Remedies for Stinky Dogs

There are some home remedies you can use to help eliminate doggie odor. This is a guide containing remedies for stinky dogs.

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Tip: Baby Wipes For Dog Odor

By Luann D. 5 34

Every time I bring my long-haired female Dachshund in from her potty, I use baby wipes for sensitive skin (fragrance and alcohol free) on her bottom and the bottoms of her feet. If she smells a little "doggy", I will wipe her down with one. I rarely bathe my dog, as it dries out their skin, but regularly brush her. She has no odor.

By Luann D.

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Tip: Deodorizing Your Pet Lab

For Labrador Retrievers, mix one part Listerine with one part water and spray on after bathing to cut down on the Lab smell.

By Susan

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Question: Cleaning Urine Odor from Dog's Coat

By Natasha Smash W. 1

I have a 12 week old Husky that wets herself while laying, sleeping, and playing. Her coat is drenched with urine and smells bad. I took her to the vet, but they said it's normal. I've never seen a dog wet itself like that. What can I do to clean her coat, because I don't want to wash her everyday. Please help.

By Natasha W.

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By beckydurfee 7 Flag

July 28, 2013

This is not normal. She probably has a bladder infection. Make sure she see's a new vet and gets on some antibiotics. I have raised huskies for years and never had this problem. The urine can even burn her skin if it goes on. U can wash her with Dawn dish soap which is great for stinky odors.

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Question: Dog Has Odor Even After Bathing

I have tried several products and none of them do the job. I want sound advice as I have spent enough money and none of the products work. I only get temporary results.

By GD from Lynn, MA

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By Gloria Z 10 256 Flag

February 25, 2012

Either you're overly sensitive about odors or you need to take your dog to a vet for evaluation. Dogs like humans have their own smell but if your animal is healthy and you clean the house every week it shouldn't be a problem. Does your dog have any sores on it's body, bad teeth & gums, etc.? Take it up with your vet.

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Question: Cleaning Smelly Outside Dogs

By Tina Dominic A. 1

I have two dogs that have been outside dogs for a year. Next week we are moving to our new home and they will be inside dogs once again : ) My two dogs stink, oh so bad! I need help, please!

By Tina A.

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By vicki hood 4 563 Flag

March 17, 2013

If this is the stink that comes back day after bath? The kind your hand smells putrid by a few pats of their had and back? Very specific instructions and cannot use on any collie type or sheepdog let me know and I will send you my phone or you can send me yours. A cure is possible. I did my own under supervision from my old fashioned vet.

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Tip: Remedy for a Stinky Dog

I wrote asking for tips and have now cured the 'smelly' dog. I got a second vet's opinion regarding the awful smell my chocolate brown Lab had. The vet diagnosed a yeast infection and prescribed an anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo. Shampoo twice a week for a month. After one shampoo the awful pervading smell vanished. I will continue and finish the treatment.

By Sylvia

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Question: Smelly Border Collie

I have just gotten a long rough haired Collie who has been outside and I need to have him in the house. I have bathed him in medicated dog shampoo, but he still smells! His white fur has turned a bit, let's say, not white. Can anyone help?

By Julie R

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By punkstermom 1 3 Flag

May 8, 2013

Our lab got skunked and we tried every old trick in the book. Out of desperation, I finally told my husband I wanted to try our tea tree shampoo. IT WORKED! I bought ours from Cost Cutters (Walmart) but there are tons of brands. I think they may be one of the cheaper ones though. After one wash with the tea tree shampoo, the smell was gone completely!

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Question: Remedy for Dog Odor Even After a Bath

My dog looks more like a Husky, but may be a Shepherd/Husky mix, with party blue eyes. Yet she has ears like a gremlin, way too big for her head. Cute when they were floppy, now she looks like she will fly away. When alert they stand straight up. Anyway, she sheds 24/7. It looks like I'm cutting her hair, the way it comes out. She stinks even after a bath. What can I do for her? The smell is what I'm asking about. The rest is just for info, if needed. Thank you.

By Kimi T. from Verilion, Oh

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By trouble388 1 Flag

July 10, 2013

I have a husky, when you give them a bath you have to get down to the skin when washing a little viniger is good for there skin and fur bursh before and after bath dry good.

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Question: Dog Smells

I have an 80 lb Bouv. He doesn't smell, but has rolled in something and I can not get the smell out. I have given him 2 baths, used baby powder, bake soda, lemon, some herbs, and we are working on the 5th day. I can not stand him under my nose. Any suggestions?

By Wendie

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By Robyn 376 753 Flag

September 18, 2013

I would use Dr. Becker's deskunking remedy, which is hydrogen peroxide mixture known as the skunk rinse recipe.

"....Tomato juice isn't nearly as effective as this recipe, and it's easy to follow.

In a pail mix:

1 quart hydrogen peroxide (the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide variety)

¼ cup baking soda

2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid

If you have a large breed dog, you may need to double, triple or even quadruple the mixture.

Wear dishwashing or other household gloves if you like during the whole de-skunking process.

Don't wet down your pet. Apply the mixture to your pet's dry coat from the collar back toward the tail. Don't pour it near the eyes because the hydrogen peroxide solution can burn them.

Lather the mixture into your pet's coat and skin. Rub the solution around for about five minutes or until the skunk smell starts to dissipate.

If the front of your pet is as stinky as the back, use a sponge to apply the solution to your pet's chin, cheeks, forehead and ears, being very careful not to go near the eyes. When you rinse the head area, tilt your pet's chin upward so the solution does not run down into the eyes, instead allow the water to run back off his neck.

Do a complete rinse once the smell starts to decrease, then repeat the entire process again.

You may need to repeat the lather and rinse process up to three times, but it's a very effective method for removing the skunk smell from your pet.

Make sure to completely rinse the solution off your pet. Your final rinse should be very thorough.

You can't prepare this solution ahead of time and store it  it won't be effective when you need it. It must be made fresh, right before you apply it to your pet. So it pays to make sure you have all the ingredients ahead of time!

Good luck  and I hope you never have to use my skunk rinse recipe!...." ... n-tomato-juice-as-a-skunk-rinse.aspx

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Question: Older Bichon Frise Smells Bad

My mom has an older Bichon Frise. She has her groomed/shampooed every two months, if not more. The dog just cannot seem not to smell after a few days. Is it old age or yeast? Can anyone help?


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By heather inwood 13 229 Flag

August 14, 2013

I always wash my dogs behinds every second day - as the urine can dry on the fur as does anything from the rear end.

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Question: Removing Urine Smell from Dog Paws

By cindy sanchez 2

I have a Pit Bull and he is not potty trained. His paws are really stinky because he steps on the urine after he pees. I really hate the smell of it since he lays with me and my sheets smell like stinky dog. When I shower him the urine won't come off his paws. How can I clean his paws, or what should I buy so I can take the smell and the urine off his paws?

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    By heather inwood 13 229 Flag

    June 26, 2015

    Try washing his feet with oatmeal shampoo - or try dissolving a tablespoon of baking soda into some warm water & bathing his feet with a cotton ball soaked in this. Clean gently between his toes as well. Rinse with warm water. Towel dry.

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    Question: Cleaning Urine Odor Off Older Dog's Fur

    My girl is almost 16 and she "leaks" urine on herself. I cannot bathe her several times a week, and was hoping there is a natural mix of something that I can spray on her backside to neutralize her odor. She is on Proin to help strengthen her bladder sphincter, but she leaks a bit while sleeping. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    By Beth

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    By Stephanie 155 243 Flag

    October 2, 2014

    Vinegar works well for removing urine odors from carpet and skunk smell from a dog's coat, so it should work well. You can either put some vinegar in a spray bottle to use - or- make your own reusable wipes by putting some old hankies or baby washcloths in a mason jar with a little bit of vinegar (just enough that they are slightly damp).

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    Question: Dog Rolled in Cow Poop

    Recently we were at the lake walking around and running my lab dog. A cow pasture was near and he found some cow poop and rolled in it (very fresh) really good. I got home and gave him a good bath outside. Four days later he still smells.
    What can I do about it? He's mostly an inside dog. Please help me.

    By Dee

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    By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,695 Flag

    April 7, 2013

    The old wives tale of a tomato juice rinse is a true one-get the cheapest you can because you're going to need a lot of it. The juice may also stain the dog's coat for a while. Follow this link for more info:

    Another odor neutraliser is baking soda heavily dusted into the dog's coat-be advised this treatment will need to be repeated and the dog will leave puffs of the baking soda behind.

    You can also try a vinegar rinse:

    Good luck! I once had a dog who rolled in a heap of rotted fish, P-EEW for several days! It was awful and I ended up using all three of the above deodorisers to get the stench out, lol!

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    Question: Smelly Dog

    My dog has been in the dog pound for 2 months and has come back stinking of urine and is very thin. How can I get rid of the smell?

    By Elaine

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    Remedy for Smelly Dog Feet

    This is a guide about remedy for smelly dog feet. Although your dog may be well, it can have stinky feet for no apparent reason. It can be bothersome.

    Smelly Dog Paw

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    Question: Cleaning a Stinky Dog

    Border Collie mixI adopted a Border Collie mix a couple weeks ago, and this morning she got out of our yard and came back from the woods smelling like a dead fish. I tried washing her with regular dog shampoo from the pet store, but she still smells just as bad. Anyone have a solution?
    She has long, somewhat kinky hair. Also anyone have tips for a dog who hates baths?

    By C R

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    Question: Dog Smells Soon After a Bath

    She smells a day or two after we bath her.

    By Tau

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    Archive: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Does anyone know some kind of home remedy for a "smelly" dog! I have a Llaso who smells like a gym locker! I can give her a bath and less than a week later she smells. I didn't think it was good to give dogs that many baths but I don't have a choice.

    Thank you,

    Susan from Conn.


    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    My Lhasa has B.O. too! Try rubbing some baby powder into her fur then brushing it out. (01/10/2005)

    By lindal

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I just read that the best way to clean a dog after skunk spray is to use female douche (any scent) I don't see why this wouldn't work for your dog. Best to find out if it isn't medical though. Hope it works, I haven't had to try it yet.
    Debbie from Manitoba, Canada (01/11/2005)

    By Debbie

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Before you decide to try all sorts of fancy shampoos, bring your dog to the vet. Your dog may have allergies that are causing its skin to produce extra oil. Just because your dog's skin and coat look healthy does not mean that it is. (01/11/2005)

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Smelly Dog - Vinegar Rinse for Smelly Dog Syndrome

    * Bathe dog well in a good dog shampoo
    * Rinse thoroughly, get all the soap out
    * Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water, wet the dog well with this potion and leave on for 10 minutes.
    * Rinse dog well.
    * This last step is optional: Use a good show rinse of the type you leave in the coat and towel dry the dog.

    From: (01/11/2005)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    My neighbor's old dog always had a foul odor. She constantly bathed him with no lasting results. She took him to the vet and found out that he had a bad tooth. It was extracted and the odor was gone. Apparently when he would on occasion lick himself which would leave the odor on his fur. And like all dogs do, pant when excited which was very offensive. Everyone and her loving pet was happy with the results. (01/11/2005)

    By mkymlp

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I've also read you can wipe them down with a dryer sheet if they are damp to make them smell good, might just dampen the sheet if the dog is dry. (01/30/2005)

    By Jeanie

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I too have a Lhasa who I bathe more often than my other breeds. The odor that comes from a Lhasa is usually due to the eye discharge and/or ear infections. Lhasa's have two different layers of fur and they are thick from end to end including the inside of their ears. They are very prone to yeast and other ear infections which give off foul odors. She visits the groomer on regularly and is kept trimmed short. Keeping her eyes and ears clean between grooming will help to eliminate most of their odors. (02/22/2005)

    By Rhonnie

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I have 2 Lhasa Apso's and I am an RN. One of mine developed a smell (the female) I took her to the vet and she had a fungus growing in her ear. He gave me a rinse solution 1 part alcohol to 1 part vinegar to 1 part hydrogen peroxide. It helps clean out the ears. You do it daily until she is better then just weekly. I have to irrigate my females ears with the sprayer also. No problem with my male. Lhaso's also infamously have eye discharge. It is important to wash them frequently. Also my breeder told me to use glass drinking bowls for them. For some reason this cuts down on the eye stains. My daughter uses baby wipes on them after they eat because of their hair, the food can smell. They require a weekly bath anyway because of their fur. I have raised them for years. They are very loving sweet dogs, but they are also a lot of work,but well worth it. Hope this helps. (03/19/2005)

    By Janet

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    My little princess is also a Lhasa Apso. When I discovered a funky smell it turned out to be an ear infection. I definitely agree with the people who said the vet should be the first stop in figuring out why your dog stinks. If it is something like an ear infection it is very important to have it taken care of right away. I don't recommend masking this, but if it is your dog's coat and skin that stinks you could use powder shampoo and/or pet cologne in the meantime. Just don't forget that it could be something serious and get your sweetie to the vet! :D Good luck! (03/25/2005)

    By Bijou

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I have a lab. I think they just get smelly as they age. Here are two things I do that help. I brush her a lot. I don't pour fabric softener on her, as someone mentioned. I'd be afraid of how irritating that could be to her skin. But I do launder her bedding regularly and use scented fabric softener sheets. It rubs of on her and she smells quite lovely for a couple of days. (07/28/2005)

    By Sophie

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    If teeth, ears, or impacted anal glands aren't the problem, she may just be musky, and the following might work for you. I have a Jack Russell who is musky and also in the lovely habit of consistently finding something absolutely horrid (dead, rancid, etc) to roll in. Baths were pretty much a waste of time until I started using dish soap for sensitive skin and adding a splash of white vinegar. I usually "rinse and repeat," and though I can't smell the vinegar when she is done, the acidic quality seems to cut, not mask, the foul order. This is probably the secret behind using a douche, as well, but is less expensive. You can add a spoonful of baking soda if that still isn't at least giving you some relief. I also cover my dog's pillow with a plastic bag and then put a washable cover over that, so her general scent doesn't permeate into the stuffing and re-contaminate her. (09/13/2005)

    By Ruby

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    The reason for smelly dog syndrome is simple. Commercial bagged dry dog foods.

    The carbohydrate content, the additives and preservatives, the colors and fillers aren't made for a canines carnivorous digestive system. Even the really good brands have as the main ingredient, grains. This is the reason for SMELLY DOG.

    The absolute best diet for a dog is RAW MEATY BONES. Chicken, fish, pork, beef, whatever you can get a hold of. I tried it and it simply works. Plus it rids the animal of most rashes and allergies. Google "the RAW diet for canines", "Raw meaty bones" and take it from the people who know. I started using the raw meat diet, and NO MORE SMELLY BULL DOG!

    Did you know that Vets rarely get good education at Vet school about canine diet? Did you know that most Vets are trained, at school, by reps from the dog food companies?
    Something to think about. (10/23/2005)

    By samurai_soul

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I adopted my Lhasa (Hootie, with the stinky bootie, lovingly nick named at my house) from distant relatives after his mommy passed from breast cancer and her husband couldn't stand the constant smell and grooming this little guy requires. The statement was made if no one wanted him, he would put him to sleep. I instantly insisted that my spoiled Pekingese ASHLEY make room for another set of paws around our house. Hootie is called a clean freak as he licks all the time and stays stinky. Even hours after a bath, the smell is quick to return. He has no ear issues and a healthy coat so my search for a cure goes on. I plan to try some of the remedy ideas I have read here tonight. My tip is for the "zero" odor spray . I feel it does a pretty good job of removing odor from the doggie beds but must be repeated more often then I would have expected. (01/09/2006)


    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    My husband had an English Bulldog that was allergic to the carpet, and had to have steroid treatment. I would try a food change for bowels, but gradual of course. Maybe switch to canned... Tyrell's is a great all natural food, and helped clear up my dog's dryness (just needed extra oils). In the meantime for scent and itchiness, maybe try some Tea Tree oil, 1-2 Tbls mixed with 8 oz water, and spray on to deodorize and help soothe skin. (03/09/2006)

    By camo_angels

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I have a chow-pom mix dog and he smelled so bad, no one would even pet him. So after reading and trying just about everything... I finally bathed my dog in I cup of vinegar and 1 cup of Joy dish soap. I probably should have used unscented Joy but I used orange scent instead. After I bathed him real well and rinsed him, I took another cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of water and I poured that over him. I waited for about 5 minutes and then I rinsed that out and no more smelly dog. It is cheap and it actually works... at least it did for my stinky dog. You could also see that it cleaned my dog much better than a lot of the pet shampoos on the market. I was quite amazed with how clean he was. Hopefully this will help for other readers that have dogs that smell horrible. (04/17/2006)

    By Queenie

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    When you are at home, a bath and hair conditioner can help your pet to smell better. When a male dog goes outside and smells another dog has been in his area, his maleness odor comes out to mark his area. When I go on trips, I take fabric softener sheets with me. You can wipe your dog down and it will remove the bad odor and he smells great again. It also makes his fur soft. This is a wonderful item to keep handy when your dog will be around people, or even just yourself. Try it, you will be glad you did. I like the smell of Snuggles fabric softener sheets, the best. (04/23/2006)


    Archive: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    What can I do about a stinky dog? He smells like toe cheese. Help.



    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I bathe my dogs weekly; I have a Yorkie and a Jack Russell and they do not stink. I picked up a doggie smell good spray at Walmart much cheaper than at pet stores and use it if needed to smell pretty.
    I bathe them with doggie shampoos and rinse with warm water and splash of white vinegar.

    Good luck. (09/18/2006)

    By meoowmom

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I would never use a fabric softener sheet on my dog. They groom and will ingest the residue. If you bathe frequently like I do, use an oatmeal dog shampoo. This doesn't dry them so much. Not dish soap. That's made for dishes not dogs. It strips too much natural oils from the skin and your dog will develop dandruff and get itchy.

    They have many spray shampoos for dogs for spot cleaning. I use that on my Molly's face, bottom, and feet in between shampoos. Also take to the vet and get his teeth and ears checked. They can really make a dog stink. One question I have about the "raw" diet. With all the parasites in meat is it really wise to feed raw? (10/05/2006)

    By valery

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Some one told me this recipe and it works great for all four of my smelly dogs Chocolate Lab, German Shepard, Sharpei-Lab mix, and Lhasa Apso, and it also works great on my five cats (Yes, I live in a big house in the country). Ready?

    • 1 part water
    • 1 part Hand Cream
    • 1 part Listerine

    Mix it together in a spray bottle and spray it on their coat and rub it into their skin, too. The Listerine is anti-bacterial and takes away any smell from that, the lanolin in the hand cream makes their hair shiny and softens their skin. It sounds weird, but it really works, trust me, the pet lady of Milford, Nova Scotia, Canada (10/24/2006)

    By Stacey

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    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    A product called "Smelly Dog". Available online at is absolutely amazing, and it is odorless. (12/06/2006)

    By Brian

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    What you describe does sound like a health issue. Try adding more green leafy raw foods to build up immune system. Organic, no dog needs pesticides/herbicides. My dogs love Romaine lettuce, lightly cooked green beans, chard, English peas.

    And buy food that does not have wheat or barley, they can't digest it properly, and will eventually develop GI and nerve problems. (03/01/2007)

    By Zuni

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I found a stray like that and fed it canned mackerel everyday with home made dog food and it turned out beautiful. Fish oil helps also. I would take it off of commercial dogfood for a while, because some dogs are allergic to it. Hope this helps. (03/05/2007)

    By creetabell

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I have a long-coat chihuahua and an affenpinscher who I had the same problem with, it seems like the more wiry the hair, the stinkier they can get. Lemon Joy or Dawn works good for my dogs, it is not harmful to them, we use it in our dogs bath water (rinse them with clean water after if they tend to have dry skin). We use oatmeal dog shampoo and conditioner from Petsmart. They also sell dog perfume, too (I use it on my affenpinscher who has the worst smell problem, we ended up having the vet squeeze her anal sacs and that seemed to help a lot).

    I like using the Dawn, it kills fleas if your dog has them and you can actually see the fleas in the water after they are done bathing, this way we've never had to use any flea collars or other pesticides on them. It was a big concern for me, because of their toy breed size. I would try any of that and if the problem still persists, take them to the groomers or the vet to get their anal sacs emptied that can be a big contributing factor to their smell. (08/03/2007)

    By Bella

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    The reason for the smell is PH imbalance on the skin, in the digestive tract, the mouth, or in the ears.
    That is why the vinegar rinses and ladies douches work to clear the odor. The acidity restores the PH balance. With regard to diet, change to meat and bones or as "natural" as possible commercial foods without dyes and additives.

    Use a supplement. Yeast Fighter capsules which are available in health food stores and most places where good vitamins are sold. Y. F. capsules contain acidolpholus and garlic and it restores the candida in the body to a healthy balance within about a week. Give one week to two weeks at a time as needed.

    Do not overbathe or the skin will become out of balance and become irritated. In between baths, wipe down with "Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin". Works like a charm.

    By cadreamin

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I had a 2-yr old retriever who began to "smell like a dog". I took him to my vet. She said:

    "A "normal" healthy dog is odorless. When a dog starts to stink, it can be a malfunction of the sebaceous gland, because the dog is getting inadequate fat in his diet. Put him on a higher-fat-content food. And give him additional fat, like chicken skin, bacon grease, butter, even a tablespoon full of vegetable oil, if you do not have animal fat on hand."

    I had him on the Nutro-line which was about an 11% fat food. I changed him to a +-15% fat-food, and liberally give him fat I should not eat. Inside 1-month, the odor was gone.

    Give it a try. Hope it helps you, as it did me. (09/25/2007)

    By Shelley

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    I would "not" give my dog bacon grease. I have seen dogs who have been given high fat table scraps and when there blood is drawn it is looks like a strawberry milk shake. Try medicated shampoo instead, it's safer. Also it may be an under active thyroid. Check with your Vet for the best remedy. (09/28/2007)

    By VetTechUF

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    If all is medically OK then I have found lavender scented baby shampoo is great. It is even good for my very sensitive Jack Russell. (10/24/2007)

    By gogogadget

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    "Do not" use dryer sheets on your dog. Would you rub it on your child's head to make them not stink?

    I've had various vets (tree huggers and non tree huggers) get very upset with people who do this.


    By RC

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    (submitted via email)

    You need to squeeze his glands to get to oil out. Take a paper towel, fold it about 3 times then put it over his butt push up into the butty area and squeeze the fluid out. Make sure you wash your hands well after. The oil that comes out is what other dogs smell. I hope this helps. Your vet should have told you this.

    Bert (03/24/2008)

    By jess

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    If anyone needs a good shampoo, Buddy Wash, is the best! It smells like lavender and mint. Our bulldog smells yummy. (07/30/2008)

    By Paula and Joe

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Well I just took mine in after 1 1/2 weeks of stinkiness. After reading these posts, I checked his rear end and sure enough there was some stuff around his butthole. He had a bath 4 days ago and has never been "foul" smelling. The vet said he had an infection in his anal gland. He is on antibiotics and we have a recheck next week. $200 bucks afterward. (10/07/2008)

    By Reaganator

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    One of my Pekes has a horrible smell almost all of the time that her nickname is now Stinky. The smell is coming from the space between her eyes, above her nose. The groomer told us to clean it regularly with peroxide, which helps with the smell most of the time. You have to lift up the skin and fur above the nose to clean it out. However, sometimes it gets really bad and is probably infected.

    The vet said she can get antibiotics, but it will only go away for a short period of time. Constant antibiotics is not good for a dog. Good luck and if anyone else has any other tips for this stinky Peke, please pass it on. My other Peke has never had this problem. (11/02/2008)

    By Peke mom

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Those brownish stinky tears can be cured with "Angel Eyes" you can find it in certain pet stores, but I just order from I have a white frenchie and this stuff is amazing. she is not only bright white around her eyes now but no more smell there. It's a powder you put in their food once a day for about 4-6 weeks. You will notice a difference right away. After that, you only need it about 2-3 times a week, and after about 3 months, only once a week. Try it. A little pricey, but so worth it. (12/05/2008)

    By amydee

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Your pets food could be a big contributor to a stinky dog problem. A pet shop owner clued me in on this easy solution. He said he had been feeding his dog Eukanuba dog food. Then he switched to a regular store brand, because the ingredients seemed to be fairly similar. In a week his dog stunk and was scratching like crazy, so he went back to the Eukanuba and his problems went away in a week.

    This food was developed originally for mink farms where healthy and beautiful coats are everything. I believe the fats in this product are of a much higher quality than regular store brands. Eukanuba is a little pricey, but a stinky dog sends people off spending lots more and who can stand a stinky dog? (12/06/2008)

    By kiki

    Archive: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Lotty is a 9 year old yellow lab. The smell is very sweet and cheesy. At first we thought it was coming from her ears. She does not have ear mites and her ears are very clean. She also scratches a lot, but she does not have fleas. Both the ear mites and fleas have been checked by the vet. The vet also gave her an injection for the itching, but this did very little good.

    I have given her several baths and the smell if any thing gets stronger. I have changed her food in the last year, as I thought that this may be the cause. So I have now gone back in the last few days to the original food to see if it makes a difference.

    The smell is so strong that you can smell her in passing. When she lies down by you, it is so bad it can make you feel sick.

    By SYLVIA 111


    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    You could try Dannon natural yogurt with live cultures. Give a spoonful with each meal. (10/08/2009)

    By candacedtsn

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Hi Sylvia I only wanted to let you know that a few years ago my dog had the same problem. It's not like the ordinary dog type odor, am I right? The smell is strong and lingering. I was so perplexed when my dog Snowy went through the same thing and it lasted for months. I know how frustrated you must be at this point. Maybe adding some brewers yeast tablets to her diet daily. I'm not exactly sure what caused this problem and after a lot of bathing, brushing and diet changes , I began giving her these chewable tablets.

    It was a couple of weeks later when I realized that the odor was gone. Anyone that has ever smelled the odor could never forget it! It's worth trying. (10/09/2009)

    By myneurotica

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Also, look at her teeth. If the smell is sickeningly sweet and slightly rotten, she may have some bad teeth problems. She might be scratching because of the pain. (10/11/2009)

    By MzWz

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Have his thyroid level checked. A dog with hypothyroidism can display the symptoms you described. (10/11/2009)

    By patches

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    First have Lottie tested for heartworm. Negative? For sure? Give proper poudagedosage from Ivermectin horse paste. Had dogs I could not touch without getting stinky hand. Old fashioned vet taught me this. The dog must be negative heartworm or could be dangerous. Was told there is an organism under skin that is the culprit for the stink. Sure worked on mine within 2 days. (10/11/2009)

    By muttmom

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Oh! I know some folks whose dogs got very sick or died from ivermectin horse wormer! It's not the ivermectin, but rather the carrier agent that can be extremely toxic to dogs--so please be careful before you do that. The injectible ivermectin for dogs is safe, and also the horse wormer Exodus (pyrantel pamoate). If you think you have a parasite problem, a double dose of the pyrantel pamoate is safe and will even kill tapeworms. I do this to my own dogs (and horses and sometimes myself!) and have never even had anyone burp from it.

    Once upon a time, we had a dog develop that nasty sweet smell. Turned out she'd had a reaction to a flea collar and her neck was rotting. I'm sure you would have noticed by now if that was the case, but sometime flea and tick preparations can cause reactions.

    I totally agree with whomever suggested looking at the teeth. Also, perhaps she has an infection or an abscess somewhere previously undiscovered. Adding garlic and/or oregano oil to her food as an antibiotic may do the trick, followed by a couple of days of dandelion root to cleanse out leftover toxins, followed by probiotics or yogurt. Good luck! (10/11/2009)

    By Gina J.

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Could be diabetes. Please get her checked by a vet. (10/12/2009)

    By skinnyjinny

    RE: Remedy For a Stinky Dog

    Your dog may have a skin fungus. Add a supplement of vitamins A, C, and E for bolstering the immune system and to help with skin health. Then go to the health food store and tell them you need Citrus Seed Extract in a spray form then, rubbing your dog's fur the wrong way so you can spray her skin, spritz her down good, and rub it in. Give this a couple weeks or so to really take effect. TeaTree oil mixed into an "anti itch" doggie shampoo would also help. Good Luck! (10/12/2009)

    By Shosha

    Pets Dogs GroomingMarch 29, 2012
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