November 28, 2012

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Storing Postage Stamps

Storing Postage StampsThis page is about storing postage stamps. A collector needs a good system to keep their stamps in excellent condition and organized.


Making a Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Making a Plants vs. Zombies CakeThis is a page about making a Plants vs. Zombies cake. Fans of the game, Plants vs. Zombies, will love to have a cake decorated after the game.


Fudge Recipes

Fudge RecipesThis chocolate confection is great to make for gifts and gatherings. This page contains fudge recipes.


Crochet Hat Patterns

Finding Crochet Hat PatternsThis is a page about finding crochet hat patterns. Making your own crochet hat allows you to choose from a multitude of patterns.


Freezing Butternut Squash

Freezing Butternut SquashThis squash can keep for quite awhile, but sometimes you may need to freeze some. This page is about freezing butternut squash.


Keeping Sheets on the Bed

Keeping Sheets on the BedThis page is about keeping sheets on the bed. Depending on the mattress and the kind of sheets, it can be a challenge to keep the bedding together.


Homemade Taquitos

Homemade Taquito RecipesThis page contains homemade taquito recipes. These fried Mexican appetizers are not hard to make yourself.


Eating pancakes with applesauce.

Syrup Alternatives for PancakesThere are a variety of delicious ways to top pancakes or waffles. This page contains syrup alternatives for pancakes.


Crafts Using FrozenJuice Concentrate Lids

Crafts Using Frozen Juice Concentrate LidsThis page contains crafts using frozen juice concentrate lids. Before tossing these sturdy lids in the recycle bin, consider using them for craft projects.


Spaghetti Sauce Stains on Clothing

Removing Spaghetti Sauce Stains on ClothingThis page is about removing spaghetti sauce stains on clothing. Tomato sauce can leave stubborn spots on your clothes.


Divinity Fudge

Divinity Fudge RecipesThis delicious holiday candy is not hard to make, but does take some time. This page contains divinity fudge recipes.


Photo of a colorful area rug.

Color Advice for Area Rugs?This is a page about color advice for area rugs. Choosing the best color for an area rug and bring the whole room's color scheme together.


A woman holding yarn.

Homemade Yarn Holder IdeasThis page contains homemade yarn holder ideas. When working on your knitting or crochet project, there are ways to keep the your yarn in order.


Hydrangeas Cuttings

Growing Hydrangeas From CuttingsThis page is about growing hydrangeas from cuttings. This flowering plant can be propagated by rooting a slip.


Savory Muffin Recipes

Savory Muffin RecipesThese unsweetened muffins go great with soup or a main dish. This page contains savory muffin recipes.


Recipe Using English Muffins

Recipes Using English MuffinsThis page contains recipes using English muffins. These muffins are not only good for breakfast and can be used in a variety of ways.


Pizza Casserole Recipes

Pizza Casserole RecipesThis page contains pizza casserole recipes. The variety of flavors in a pizza can make a delicious baked dish.


English Muffins

Homemade English Muffin RecipesThis page contains homemade English muffin recipes. Making these muffins at home insures their freshness.


Wrapping Paper Tubes

Uses for Cardboard Wrapping Paper TubesThis page is about uses for cardboard wrapping tubes. These leftover tubes can be used in crafts, for storage and in other ways.


Peanut Brittle Recipes

Peanut Brittle RecipesThis well liked confection can be made fresh at home. This page contains peanut brittle recipes.



Snowman made from a Bleach Bottle.

Bleach Bottle SnowmanThis is a video on how to make a recycled snowman that uses an empty bleach bottle.


Cheese Plate Labels

Making Cheese Plate LabelsThis video show you an easy and decorative way to label your cheese for you next party.


Cranberry Apple Pie

Cranberry Apple PieThis video shows you how to make a delicious Cranberry Apple Pie.



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Chicken Biscuit StewI think this is a great, cold-weather meal! Very hearty and filling!


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Pork Chops and DressingVery tender chops and a great tasting dressing!


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One Pot Macaroni MealThis is a great one-dish meal! Inexpensive to make!



Cali doing her splat cat impression.

In Memory of CaliCali was our daughter's cat. She got her from the Humane Society on Ohau. She came to stay with us for awhile and was the acting mommy cat to our little tabby Pekoe.


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Soap For Leg Cramp ReliefThis may sound crazy but it actually works. My sister told me she had bad leg cramps that prevented a restful night's sleep. She put a bar of soap, any soap, under the top sheet. That's right, a bar of soap! For whatever reason, it works.


Razor For Removing Fabric Pills

Razor For Removing Fabric PillsIt seems like it's always your old favorites that get those awful little fabric pills. Take a new disposable razor and lightly go across the garment. Use short strokes while pulling the fabric tight.


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Citrus Peels for a Great Smelling FireTo make your house smell great, save all your citrus peels and dry them. They can be used for kindling in your fireplace. They contain flammable oils and they smell just great when used for kindling in your fire!


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Kitchen De-cluttering with an Old BreadboxI had an old roll-up front wooden breadbox that I was loathe to part with, but didn't need for bread keeping so I re-purposed it as a kitchen organizer.


Use Magnets For Floating Balloons

Use Magnets For Floating BalloonsHelium balloons looks fabulous at any party BUT they are very expensive. I thought of an idea that could allow you to cheat and that is to inflate your balloon and then pop inside a small magnet.



Black and tan puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?I bought a puppy from the local flea market, but I'm not sure what type of dog she is.


Closeup  of spots where color removed.

Nail Polish Remover on Leather Bag?My younger sister spilled some nail polish remover and got a few blotches on my leather satchel. Is there any way I can get rid of the blotches? I heard about re-dyeing the leather, but how do I do that? The bag is 100% genuine leather and I assume it is finished.


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Crochet Hat Pattern Search?In the late 1970s, probably '75 or '76, I made a crocheted hat from a pattern on the wrap strip of Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn. I think it may have been called a "cloche", but none of the patterns I find on-line are quite the same.


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Freezing Mashed Potatoes?My family loves mashed potatoes and on busy weeknights I'm embarrassed to admit that I've used powdered potato flakes. My husband is not a fan of the flakes.


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Itching Yorkie?I have a 1 year Yorkie, she is my baby, and she itching all the time. At this time I am using a hydrocortisone lotion, but it's been more then 8 weeks and she is still itching. She sleeps with us and I don't sleep well because of that and she doesn't either. I also took her to the vet. She gave her some pills, but still she itches. Can you please help me out?


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Uses for Day Planners?I recently saw a tip for uses for a day planner, but didn't get a chance to check it out. Would like to find this tip again. Thank you.


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Area Rug Color Ideas?My walls are sunkist yellow. What color area rug can I buy so it blends nicely with the walls? I have Pergo flooring, light oak pictures with reds and yellows and the couch is a very light sage color.


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Cleaning a Refrigerator Rubber Gasket?The rubber gasket around my refrigerator and freezer doors gets mildew and mold buildup constantly. I've cleaned it several times with Clorox and other cleaners however the older stains remain and the mildew/mold builds up again. Does anyone have a better and permanent solution please?


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Dog Biting, Chewing, and Pulling on My Clothes?I am at the end of my rope. This is our second Pit (our first was hit by a car at 1 year). BeBe is 14 weeks old and I can not get her to stop biting my hands, feet, legs, and she pulls on my pants leg.


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Freezing Sandwiches?Can you freeze sandwiches (deli meat and cheese) without them becoming soggy or stale tasting when they defrost in the lunchbox?


Cats in Attic?Please how can I get rid of stray cats living in my ceiling? They get access thru a neighbour's roof and always urinate into the ceiling boards.


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Overnight French Toast Casserole?I am looking for a recipe for overnite French toast casserole/bake. It uses vanilla liquid coffee creamer, day old bread and half and half. Those are the only contents I can remember.


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Value of New International Encyclopedias?What is the value of the New International Encyclopedia, 1905-Dodd, Mead and CO-20 volumes.


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Removing Red Wine Stain on Microsuede Sofa?How do you get a wine stain off a microsuede sofa cushion?


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