it all under control. (05/08/2007)

By denise w

How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

glad I ran across this. I live in Northern Michigan (economically people can seldom afford to have someone in to clean, however I have been maintaining a family lodge & cabin for 15 years or so and wasn't sure how to raise rates. This helped me some. I get around $12.50 an hour. But that includes stripping & making up to 16 beds sweeping, mopping :-( wrap around porches too. Cleaning fridge, oven, stove, bathrooms (like a hotel) take laundry home. (07/27/2007)


How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

They do it by the square foot around here. Generally 8-10c a sqft. (07/27/2007)

By Corrie Rowe

How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

There is a BIG difference between DEEP cleaning and MAINTENANCE cleaning. Deep cleaning is VERY involved. Once the house is clean... it doesn't take alot of effort to keep it clean (unless you are cleaning for people who do not pick up after themselves AT ALL! So it really all depends what kind of people you are cleaning for.
On average this is what I charge.

DEEP cleaning - $20/hour

MAINTENANCE cleaning - $12/hour (07/28/2007)

By Katie

How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

Help! I recently started cleaning homes that are in the market for renting or owning. The drive is long and the cleaning for the most part is detailed. I don't want to charge too low because I'm sure ill get burned quick but I do not want to be unfair. I want to get what I'm worth. I was thinking of charging $40 an hour again keeping in mind these home are a one time deal before movers move in so the work is labor intense. Can anyone tell me if this is reasonable? I get different quotes some advise is too low others too high!

Editor's Note:

Because it is a one time cleaning, I think it is a reasonable price. The cost of your supplies, cleaning to order, etc. is all included. Also because some tell you you are charging too much and some too little means that it is probably just about right. You could also charge mileage (look at the IRS site for going rate) and charge by the mile for your travel. (07/31/2007)

By Liz

How Much Should I Charge for Deep Cleaning a Rental?

I recently started cleaning Rental homes . Besides the Heavy cleaning, I have to move some items . Therefore, my husband comes by to help me move the items to the road side ( some are very heavy). I do not know how much more I should Charge. I already charge 40.00 hr but some of the places are so bad, I just can not describe them.
HELP! (09/12/2007)

By judy

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I have an elderly neighbor with a semi-retarded 53 year old daughter that I help out quite a bit. The mother has asked me to help her clean her house. She doesn't get around very well at 84 and the daughter has scoliosis and after working at a workshop she can't do much. I am looking for suggestions as to what to charge them to come in and clean. They have money but I want to be fair. I have done cleaning in the past but that was military housing as people moved out. Any ideas?

Karen from Port Clinton, OH


How much should I charge for cleaning?

I pay my housecleaner $45, which translates to $15/hour for three hours. My house is a small ranch-style house and easy to clean.


By Victoria from NJ

How much should I charge for cleaning?

When I had household help last year, I paid $10 per hour for four hours a week, which included general dusting (including cobweb removal, dusting blinds, etc.), thoroughly cleaning both bathrooms, mopping the kitchen floor, and vacuuming carpets as well as "swiffering" hardwood floors. I did not ask her to do laundry, changing beds, dishes, etc. She brought her own tools but used my cleaning supplies. I live in the rural Midwest. (06/24/2006)

How much should I charge for cleaning?

When I have cleaned houses for elderly people who live on a small fixed income, and they can't do things for themselves such as maybe remaking their beds, things like that and I know it is a hardship for them to pay me I've just charged them $6.00 an hour. When I work for people I know can pay me fine I charge them $7.50 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. So if the job only take me 3 hours I still make $30.00. (06/24/2006)

By SkyeBlue

How much should I charge for cleaning?

Rates can vary in different areas. I suggest you call a local housecleaning service and use what they charge as a general guideline. It makes a difference, also, when you consider the tasks you will be expected to do. Dusting is easier than scrubbing, etc. (06/26/2006)

By Doggy

How much should I charge for cleaning?

My husband has just hired someone and is paying her $120 per floor! And the cleaner has her 2 year old with her. I think he's way off base. He got the price from someone else who pays $120 for the whole house, a house similar to ours, but less rooms. We live in Southern PA (a non-up-market town), our house is 2 storyy, 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, 2 powder rooms, typical 1st floor open plan w/laundry room. So don't anyone quote this price because i don't think it's normal ... but by all means, feedback is welcome from those who know the biz! (01/12/2007)

By Jane

How much should I charge for cleaning?

In Northern NH, people are getting between $12 and 20.00 per hour for basic cleaning. (02/07/2007)

By happylab_456

How much should I charge for cleaning?

Firstly, it really depends on the market within your state, the duties requested and the labor involved. Always perform a free estimate and allow them to walk you through their home so you are both on the same page as far as what is required.

Allow the size of the home (sq. footage), size of rooms and materials cleaning (flooring, counter-tops, etc.) to determine what will be involved with each individual task. (i.e. ceramic, hardwood, corian, etc.)

Next, determine whether they will be supplying the products or you will. As this will also determine cost.

There are many factors to be considered. You also need to make certain that you include the cost of your gas, travel, insurance, pets, etc. Also, you have to set boundaries as well. Will you be doing light residential cleaning, in-depth cleaning, laundry, etc. b/c this will increase the rate you charge and should be listed as "extra's) I do not clean human or pet waste. I do not do exterior windows, etc. just to give you a basis of consideration. I have found this as the 'norm' in this particular area.

Lastly, as a general rule for Central PA, I charge NOT by hour as you will definitely lose monies, but by job. For a ranch style home it will generally take you 1.5-2.5 hrs. and no less than $75 is fair. A home that is 2-story (3-4 bdrms, 2+ baths, etc.) will generally take 2.5-4 hrs. and no less than $95 should be charged.

I hope this helps as a general rule of thumb, but keep in mind, as noted earlier, you really have to take into consideration all avenues and aspects associated with each individual job b/c each one is uniquely different.

And, for the PA commenter, whose husband pays over $100 per floor, it really should be $100 for total job! (03/20/2007)

By Mel

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