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Removing Mold On Wicker Laundry Basket

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How can I remove mold from my wicker laundry basket? I've just discovered mold on the bottom of my almost new wicker laundry basket. My husband threw his sweaty gym gear in there and I think that's the problem! Please help!



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By Grandma J [46]05/18/2010

Using bleach is fine. Rinse it very carefully, then set it outside for a day or two of sunshine.

By 1stborn [1]05/16/2010

Use white vinegar.

By Harry (Guest Post)08/31/2008

Mix up a solution of one part bleach and three parts water and spray, paint or wipe on with a rag. Let is stand until the mold disappears then rinse and dry. You don't need the bleach to be hot and be careful you don't get bleach in you eyes.

By Jessica [3]08/31/2008

Put some hot bleach water in a spray bottle and spray it down then wipe it clean. The bleach will both kill and clean the mode.

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