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Pigeons on my Balcony

I have a pigeon problem! They are invading my balcony. I live on the 4th floor of my building. They are hiding under my BBQ grill and leaving droppings all over the place. Is there a way to get rid of these pesty birds without taking up space on my balcony?



Pigeons on my Balcony

I'm not sure this will work, but it's worth a try. How about hanging something out on your balcony that would twist & turn, maybe reflect light. Mail order catalogs have these types of items for sale. Or maybe a colorful windsock that has streamers that will blow in the wind. Perhaps these items would scare the pigeons. Best of Luck! (05/10/2004)

By Terri H.

Pigeons on my Balcony

We use to go to Maui and stay in the same condo; one year we had a pigeon that nested on the balcony ... hubby kept throwing him off the balcony only to see him return.

Finally, we bought a bottle of ammonia and splashed that around his "habitat" and that seemed to take care of the problem while we were there the month.


By Syd

Pigeons on my Balcony

Hang things from the roof of your balcony. I've used those CDs you get free, Things that move generally will scare them away. (05/11/2004)

By Jeannie

Pigeons on my Balcony

If the above ideas don't work, I would recommend installing a net curtain style. That would for sure keep them out! When you're using your balcony, you can always tie it up out of the way. It may be a hassle, but I'm sure it will work if nothing else will! I've seen nets placed around trees to keep the birds from nesting in the branches even. (05/14/2004)

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have the same problem with the pigeons. I live on the 3rd floor, and I just can't take these nasty birds anymore! I like the ideas, and I'm going to try hanging something. If anyone has any other ideas PLEASE let me know! (05/27/2004)

By Stacy

Pigeons on my Balcony

A plastic owl should do the trick. (06/06/2004)

By Lee-Ann


Pigeons on my Balcony

There are several options to scare pigeons away. Visual scare devices such as Terror-Eyes, has a lenticular eyes that simulate the eyes of a predator. Also you might want to try a cheap way to approach the problem like other people had suggested already. Use holographic paper, the patterns produced by its design gets rid of the birds effectively. Another deterrent woul be to use bird spikes and affix them with bird-proof gel.

Try the following link and see how other people with pigeon problems got a solution to their bird problems

If after reviewing how other people solve their pigeon problems you still have some doubts. You are welcome to contact us at 1 800 662 5021 (11/15/2004)

By Edgar Sanchez

Pigeons on my Balcony

I read on another site they don't like the smell of the
shop lubricant -wd40. I haven't tried yet.

Send out the same energy that you wish to receive in life. (03/24/2005)

Pigeons on my Balcony

Will these methods scare away other birds? I want to keep the pigeons away too because they eat everything & then the other birds & squirrels don't have anything to eat. (04/04/2005)

By Vicki

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have a pigeon problem too. I tried WD-40 it didn't work and it's hard to reach the place they are at. I'm gonna buy a bee-bee gun cause I'm sick of them. Someone please call Mother Nature and tell her to please contact me or it's bye bye birdie or fried pigeon tonight! Note: To the activist riding up and down my street: I was just kidding, please don't hurt me or call the Humane Society. (04/28/2005)

By Tina

Pigeons on my Balcony

I use moth balls - they built a nest in the eves of the house in Maryland. We removed the nest but they kept coming back. So I threw a handful of mothballs on all of the eves, and no more pigeons.

Also works in the garden to keep stray cats away, and hanging near the porch to keep bees and wasps away. (06/05/2005)

By Gski6

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have the same problem. The pigeons haven't even bothered with a nest. They just lay their egg right on the concrete on my balcony (twice this week). Bird droppings everywhere. I have tried a plastic owl and hanging strips of a long plastic bag to blow in the wind. Nothing works. (10/12/2005)


Pigeons on my Balcony

Using a fishing swivel and some clear fishing line, loop the fishing line through the middle of a cd (compact disc) and tie a knot. I like using those AOL Free 5 gazillion minute CD's you always get in the snail mail from AOL trying you to use them as your internet browser. They work the best because it was free and sent to your front door! Then tie it to the fishing swivel. (the swivel is used to keep the fishing line from tangling when the disc is blowing circles in the wind).Then tie the other end around the opposite side of the swivel and attach it to something that keeps the cd suspended within a few inches where the pigeons like to roost. Use a nail or something. The pigeons are afraid of the flashing from the light reflecting off the cd. (12/31/2005)

By Terry

Pigeon proofing

My name is trevor with all clean gutters in the bay area of California. We do pigeon proofing. screen the eve off and they cant get in but they will try to get back in but a little tanglefoot or hotfoot makes them leave preety quick. if you want any other ideas besides owls because they don't work. email trevor at allcleangutters @ (remove spaces) (01/15/2006)

By trevor

Pigeons on my Balcony

I hate pigeons.. they wont go away!.... Please someone help us - (04/08/2006)

By Kate

Pigeons on my Balcony

These pigeons are starting to get on my nerves. I had no
idea they would nest there for so long. I'm waiting for the babies to fly off so I can get rid of the nest and try some of the suggestions I've read to keep them out. What a mess! How soon from the time they hatch till they fly off? (04/25/2006)



Pigeons on my Balcony

I have tried pinwheels, those twirly things, I have a flag on my balcony ... I heard that foil pie plates would work but I have not tried that yet. I also heard that Bounce sheets work just tie a few on the balcony they apparently don't like the smell of that either. I guess the pigeons will eventually get used to it anyways. I think I might have to try making a dummy & sticking it on the balcony. (05/08/2006)

By Tammy

Pigeons on my Balcony

I got rid of pigeons on our balcony easily, I bought chicken wire and cut it into strips and then pointed the frayed wire edges upward. I wired this down to the edges or anywhere that they use as a landing pad. This was way cheaper than buying special "bird spikes" is was been 100% effective. This is a great solution for city dwellers with balconies, I think it would work just as well on houses. The pigeons now avoid our balcony completely. (05/21/2006)

Pigeons on my Balcony

They lay 2 eggs that will hatch in 2wks,than the babies stay another 2 weeks until they can fly.but they return because they feel at may take 1/2 mos to deal with them,you have to be real persistence.i keep spray bottles w/water to squirt at them. I tried to swirly things, didn't work, plus the WD40 didn't work too well, you have to keep spraying. I now have moth balls out,but they still seem to appear, I will try hanging out the bounce to see how it works,any suggestions welcomed (06/02/2006)

By Kay

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have just been informed that pigeons do not have a sense of smell or at least very little, so this is why anything with a scent doesn't work. More than likely it is the movement of something that will deter them. I have just been looking for ideas for my mom, I am going to get her to try the chicken wire, it seems like the best idea so far. Thanks (08/19/2006)

By melanie.

Pigeons on my Balcony

I'm a building manager and have a huge pigeon problem. I will try moth balls and ammonia and let you know if either of these work for me.

Thanks for the suggestions. (03/27/2007)

By Darlene T.

Pigeons on my Balcony

First and most importantly, you MUST stop feeding all critters (birds squirrels, stray cats, etc) Pigeons will eat ANYTHING that is out. Allow them to do what they are naturally born for and go find their food in nature.

Second anything with a "smell" will NOT work. You have only about a 10% chance that it will. Pigeons are persistent and will always return where there is a place to nest or roost. You will HAVE to "enclose" any nesting or roosting area that pigeons are present.

A couple of ideas are to buy vinyl netting and use string to tie the tops and bottoms around these areas. This may require you to buy a couple of dowels to make a frame. Another good option is chicken wire, which is a little more obvious at a glance than the vinyl. Of course there are spikes and electronic devices which you can find online or at a local feed supply store.

A simple "fix" that may help but probably won't complete work, is to hang something that is mirrored or flashy that can easily move with the breeze. If you live in an area that isn't breezy, consider setting a small fan out aimed toward these hangers.

Hope these help. (04/10/2007)

By Chris

Pigeons on my Balcony

I went and bought a plastic owl and put on my balcony. It worked for about 3 days - those darn pigeons are smart! You have to keep moving the owl and after awhile, the pigeons no longer are afraid of the owl soooo unfortunately don't waste your money on buying a plastic owl! I'm still looking for a way to get rid of these pesty guys too! (04/12/2007)

By Katherine

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have the pigeons terrorizing me too lol. I hate them! Finally my husband is putting up screens all around our balcony to keep them out. In our apartments we're not supposed to hang anything like that but I don't care, it's the only thing I've decided will work. (05/11/2007)

By lisa

Pigeons on my Balcony

I just posted, actually I need to know now that I'm all screened in, how do I clean their poop! It's everywhere! I'm about to get out the old rubber gloves and scrub with a bleach/water solution. Email me ideas to safely clean their poop up! elisaanne82 AT (05/11/2007)

By lisa

Pigeons on my Balcony

I'll have you know that two weeks ago, I had not just a baby pigeon living on my balcony, but both the mother and father constantly! what a mess! however, after doing a little research, I put cd's up tied with dental floss (as it pretty much will never break...) and hung up, the pigeons don't like the reflection....and I placed finishing nails and bobby pins(Facing up) on duct tape, and placed that along the railing so that they can't sit down...I've recarpeted my balcony...and no pigeons back for two weeks! Hope this helps! (05/12/2007)

By Jesspiwo

Pigeons on my Balcony

Pigeons are such a pain, I've tried moth balls around my balcony and its done nothing. From what i've heard, the plastic owl doesn't work unless you move it around everyday. I'm going to try cutting chicken wire and placing it straight up to stab them in the feet. I'm also going to buy a shiny metallic wind chime to hang up because I've heard they don't like shiny things (something to do with blinding them when they try to land) I'll let you know it any of the above works. (05/18/2007)

By Lala

Pigeons on my Balcony

I thought I was the only person going through this!! LOL. About a month ago, a pigeon laid her eggs in a nest on my balcony. My fiance thought it was cute and he told me not to get rid of the nest because of the trouble they went through individually bringing up each twig. I felt bad, so I let them stay. BIG mistake. In about a week, my balcony looked like the county jail bathroom floor. It was disgusting! Poop everywhere... I mean everywhere. Now our late night hang out spot with a lake view, wasn't so appealing anymore! So after the two babies hatched, I thought they would be gone in about two weeks, but it wasn't going to be that easy. The babies were growing rapidly, but one month later, and they still weren't flying away. Then I woke up one day to notice they were getting close to the edge and I knew they would go away soon enough. Still not that easy! The next day the pigeon laid yet another egg!! Then the morning after that, two more eggs!!! I was definitely not having it! I had no choice but to remove the eggs. PLEASE do the same if it happens to you. They won't stop coming. The parents still try coming to my balcony, but I just read the articles below and I am going to try some of the tactics. Tried the plastic owl, and no it does not work. They are not dumb creatures... they are street smart... and they catch on. I think the shiny things might work and the chicken wire. Good Luck to all and remember: exterminate them when you get the chance. (05/18/2007)

By Carmen

Pigeons on my Balcony

I feel your pain people! I've not had a problem with the neighborhood pigeons until this winter, when I tied up my charcoal grill "with a cover on it=big mistake" on my third floor balcony, and guess what! Yup, as I went out to open up the deck this April, a pigeon family had built a big nest under the grill and two newborn babies were under there...I had to wait 4 weeks until they could fly, but the first time I saw them fly off the deck, I quickly swept the nest right off the roof and used hot, hot water to wash away all the debris, poop, etc! Now they have no place to hide over here, they always will look for something to hide under, so if you can keep your deck or patio more open, and no 'hiding' spots, they will move on eventually, you'll just have to scare them off the first few times if they come back to stand around from habit. As far as the hanging "CD" idea, I will try that too, for future prevention, thanks! (05/19/2007)

By Eric

Pigeons on my Balcony

I had a pigeon lay two eggs on the balcony, then the next week one egg went missing. The other egg hatched and the baby pigeon started to grow. Which I thought was a little cute. Then I came home yesterday and saw that it had been killed and its head was missing. So gross. So I want no more pigeons on my balcon!! I think I am going to try the tanglefoot bird repellent. Hopefully its not too toxic. Has anyone tried it? (05/28/2007)

By Tracey

Pigeons on my Balcony

Folks, I found the cure! Just dangle a cd from the outside side of the railing on your balcony and you're done - honest. The light reflecting off of the cd scares them off. I hung mine about a foot from the railing and it did the trick. The cd kept hitting the vertical poles in the railing (from the wind) which made noise, so I wrapped some wool around the poles near the cd and presto - no noise, and no pigeons. It's amazing. (05/31/2007)

By Jerry G

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have the same problem. The management says we can have a net, but I can't find one so far. (06/11/2007)

By moqi.

Pigeons on my Balcony

I found a cheap way to keep them off. You'll need the following

1) 2-3 spring loaded shower curtain rods (About $10 Cdn each)
2) bird netting for gardens, I bought 25x7ft for ($7 Cdn)
3) Plastic Ties (10 for $1.50)

I put up the shower curtain rods at either end of my balcony and one in the middle

Then I pulled the netting between them and attached is using the plastic ties. This kept the birds off and didn't damage my rental property in any way. In the picture you'll also see 2 slinkies stretched across the railing (the birds started landing there) - they don't like landing on slinkys so now I have no birds at all!

notaworkaholic AT hotmail DOT com

By Carmen M.

Pigeons on my Balcony

I've just found the answer to all your problems. If you want the pigeons to leave your balcony forever just get a bucket full of water and try your best to hit straight on. They will be terrified and will never come back. And if they do just get another bucket of water. BELIEVE ME...IT WILL WORK! (06/18/2007)

By Solution

Pigeons on my Balcony

All these suggestions were very good, thank you. I thought the CDs were the quickest and most inexpensive solution to try so I duct taped about a dozen CDs to the railings of the balcony and I watched the pigeons head towards our unit but then go to the lower unit and then to the upper unit (I hope my neighbors forgive me but we just had our balcony recarpeted because we have a newborn). We have been pigeon free for two days now where previously they were coming everyday and we were constantly chasing them off. If they come back, I'll retract my post! :) (06/25/2007)

By Lisa C.

Pigeons on my roof

I have pigeons on my roof. The problem is that my house is built tall and it is very difficult to get on top of the roof. Do you guys have any idea what I can do. (07/01/2007)

By Shawn

Pigeons on my Balcony

Best solution. Get a cat. Our condo is swarming with pigeons but they don't come onto our balcony. Our 2 cats are out there constantly and the pigeons are afraid of them. Meanwhile, the neighbour next door has a balcony that is blanketed with pigeon poop. It's really horrible. (07/01/2007)


Pigeons on my Balcony

Has anyone tried fishing wire? If so, what's the best way to rig it? I live on the top floor of an apartment building so I have no overhangs, and it's mostly cement and I'm not sure my Association will let us drill into it.


Let me just say, "my" pigeons are smart buggers! I've tried plants (didn't work), tried spikes (they seem to find their way around), tried chicken wire (they still land on it despite it poking upwards), and tried netting on the plants (they still land). Short of hiring someone to come and take them away (although I know that they would just come back), I am trying the fishing wire. But I would love some tips on rigging a system since I'm sick of wasting money on these pigeons (I swear they are laughing at me).

Thank you. (07/12/2007)

By CubsFan

Pigeons on my Balcony

Pigeons have been roosting on our porch - no nest, but they hang out there and leave shize everywhere! So our battle began. With a bit of creative thought, we did a little project that is meant to replace the expensive commercial wires.

Birdy Barbwire on a Budget

Materials Needed

  • Bobby Pins
  • String
  • Sticky packing tape


  • Measure area that needs to be covered
  • Cut string slightly longer
  • Fold open bobby pins
  • Tie to the string about 1-2 inches apart
  • Place tape, sticky side up (same length as string) on flat surface
  • Put the string directly down the middle of the tape (ensure that the pins lay flat.
  • Fold over the tape to match the other side, enclosing the pins within it.
  • Voila, a strip of pigeon barbwire
  • Fasten to the area that needs to be covered.

For extra measure, we tied gift ribbon - nice sparkly silver - we cut it long to hang in the breeze. At least it looks festive, unlike a metal pie plate.


By Amanda & Margareth.

Pigeons on my Balcony

I live on the top floor of an apartment and over a month ago a pigeon couple arrived on my balcony, nested and the female laid two eggs. I was told to sweep the whole nest off the balcony, but my conscience wouldn't let me do it. I thought they'd leave soon after the births. Oh no! They're still there. What's worse is now the proud new parents are receiving guests to view their newborns. There were 8 pigeons on my balcony this morning. I'm assuming they're the aunts, uncles and cousins. Anyway, it's time for the group to leave. I've asked around for ways to evict them. Some of the suggestions were to lay rubber snakes out, display an Owl and lastly to place moth balls in the nest and around the balcony. I don't want to kill them ... I want them to just go live somewhere else. (07/24/2007)

By Steve

Pigeons on my Balcony

I've put out all kinds of different plants on our balcony and less pigeons are coming. I'm trying the CD thing 1st thing tomorrow. but theres a piece of wood missing from the outside part of our roof and these pigeons have crawled inside and set up camp. I hear them walking and scratching all day. Someone give me an idea to get them out of there. Please...thanks

itzmizz AT

By meli mel

Pigeons on my Balcony

Could someone please post a picture or broader description of how to hang the Cds? I don't think hanging from the ceiling is an option (Rental). (01/09/2008)


Pigeons on my Balcony

Yes, I have pigeons too! At first my boyfriend who just moved here from Holland loved them, calling them doves, but some time has passed and they have become a big problem. I finally brought a plastic owl and it has basically done nothing! I don't know what to do, let alone how to clean it? (01/10/2008)

By Laura

Pigeons on my Balcony

I have two pigeons on my balcony. I am sick n tired of those flying rats. I've thrown about 4 nests over the balcony (no eggs involved) and they keep coming back! I just put up cd's and they flew away! Haven't been back yet! Thank gawd! (03/06/2008)


Pigeons on my Balcony

The best thing to do is to make a string hold up about half way down your balcony and the string colour should be blue.
Recommended for Pigeons on a balcony.
TRY it.

99.9% (04/07/2008)

Pigeons on my Balcony

Just take a long strip of aluminum foil and tape it to the back wall or balcony rail (SHINEY SIDE OUT!) and your problem is solved. And it doesn't look as bad as hanging CDs does. It's a great idea the CDs but for the interior design conscious it's not the best idea. (04/09/2008)

By Harrison

Pigeons on my Balcony

These birds are diving me crazy! I've lived in my place for 12 years and last year this problem began. This season it's out of control. I can't get a good night's sleep, they're out there coo-ing at 5:00am and are now laying eggs on the surface of my balcony, no nest at all. I built a hanging thing with sharp nails hanging off of it and they've figured it out already. I am compassionate and was going to leave the eggs there because I felt bad, but after reading all the similar posts, the eggs are being relocated tomorrow and there will be some CD's swinging from the balcony by tomorrow evening! Thanks for the insight, I seriously hope it works! (04/20/2008)

By John S.

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