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Excited Dog Peeing in the House

My 13 week old puppy pees a lot when she gets excited, mostly when you just get home or just let her out of her kennel. I don't know how to get her to stop. Any suggestions?

Shannon from New York


Excited Dog Peeing in the House

It is normal and for some reasons females tend to do this more. Just reassure the doggie when you leave. When you crate doggie do it gradually and then be ready to get doggie outside IMMEDIATELY when you unlatch the crate. Submissive pee can be curtailed if you work it. My dog reacted to my soft high voice and got so excited she would pee then I learned to be firm voiced and reassure her and no more pee took me less than a week to get her to stop. Have to consistent. Good luck. (06/06/2006)

By meoowmom

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

We have 2 dogs. A Bull Terrier named Cody, -n- a Minature jack russell named Ziggy. Yes at times they get along great. How can we stop Ziggy from going to the bathroom in the house. Cody will go at times also. They are both house broken. We take them both out in the morning. Ziggy stays in the utility room and cody stays in the kitchen, than we go to work, and we are gone from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm.



By busman

1year old pupppy thinks he can pee

have 1 year old puppy that thinks he can pee where ever he wants what can i do about that. he barks to go outside i let him out when not looking he pees on furniture, clothes what to do?

By linda potvin




Doggie peeing and fear of being crated

I am reading all of the feedback. Well, my 4yr old dachshund mix pees in the living room in the same spot. I am going to try the Nature's Miracle. THanks!


However, how do I reprimand him. We tried crating him...he ate the door lock and destroyed the cage. We put him in a separate room, he peed and pooed all over that room. I think he can't stand to be locked up. He used to go in the cage no problem but since we moved...different story.

How do I reprimand him? Right now, when we come home and he has peed we take him outside to the back yard but I don't th ink that is working.

HELP? (10/03/2006)

By Leslie

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

My husband and I are fostering a Dachshund mix. She is about 18 months old, and she still has accidents. At first we thought it was just when she was being let out of her crate, as we would see a little puddle in her crate and her feet were often wet. Recently however, she went into my kitchen and wet all over the floor. It was a large amount, too. I thought she would have been able to hold it, since she seems to be able to hold it overnight. Since these incidences, we have started to remove the water bowl in the evening.


We live in a duplex, that is a little beyond are means right now, and all the carpet is light beige. I can't afford to have her wet on the carpet! I have punished her for the wetting, and she will roll over onto her back, exposing her belly to me. She normally whines when she has to go out, but didn't on the occasion in my kitchen. She just sneaked in there when I wasn't looking - so it seems intentional. (Also, we have 2 of our own dogs. They are all trained not to go into the kitchen, so she has picked this up as well and knows not to go in there.)

Is this something that we can work out of her, or should we let people who are interested in her know that she may never outgrow this? (12/04/2006)

By Cyndi

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

Excited dog peeing is normal. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Follow the advice of not acting too excited, and make sure your guests do as well. I broke my 1 year shorty jack russell from this habit in about a month.


Just remember it is not cruel to not act excited over your dog for a few minutes.

By Shorty Jack

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

We have a 4 month old Chow Chow pup who we have tried all the tricks in the trade book to get him to stop peeing and pooping in the house. he spends his nights in the crate and he is good at not peeing in there. He spends most days in outside, but as soon as he gets int the house, he goes to the same spot and either pees or poops. we have tried Miracle spray but it doesnt seem to help. I dont know what to do at this point. Please help.

By james

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

Hello everyone, I have a 1 year old boston terrier, and he likes to pee in the house all the time. It seems like I have tried everything and nothing is working, any ideas? (04/30/2007)


By Steph

king charles pup 6 months pees and poos in the house

I have a king charles thats pees and poos in the house . You tell her toilet all the time and she stills does it in the house (05/02/2007)

By patricia

My dog is a very old cocker spaniel,her breath is starting to smell real bad,every time she eats or drinks she poops

What to do and what causes this (07/07/2007)


Excited Dog Peeing in the House

Excited peeing is puppy behavior. Every time you reprimand you are making it worse.

She doesn't really feel confident about what's going to happen next so by peeing she is basically saying "I am just a puppy, please dont hurt me" It's not something she thinks about doing, it's instinctual.

Don't worry, it doesn't mean that you have been unkind to her--she just lacks confidence.

For the things that she is getting excited about, like letting her out of the kennel. Give her a few moments to get used to you being there, don't make a fuss over her and then calmly open the door of the cage as though you were doing something normal. Turn your back even and speak to her in a calm everything-is-alright voice.

I am not a fan of kennel training at all, I prefer positive reinforcement. I know, for some people their carpets are more important than their animals. I am not one of them but I am not here to judge.

Notice how she acts in different situations where she pees and consider ways you can help her increase her confidence in these situations. Think like a puppy. She's still just a little kid.

Let her know everything is cool and dont make a deal out of it if she does pee at inappropriate times. Reward her when she does pee where you want her to. Be the calm one and your dog will learn from you.

Know that the most important thing is that she loves you.

It's wonderful having a puppy. So happy for you.


By Sheraone

Submissive Cocker

My son bought me as a birthday gift a cocker spaniel, I have one already so now have 2. My cocker puppy, Mia the latest edition is so sweet but people come in, she runs all over, I tell her no, have people ignore her, she runs to fortunately a "leather sofa" jumps up Pees, I am trying to catch her in order to stop the peeing and she is peeing while she is running.....I have put up a gate in the hall way, blocking the dogs not to come in while people are there or I just have to put a diaper on the youngest one. I am afraid for people coming over because of all of this peeing. I have tried many things, talked to the vet. I am lost on what to do. Need help, thank you. (07/23/2007)

By Diane

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

My husband is so frustrated with our 10 month old dachshund he wants to get rid of her. My 10 year old son is devastated. Our problem is that she pees in her kennel almost every night, and when new people come over she pees. My son went to pet her yesterday and she peed on my couch. Please help! Can this be fixed? Christina (07/30/2007)

By christina

Excited Dog Peeing in the House

My children found a abandoned 6 month old german shepherd, who is part of the family now and a really a wonderful dog. The only problem is that when some people get near her or try to put her leash on, she pees. Or if you walk up to her, she will lay down and pee. my husband is at his wits end but I think that there has to be a way to correct this. HELP!!!! Would love some ideas. (08/01/2007)

By nicoole


My girlfriend and I took in my dad's dog when he went into the hospital. I originally just wanted to get him healthy because he didn't get much to eat in the days before my dad went in.

My girlfriend fell in love with this dog which is about 16 weeks old. He's a blond lab and he pees every time you say his name.

I just made her get rid of the cat she brought into my house because it wouldn't stop peeing. It would pee no matter what. I tried white vinegar, different cat litters, and everything the vet suggested. So now that cat lives with her mom.

I'm reading this could take a MONTH to break? This dog was afraid of everything. We've only had him 2 weeks but I've managed to make him comfortable and not so afraid.

We have a fully trained Jack Russell that is well behaved.

However, if this is going to take a month, then I can't handle that. I'm stressed out over my dad and I just bought this house. I don't have time to take care of pets and what my girlfriend considers cleaning up I consider surface cleaning and not doing the job fully. If he pees, it needs to be shampooed right away to keep it from soaking in. Some of my floors are hard wood under areas of carpet and I don't want that damaged.

I'm going to try to give him rewards before he has a chance to pee. For instance, if I say his name he'll pee. So I'll show him the treat and give it to him as I say his name. But if that doesn't work and work quickly, he's outta here. (08/02/2007)

By Scott

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