May 7, 2013

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consumer buying a car

Negotiating Tips for ConsumersThis page contains negotiating tips for consumers. When making an important purchase let the merchant know that if they can't give you what you need, you simply won't buy their product.


Miniature Crochet

Miniature Crochet Tips?This is a page about miniature crochet tips. Crochet items made in miniature can be used in various ways, such as decorating a doll's house.


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Removing Venetian Blinds?This is a page about removing venetian blinds. Whether removing them for cleaning or replacement it may not be obvious how to take your blinds down.


Squirrel Chewing

Squirrels Chewing on Car Wiring?This is a page about squirrels chewing on car wiring. Squirrels and other rodents can cause, expensive to repair, damage to your car by chewing on the wiring.


stainless shaker

Snow Leopard Cocktail RecipesThis page contains snow leopard cocktail recipes. There are several variations on this popular cocktail.


Leftover Biscuits

Uses for Leftover BiscuitsOften times a batch of biscuits may be more than your family can eat at one meal. Save the leftovers and use them in a new dish tomorrow. This is a page about uses for leftover biscuits.



Rhubarb Salad RecipesNot only is tart vegetable delicious in pie and jam, but you can use this in salad recipes. This page contains rhubarb salad recipes.


fried okra

Cooking OkraThis is a page about cooking okra. Okra is not a commonly eaten vegetable. It is one of those foods that you either love or hate, but if you have never tried it, it might be time.


Gift Bag Ideas

Gift Bag IdeasThis is a page about gift bag ideas. A bag filled with well chosen, personalized items for the recipient makes a thoughtful and much appreciated gift.


a woman looking at paint swatches.

Paint Color to Coordinate With Rust Colored Carpet?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with rust colored carpet. The color of your carpet can be a prominent element in the overall look of the room. Choosing just the right paint color to complement the carpet is important to achieving your desired effect.


Making Chair Cushions

Making Chair CushionsThis is a page about making chair cushions. Chair cushions add not only comfort, but beauty and style to your seating.


Folded Towel Cat

Folded Towel CatThis is a page about folded towel cat. You may have seen these cute folded towel animals at a hotel. Make some in different animal shapes as gifts or to use in the powder room during your next party.


Fruitcake Cookie

Fruitcake Cookie Recipes?This page contains fruitcake cookie recipes. Rather than the ubiquitous holiday fruit cake, bake some delicious fruitcake cookies.


building a house

Saving Money on Building SuppliesThis page is about saving money on building supplies. Besides looking for deals from stores, there are other ways to reduce the cost of your construction materials.


Folded Towel Carrot

Folded Towel CarrotThis is a page about making a folded towel carrot. Your guests will be delighted by these clever folded towel carrots.


Man With Parkinson's Disease

Activities for Someone With Parkinson's DiseaseThis is a page about activities for someone with Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that can make many activities difficult, but not impossible.


garlic powder

Keeping Onion and Garlic Powder from CakingThis page is about keeping onion and garlic powder from caking. Once opened vegetable powders often stick together and making it difficult to use.


Frugal Gift

Frugal Gift IdeasThis page contains frugal gift ideas. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to show people you care.


Care Packages for Troops

Sending Care Packages to TroopsThis is a page about sending care packages to troops. Sending care packages to troops far from home, especially those in combat zones, is a special way of showing your appreciation for the job they are doing.


Crocheted Heart Angel

Crocheted Heart AngelThis is a page about making a crocheted heart angel. Crocheted hearts in varying sizes can be joined to form a cute angel motif.


Scrap Quilt

Scrap Quilt IdeasThis is a page about scrap quilt ideas. Quilting has traditionally been a craft where you could use up scrap fabrics.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?This is a page about symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is highly toxic if inhaled.


A finished cigarette.

Uses for Cigarette Ash?This is a page about uses for cigarette ash. Ash from cigarettes can be used for some cleaning jobs, as well as other household tasks.


Crocheted Purse

Crocheted Purse IdeasThis is a page about crocheted purse ideas. Making a crochet purse is not only fun, but you will have a useful, one of a kind, item for yourself or to give as a gift.


House sparrow on a fence.

Keeping House Sparrows Out of Bluebird Houses?This is a page about keeping house sparrows out of bluebird houses. House sparrows can move in and take over bird houses you may have intended for other types of birds, such as bluebirds.


A black lab.

Small Flaky Scabs on a Dog's Skin?This is a page about small flaky scabs on a dog's skin. Small flaky scabs on a dog's skin can be the result of several conditions. In order to treat the symptoms you will want to determine the cause.


Man and woman in a difficult relationship

Maintaining Independence and Self Confidence in a...Relationships are about two people joining together to form a complementary unit. However, it can be difficult to retain a sense of self in some relationships, especially if one of the partners is too dominant or overbearing. This is a page about maintaining independence and self confidence in a relationship.


mason jar vase

Crafts Using Mason JarsThere are many ways to use and reuse these food storage containers. This page contains crafts using Mason jars.


Blue-Green Carpet

Paint Color to Coordinate With Blue-Green Carpet?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with blue-green carpet. Carpet color and wall color can either coordinate or contrast, but either way you want to choose the best color to achieve the desired effect.


Lemon Chicken Pasta

Lemon Chicken Pasta RecipesThis page contains lemon chicken pasta recipes. Chicken in a tangy lemon sauce is delicious served over pasta.


Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix PhotosThis page contains Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier mix photos. These two small breeds when cross bred can result in cute little dogs exhibiting characteristics of both breeds.


walnut chicken

Walnut Chicken RecipesThis page contains walnut chicken recipes. Walnuts and chicken combine, in many different cuisines, to produce a delicious meal.



fruit fly trap

Fruit Fly TrapI absolutely hate fruit flies! This trap is very easy to make and works really well.


Freezing Mashed BananasSave money on bananas! Those browning bananas on your counter don't need to get thrown away, even if you aren't ready to use them right now.


Making a Pom Pom With a ForkUsing a fork allows you to make pom poms quickly and evenly sized.


Basic White Sauce

Basic White SauceThis simple white sauce makes a great base for cheese sauce.



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Clothespins for Keeping Snacks FreshAfter I enjoy a bowl of cereal or munch a chip, I fold the bag by bringing the top corners of the bag in to meet each other then fold the flap down. I then clip a clothespin on the flap and return to box or shelf.


Purple gift bag.

Homemade Gift BagThis gift bag is made from a crispbread box, painted using a 99p test pot. For the handles I used twine/string. I filled it with homemade items; home grown and dried mint, and a lavender sachet.


Miss Kitty (American Staffordshire Terrier)I got Miss Kitty in May of 2011. She turned 2 on April 1 2013.


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Have Recipes Will TravelI live in a foreign country and also love to cook. So, when I visit my family in the states, I usually say from 2-4 weeks and because airline tickets are expensive, I try to stay a decent amount of time.


Freeze Part Full Water Bottles

Freeze Part Full Water BottlesI thought I was pretty clever to freeze partial bottles of water into ice. Then I can just add either more water, juice or other drinks to when I head out the door for a walk, gardening or on the road!


Double Trouble with Fuzzy (Cat)

Double Trouble with Fuzzy (Cat)After painting a wooden cut out of my little cat Fuzzy, I noticed she was sitting there looking at it later, which made me laugh and snap her photo.


Mount Peter and Mount Paul

Mount Peter and Mount Paul (Kamloops, BC)This is a picture of a mountain about 1/2 block from my home in Kamloops B.C. I just can't take enough pictures of it.


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Update a Sheath-Style DressYou don't have to throw away your favorite sheath-style dress just because you outgrow it. All things old can become new again with a bit of imagination.



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Pattern for Clothespin Bag?Anyone out there have a easy pattern for a clothes pin holder?


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Hummingbird Nesting Information?I have a question about hummingbirds. I have a small birdhouse that I put on a branch near our house. I was cleaning it out recently and noticed a nest in it that looked like it was abandoned. It had two tiny white eggs in it. The nest was made of moss, hair, feathers, and lichen.


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Dealing with An abusive Husband?I'm 27 and I have 3 kids with my husband, who is 25. I been with him for 13 years now, but for the last 3 years it's been on and off. We were separated for almost a year. I was moving on with my kids and we were happy. I despise of my status here.


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Nicotine Stains and Odor on Wood Paneling?I just purchased an old home with old wood paneling that reeks of nicotine. What is the best way to clean it?


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Replacing the Tub on a Samsung Model wa78k1 Washer?How do I replace the inner tub on a Samsung washing machine model wa78k1?


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SSI for Dependent Student?My son is 19 and in high school. He will be attending college after he graduates. His father passed away 2 weeks ago. Is he entitled to draw SSI?


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Tomato Pudding Recipes?I would love to get this recipe if anyone has it. I have never eaten it, but was told it was delicious!


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Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I have a Morse zig zag 4100 sewing machine. It has thread on the spool and the bobbin, but it doesn't make a stitch.


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Uses for Mint Sauce Other Than Lamb?I have a bottle of mint sauce and do not want to use it on lamb. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can use it on or is there a recipe to use it on fresh fruit or anything else that I am not aware of?


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Remedy for Dry Bald Spot on Dog?What if your dog has a dry, bald spot?


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My Son's 18th Birthday?My son is turning 18th on 1st June. Please help with how to make his birthday as a memorable day of his life.


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Using Flea Drops on Cats?I have 3 cats, indoor/outdoor, and they have fleas and most of all are being bitten by mosquitoes. They have collars on for the fleas only, but recently got drops for them. So I need to take off the collars and wait how long before using drops?


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Something Eating My Pecans?What type of animal will eat pecans and get inside a house? I also need to know how you get rid of this animal? I have already put the pecans in my freezer.


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Stickers Won't Stick to Mirror?I want to decorate a mirror using Peel Offs (stickers) and decorate some PVC plastic. They seem to fall off, is there something I can use to keep them on. The mirrors and PVC plastic have been cleaned and dried. I need help on this thanks


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Mower Cord Stuck?I ran over a piece of metal with my lawnmower and now the cord is stuck it won't pull out. The blade looks fine, but won't turn.


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