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What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

Hi everyone. So glad I found this site. I have been looking for a shower curtain to match my rugs and towels. I know it is called Waverly Garden Floral Manor. What I can find on e-bay is all a burgundy colored back ground. My towels are a cream color, the rugs are gold with a dark gold border. Each have yellow and burgundy flowers, I believe they are peonies. I contacted Waverly, they said Target has them designed under the name "Garden Room" There are several different patterns under this name. Waverly was unsure what happens to the stock when Target discontinues a pattern. I would appreciate any kind of suggestion you may have. Thank you.



Waverly Garden Floral Manor

I have seen some at BIG LOTS> (11/19/2004)


Big Lots

I used the same pattern in my bedroom and I was lucky and found the same pattern at our local Big Lots store. I hope that you're near one. Give it a try! (11/19/2004)

By Barbara

Donate to Local Charities

I've been told that if Target can not sell anything on clearance, they donate it to a local organization. (11/19/2004)

By kidseatfree

Target Website

Have you checked Targets website? (11/20/2004)

By Linne

Dutch Treat Sheet Set

Since you were able to help "cheer bear" maybe you can help me! I am desperately looking for the Swell sheet set Target carried called "dutch treat". Has anyone seen it anywhere? any help is appreciated.

betz (02/04/2005)

By betz

Amethyst Wall Border

I checked all the local "thrift" stores in our location for everyone and there is nothing. I am looking for amethyst wall border from 2000. (03/13/2005)

By Angela

waverly floral manor

I'm looking for the glassware that goes with the waverly floral manor bath. Lotion pump, soap dish, tissue box, tumbler, toothbrush holder. if anyone can help please contact me at kearns.tonya_r @ (remove spaces) (05/03/2005)

By Tonya

Goodwill and eBay

I'm in NY and Target stores here send their clearance stuff to Goodwill. I've also found TONS of discontinued Waverly Floral Manor items on eBay! (05/19/2005)


Waverly Sweet Violets Comforter

I am looking for a king or queen size Waverly Sweet Violets comforter. Can anyone help me find one? (07/10/2005)

By Kathleen


Check eBay for these discontinued items. I have had great luck. (08/12/2005)

By Nancy


Flamingo Collection Plate

I'm looking for a luncheon plate they sold at Target this summer that is lime green with white polka dots (the other plates in the same line were coral, yellow and aqua). Any suggestions? Couldn't find it on e-bay. They were part of some sort of "flamingo" collection. (11/15/2005)

By Cheri C.

Site for Wallpaper and Borders (01/25/2006)

By Tim

Sweet Violets Bedding

I am looking for a queen size sweet violets comforter, bed skirt and bedding and valiance (02/25/2006)

By Ellen Reeves

Striped Sheets Waverly Garden Room Floral Manor

I am looking for the striped sheets that go with the Waverly Garden Room Floral Manor pattern in queen size. Email me at D0nnasue1 AT (04/09/2006)

By Donna Wagner

Wall Mirror with Mother of Pearl

Looking for a wall mirror with mother of pearls around it from Target, recently discontinued. (04/30/2006)

By Susan


I am looking for a pair of black shoes (brand name xhilaration) they have a chunk heal and a buckle, they sort of look like mary janes, looking for a 6 1/2 please help (07/02/2006)

By Nicole


Hi Everyone....I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for the NAME of a discontinued style of Target brand Bedding Collection. The Collection was green and cream with flowers - which I think were like magnolias. The set also featured two types of sheet sets to match the comforter and a quilt that was also green and cream. Very classic looking. If anyone knows what the name might have been, please let me know and I might be able to find it on Ebay. THANKS! (07/03/2006)

By Jenny

Amethyst Butterfly Wall Border

I am also looking for the Amethyst Butterfly Wall Border. Anyone seen it out there? (08/23/2006)

By Lisa Brauer

Carolina Gardens

Attention Jenny. Your pattern is Carolina Gardens. I'm not sure if I have any of the pieces you need but take a look on ebay. If I don't have it, someone else will. Figure out what you need then leave a "Want it now" post on ebay. Good Luck! (08/27/2006)

By twintechmom

Magazine Rack

I'm looking for a dark wood magazine rack that Target used to carry. Has anyone seen it out there? (09/30/2006)


Serving Dishes

I am also looking for an item that has been discontinued this past summer/early fall. Target had serving dishes that were big, green leaves, and mine shattered and I cannot find a replacement anywhere. I have tried searching on Ebay, any suggestions?

Please help. (11/24/2006)

By Witherspoon

Dish Replacements

this may or may not help.. but heres a site that offer dish replacement.. I hope yours is there. (11/24/2006)

By Ariela

Plate with Asian pattern

I am looking for a pattern that has been discontinued in dishes. It is a black plate with black leaves on it. It is oriental looking. I think it is called Worldview Asian black floral. I am not sure, and I am having trouble finishing my sisters set. She is getting married soon and I have been collecting these for her. They discontinued them before i could finish the set!!! Help!! (12/28/2006)

By Jenn

Bowl with Fruit

I am looking for more pieces to a dinnerware set I got at Target several years ago. It is difficult because the only thing I have to go on is that the bottom of the bowl has the word HOME tm. The bowl has fruit around the outside, grapes, an apple and a pear. It is dotted with little white flowers. Does anyone know the name of this pattern or where I can find more? (12/29/2006)

By Chynna

Gibson Country China Pattern

I am looking for a country china pattern that Target sold last year with a rooster in the center of the plate. I have searched the internet and have even contacted the Gibson dinnerware company to try and locate this pattern. If you could assist me in finding more of this dinnerware it would be greatly appreciated. (01/03/2007)


By Caroline

What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

You will find target shelf pulls, discontinued items and lots of great stuff. It is an auction site, and all lots start at $100. But selling the rest of the stuff is very easy if you use ebay, or save some items for gifts.

Good luck,
Tina (01/03/2007)

By trbrown22

Waverly Garden Room Pillows

I have three Waverly Garden Room pillows if anyone is interested in buying them. They are in brand new condition. I have the square lavender and green stripe, the yellow floral with violets, and a rectangular sage and white gingham with white rick-rack in the seam. That's catwingo and I'm at (01/22/2007)

By Cathi

ISO: valance SPORTS theme from Target for boys room

I am searching for boy's room window treatment: sports themed valance Target carried around 2004-06. Measures 19" x 80". Light blue tabs attached to light blue valance with royal blue trim. Has appliqués of football, baseball, yellow star, soccer ball and basketball.
UPC # 0 47225 92036 2
If you know of one, let me know! Thanks! (02/07/2007)

By kidsroom

WV Floral Onyx

I am looking for a dinnerware pattern that Target sold; WV Floral Onyx. I registered for it for my wedding, and got some of it, but not near enough, and now it's discontinued...HELP! (02/12/2007)

By Michelle

Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rozenwig Plates

Does anyone know where I could find seven pink and white Swell melamine plates sold at Target a few years ago? They were designed by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rozenwig. (02/18/2007)

By targetfix

Global Home Window Panel

I am in need of one global home window panel from 2005, it is gold/beige with stripes of earthy colors on the top in stripes and the stripes curve in waves. I have one panel and obviously need a second, what was I thinking! (02/23/2007)

By Rebecca

Hartford Buffet Set

I am looking for a Hartford Buffet set it is part of the Hartford dining collection recently discontinued, any one that can help me I will appreciate. (03/01/2007)

By Gina

Waverly Harbor square drapes

Hi, I've moved and need to find additional Waverly Harbor square drapes to match what I have. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. (03/18/2007)

By eleanor guest post

Home Trends Dinnerware

I have a home trends 16 piece dinnerware set new in the box I got for my bridal shower and I don't have any use for it. It has 4 plates 4 dessert plates 4 bowls and 4 mugs with an apple/grapes and pear on it. It is also microwaveable save. If this is what your looking for email me and maybe I could ship it out to you on paypal. I am trying to sell it, or I could sell it to you through ebay. Let me know if this is it. Thanks chall1011 AT (03/22/2007)

By Courtney.

Waverly Floral Manor Dishes (Garden Room)

I am looking for some more Waverly dishes called "Floral Manor" - the salad plates are an allover fruit pattern and the dinner plate is yellow with a terra cotta rim, and a green outside rim. Thanks, Michelle

Michelle (at) SignatureRealtyLLC (dot) com (03/30/2007)

By Michelle

Waverly Floral Manor Dishes (Garden Room)

Island Girl Sheet Set

I am looking for a sheet set called ISLAND GIRL by Target in full size. I've checked eBay and the web. Can anyone help? (04/10/2007)

By Sheila

Tropical Patterned Dishes

I am looking for (I think they were plastic) dishes from last summer (06). They came in orange, green, yellow, turquoise & all types of designs: lemons, tropical patterns, leaves, parrots, etc. IF anyone know what I'm talking about and knows how I can get my hands on them, please let me know via email: prayerwarrioramf@ {remove spaces} (04/23/2007)

By Amanda

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

asian floral pattern:

re: asian floral pattern:

Amazon Link


Target Link (06/07/2007)

By me

Blue and White Plush Dog

Hello everyone, this is probably not the correct area to be asking, but I guess I don't have anything to lose!

I'm searching for a blue & white plush dog that used to be sold at Target stores last year, but of course is now discontinued. I don't know who makes it because my son tore off the tag, and this dog has turned into his most prized possession. It's starting to show some wear and tear, and the only two I've found were already sold on eBay.

ANY help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!! (06/11/2007)

By thaihoney

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

hi everyone and the women who said that the stuff goes to was right and depending on the area you are in it goes to different distribution companies and than gets auctioned off to others and put into small mom and pop stores or sold on ebay. if your in an area that has local auctions you may try sitting in on a few of them but after that its ebay or local small stores and of course dollar stores and last but not least target also sends items to goodwill industries and they sell off what they can and this is true for most department stores.basically there is also a food chain in merchandise (06/11/2007)

By denise w

medium-sized picnic blanket

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a medium-sized picnic blanket that Target sold last year (2006) in their Global Home / Ipanema collection (I've attached a picture of it on my couch.) When I washed mine in cold water, the color got all washed out!! I've checked ebay and similar sites. Does anyone know where I might find this? I can be reached at michelle (at) angrypeanut (dot) org.
Michelle (06/18/2007)

By Michelle

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

Monkey Boy Box Light

Hi. I am desperately trying to locate an item that has just recently been discontinued at Target. It's called the Monkey Boy Box Light. It was part of the Monkey Boy bedding collection. I am trying to finish up my toddler's room in this collection and wish I had purchased this light when I saw it the first time in the store. I've attached a photo. If anyone knows or has seen this light somewhere, I'd appreciate any info!!! Thanks so much!! (06/24/2007)

By Lynn Arnold

RE: What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I am looking for a comforter set discontinued by Target. It is from the Tween collection and I believe it is "Flowers" It is multi-colored with purple, green, blue, green, and pinks. The colors are very bold. Any help would be appreciated. (07/11/2007)

By Dena

Amethyst Toothbrush Holder

I am looking for the Amethyst Toothbrush Holder from Target. I purchased it a year or two ago and I just broke it :( The information on the bottom of the holder is:

064 07 1043

Dept CL Item


0 3632627473 3

RN 61945

I have looked on Target's website,, and ebay. I have not be able to locate this. If anyone knows where I could find it I would really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance (07/16/2007)

By Megan1107

What Happens To Discontinued Products At Target?

I was a manager for Target, the discontinue product items get donated or salvaged out. Most of them go clearance first then donated or returned to service center to donate. (07/16/2007)

By Morgan

Garden Room by Waverly

Actually, Garden Room is a Waverly line that was sold only at Target. You need the pattern name. Go to ebay and put in Waverly, then patiently look at all the listings until you come to your pattern. Then you can put a Want It Now posting on eBay, but put a photo of your pattern in the posting. That will give you alerts when your pattern is listed, and some sellers will send you their listings. I have a valance for sale in Waverly Garden Room in the pattern called GARDEN LANE, here is the closed item listing, just put this number in the search box on eBay and you can see if this is your pattern. 160134538262(07/16/2007)

By Helen

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