September 19, 2017

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Wood cabinets above a stove.

Protecting Cabinets Above a Stove?Cabinets that are located above a stove can easily become grimy and greasy. They may need to be cleaned often to prevent build up of oily grime. This is a page about protecting cabinets above a stove.


Old, dirty wood doors.

How to Remove Grime from Wood Doors Without Refinishing?Wood doors can become grimy over time. Here is some information about how to remove grime from wood doors without refinishing.


Garlic Lime

Garlic Lime Shrimp RecipeShrimp is easy to make very delicious with a little garlic, lime and some spices. Make this delectable garlic lime shrimp recipe next time you want some yummy seafood.


Homemade Laundry Soap

Homemade Laundry Soap Using Fels NapthaFels-Naptha is a common ingredient in homemade soaps. You can make your own homemade laundry soap using Fels-Naptha.


A pile of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons.

Storing Wrapping PaperHaving leftover wrapping paper after the holidays is common in many households. Almost everyone needs a place for storing wrapping paper.


Woman Organizing a Bedroom with Her Husband

Organizing a Bedroom With a Messy HusbandIf you have a messy husband, it can be very difficult to keep the bedroom clean. Here are some ideas about organizing a bedroom with a messy husband.


Cleaning a memory foam pad.

Removing Smoke Smell from Memory Foam Pad?If you have had a fire or had someone smoking in the house for a long time, things like memory foam pillows and mattresses can absorb the odor and hold it. Removing the smoke smell from a memory foam pad can be very difficult, but it's not impossible.


Teen Bedroom

How to Organize Your Teen BedroomTeens are notorious for having messy bedrooms. Read on for some idea on how to organize your teen bedroom.


Silica beads in Wooden Bowl

Homemade Damp RidUsing silica dust or beads, you can make your own Damp Rid to help remove excess moisture from your home, trailer, or vehicle. Here are some ideas about making homemade Damp Rid.



Alternative Insulation Ideas?Fiberglass or foam insulation are the best options to use in your home but if those items are not available there are some primitive alternatives. Safety is a primary concern alternative insulation ideas be sure to install proper insulation as soon as possible.


Applesauce in White Bowl

Storing Applesauce in Ziplock Freezer Bags?If you have made applesauce and have extra to store, freezing it is a great way to preserve the applesauce for later use. Here are some ideas about storing applesauce in ziplock freezer bags.


Wooden Cutting Board

How to Remove Sharpie From a Wooden Cutting Board?Sharpie pen ink can really soak into wood. Isopropyl alcohol may help remove some of the ink, but it may be necessary to take more drastic measures. Here are some ideas about how to remove Sharpie from a wooden cutting board.



Quick Chili Dinner in bowl

Quick Chili DinnerAutumn is right around the corner, which brings us chilly nights. This is my go to recipe for a nice hearty warm chili dinner. Pairs perfectly with cornbread, crackers, sourdough bread, or rice topped off with shredded cheese. This takes less than 25 minutes from start to finish.


Zucchini Manicotti Rolls on plate

Zucchini Manicotti RollsThis absolutely delicious recipe uses thinly sliced zucchini as the substitute for the pasta. It's healthier (especially for diabetics who need to watch their carbs) or anyone wanting to eat healthier since it has much less calories.



A paper plate with detachable mixers pushed through, as a splash guard.

Use Paper Plate As Mixer Splash GuardWhen you're using your mixer, sometimes things tend to splash around. Put a hole in a paper plate. Put your beaters through the hole, to protect from messes.


Joining two strands of yarn together.

How to Join Double Strands of YarnIf you are wanting a separate length of each yarn, you can fold over each one, and attach at the end of each one, the middle point of the other. This means you have just two tails, the "end" and a loop in the "middle" instead of four tails.


A basket of rolled up washclothes.

Roll Towels For More SpaceFold your washcloths in half and half again, then roll up. You can put them in a little basket bought from the Dollar store. You will have much more space in your closet.


Rolls of wrapping paper being hung by metal shower hooks.

Shower Hooks to Hang Wrapping PaperYou can hang wrapping paper on shower hooks on a towel bar,or in a closet.That way it will not get ruined like most of mine does.


Oatmeal with frozen blueberries added.

Cool Down Oatmeal with Frozen FruitsIf you're on a time crunch and need to cool your oatmeal faster, you can add frozen fruits like strawberries, or blueberries. This will help cool your oatmeal faster while saving time!


Green beans that have ripened entirely.

Using Tough Overgrown Green BeansIf you have left any green beans too long on the plant, they will be too tough to eat. However, they need not go to waste. You can remove the beans from the pods and boil and eat them on their own. You can save a few to grow next year.


Hairnets To Protect Small Plants - plants covered with hair nets

Hairnets To Protect Small PlantsThis past spring, I had access to 3 two inch gardenia pieces. Just the very tips, mind you. I brought them home and rooted them. Now, I find there are other creatures that love the gardenia just as much as I do.


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Remember Where You ParkedUse your phone so you do not forget where you parked. Go to your maps setting menu, and scroll down. You will see a toggle option labeled "Show parked location". Turn that feature on. The maps app will show you a notification that it has dropped a pin for your car location.


Making Fun Yard Signs - sign on fence or gate

Making Fun Yard SignsAt my area craft store I found some metal signs that would be great for making fun signs for my outdoor space. These signs can also be recreated on wood as well. These are perfect because they have their own hooks for hanging.


Storing eggs to keep the egg carton balanced.

Keeping the Egg Carton BalancedIf you have ever encountered the "too heavy on one end" egg carton, this will help. Take the opposite two eggs out first. Then do the same thing till you get just four left.


Goggle-Eyed Turkey Candy Box - filled with candy

Goggle-Eyed Turkey Candy BoxHere is a fun activity that you and the kids can do together for Thanksgiving. Turn a small plastic flower pot into a turkey candy box. Make one, or make a few to share the season's bounty with your neighbors.


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Support Hose for Leg PainI have always suffered from leg pain. I have had it so badly it has made me cry. I know a lot of people who use support hose for fluid retention and to prevent blood clots. I found if my legs are hurting, I can put on a pair of support hose and it helps my legs feel better.


A teacup and a spoon with egg yolk in the bottom.

Storing Separated Egg Yolks and WhitesI separate my eggs on the daily due to dietary constraints and recipe requirements. Storing them properly saves me a lot of time and money.


Fall Scrolls

Fall ScrollsA really cute easy scroll for fall. You can use these same methods for other sayings or patterns. I think it is so versatile you could make and give them as gifts. Easy to make, but yet pretty when finished.


A fan with the electric display turned off.

Unplug Electrical Devices When Not in UseMany electrical devices draw electricity even when they are turned off, which adds to your bill. A lot of them have displays or lights. To make sure you are not using any electricity, unplug them. The pictures show the thermometer displays on the window fan even if it is turned off.


A browser extension that shows you discount codes for shopping websitesl

Use Browser Extensions to Save Money OnlineI have been using free extensions on my Chrome web browser when I shop online to save HUGE bucks. You simply add them to your Chrome browser then browse your favourite online shops. It will automatically try coupon codes for you, shows you price history and price drops, and tells if you if it's the best buy.


A clean grout line on a tiled floor.

Magic Eraser for GroutMy bathroom floor grout needed cleaning. I was very impressed with the job the Magic Erasers did. It was quick and easy. I used the knock-offs and cut them into thirds to use as few as possible. Wet them just to moisten.


Watering Hanging Baskets - hanging basket and plastic tub

Watering Hanging BasketsAfter a couple of days in the sunshine, the leaves on my hanging basket of petunias look pitiful. To bring them back to life, I put water in a pan and put the basket in the pan to soak up the water overnight. The next day, the dirt in the basket is heavy with water and the leaves on the flowers look lively again. This is easy and there is no dripping when I hang the basket back up.


A jar of mayo and one of relish, to be combined to make tartar sauce.

Make Tartar Sauce in Relish JarI was almost out of dill relish when I realized I could avoid making a bowl dirty. With a dollop of mayonnaise dropped in the jar, it whips up just fine without using anything else.


Corkscrew Vine Bloom Time - flowers beginning to bloom

Corkscrew Vine Bloom TimeI've gotten some private messages asking for further information on the corkscrew vine (Vigna Caracalla). I'm making this post so all who are interested can share this information.



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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I've been told by a few different sources, that my kids should be able to receive benefits even if their deceased father did not have enough work history. I'm not understanding why they are being denied.


Cactus Is Turning Brown and Splitting

Cactus Is Turning Brown and Splitting?I re-potted my cactus about 8-10 months ago and it's now split and gone brown, can it be saved? I've had it for about 15 years and it was only about 10cm when I bought it. Is it just getting old and dying? Do cacti have shelf lives? Did the trauma of being re-potted stress it as it had been in the same pot for years.


Caring for a Succulent

Caring for a Succulent?My succulent has been looking a little off lately. It's an echeveria agavoides, if that helps. Have I been overwatering? Underwatering? Not enough or too much light?


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Treating a Molting Parakeet?I have a parakeet that is molting really badly. I took it to the vet and was given oatmeal/steroid spray and have not yet seen an improvement. What else can I do?


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Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Won't Start?My Husqvarna GTH2448T lawn tractor will not start. It turns over, but sounds like it is only firing on one piston (one lunger) chug-chug. I tried disconnecting the spark plug wires on both sides and it sounds the same. Any suggestions?


Needle Up/Down Selector Not Working

Needle Up/Down Selector Not Working?The needle up/down selector will not work on my Bernina Activa 240. Also, when I'm through stitching the needle does not rest in the highest position.


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Removing Smell of Thawed Seafood from Freezer?King crab legs thawed as the freezer door was left ajar, how do I remove the smell?


Feeding a Dog That Is Allergic to Grains - black and white dog on bed

Feeding a Dog That Is Allergic to Grains?Can I give my dog rice and pasta if she is allergic to grains? We have also been told not to give her chicken and beef. She is a Border Collie x Staffy.


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Weight Watcher Daily Food Exchange Chart?I am looking for an old chart to check off my daily food exchanges. If some one knows where I can get a copy I would appreciate it. I took weight off the old way, but the points system does not work for me. Also where can I get a book with the amounts of items per serving?


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Repairing the Blade Release Switch on a John Deere Mower?The switch to let the blades down is hung up. How do I fix it?


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Curtain Color Advice?What color curtains go good with a dark brown wood floor and dark brown furniture? I also have white trim around the windows and doorways and light beige walls.


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