March 15, 2017

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Pan Fried Tilapia with green onion and ginger chunks on plate

Pan Fried Tilapia RecipeThis tilapia dish is quick and easy to make and adds that often overlooked fish meal to your diet. This page contains a pan fried tilapia recipe.


A row of shingles on a wall or roof.

Using Roofing Shingles to Side a Shed?Leftover roofing shingles can be used as siding for a storage or garden shed. You will want to follow the appropriate installation process for best results. This page gives some advice about using roofing shingles to side a shed.


A woman smelling fresh laundry.

Make Your Own Laundry Soap With Dish SoapDiluted dish soap is used by many people in place of laundry detergent. This is a page about how to make your own laundry soap with dish soap.


A birthday cake with a "12" on the top and a boy blowing out the candles.

12 Year Old Party IdeasYour 12 year old is on the cusp of becoming a teenager. This can be a difficult party to plan so that all of the kids have a good time. This is a page about 12 year old party ideas.


Slug on Lettuce

Use Beer to Prevent SlugsBy setting out shallow bowls filled with beer you can control slugs in your garden without the use of pesticides. This is a page about use beer to prevent slugs.


Plastic bag holder made from a shirt sleeve.

Upcycled Plastic Bag SaverHere is one idea for making a plastic bag saver using the sleeve from a man's shirt. Repurposing and reusing all in one. This is a page about making an upcycled plastic bag saver.


growing in water

Growing Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus)This herb grows best in shallow water. It has both medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing sweet flag (Acorus calamus).


MTuna Salad

Simple Tuna Salad RecipeTuna salad can be as simple as you like or you can add a variety of additional ingredients. This page contains a simple tuna salad recipe.


A plate and bottle

Protecting Tomato SeedlingsWith some creativity you can protect your young tomato seedlings and get a jump on the growing season. This is a page about protecting tomato seedlings.


A popcorn tin being used as a trash can.

Using a Popcorn Tin as a Trash CanDecorative gift food tins can be repurposed in a number of ways. A simple one is to put it to use as a trash can. This is a page about using a popcorn tin as a trash can.



Frighten Deer with Plastic BagsOn the list of ways to keep deer out of your garden is the use of objects that move in the wind or reflect light. This page is about how to frighten deer with plastic bags.


Using recycled plastic containers for seedlings.

Reuse Plastic Containers for SeedlingsMany plastic containers work quite well for starting your seeds prior to spring planting. This is a page about reuse plastic containers for seedlings.


A candle being used to lubricate the zipper of a purse.

Lubricating a Zipper with Candle WaxSometimes a stuck or hard to close zipper can be fixed by rubbing it with candle wax. This is a page about lubricating a zipper with candle wax.


A dog sleeping in a dog bed.

Dog Making Noises While Sleeping?Dogs can make a variety of noises while they are sleeping. Unless there are indications of pain or trouble breathing, they are typically normal sleep behavior.


Egg Shells

Use Egg Shells for Slug PreventionSome gardeners have good success reducing the slug population in their garden using broken egg shells. This is a page about use egg shells for slug prevention.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets - woman wearing bracelet

How to Make Beaded Pipe Cleaner BraceletsThis is a fun but relatively easy craft that even younger kids can make. This page shows you how to make beaded pipe cleaner bracelets.


An old house in a small rural town.

Frugal Rural LivingLife in the country can give you many opportunities to save money by living simply and growing your own food. This is a page about frugal rural living.


Cubes of red jello in a white dish.

Jello Tips and TricksOverall Jello is quite easy to make, however there are a few tips that can guarantee almost complete success. This page contains tips and tricks for making Jello.


A pot of soup with cabbage and vegetables.

Depression Soup RecipesMaking use of leftovers and inexpensive scratch ingredients can make a delicious, hearty soup. This page contains depression soup recipes.


Blackbird at Bird Feeder

Keeping Blackbirds Out Of Bird Feeders?Many people maintain bird feeders for song birds. Therefore they are often dismayed when larger bully birds try to take over the feeder. This is a page about keeping blackbirds out of bird feeders.


A white dog being groomed with clippers.

Treating a Dog for Skin Irritation from Grooming?Pet grooming, particularly shaving, can leave your dog with irritated skin. Luckily there are some remedies to make your pet more comfortable and clear up the irritation. This is a page about treating a dog for skin irritation from grooming.


Woman with tea bags on her eyes

Using Tea Bags to Relieve Tired EyesTea bags, both black and green, are said to help revive tired eyes, as well as reduce dark circles, and puffiness. This page contains ideas about using tea bags to relieve tired eyes.


Paper Rainbow Mosaic - finished arched more tightly papered rainbow

How to Make a Paper Rainbow MosaicRainbows are a popular image in kids' art projects. Bits of torn or cut paper can be used to make a beautiful rainbow mosaic. This is a page about how to make a paper rainbow mosaic.


Plate of red cookies.

Red Velvet Peppermint Crinkle CookiesThese festive cookies are not only delicious, but the kids can help make them. This page contains a recipe for making red velvet peppermint crinkle cookies.


Man Cleaning Car

Removing Paint from a Car or Truck ExteriorOur cars spend time in the garage or driveway, both places where accidental spills or spraying while projecting can leave them with paint on their exterior. This is a page about removing paint from a car or truck exterior.


Power of Attorney documents on a desk.

Changing a Power of Attorney?This is a page about changing a power of attorney. Generally consulting an attorney is your best course of action when you need legal advice.


Many hands together with the palms up.

Name Ideas for Charitable Organization Helping Homeless Children?Homeless children living on the streets are an extremely vulnerable segment of the population. Thankfully, there are organizations that work to help them. This is a page about name ideas for charitable organization helping homeless children.



Chicken Kabobs, tomatoes and rice on plate

Simple Chicken KabobsThis is a very easy way to make chicken kabobs but keep the elegant, authentic taste. You can use any type of meat and vegetables with this method.


Ground Beef Haystacks on plate

Ground Beef HaystacksThis stackable dish is described perfectly by its name. You layer a variety of foods to create a delicious meal. This recipe has been passed down through my mom's side of the family. It's quick and easy, which makes it a perfect go-to meal when you don't have a lot of time.


Fudge Top Cassava Cake

Cassava CakeCassava, a tropical root is a staple food in many parts of the world. It is commonly used in the U.S. to make the thickening agent tapioca.



Keeping Blender Push Buttons Clean

Keeping Blender Push Buttons CleanI keep several sizes of cheap paint brushes in the kitchen. One is to clean between the push buttons on my blender. I dip the tip of the brush in clean sudsy water, shake it almost dry and then go around and between the buttons. Covering them with a bag removes the need to clean them.


Store Flowering Bulbs Upside Down - bulbs in mesh tube

Store Flowering Bulbs Upside DownWhether you store bulbs in a box of dry sand, Perlite, or another medium, or whether you hang them in a material that permits good passage of air, always be sure to position the bulbs upside down.


Paperclip and Bead Wrapped Earrings - finished single earring

Paperclip and Bead Wrapped EarringsThese pretty earrings can be made out of new or recycled materials. Make them dainty or big and bold, colourful or pastel, or rough and rustic. They're made of a mix of punky paperclips and blingy beads. However you put your own mark on them they'll look great on you


Robin Red Breast - robin in part sun

Robin Red BreastImagine a glass prism that breaks up light into all colors of the spectrum. Now imagine a glass prism that reflects light in only shades of blue. That is way a bluebird appears blue, but what about this little guy?


Bailey Loves Dressing Up in Crochet Squares

Bailey Loves Dressing Up in Crochet SquaresWe are having a cold snap, with temperatures around 19. Cats love being cozy, and I love covering Bailey up in crochet squares. He always falls right to sleep. He is almost a year old and spoiled rotten, the way any cat should be ;)


Wear Rubber Gloves Inside Gloves - thin latex type glove being worn inside work gloves

Wear Rubber Gloves Inside GlovesWe have been wearing rubber gloves under our winter and even gardening gloves this year. Hands stay dry, warmer, and cleaner!


Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR) - main building

Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR)Tours begin and end at the Harry & David Country Village located at: 1314 Center DR Medford, Oregon It is easily reached from I-5 at exit 27 or take Hwy 99 to Stewart Ave.


Gardener's Easter Basket - Easter decorated flower pot with bulbs and two Easter plant pokes

Gardener's Easter BasketI have a few people who love to plant bulbs and garden. This basket is full of bulbs, and yet has the decorations for the season added for that special touch. Any plant-lover would be blessed to receive a gift like this, that celebrates life with the promise of new growth and beauty in the garden!



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Housebroken Dog Keeps Pooping in House?I recently moved in with a friend and ever since I moved in her dog has been pooping on the floor. It's a 4 year old Yorkie who is trained to use a pee pad. She has a huge spacious bathroom where she keeps the pee pad and keeps him in there during the day.


Decorating a Small Foyer bright yellow wall and light grey one

Decorating a Small Foyer?This is a tiny little foyer which leads to the master bedroom. With the grey and yellow paint what can I do to make this area special? I wanted to hang a vintage wooden frame mirror on the grey wall and put a planter on the yellow one. Also I wanted to cover the electric box which is an eyesore.


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Finding a Half Brother?I have been trying to locate and meet my brother since I first found out about him. I'm only 16 so I obviously haven't got the money for a private investigator and people like that. I do have information about my brother, I know his name, how old he is, and have a rough idea of his birthday.


German Shepherd Is Too Skinny - looking down on very thin dog

German Shepherd Is Too Skinny?My male German Shepherd is about 15 months old. He gets fed 3 cups of food twice a day and still looks very skinny. What can I do to make him gain weight?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black puppy with white on chest and toes

What Breed Is My Dog?I just recently got my puppy a couple days ago. She is as sweet as can be. I'm just curious, does she look like she is pure Pit or a mix of Lab?


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Collecting a Deceased Sibling's Social Security?I was told I could collect my deceased sister's Social Security and I was wondering if that is true.


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Shelf Life of Crisco Shortening?How long will Crisco last?


A glass vase with an Oriental lily growing in water.

Algae Growing in Water With Bulb?I'm growing an oriental lily in water only and it's been a great success! However I've noticed some green algae inside my vase. How do I get rid of it without killing my bulb?


Is My Pit Bull Puppy Mixed?

Is My Pit Bull Puppy Mixed?I know I can get a DNA test, but I am not that concerned about it. I was just wondering what people think my pup is mixed with. My friend got me a puppy from her friend who had a litter and she told me Laina was mixed with Border Collie.


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Discouraging Cats from Pooping in the Garden?I have two lovely cats who love to use my garden as a bathroom. It makes it smelly the entry way into my home for visitors and I grow my veggies there too. I thought that maybe if I plant some catnip and cat grass to encourage their enjoyment in the garden it would keep them from eliminating it my garden.


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Slogan for Cleaning Business?I'm having trouble coming up with a new cleaning service slogan. The business name is, Helping Hand for Seniors.


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Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards?I am looking for something to clean the kitchen cupboards.


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Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Left Wood Furniture Streaky?A housekeeper used Lysol All Purpose cleaner on my wood furniture and now it is gummy and one piece is streaky (white steaks). Is there anything I can do? It was not the spray can, it was the solid all purpose lemon scent.


Information on 1909 Werner Encyclopedia- cover page

Information on 1909 Werner Encyclopedia?I have an encyclopedia that says Werner Encyclopedia, but it doesn't say Britannica. It is dated 1909 and was published in Akron, Ohio. I was hoping to get some information on that encyclopedia.


Information and Value of Porcelain Dolls - doll with long curly hair wearing a pink satin period dress with ecru lace at bottom

Information and Value of Porcelain Dolls?I would like to know how to know what make the dolls are and the value roughly.


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Buying Grandma Brown's Baked Beans?Who sells Grandma Brown's Baked Beans in the Ventura County, California area?


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New Leaves Curling on Brown Turkey Fig Tree?I have a brown turkey fig tree. The leaves are coming out good, but some are starting to curl up. The tree is about 4ft and in the open sun. Any ideas?


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Scope of Medical Power of Attorney?My grandmother has POA over my sister. She is withholding medical information from us and going as far as not letting us see her. As her POA can she keep me from seeing my sister?


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Replacing Water Pump on H20 Steam Cleaner?My steam cleaner stopped producing steam. It makes the pulsing hum, hum, hum, but nothing comes out. I took it apart and cleaned it with white vinegar. Upon removing hoses to check them I found nothing coming from the pump. Is it possible to replace water pump?


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Sharing Expenses with Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I both own our own homes. His adult daughter who is 38 years old and her 12 year old son live with him. We take short trips a few times a year close to home and he pays for the lodging. I drive my car, pay for gas, and share in other expenses. He stays at my house 5 days a week.


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Ideas for Surprise 13th Birthday Party?Do you have any ideas for planning a surprise 13th birthday party for a girl? The colour theme is pink and blue. She loves music and horses and she is loved very much!


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