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Removing Red and Blue Ink

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I need more information on how to remove blue and red ink from shirt pockets. I have asthma and the hairspray really affects my asthma. Is there anything I can use that won't affect my asthma? Especially red ink? I would really appreciate this. Thanks.


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By Tiffany (Guest Post)02/28/2009

Clear or light yellow nail polish remover! works instantly. I used it on my silk skirt and the stain just lifted right out when I poured it on.

By Antoine (Guest Post)12/15/2008

Had a red pen in a gray hoodie pocket, I tried Goo Gone but it only faded the stain, help please!

By Alexis (Guest Post)10/03/2007

Hi im a 13 year old and while in school i was stupid enough to put my ink pen down inside my white jacket pocket during 3rd period. by the time i got to 6th period I looked down and saw this huge red stain where the pen touched the fabric.i looked like i shot myself. My teacher told me to go wash under water but all that did was spread it. Now i have an even bigger mess on front and the inside of my coat and the pocket. It was soooo embarassing especially since im the main target of bullies in my school. i tried hairspray,alcohal,peroxide,bleach,stain remover,but nothing worked ive been scrubbing for hours but all it does is spread. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE IT SPREADS THROUGH MY SCHOOL AND I GET LAUGHED AT!
From Alexis

By Jennifer Ground (Guest Post)12/07/2006

Goo Gone makes a product just for ink. It works great! takes ink out of clothes that have gone through the dryer and took it out of my couch. Its hard to find in stores but you can find it on line.Iit sell anywhere from3.99 to 4.99 for a 2 oz bottle.

By Christina (Guest Post)06/22/2006

my little aunt has autism and she colors with pen and also permeanent mark , how can get off ? i tried using alcohol, but it takes a while. Please HELP!because its everywhere! By the way I'm 12!


By maggey (Guest Post)04/17/2006

I had a pen explode in my ski coats pocket last winter, didn't realize I had ink on my hand and unzipped the zipper and got it every where. It took several times of rewashing but I used goo gone, and lots of oxiclean powder. I would put goo gone on, and then rub the powder in with my fingers and then wash it then do it again and again until it was all out. I think it might have came out of jeans or cotton easier, because the coat was somekind of brushed, waterproof material.

By bob (Guest Post)02/07/2006

had a pen in pocket and it was laundered now everything has blue on it help me out please

By Laura (Guest Post)08/25/2005

Can anyone help? There is black permanent marker all over the inside of my dryer. I tried rubbing alcohol and hairspray last night, nothing worked.

By Jo (Guest Post)05/28/2005

How do you remove computer ink from cotton pants, I have tried washing them but to no avail

Please help I only had them on once and that was for all of 5 mins

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]04/08/2005

Either Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol or a high proof drinking alcohol (vodka) will work for this. We recommend isopropyl because it is so cheap.
Susan from ThriftyFun

By john (Guest Post)04/08/2005

What type of alcohol are we using to remove ink stains? Is it rubbing alcohol?

By Sheri (Guest Post)01/17/2005

I just tried the alcohol suggestion, and it works slicker than hist (rearrange the letters if you get my drift). I had to use it on the whole dryer 'cause someone, not me, left two blue gel pens in his jean pockets.

For the person with asthma, if you just need to do a few shirt pockets, just do it in a well ventilated area and you shouldn't have any problems.

Debbie, be prepared to go thru a lot of alcohol and a LOT of paper towels. Also, I would suggest wearing gloves. Not for the alcohol drying out your hands, but for the ink that will end up on them. (Um, I know this from experience now.) Also, be aware that the ink will redeposit on other areas from the paper towel, so use new ones often. Also, come up for air often. More than likely you'll have to practically crawl in the dryer to get to some areas.

Have yet to try alcohol on the jeans. Hopefully that will work too.

Oh, one more thing, it works better if you can put it in some kind of spray bottle, then you can just spray and wipe.

Sorry to be so long winded. Hopes this helps.


By Judi Shank12/23/2004

The best thng I've ever used to remove ink is hairspray. Sounds wierd, but I've used it to take black marker out of dress pants and it left no sign of the ink, and it didn't hurt the fabric either. I can't think how this would work other than as a spot remover though. I imagine you can use it as a spray-n-wipe in the dryer, but I have no idea about a load of clothes.

By Michelle (Guest Post)12/05/2004

I put a robe in the dryer w/o realizing it had an ink pen in it and the ink is on the dryer everywhere! Help!

By omar (Guest Post)11/03/2004

I have some shirts stamped with the word "sample" in red ink on the back. They're new shirts and I do not want to send them to the dry cleaners. Does any one have any tips on how I can remove this ink? Thanks.

By Kathy (Guest Post)10/28/2004

You can use plain white toothpaste and rub in a circular motion. Then launder as usual

By debbie (Guest Post)07/22/2004

My husband put clothes in the dryer w/o realizing he had blue ink pens in some of his pants. Now all the clothes and the dryer has ink everywhere. I put the clothes back in the washer and have kept them wet til I can figure out how to remove the ink. Any suggestions on how to remove the ink from the clothes and the inside of the dryer.


By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]01/21/2004

Removing Ink and asthma - don't know if you can stand Alcohol, but it will remove ink stains. Soak pocket with alcohol with a bunch of paper towels under it. Should come right out, might take a couple of times.

Also you might try Goo Gone. You can buy it almost anywhere.

Hope this helps,


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