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Remedies for Stinky Dogs

Category Grooming
There are some home remedies you can use to help eliminate doggie odor. This is a guide containing remedies for stinky dogs.


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April 1, 2013

Every time I bring my long-haired female Dachshund in from her potty, I use baby wipes for sensitive skin (fragrance and alcohol free) on her bottom and the bottoms of her feet. If she smells a little "doggy", I will wipe her down with one. I rarely bathe my dog, as it dries out their skin, but regularly brush her. She has no odor.

By Luann D.

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April 5, 20130 found this helpful

I think this is a fabulous idea. I even use on my big boy! He's wolf/blue heeler, but sometimes gets the "doggy scent" and this just keeps him smelling fresh! He really likes the added attention, too! I also use a dryer sheet before taking him out... helps keep mosquitos & other annoying bugs off of him! :)

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October 16, 20095 found this helpful

I wrote asking for tips and have now cured the 'smelly' dog. I got a second vet's opinion regarding the awful smell my chocolate brown Lab had. The vet diagnosed a yeast infection and prescribed an anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo. Shampoo twice a week for a month. After one shampoo the awful pervading smell vanished. I will continue and finish the treatment.

By Sylvia

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July 27, 20160 found this helpful

I had a mixed beagle/chihuahua that got skunk sprayed and I washed her in tomato juice because I'd always been told that was the right thing to do for the smell. I washed her over and over and over again with tomato juice. It didn't work very well. Eventually, the smell dissipated, but the tomato juice was not the cure I'd hoped for.

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July 23, 20052 found this helpful

For Labrador Retrievers, mix one part Listerine with one part water and spray on after bathing to cut down on the Lab smell.

By Susan

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May 24, 20110 found this helpful

I have (2) yellow labs that are inside girls. I do not have a problem with them smelling, just shedding.

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September 29, 20140 found this helpful

Smelly Dog Paw

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This is a guide about remedy for smelly dog feet. Although your dog may be well, it can have stinky feet for no apparent reason. It can be bothersome.



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January 9, 2017

I have a 7 year old Pit Bull. He has a terrible odor coming from his skin. We bathe him often and have tried so many different soaps. He confines himself in small areas and cries all day. He constantly is itching and biting until he bleeds. Do you recommend a special soap we could try or do you think this could possibly be allergies? Help please!

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March 15, 20170 found this helpful

I had three litters of AMerican Bullies. THe BEST is to :

1. Dry grain free dog food only

2. Bath in clean water, rinse and rinse again.

3. Walmart sells antifungul and antibacterial shampoo. USE IT. Twice a week.


5. CLEAN BEDDING ONce a week in NO perfume washing soap

6. CLEAN bowls daily, use low grade NO perfume dish soap RINSE WELL IN CLEAN WAter

7. Buy bottled water for the dog to drink.

8. Keep cats and other pets, mice out of home, etc

9. Keep yard free of any chemicals and keep allergy causing grasses AWAY from where the dog runs around.

10. On walks DO NOT let dog sniff or go close to other animal poop.

11. Once a person called to say the dog may have eaten racoon poop in yard. KEEP YARD Free of all animal poops. Bullies are scavengers and eat anything. BEST OF LUCK

12. Put half teaspoon to every 3 cups of water in the dogs water bowl. Its uses are endless including keeping fleas at bay! Keeps allergies away! Vinegar! Miracle cheap aid! CLean!

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April 22, 20170 found this helpful

go see your veterinarian and ask him to put your dog on

Apoquel; it is great for severe itching etc.

it is by prescription only and 42-16mg tablets cost $96.00.

hope you can swing it and good luck!

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February 16, 2016

My Lab rolls in rotting animals that he finds, while exploring the area. My sense of smell is killing me. How to rid him of this disgusting odor?

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February 17, 20160 found this helpful
Best Answer

Well, it's not so much the smell I would be worried about, but rather the possible vermin, disease, or chemical (if the animal was poisoned) your dog could pick up on its fur and possibly later lick off. Unfortunately unless you are going to figure out a way to keep your pup away from things like that, I'm thinking a bath each time may be the safest bet. Also, call the vet to see if there is something they can recommend to stop the pup from doing it.

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May 13, 20161 found this helpful
Best Answer

Give your dog a bath by wetting the hair lather with lots of Dawn dish washing liquid. Then use baking soda to coat the hair completely. Next pour vinegar all over the hair. This neutralizes odors. Let sit for 5 min while massaging it in, and rinse. Follow with shampoo. This also works great on skunk spray! Your dog will b odor free!!

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February 14, 2017

I have an 8 year old Westie. Not long ago he started having an odor 5 minutes after a bath and now his skin has black areas on it. I was told by my vet to give him fish oil 3 months ago and it would clear up. Both have gotten worse and all he does is chew and now he has bald spots on his legs. I'm worried.

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February 14, 20170 found this helpful

It sounds like your dog suffers from Canine Seborrhea, which is apparently common in the breed: "Seborrhea causes the skin to exude a waxy, greasy substance that clumps up in the ears, under the belly and armpits, elbows, and around the ankles. The substance is very fatty in nature and it will cause a distinctive odor. Dogs may scratch at the affected areas leading to bleeding, crusting, hair loss, and secondary infections due to skin damage." http://www.petm  seborrhea?page=2

Cures involve treating him with special shampoos and conditioners. Your vet might have suspected the condition because fish oil is a recommended form of treatment as well.

Some advocate an apple cider vinegar rinse as helping as well.

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February 14, 20170 found this helpful

He has some kind of skin disease or allergy. My sister's dog smelled bad as well and was always scratching. Cortisone helped somewhat, but not completely. I would take your dog to another vet.

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March 16, 2013

I have two dogs that have been outside dogs for a year. Next week we are moving to our new home and they will be inside dogs once again : ) My two dogs stink, oh so bad! I need help, please!

By Tina A.

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October 19, 20160 found this helpful

Would you share please....Have a black cocker that has a peculiar smell about a week after she has been bathed. Certainly don't want to dry out her skin (gets flakey) but she can get a sour odor and I could use some help.

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November 22, 20160 found this helpful

Colloidal silver rubbed in to skin and fur will get rid of any bacteria or yeast caused smells. Once or twice a day, by the 4th day you should be able to notice an improvement.

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June 27, 2013

I have a 12 week old Husky that wets herself while laying, sleeping, and playing. Her coat is drenched with urine and smells bad. I took her to the vet, but they said it's normal. I've never seen a dog wet itself like that. What can I do to clean her coat, because I don't want to wash her everyday. Please help.

By Natasha W.

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June 30, 20130 found this helpful

That is not normal! Go to a different vet!

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July 8, 20130 found this helpful

This is definitely not normal, please go to a different vet. Also ask the new vet for a sanitary cut. They will shave the area around the animal's privates, this will help with some of the issue, but not the root cause. There is something seriously wrong please see a different vet

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February 21, 20121 found this helpful

I have tried several products and none of them do the job. I want sound advice as I have spent enough money and none of the products work. I only get temporary results.

By GD from Lynn, MA

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February 25, 20120 found this helpful

Either you're overly sensitive about odors or you need to take your dog to a vet for evaluation. Dogs like humans have their own smell but if your animal is healthy and you clean the house every week it shouldn't be a problem. Does your dog have any sores on it's body, bad teeth & gums, etc.? Take it up with your vet.

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April 19, 20170 found this helpful

i have a basethound

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September 17, 20131 found this helpful

I have an 80 lb Bouv. He doesn't smell, but has rolled in something and I can not get the smell out. I have given him 2 baths, used baby powder, bake soda, lemon, some herbs, and we are working on the 5th day. I can not stand him under my nose. Any suggestions?

By Wendie

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September 18, 20130 found this helpful

I would use Dr. Becker's deskunking remedy, which is hydrogen peroxide mixture known as the skunk rinse recipe.

"....Tomato juice isn't nearly as effective as this recipe, and it's easy to follow.

In a pail mix:

1 quart hydrogen peroxide (the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide variety)

¼ cup baking soda

2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid

If you have a large breed dog, you may need to double, triple or even quadruple the mixture.

Wear dishwashing or other household gloves if you like during the whole de-skunking process.

Don't wet down your pet. Apply the mixture to your pet's dry coat from the collar back toward the tail. Don't pour it near the eyes because the hydrogen peroxide solution can burn them.

Lather the mixture into your pet's coat and skin. Rub the solution around for about five minutes or until the skunk smell starts to dissipate.

If the front of your pet is as stinky as the back, use a sponge to apply the solution to your pet's chin, cheeks, forehead and ears, being very careful not to go near the eyes. When you rinse the head area, tilt your pet's chin upward so the solution does not run down into the eyes, instead allow the water to run back off his neck.

Do a complete rinse once the smell starts to decrease, then repeat the entire process again.

You may need to repeat the lather and rinse process up to three times, but it's a very effective method for removing the skunk smell from your pet.

Make sure to completely rinse the solution off your pet. Your final rinse should be very thorough.

You can't prepare this solution ahead of time and store it  it won't be effective when you need it. It must be made fresh, right before you apply it to your pet. So it pays to make sure you have all the ingredients ahead of time!

Good luck  and I hope you never have to use my skunk rinse recipe!...."

http://healthyp  skunk-rinse.aspx

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May 4, 20130 found this helpful

I have just gotten a long rough haired Collie who has been outside and I need to have him in the house. I have bathed him in medicated dog shampoo, but he still smells! His white fur has turned a bit, let's say, not white. Can anyone help?

By Julie R

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May 6, 20130 found this helpful

You could always take him to a groomer just this one time to get him professionally cleaned, then bathe him at home after that. Don't be afraid to ask for tips to keep him smelling fresh and keep his fur pretty.

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May 8, 20130 found this helpful

Our lab got skunked and we tried every old trick in the book. Out of desperation, I finally told my husband I wanted to try our tea tree shampoo. IT WORKED! I bought ours from Cost Cutters (Walmart) but there are tons of brands. I think they may be one of the cheaper ones though. After one wash with the tea tree shampoo, the smell was gone completely!

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June 25, 2015

I have a Pit Bull and he is not potty trained. His paws are really stinky because he steps on the urine after he pees. I really hate the smell of it since he lays with me and my sheets smell like stinky dog. When I shower him the urine won't come off his paws. How can I clean his paws, or what should I buy so I can take the smell and the urine off his paws?

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June 26, 20150 found this helpful

Try washing his feet with oatmeal shampoo - or try dissolving a tablespoon of baking soda into some warm water & bathing his feet with a cotton ball soaked in this. Clean gently between his toes as well. Rinse with warm water. Towel dry.

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April 20, 2016

Help, I need ideas. I have 2 German Shepherds, and my male German reeks! They get baths every few weeks, brushed every few days, and eat a grain-free high protein food. He's not constantly scratching, and doesn't have an oily coat or skin. The vet said he was healthy on his last visit so I'm lost on why he's so stinky.

The only difference between him and my female is she's 3 and traditional color, he's 7 months and sable, and obviously gender.
Any ideas for keeping him smelling somewhat fresh would be highly appreciated!

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September 16, 20120 found this helpful

My dog looks more like a Husky, but may be a Shepherd/Husky mix, with party blue eyes. Yet she has ears like a gremlin, way too big for her head. Cute when they were floppy, now she looks like she will fly away. When alert they stand straight up. Anyway, she sheds 24/7. It looks like I'm cutting her hair, the way it comes out. She stinks even after a bath. What can I do for her? The smell is what I'm asking about. The rest is just for info, if needed. Thank you.

By Kimi T. from Verilion, Oh

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September 17, 20120 found this helpful

Well, I have a Skye Terrier (2, mother and daughter). 'Mother' smelled bad the other day even after a bath, so I sprayed her with vinegar (I use vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning and other things). She smelled a bit like vinegar, but I'd rather smell that than the stinky greasy dog smell. You may not want to try it, but actually, I think the vinegar smell pretty much goes away, as I also use it as a rinse on my hair and no one has ever said anything about the way my hair smells.

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September 18, 20120 found this helpful

When my dogs start doing this, it usually means they need to have their anal glands drained. You can get this done either at the Vet's or from a dog groomer. You can also have them show you how and you can do it yourself.

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August 13, 20130 found this helpful

My mom has an older Bichon Frise. She has her groomed/shampooed every two months, if not more. The dog just cannot seem not to smell after a few days. Is it old age or yeast? Can anyone help?


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August 13, 20130 found this helpful

My dog had the same problem. Problem was solved when the groomer began expressing his anal gland.

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August 14, 20130 found this helpful

I always wash my dogs behinds every second day - as the urine can dry on the fur as does anything from the rear end.

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September 30, 20140 found this helpful

My girl is almost 16 and she "leaks" urine on herself. I cannot bathe her several times a week, and was hoping there is a natural mix of something that I can spray on her backside to neutralize her odor.

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