June 27, 2017

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A package of Umbrian Lentil Soup by the Fig Food Company.

Umbrian Lentil Soup ReviewsThis is a page about Umbrian lentil soup reviews. The Fig Food Company make this wholesome soup that cooks in its own packaging.


Tray of baked muffin tops in oven

Cream of Chicken Soup Muffin TopsYou may be surprised by some of the ingredients found, in addition to cream of chicken soup, in these made from scratch sweet and savory muffins. This is a page about cream of chicken soup muffin tops.


Linoleum Floor

How to Fix Water Damage on a Linoleum Floor?Leaking plumbing can cause your sheet flooring to buckle and lift off the sub-flooring. There could also be staining damage. This is a page about how to fix water damage on a linoleum floor.


A house with a nice lawn and attractive landscaping.

Stickers Growing in the Grass?Depending on the offending plant there are some ways to rid your grass of these painful seed pods. Hand weeding may be your best choice, but herbicides are an option. This is a page about stickers growing in the grass.


Summer Fresh Tomato Pie for One

Summer Fresh Tomato Pie for OneWhen you have an abundance of tomatoes, this recipe makes a small cheesy pie to enjoy all by yourself. This page is about making a summer fresh tomato pie for one.


Bottle of white glue like Elmer's Glue.

Using Elmer's Glue as a Face MaskAlthough Elmer's Glue is non-toxic, it is probably not the best ingredient to use as a face mask. Dermatologists generally discourage this beauty treatment and recommend purchasing something formulated for delicate facial skin.


Serving of chickpea curry over rice.

Chickpea Curry RecipesYou don't need a lot of time to cook up a pan of deliciously seasoned chickpea curry for tonight's dinner. Also known as Chana Masala, this Indian dish is popular in restaurants and home kitchens alike.


black toilet illustration

Cleaning Water Spots in a Black Toilet?White hard water spots are unsightly on black fixtures. This is a page about cleaning water spots in a black toilet.


A bowl of homemade tomato soup.

Easy Tomato Soup RecipeBegin with a can of whole peeled tomatoes and add your own additional veggies and spices for a quick and delicious soup. This page contains an easy tomato soup recipe.


An old mixed breed dog sitting and staring.

Home Remedies for a Dog's Joint PainSome vets will recommend glucosamine supplements or even aspirin for your dog's joint pain. This is a page about home remedies for dog joint pain.


How to Remove Shells
From Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Remove Shells From Hard Boiled EggsThere are a number of popular and less known methods for successfully removing the shells from hard boiled eggs without having them stick. This is a page about removing shells from hard boiled eggs.


A container of salt next to cut apples in water.

Using Salt to Keep Apples from BrowningThere are at least a couple of common methods used to keep apples and other fruit from turning brown after peeling. One is lemon juice and the other is a salt water bath. This is a page about using salt to keep apples from browning.


Graduation Cap Treats - finished grad cap treats

How to Make Graduation Cap TreatsThere are multiple ways to make tasty graduation cap shaped treats for your celebratory party or get together. This is a page about how to make graduation cap treats.


Repairing a lawn mower.

Poulan Pro Push Mower Won't Start?Anytime your mower won't fire up, you will need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause. This is a page about Poulan Pro push mower won't start.


Abby's Lumpia

Abby's Lumpia RecipeLumpia is a type of spring roll which originated in China. It is a popular snack found in Indonesia and the Philippines. The wrappers can be stuffed with a meat blend or simply vegetables. This page contains Abby's lumpia recipe.


White tablecloth on a table.

Cleaning Yellow Stains on a Tablecloth?Yellow stains on your tablecloth could be the result of age and storage or from spills. Depending on the cause of the stains there are ways to try and remove them. This is a page about yellow stains on a tablecloth.


Gluten Free Cobbler from Frozen Peaches

Gluten Free Cobbler Using Frozen PeachesPeach cobbler cobbler can be enjoyed year round if you use frozen peaches. This page contains gluten free cobbler using frozen peaches.


A yellow broom with white handle being held by a hand wearing a rubber cleaning glove.

Use Your Broom to Clean The BathtubUsing a broom to clean your tub eliminates the bending and kneeling associated with more traditional methods. This is a page about use your broom to clean the bathtub.


A cat that is not feeling well resting.

Urinary Blockage in Cats (Feline Urinary Syndrome)Your vet can help your cat with this problem, but the cat's diet may contribute to why this has happened. This is a page about urinary blockage in cats (feline urinary syndrome).


cooked naan bread

Yeast Free Naan Bread RecipeNaan bread can be made without yeast so it is a fast delicious option as snack or side with a meal. This is a page about yeast free naan bread recipe.


A suitcase being packed for a trip.

How to Avoid Leaking Containers in LuggageShampoo and lotion bottles are examples of the kinds of products that can leak and make a mess in your luggage or damage clothing. Try some of the tips on this page to stop this from happening. This is a page about how to avoid leaking containers in luggage.


Layered Circles Hair Piece - finished

Crochet Layered Circles Hair PieceThis is a simple crochet project using several crochet circles in different sizes that are layered and glued together. This is a page about crochet layered circles hair piece.


Bugs stuck to tape.

Use Tape to Remove Bugs from PlantsA natural solution for a small bug infestation on your houseplants is to remove them using tape. No pesticides necessarily needed. This page is about how you can use tape to remove bugs from plants.


A yellow lawn fertilizer broadcast spreader.

Lawn Fertilizer TipsYou can help keep your lawn healthy and green in a number of ways, from not removing the clippings after mowing, to using homemade and commercial fertilizers. This is a page about lawn fertilizer tips.


Using a hand mixer to whip store bought frosting.

Whip Store Bought FrostingWhipping store bought frosting with your mixer will increase its volume and give you more frosting for the money. This is a page about whip store bought frosting.


End of Peanut Butter Jar Peanut Sauce

'End of Peanut Butter Jar' Peanut SauceTurn that last bit of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar into delicious peanut sauce. You can mix it right in the jar. This is a page about making end of peanut butter jar peanut sauce.



Corn Reproduction Trivia - closeup of ear of corn with tassels

Corn Reproduction TriviaDid you know, for every potential kernel of corn, there is a corn silk? A grain of pollen from the tassel must fall on each silk and travel down the silk tube to the corn ovule (where fertilization occurs) in order for there to be a fully developed ear of corn.


Jade (Long Haired Tortoiseshell Hemingway) - getting her tummy rubbed

Jade (Long Haired Tortoiseshell Hemingway)I know I've posted photos of Jade before, but this one just kills me! She's just so cute and fluffy.


Crochet Mug Rugs

Crochet Mug RugsI thought the idea of a rug for a mug was so darned cute I couldn't wait to try one. The pattern is simple and I have given you three styles to choose from. I saw this idea online, but made my own pattern.


Pouch Made of Old Mini Dress - use last of lace for handles, turn right side out

Pouch Made of Old Mini DressAs I decided to dispose of my old stuff, I saw this cute mini dress I used to wear back in high school. I remember wearing this after college graduation at a family pool party. That was actually the last time it served me.


Daylilies Galore - multiple daylily blooms

Daylilies GaloreThese apricot daylilies are beautiful and smell divine. As you can see, I have multiple blooms and many more to enjoy in the days to come.


Paper Flower Decorations - the three finished flowers

Paper Flower DecorationsThese are very pretty, ever so easy, and stunningly professional. You will love making these gorgeous flowers. Use them for greetings cards, gift wrapping, collages, and wall decorations. They are also pretty used in corsages for your hair or wrists.


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Feeding Your Guinea Pig BeetsIf you feed your guinea pig beets you don't want to give it a lot because then their pee will turn red. Beets are sweet, so they really like them and can eat too many; mine did. So, do give them beets in moderation as well as the beet tops.



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Dog Not Eating Well Since Death of Other Family Dog?I have a 2 yr old Shih Tzu who is not eating as he should. It all started when our other dog died 8 months ago. He will go days with no food and then for a few days to a week he will eat as though nothing is wrong and is playful. Then he starts refusing to eat again and doesn't want to do anything.


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Getting Rid of Rats In My Yard?Where do I get and what rat poison is best to get rid of them? My animals stay inside.


Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Pit?

Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Pit?I've had her since she was 2 wks. Her mom is definitely a pure bred, but I was told the father was a brown and white taller bully, but I am unsure of the owner's honesty. Her mother was supposedly not feeding which I believe because she was very sluggish. She is 12 weeks old now! 1 image is her mom.


Modernizing a Brick Fireplace - light tan irregular stone/brick fireplace

Modernizing a Brick Fireplace?Any thoughts on how I could modernization my fireplace without replacing the insert? Should I spray paint the bricks a certain color, or is it possible to somehow tile over them?


Double AA Battery Left a Burn Mark on Oak Table - mark on table

Double AA Battery Left a Burn Mark on Oak Table?I left a double AA battery on the table and it left a burn on it. I tried to clean it with baking soda and sand it some, but don't know how far I should sand it. The rectangle shape of battery is still there. Do I keep sanding it?


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Removing a Rust Stain from a Composite Granite Sink?How do I remove a rust stain from granite composite sink?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - black and white dog

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Does my dog look 100% Pit Bull?


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Organizing Business Name Ideas?I am trying to start up my own organizing business and am having a difficult time coming up with a name. I was trying to use both or one of my initials (MI) or my three boys initials (CLJ). I am just getting nowhere.


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Quantity of Cubed Meat Needed for 70 People?How many lbs. of cubed meat would I need to feed 70 people?


Puppy Pooping in Crate During the Day

Puppy Pooping in Crate During the Day?My 4 month old puppy keeps pooping in her crate whenever I go to work. She just scatters it everywhere and lays in it! She is locked up for 8 hours during the day, but I also lock her up at night. She doesn't poop at night.


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