February 5, 2018

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Sports Whistle

Cleaning a Sports Whistle?Cleaning a whistle is relatively easy. Depending on the composition, you should be able to wash it in warm water and detergent. After that it can be soaked in a disinfectant such as Listerine and dried thoroughly. This is a page about cleaning a sports whistle.


A woman holding a bunch of carrots that were grown in a greenhouse.

Growing Carrots in a Greenhouse?Carrots may be grown in a greenhouse during the winter for a spring crop. Spring or summer are too warm for growing them your greenhouse. Use a sandy soil mix and don't overwater. This is a page about growing carrots in a greenhouse.


Fresh Mint

How to Use Fresh Mint as an Air FreshenerIf you grow your own mint, you can gather the sprigs, crush them, and place in a bag or bowl to freshener the air in your home. This is a page about using fresh mint for an air freshener.


Open dishwasher.

Air Dry Dishes in Your DishwasherYou can save energy by skipping the drying cycle on your dishwasher and allowing the dishes to air dry. The dishwasher can also be used as a drying rack for those dishes that require hand washing. This is a page about air drying dishes in your dishwasher.


A car parked with a sun reflector in the window.

Cooling the Inside of a Hot Parked CarThis is a page about quickly cool a hot car. There is nothing worse then getting into a hot car. Getting some of the hot air out, will make it easier to cool off the inside with the fan or a/c.



8 Great Perennial VegetablesDespite the wait, often a year, before they produce their first crop there are many advantages to planting perennial vegetables. Some good choices include, artichokes, asparagus, chayote, rhubarb, and more. This is a page contains information about eight great perennial vegetables.


Resetting your Backup Battery Unit - take off the cover and disconnect the battery

Resetting Your Backup Battery UnitBattery backups are common for some utilities; like telephone, internet or cable service. This is a page about resetting your backup battery unit.


Plastic milk jug

Reusing Plastic JugsPlastic jugs of all shapes and sizes can be reused for storage and craft projects. This is a page about reusing plastic jugs.


Mopping Stairs

Cleaning StairsStairs, whether carpeted or not, can be a hassle to clean. There are several methods for each type and some creative approaches as well, such as using a lint or hair brush for quick cleanups. This is a page about cleaning stairs.


A wolf spider photographed from the front.

Wolf Spider PhotosThe wolf spider is a larger specimen and an excellent hunter. They tend to lead a solitary life and do not spin webs. This page contains wolf spider photos.


Woman Trying to Cool Off on Hot Summer Day

Cooling a Home in the Desert HeatThere are several ways to help keep a desert home cooler in the summer without costly electric cooling bills. Window awnings can help, as do shades, blinds, and especially room darkening drapes. Drawing these curtains is quite effective. This is a page about cooling a home in the desert heat.


Kitten Getting Bathed

Bathing Cats in Dawn Dish Soap?Giving your cat or kitten a bath using Dawn dish soap can help in eliminating fleas. Don't forget to do a thorough combing as a part of the process.


Epsom Salts in Wooden Spoon

Use Epsom Salts for Inexpensive FertilizerThe magnesium sulfate in Epsom salts is a necessary nutrient for many plants including flowers, vegetables, and roses. Mix with water and apply to plants and even seedlings. This is a page about using Epsom salts for inexpensive fertilizer.



Uses for Drapes and CurtainsAside from their obvious intended use, curtains and drapes can also be converted into cushion covers, tote bags, and perhaps even clothing items. Be creative. This is a page about uses for drapes and curtains.


Electric Kettle Boiling Water

How to Clean an Electric KettleTo clean the inside of your electric tea kettle you can boil a lemon a couple of times. Boiling a mixture of white vinegar and water and then allowing it to sit for 10 or 15 minutes also works well. This is a page about how to clean an electric kettle.


Serving Dish With Salad

Give a Serving Dish as Part of the GiftA nice dish can be given as part of a shower gift or even for a pot luck party or celebration. It can be a new one purchased especially for the occasion or a great thriftstore find. This is a page about giving a serving dish as part of the gift.


Young Boy With Easter Egg Basket

Easter MemoriesEaster is a special time for many families, especially when children are young and expecting a basket from the Easter Bunny. This page contains Easter Memories.


Cat sitting on a microfiber couch.

How to Remove Cat Urine Odor from a Microfiber CouchThere are commercial products that can help remove the odor. Additionally, spraying with a vinegar and water mixture and blotting well can also help. Always do a spot test when cleaning upholstered furniture. This is a page about getting rid of cat urine odor from a microfiber couch.


Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Soup in bowl

Homemade Chicken and Vegetable SoupThis is a page about homemade chicken and vegetable soup. This delicious soup is quick and easy to make. Plus it can be varied based on what vegetables you have on hand.


Ripe Blackberries

Picking the Ripest BlackberriesOptimal sweetness is achieved when the berry is fully ripe. Some berries actually may appear ready to pick when black and shiny, but with some varieties it is when they become less shiny that they are the sweetest. This is a page about picking the ripest blackberries.


Cat Hissing at another cat

Cats Not Getting Along After Being Spayed?After a trip to the vet for surgery your cats may have to be reintroduced to each other. They have returned home carrying different smells and may also be off because of the procedure itself. This is a page about cats not getting along after being spayed.


payphone handset

Will "Magic Jack" Work for Collect Calls from Jail?This page contains tips for 'Magic Jack' to accept collect calls from jail. Magic Jack is a telephone serve that uses the internet without having a traditional phone service. Here are some tips so that you can receive collect calls from a jail.


Woman Taking Computer Class

How to Find Free Computer ClassesNow that your have your new computer it is often helpful to take a class to familiarize yourself with the new hardware. Likewise, classes on the operating systems and software are a good idea. Some retailers such as Apple stores offer classes, likewise community centers, senior centers, and community colleges are other possible providers. This is a page about how to find free computer classes.


Ticks on Dog

Remedies for Ticks on DogsThere are several products on the market for repelling and killing ticks on your dogs. Some pet owners also attempt to remove them manually, care needs to be taken to remove the head. Clean and disinfect the area after removal. This is a page about remedies for ticks on dogs.


Couple Painting a Blue Wall

Paint Color IdeasChoosing the best paint color for the interior walls of your home is dependent on your furnishings and preferences. There are tools online for testing the color prior to buying, this can help. Also talk to an expert at your home improvement store about the potential issues with some colors, especially darker ones with regards to application. This is a page about paint color ideas.


Finding the Value of an Antique German Doll - doll with curly dark hair

Finding the Value of an Antique German Doll?Determining the value of antique dolls may prove difficult. If an internet search is not helpful, you may need a seek the help of a professional. This is a page about finding the value of an antique German doll.


A person removing the skin from a salmon filet.

How to Remove Salmon SkinRemoving the skin from cooked salmon is fairly easy to do. One creative method includes using a cheese slicer to do the job. Prior to cooking, the skin and be simply peeled off. This is a page about removing salmon skin.


Red bug bites on a person's skin.

What is This Bug Bite From?Have you ever gotten a red bite or sting without knowing the source? This page has advice for people wondering "What is this bug bite from?"


A row of leather jackets hanging up.

Storing Leather Coats and Jackets?This is a page about storing leather coats and jackets. Here are some great tips to help your jackets keep their shape when not in use, as well as avoiding mold while they are being stored.


Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Blow the Shell off a Hard-Boiled EggRemoving the shell from hard-boiled eggs is easy if you blow on the shells to gently remove them. This page details how to blow the shell off a hard-boiled egg.


Cheesy Smashed Potatoes

Smashed Potato RecipesRather than fully mashed, smashed potatoes are left chunkier. Firmer potatoes work best for making smashed potatoes. Similar finishes can be used for smashed potatoes as with mashed, including cheese, sour cream sauces, garlic, or any seasonings you like. This page contains smashed potato recipes.


Dog Getting Bath

Using Dawn for Fleas on DogsDawn dish detergent is a well known solution for controlling fleas on dogs. Bathe your pet in water and Dawn to kill fleas. Use a flea comb to remove stragglers and eggs. This is a page about using Dawn for fleas on dogs.


Plastic Bottle Roadside Litter

Picking Up Roadside LitterHelping to keep the roadsides free of litter in your neighborhood can be quite satisfying. You will want to have a good pair of gloves, a reach extender, and bags to put it in. Often your Department of Transportation will give you the bags and arrange to pick them up once filled. This is a page about picking up roadside litter.


Married Couple in Bed with Bag Over Husbands  Head

Marriage JokesThis page contains marriage jokes. If you love to tell a good joke, here are some marriage related jokes that you can share with friends or family.


Red Potatoes

Freezing Red PotatoesFreezing your crop of red potatoes involves a few steps but the harvest can be enjoyed for months once you have prepared the potatoes and frozen them. This is a page about freezing red potatoes.


Woman With Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair After a Hysterectomy?This is a page about thinning hair after hysterectomy. Hormonal changes after a hysterectomy can cause numerous side effects. One of those side effects can be hair thinning.


Older Cell Phone Dialing 911

Using a Cell Phone for EmergenciesMany people are able to find inexpensive or used cell phones. These can usually still be used to dial 911, even without a monthly plan. This page has advice about using a cell phone for emergencies.


A plate of fried breaded cheese sticks with tomato sauce.

Making Fried Cheese SticksThese delicious cheese pops are easy to make for the whole family. This page contains recipes for making fried cheese sticks.


Gooseberry Bush

Gooseberry Bush Has Lost All of Its Leaves?Gooseberries can have their foliage ravaged by the gooseberry sawfly larvae. Check for small caterpillars. If found, treat with an insecticidal soap or manual removal methods. This is a page about gooseberry bush has lost all of its leaves.


glazed chicken bits on a white plate

Japanese Chicken Drumsticks or ThighsCooking the chicken in a tasty soy and balsamic vinegar sauce makes for an easy, quick, and quite delicious meal. This is a page about preparing Japanese chicken drumsticks or thighs.



A Peace Lily in bloom, next to a window.

Annual Peace LilyI received this plant in 2008 when my father passed away and have lovingly cared for it since. I wait for it to bloom every year. It takes quite a while after winter starts, for its bloom to actually open but, when it does, I am filled with a peace that its name represents.


Cinnamon Donut Chips - chips on a plate

Cinnamon Donut ChipsOh, how I love when the day's fresh donuts get boxed up and put back out on the store floor for 25 cents a piece. You can make these scrumptious donut chips by drying them out, slicing them thin, and popping them in the oven.


Toilet Lid Cover - finished cover  on the underside of the lid

Toilet Lid CoverI have shifted to a more feminine bathroom decor. With the little cabinet being such a nice addition, I thought I would stay with it.


Heart Shaped Paper Groundhog - glue all pieces for final groundhog

Heart Shaped Paper GroundhogThe tradition of watching to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow is definitely fun! An easy craft for children do during Groundhog Day is this heart shaped paper groundhog. You only need a few supplies to make these adorable critters!


Dakota Boy Dakota Girl and Ginger (Red Heeler Mixes)

Dakota Boy Dakota Girl and Ginger (Red Heeler Mixes)I got my Rottweilers when they were born and my Red Heeler Jack Russell mix was about 1, maybe. I'm not sure. They like to play with toys and go for walks.


A pair of rubber soled shoes and a pan of water.

How to Keep Shoe Soles CleanIn the winter months, when we have had rain or snow, there can be a lot of tracking in that has to be swept up. Mud gets caught in the grooves of the shoes and it's hard to remove once it dries.


Orange peels inside a jar of brown sugar.

Soften Brown Sugar with Less MessWe've all heard the maxim; to keep brown sugar soft, put (something or other) in the jar. And yes, it works. But what a mess. The sugar inevitably sticks to bread, or apple slices, and pretty much everything else one can think of to use.


A chain necklace that has been shortened temporarily.

Shortening a Chain NecklaceYou can now wear the same necklace short or long. Pinch the chain behind your neck to the correct length. Put a safety pin through both sides near the pinch and fasten.



Value of a Nadine Doll by Dynasty

Value of a Nadine Doll by Dynasty?I have a Dynasty doll, Nadine. I am trying to figure out her value as her price range varies wildly on the internet.


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Cat Likes to Pee on Rugs and Towels?My cat isn't sick and has been doing this for several years. She pees on only one rug when I put it in front of my kitchen door. Or if I put any towels on the floor in her room. I use vinegar and soap on the floor when I throw away the rugs. Even if a curtain hangs low enough on the kitchen door she will pee on it.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?How can low income folks get home repairs in Montgomery County Maryland?


What Breed Is This Dog? - white dog with brown markings

What Breed Is This Dog?My husband and I fell in love with this sweet little girl at a shelter and are considering adopting her. She is 6 months old and classified by the shelter as being a mixed breed-large dog. She is currently 34lbs. Although she is a mix, I think she is mostly Pit Bull. Please let me know your thoughts.


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 11 and does not know what to have as a party. She wants something active, but not to far away from March. We are having a limit of £100-£215. She likes climbing, but also spas which is why we don't know what to do.


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Name Ideas for Handmade Jewelry Business?I need help finding a name for my jewelry business. It's all handmade by me, out of leather, pearls, gemstones, and beads. I thought of Adorn... something. Bijou something, or beach?


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Remedy for a Well that Smells and Tastes Like Sulfur?I have a well. It smells and tastes like sulfur. I spent over $3000 at Culligan for a water softener and a hydrogen peroxide unit. Not only is the peroxide expensive I still smell it when I do laundry.You can't drink the water it tastes so bad. Then they say, oh you need an osmosis unit.


Fixing a Disappointing Dye Job - very light gray ends

Fixing a Disappointing Dye Job?I had not dyed my hair in over 12 years and had dark brown hair with grays coming in which kind of looked like highlights, but I wanted a change as much as I liked my hair. So on 1/27 I bleached most of my hair minus the roots and then dyed my whole head. The results where orangy/yellowish.


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