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Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains


I had two shepherd dogs who were sisters but once in a while would get into an arguments. One day they did and got some blood on one of my favorite pillow covers. Well in our rush to make sure that no one was hurt too badly and to get things cleaned up, the pillow cover was tossed into the laundry basket instead of the wash.

I came across it later the next week and the blood stains were set in good. I was thinking what I could use to clean it, because bleach was out of the question due to the bright colors. I happened to glance at the peroxide and thought why not, it cleans wounds and washes them out. So I had a small spray bottle and put the peroxide in there without diluting it and sprayed the blood stains until they were wet and tossed it into the wash.

Well to my amazement they came out, all but a few of the more heavily stained areas. I sprayed those spots and washed it again and it was clean, no more blood stains. Since then I have been able to remove a lot of really set in stains that are organic based using the peroxide and no problems with colors so far. It is a lot cheaper than the spay laundry cleaners since I buy it in the large pint bottles at the dollar stores and I have found I use much less of it than the spray cleaners.

By AJ from California, MO



By Patricia Carney 3 11 06/15/2010

I first saw this in action when a doctor was removing bandages from foot surgery. He began to pour the peroxide on the dried, blood-soaked gauze and I thought it was going to sting really badly but it worked perfectly in allowing the bandages to be removed.
Ever since then I've used peroxide to removed blood stains.
It works great.

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By Doris 1 35 06/19/2010

Many many years ago I bought peroxide and when I got home I just threw the bag on the bed with a white bedspread. Later when I went to put away the articles in the bag, the bottle of peroxide had leaked onto the bedspread leaving a brown spot and my bedspread was ruined forever. Be careful when using peroxide on material.

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By hawaiihibou 5 4 08/26/2015

Thank you for the tip. I've tried clorox and it did not work. I've tried vinegar water mixture and it did not work too. I'm going to try your tip and I hope it works. Thanks so much for posting it. you've done it again for helping!

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Archive: Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

Removing blood from clothing or fabric: The easiest way to remove blood from fabric or clothing is with hydrogen peroxide. Just pour or spray it on, I keep some in a spray bottle. It will foam on the blood. Just rub the stained area together. The fabric will become warm as the peroxide works. Then launder as usual. Contrary to what you may think, you can use hydrogen peroxide on colored fabric and it will not "bleach" the fabric. I work in health care, trust me I use this stuff all the time and it works!

By Laure from North East, Maryland

Archive: Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

To remove blood stains from clothing spray with Peroxide, brush or rub in, and rinse, or wash in cold water. I always spray Shout on the blood first if the blood has dried. But the peroxide is what cleans the blood out. Peroxide is what hospitals use to remove blood. It is also very inexpensive. You might do a test spot first but I have not had any trouble with the coloring of the clothes being damaged. This will also work on wash cloths, towels, etc.

Source: I got the idea from my sister-in-law, a nurse.

By Linda from Arlington, Texas


RE: Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

This is not about your question or comment, just wanted to tell you I used to be a Linda Smith too till I married, long time ago. (06/18/2008)

By Linda

RE: Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

Peroxide is a wonderful stain remover .. especially on "protein" stains like blood, grass stains, red wine, etc. It works as well as bleach in many applications including as a mold and mildew remover. It can wreck colors like bleach too so testing on non-color fast materials is helpful .. Peroxide is also what gives Oxy-Clean and other "Oxy" products the power they have and is much cheaper! (06/18/2008)

By Madelynnsmama