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Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

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How can I get rid of pet urine odor from the cement floor of my garage? The prior resident's dog has been gone for 2 years, but by the smell of it, you'd think he still marked the garage on a daily basis. Professionals are too expensive, but I'm about to hook a pressure washer to a 50 gallon drum of Febreze unless someone else has a better idea.

By Sugar from CA


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By Sara07/12/2010

I have a problem off getting dog pee out off wood floor it smells awful I need help bad!

By kitkatk100 [6]12/04/2009

If dry cement is good for getting rid of odors as well as oil stains, then perhaps regular cat litter will help too. There is a convenience store here in town that uses it regularly on their parking lots. They pour the cat litter onto the cement, put a sheet of cardboard on top of the litter, and then put their foot on the cardboard and move it around to 'grind' the litter into the cement. Then they sweep it up. Don't know if this will work, but it's work a try. Good luck!

By Dishes12/04/2009

Sprinkle dry cement over the floor. Leave for several hours and sweep up. You may need to do several times, but the cement should absorb the odour (also works great for oil stains)

By Lisa [2]12/02/2009

We have an enzymatic cleaner from Petsmart (called Petzyme, but you can get other brands elsewhere). I'm not sure how well it would work on two + year old markings, but it works well on fresh stuff. If you head to Petsmart to get some, it is packaged in different ways; a ready to use spray bottle, and a bigger container that you pour into your own spray bottle. We opted for the bigger bottle (cheaper per oz). Best of luck!


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Archive: Cleaning Dog Pee Stains Off Cement Floor

I need some information on how to clean a cement floor. I have two dogs that have gone on the floor. I can't seem to find the right cleaning product. I have tried mopping my floors in lime juice and water, lemon juice and water, and vinegar and water. Please help me! Thank you!

Cheryl from North Carolina

RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Stains Off Cement Floor

Wal-Mart... ODOBAN! It takes the smell off everything and its a disinfectant. (09/12/2004)

By teresatrey

RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Stains Off Cement Floor

Start with a moistened kitty litter or sand, let sit for a couple of hours. Sweep up and wash with Tide. This always works for me. (09/25/2004)

By pats/az

RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Stains Off Cement Floor

We have a rug by our back door the dogs sleep on. We spray Odoban on the cement floor and rug between washings. It really keeps the dog smell down. (05/10/2005)


Archive: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

How do I remove the dog urine smell out of the cement basement floor?


RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

I have a dog and three cats that keep peeing on the bedroom floor. We have already taken the carpet up, but it is still on the concrete floor. Thank you all for the ideas, I will start trying some and let you know how I do. (06/13/2008)

By sean e.

Archive: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

Our Chow Chow has been wetting on the cement in our basement. How do I get rid of the odor?


RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

Your local pet store should have an enzymic solution. It will actually "eat" the odor from the concrete. If it is very bad, you might have to paint the floor with a KILZ-type product. We had to do that on the last house we moved to because the previous owner's 3 dogs wet the floors so much. (10/01/2008)

By kpeiffer

RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

One thing I have found that helps to get rid of pee smells after it has dried is to use a black light. For some reason I have found it helps to kill the smell of cat and dog odors. (10/20/2008)

By Bill

RE: Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement Floor

Definitely use an enzymatic cleaner. There's a little trick to applying it though, to help it be more effective. I found this page that talks about how: I don't know that you can ever fully get the urine out (it can get down in the concrete and release it's odor forever), so short of removing the concrete altogether, you're left with cleaning and sealing the surface. Gotta love pets. (02/19/2009)

By ericp

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